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Female, Sabah , Malaysia
Last seen: 18 Apr 2010
213 Tracks played since 21 Dec 2009
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Vidhya has not yet written about her.
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Recently heard songs of Vidhya
Vidhya hasn't heard anything on Hummaa yet.
Most heard songs of Vidhya
Kay Sera Sera from album Pukar was heard 44 times
Chunari Chunari from album Monsoon Wedding was heard 34 times
Hosanna from album Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya was heard 24 times
Vada Mapille from album Villu was heard 21 times
Uchimandai from album Vettaikaran was heard 20 times
Mambo Maamiya Kadhal from album Kandasamy was heard 17 times
Daddy Mummy Veettil Illa from album Villu was heard 17 times
Dheemthanakka Thillana from album Villu was heard 16 times
Move Your Body Now from album Kismat Konnection was heard 12 times
Boom Boom Pow (main Version) - The Black Eyed Peas from album 2009 Billboard Top 50 So Far 08-2009 was heard 7 times
Vidhya has not yet found her favourite artist on Hummaa.
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  Ambika Soman (, India)
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