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For song Kuzhaloothi Manamellam of album: A Vintage Collection2013-11-12 09:52:58
Rajaji's Kurai Ondrum Illai teaches us That God the ultimate looks after each one of us in a manner that we should have no regrets whatsoever . The same is Stressed by Sri Oothakadu The very sight of Lord Krishna playing the beautiful Flute removes all our fears & makes us accept there is no greater joy than seeing this Divine sight & how can we after this great visual treat can ever think of any regrets in our Life. Sri Oothakadu Composition has been given full life by Sri Santhanam's rendering , What a voice , control , Rendering style & for we listeners a pleasure of superb words , superlative Kambhodhi Raga & stunning Santhanam Sirs rendering . A joy of hearing that would not be satisfied even after hearing 1000 times

For song Daarini Thelusukonti of album: A Vintage Collection2013-11-12 09:31:10
Profuse thanks to the member for detailed meaning of this divine Thyagaraja Krithi.
150 years back ,this song visualised by Saint Thyagraja was established & today we have the divine pleasure through the Krithi , through the meaning & last but not the least through the Golden voice of Sri Santhanam & what one can term as perfect rendering of a krithi our enjoyment & joy can only be felt hearing it sitting totally mesmerised . Words are just not enough to express the thoughts in the mind . Just , superb , superlative & stunning is the rendition .

For song Vandinamuralum of album: Popular Melodies Of M.s. Subbulakshmi2013-10-01 09:14:29
This Beautiful Aghlwar 's praise of Sri Ranganatha was sung my MSS Ammaa the day The Maha Gopuram of Srirangam was dedicated to Lord Ranganatha . Matching the beautiful & meaningful words is the soulful rendering of MSS Amma

vaNdinam muralum sOlai * mayilinam Alum sOlai *
koNdal mIdhu aNavum sOlai * kuyilinam kUvum sOlai **
aNdar kOn amarum sOlai * aNi thiruvarangkam ennA *
miNdar pAyndhuNNum sORRai vilakki * nAykku iduminIrE

gangkaiyiR punidhamAya * kAviri naduvu pAttu *
pongku nIr parandhu pAyum * pUmpozhil arangkam thannuL **
engkaL mAl iRaivan Isan * kidandhadhOr kidakkai kaNdum *
engnganam maRandhu vAzhgEn? * EzhaiyEn EzhaiyEnE!

UrilEn kANi illai * uRavu maRRoruvar illai *
pAril nin pAdha mUlam * paRRilEn parama mUrththi **
kAroLi vaNNanE! * kaNNanE!6 kadhaRuginREn *
AruLar kaLaikaN? ammA! * arangkamA nagaruLAnE!

KIndly watch this beautiful song sung Live by MSS Amma when the Srirangam
Gopuram Samprokshanam took place in 1984

For song Jayen To Jayen Kahan of album: Taxi Driver2013-09-25 14:21:25
This is Indeed Talat Saabs top ten best songs . Burmanda music at its very best
The silken voice of Talat saab gives that magic effect to this song. Superlative , superb ,soulful & shear eternal hearing pleasure

For song Gaya Andhera Hua Ujala of album: Subah Ka Tara2013-09-25 13:52:51
C.Ramachandra ji was always a highly progressive Music Director . He took challenges other music directors were notable to take . Hence his composition was always such a treat to listen . This song is so simple & yet so beautiful
Also Lataji & Talat saab with his silken voice provided magic to many songs they have sung

For song Dil Men Sama Gaye Sajan of album: Sangdil2013-09-25 13:48:25
I fully agree that there were very few composition by Sajjad Saab , But the
quality of composition was at the highest level . This song how beautiful it is . Lataji & Talat no doubt has given so much of beauty but still I feel the composition of the song that is truly captivating

For song Andhe Jahan Ke Andhe Raste of album: Patita2013-09-25 13:39:12
No one can say this is Talat Saab Singing . Though he has sung wonderfully
it is shear magic of Shanker Jaikishan music that has lifted the song to a very very high level . Truly what a song in all aspects . Our highest regard for these great Giants . Talat Saab - Shanker - Jaikishan & Shailendra Saab , Such songs today
is not even a day dream

For song Raat Ne Kya Kya Khwab Dikhaye (revival) of album: Ek Gaon Ki Kahani2013-09-25 13:34:43
The folk music has such rich tradition & values that, songs based on it is also
as beautiful . Sallida had this magic to wonderfully adapt Folk music without
copying & singer likeTalat Saab rendering is shear beauty & gives such great pleasure to hear

For song Mere Dil Ki Dhadkan Kya Bole of album: Anhonee2013-09-25 12:56:24
The music Director is Rajesh Roshan's Father & this is a 1952 Film song . Superlative
music & very very wonderful duet by Lataji & Talat Saab

For song Ae Mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal - 1 of album: Daag (1952)2013-09-25 12:52:47
This is a sad version of the song , the happier version is just superb & a gazal
singer like Talat Saab was mad into a super star by Shankar Jaikishan Magic & one of Talat Saabs best song

For song Jagadhodharana of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-12013-09-25 10:27:52
This song composed by Purandaradasar in praise of baby Krishna at Dodda Mallur (Chennapatna )became famous after M.S.S Amma .rendering at U.N.I believe M.S.S Amma has never visited this Shrine.I am sure BalaKrishna would have given darshan to her after every rendering of hers of this beautiful song . The beauty of the Idol must be seen by one & all. It would be the same as enjoyed by Yashodha & the Gopikas

For song Rama Nannu Brovaraa of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-22013-09-25 09:54:50
Truly a superb combination , M.S.Suubulakshmi , the main Artiste , with Radha Vishwanathan , & Vijaya Rajendran as Vocal support , V.V.Subramanyam on Violin
T.K.Murthy on the Mridangam &T.H.Vinayaka Ram on the Ghatam . This is a September 1966 concert at The UN . The first by an Indian Musician with the entire world representative at the Hall . This Beautifully rendered Krithi By The Honey soaked voice of M.S.S.Ammaa is in the raga Hari Kambhodi

For song Kaatrinile Varum Geetham of album: Kaatrinile Varum Geetham2013-08-28 12:50:21
In Many Interviews , MSS Amma advice to youngsters learning carnatic music
was see the God before you on whom you are singing & practice rigorously
When one hears the Geetham from MSS Ammaa golden voice
It is similar to the Geetham from the air blown through the flute of Lord Krishna
Such is the Bakthi , Dedication & this immortal song through ages would give the pleasure to the ear & soul . What Lyrics , Composition & Divine rendering . The song really seem to come from the heaven

For song Hum Chal Rahe The - Duniyan Na Mane of album: Woh Jab Yaad Aaye - Revival2013-08-27 15:07:54
Mukeshji has sung very very few songs for Madanji . This is an all time great
song . The classical touch of Madanji & Mukeshji rendering really melts you . Great music directors like Madanji & Roshanji could bring that extra out of the singer due to their wonderful grip of classical music & simply brilliant composition . This song would clearly demonstrate those virtues

For song Hum Aaj Kahin Dil Kho Baithe of album: Andaz2013-08-27 14:42:37
This film for Mukesh was to have a big impact for another nearly 3 decades till his untimely death in 1976 this day . Naushad a genius of a music Director in 100 percent traditional style tuned Mukeshji to use his original gifted voice for Mukseshji never to look back Superb songs of Mukesji in this film each one a gem

For song Teri Duniya Men Dil Lagta Nahin of album: Bawre Nain2013-08-27 14:33:52
If one closes the eyes & does not see the screen & have heard a lot of Kundanlal Saigal songs would immediately think that this song was rendered by Saigal Saab
Mukeshji styled himself to start with on Saigal Saab , Naushad Saab in Andaaz corrected it . Superb Roshanji music & The ever great Mukeshji always a pleasure to hear

For song Hum Tujhse Mohabbat Kar Ke of album: Awaara2013-08-27 14:29:22
What a soul touching song . Words are impossible to find . Frankly whether
it is S- J'Fabulous music or Hasratji touching Lyrics or very very splendid rendering by Mukeshji involving himself totally in the song would be difficult to guess. However these songs during this era of music took bollywood songs to a Zenith level

For song Mera Joota Hai Japani of album: Shree 4202013-08-27 13:51:02
The great aspect about this song is even if Russian people have forgotten
Raj Kapoor & Nargis , They would remember eternally this song . I think they love this song more than their own language song . A great tribute to shailendraji , S- J ji & Mukeshji for this magic weaving song

For song Suhana Safar Aur Yeh Mausam of album: Madhumati2013-08-27 13:40:44
In Madhumati , All songs were outstanding . Normally it was Mohd Rafi in the 50's
for Dilip Saab , But this song by Mukesh for Dili saab was not only unique
but the song with its echo on a mountain was truly captivating . Sali Saab who specialised in these type of songs has truly given a gem of a composition & Mukesh ji has rendered it captivating one & all

For song Chhoti Si Yeh Zindagani of album: Aah2013-08-27 13:28:25
What a simple Tune , but a superlative composition, music & last but not least , thanks mainly to Raj Kapoor & Shanker Jaikishan . The outstanding Talent of Mukeshji could be tapped & we are very very fortunate to hear these songs . Absolutely soul touching songs . Mukeshji we miss you a lot , but your songs are dear to our heart even today as it was 50 years back . We would love you for ever

For song Mera Naam Raju of album: Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai2013-08-27 12:28:41
As we remember the Great Mukeshji on his 37th Death Anniversary The unique aspect of this film songs were this was the first Film that had The
Long playing Gramophone record ( 33-1/3 RPM ) released & one had the advantage of listening to all the songs at one stroke . With such wonderful songs in this film .The LP abbreviation was not only for Long playing it also signified Lasting pleasure

For song Jata Hoon Main Mujhe Ab Na Bulana of album: Daadi Maa2013-07-31 23:06:58
Roshanji Magic ,Rafi Saabs Modulation & Kaifi Azmis Masterpiece Lyrics have combined in producing this Memorable no

For song Main Nigahen Tere Chehre Se of album: Aap Ki Parchhaiyan2013-07-31 22:40:24
The Greatness of this song lies in 3 factors , Rafi Saab , Madanji & Mehdhi Alik Khanji
All these 3 were true Genius personalities . Today if you just think I cannot imagine any one even remotely filling the bill in any of these 3 categories The way Rafi Saab has Rendered does 100 percent justice to Ali Khan saab touching Lyrics & Madanji's Heavenly creation. Such song is enough to fill your mind with joy till our life time

For song Main Gaoon Tum So Jao of album: Brahmachari2013-07-31 21:18:55
What a superlative modulation to give the soothing effect for this beautiful Lullaby song by Rafi Saab . If this song could be played by the mothers to their young child any child would instantaneously go to sleep through the shear Magic of Rafi Saab Voice . It is in creating these type of songs along with songs like Badan Pe Sitare from the same film . That Shankar - Jaikishan scored over the rest of the music Directors of their time due to this wide range of composition skills . Truly a very melting song from the greatest singer Rafi Saab Composed by Great Stalwarts SJ & probably the last few lyrics written by Shailendraji before his early demise

For song Badi Der Bhai Nandlala of album: Khandan2013-07-31 14:29:15
I am sure listening to this beautiful song & such a divine rendering by Rafi saab
Baby Krishna would have run down all the way & sat next to Rafi saab enjoying his mesmerising voice

For song Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho of album: Chaudhvin Ka Chand2013-07-31 14:26:36
I think Rafi Saab Singing this song which his first Film Fare Award song is as
beautiful as the Moon

For song Sau Baar Janam Lenge of album: Ustadon Ke Ustad2013-07-31 14:12:22
Can there be any thing more melting & mesmerising than this superlative rendering by
Rafi Saab ,What Composition by Ravi ji & truly touching Lyrics by Asad Bhopali
The voice modulation has been so wonderfully implemented by Rafi Saab . It totally
leaves you blank to the rest of the things around you & only the ear is responding to this great great song & giving the total pleasure to the mind & soul . Oh Rafi Saab we really really miss you .

For song Ae Mohabbat Zindabad of album: Mughal E Azam2013-07-31 11:42:58
It is 33 years Since all woke up in the morning to read to what was to all , their
greatest tragedy in Life namely Rafi Saab Death .Death Happens to a 1 day old child or to a 100 year old man &God Knows whom to take & when to take . Unfortunately Death removes a 1 in 1000 years personality like Rafi Saab Be it Einstein or Isaac Newton or great Artist like Rafi Saab type personalities never happens again & that I suppose is the saddest part of it . A song like this can never be created again & Rafi Saab his only song in this film has taken it to such a level that God has to create a singer when we do not know to reach that level . Rafi saab is just memory today but his voice ,his dedication, his presentation & last but not least his range & above all A Golden soul & Golden hearted Gentleman to the core would entertain us till the very end & many many more generations would love to hear this magic divinely created voice

For song Govardhana of album: Narayana Teertha Tharangam2013-07-20 15:15:45
Superlative Rendition & so divine to the ears this divine Krithi of Sri Narayana Theerthar
With Just the right decibel level of the accompanying Violin & Mridangam it is so melodious

GOvardana giridhaara gOvindha

raagam: Suddha Sarang ( Sri Violin Kannan Gracious Input )


gOvardhana giridhara gOvinda gOkulapAlaka paramAnanda


shrI vatsAnkita shrI kaustubha dharabhAvaka bhayahara pAhi mukunda

caraNam 1

AnandAmrta vAridhikEla alaku parAkrama anupama lIla
shRi nandAtmaja shrtajanapAla shRikara kishalaya lAlanalOla

caraNam 2

pATita suraripu pAdapa brnda pAvana carita parAmrta kanda
nATya rasOtkaTa nAnAbharaNa nArAyaNa tIrhArcita caraNa

For song Parama Purusha of album: Narayana Teertha Tharangam2013-07-20 14:51:09

What A beauty of A Behag rendition by The Brothers . The Brothers have truly captured the entire love of Narayana Theerthar for Lord Krishna . It is as beautiful
& sweet as The Divine Lord

Parama purusha -bEhag- Adi

In the season of Saradrutu (Autumn) Sri Krishna was at Brindavan playing divine flute mellifluosly. The beautiful Gopikas who were eagerly waiting to meet their most fascinating Krishna, sing this song.
Beautiful Sarat season arrived after wet rainy season. Stars are shining making the sky beautiful like
Goddess Saraswati. Wise people are making the best use of clear weather.

P parama purusha manu yA mavayam sakhi parama purusha manu yAma ||

Oh dear friends, let us follow Sri Krishna the supreme personality.

AP suruchira hAsam sundara nAsam taruNaruNa kiraNAdhara sarasam ||

His smile is pleasant and his nose is beautiful. His lips are shining with the
radiance of the crimson rays of the Sun.

C 1 nanda kumAram nagavara dheeram
brundAvana bhuvi vividha vihAram
brundAraka gaNa vandita charaNA
ravinda miLita maNi madhukara nikaram ||

He is the dear son of Nanda. He is strong willed (even Manmatha has no influence on him.)
He engages himself in various sports at Brundavan. The celestial gods bow to his bee hued feet.
The rays from the saphires in their crowns shine on his feet.

C 2 yuvatee geeta niyogi sulalitam
kavijana mAnaSa kamala vilasitam
Siva nArAyaNa teertha virachitam
Sree gOpAla dayA rasa miLitam ||

This beautiful song by the young maids delights the Yogis and blooms the the lotus like hearts of Poets.
It is written by Narayana Teertha blending it with the essence of Gopala's compassion.

For song Pooraya Mama Kamam of album: Narayana Teertha Tharangam2013-07-20 14:18:26

What rendering by Malladi Brothers ,It is absolutely stunning to listen to them
this beautiful Sri Narayana Theerthar song . May God Bless Malladi Brothers for many more decades so that millions down the line would have the pleasure of listening to them

pooraya mama kAmam -bilahari -Adi

One of the Gopikas who is well learned, describes Krishna as the incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu.
She says that those who realise it are blessed souls and she prays to Gopala to fulfill her desire.

P pooraya mama kAmam gopAla pooraya mama kAmam ||

Gopala, fulfill my desire, fulfill my desire.

AP vAram vAram vandana mastutE

vArija daLanayana gOpAla ||

Again and again I bow to you, the lotus eyed Gopala.

C 1 manyE tvAmiha mAdhava daivam
mAyA sweekruta mAnusha bhAvam
dhanyairA druta tatva swabhAvam
dhaAtAram jagatA mativibhavam ||

Oh Madhava, you are the all mighty descended on the earth accepting human form as part of your Maya(sport).
Blessed are they who grasp your philosophic nature. You are the creator of the universe and all its splendour.

C 2 brundAvana chara barha vatamsa
baddha kunja vana bahula vilAsa
sAndrAnanda samudgeerNa hAsa
sangata kEyoora samudita dAsa ||

You moved in Brindavana pleasantly. Peacock plume is your diadem.
You spent time happily in the bowers of Brindhavana. You sported in water with a smilling face.
You are adorned with ornaments and you make your devotees happy.

C 3 matsya koormAdi daSa mahitA vatAra
madanugrahA dava madana gOpAla
vAtsalya pAlita vara yOgi brunda
vara nArAyaNa teertha vardhita mOda ||

Oh Gopala, you have taken ten incarnations i.e. fish, turtle etc. Shower your grace on me.
You protected the sages with all affection. Narayana Teertha is blessed by you.

For song Bhare Panduranga of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 12013-07-04 11:41:26
Thanking the Member for Lyrics . Just Adding the meaning with Lyrics as one can enjoy this supreme devotional song through the Divine voice of Amma

Bare Panduranga Kheva Bhet Desi -

Oh Lord Panduranga -Krishna when

will you meet me

Zalo Mi Pardeshi Tuze Vin -

I am feeling like a stranger without you

Tuja Vina Sakha Maja Nahi Kani -

I have No Friend Other Than You

Vatate Charani Ghalu Mithi -

I Feel To Hug your Lotus Feet Tighty

Ovalava Kaya Charana Varuni -

I Have Dedicated My Whole Body

To Your Feet

Keva Chakra Pani Bhetashil -

Oh Lord Chakrapani - Krishna -

Vithala When will you meet me

Tuke Maane Maazi Puravavi Aavadi -

Saint Thukaram says Oh Lord please

Full Fill my desire

Vege Ghali Uudi Narayana -

Oh Lord Narayana come fast to

meet me

For song Vaishnav Janto of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 12013-07-04 11:13:01

Along with Hari Thumha Haro , This was the other song which brought MSS Amma close to Gandhiji , When a request came from Gandhiji for MSS Ammaa to record this song & send it to him , a light hesitancy on the Part of Ammaa as she had not rendered it before was conveyed to Gandhiji . Gandhiji said let her recite & send it to me that is more than enough for me . However it was composed recorded & sent to Gandhiji . Few months later when Gandhiji was shot dead This song was played by All India Radio through ought 2 days . The composition & such heart rendering song reinforces our love & need for sacrifice for Bharatha Maathaa

Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye je
PeeD paraayi jaaNe re
Par-dukhkhe upkaar kare toye
Man abhimaan na aaNe re (Vaishnava)

SakaL lok maan sahune vande
Nindaa na kare keni re
Vaach kaachh man nishchaL raakhe
Dhan-dhan janani teni re (Vaishnava)

Sam-drishti ne trishna tyaagi
Par-stree jene maat re
Jivha thaki asatya na bole
Par-dhan nav jhaalee haath re (Vaishnava)

Moh-maaya vyaape nahi jene
DriDh vairaagya jena man maan re
Ram naam shoon taaLi laagi
SakaL tirath tena tan maan re (Vaishnava)

VaN-lobhi ne kapaT-rahit chhe
Kaam-krodh nivaarya re
BhaNe Narsaiyyo tenun darshan karta
KuL ekoter taarya re (Vaishnava)

For song Thonga Theeravirajam of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam 22013-07-03 13:44:35
Regarding Sri Santhanam The member has give a wonderful description of this great Vocalist & every word is worth in gold

Thunga Theera Virajam Bhaja Mana raghavendra Yathi Rajam

Mangala Kara manthralaya Vasam

Shringaranana Raji Prakasham

Raghavendra Yathi Rajam…

Kara Dhrudha Dhanda Kamandalu Manam

Suruchera Chelam Kritha Mani Malam

Nirupama Sundara Kaaya Sushelam

Bhaja Kamalesha Bhuja Nija Sahitham


For song Kaise Din Beete Kaisi Beeti Ratiyan of album: Anuradha2013-07-02 14:42:47
Anuradha , Lataji , Shailendraji & Pandit Ravi Shankarji to me is the most memorable , beautiful combination I have heard in Hindi Film music . The 4 songs each one has to be written in letters of Gold . Golden era film with golden music like this is what took Indian music across the globe .Ravi shankarji is no longer with us & so is Shailendraji , but the music they created would stay till , there exists music

For song Sanware Kahe Mose Karo Jorajori of album: Anuradha2013-07-02 14:34:15
Anuradha Composition by Pandit Ravi Shankarji showed what is real musical class
Each song was so moving both as a song & the sequence in the film as well . Lataji's classical talent she learnt from her father was totally evident thanks to Panditji's divine composition . Hats off to the producer to have Ravi Shankarji as the music director . Anuradha songs would be etched in the memory till the last breath of every one who has listened to it . It is beyond description .It is just heavenly music

For song Tu Hai Mera Prem Devta of album: Kalpana2013-06-21 15:46:43
Mannada has not sung too many songs under the music direction of OPN saab
This one rendition with Rafi Saab alone is enough . What a beautiful creation for the Dance of Travancore sisters Ragini & Padmini . The way Rafi Saab & Mannada has blended so beautifully makes you think for a second who is singing . All in all a very very touching & a beautiful classical song . Hats off to Nayyarji , Mannada & Rafi Saab for giving us this great treat

For song Tujhko Rakhe Ram of album: Aankhen (1968)2013-06-21 15:41:22
Ravi Ji Music is an eternal pleasure . It is always so pleasing be it classical or
otherwise like this . The added beauty of this song is superb rendering by
Mannada & Aashaaji . This is one of the unique feature of Mannada & Aashaji to easily render any type of composition . All in all such a wonderful song in all respects

For song Pyar Ki Aag Men Tan Badan Jal Gaya of album: Ziddi2013-06-21 15:15:39
What A creation by Burmanda & Mannada .Mannada singing for Mehemood has beautifully brought out all factors associated with Mehemood . Truly a highly enjoyable & entertaining song

For song Leke Chali Mujhe Apne Saath of album: Kohraa2013-05-31 13:15:26
Is Lataji rendering superlative ?or Hemanda Music is superlative? is so difficult to tell First credit should go to music direction for such a haunting creation & to Lataji matching hemandas creation & taking the song to a very high level .It was an era where every artist gave out their very best resulting in one after another song which gave the listeners such a wonderful musical feast

For song Yeh Nain Dare Dare of album: Kohraa2013-05-31 13:08:54
Really melts you , the music & voice .Hemanda did not score for too many films
but every music direction was absolutely outstanding . In a film may be 3 out of
6 songs could be a hit , but in Hemanda music direction like in Kohraa every song was too good . You can never find words for this great music Director & Singer

For song Raah Bani Khud Manzil of album: Kohraa2013-05-31 13:03:40
What a superlative voice of this great star Hemanda . What a pleasure to hear , so rich & such a captivating voice . His voice & music were truly one of the Golden feature in the Golden Era of Hindi Film music . Music so simple , yet superb .

For song Ponnondru Kandaen of album: Padithaal Mattum Pothuma (tml)2013-05-25 21:40:34
What an Irony , That the 2 singers of this song Sri T.M.S. & Sri P.B.S. have left their
mortal soul in a span of just 40 days . Truly such outstanding singers they were . Here the song are the thoughts of 2 friends about their lovers & how well each of them have brought out those thoughts in a wonderful manner . The 2 Sri T.M.S. & Sri P.B.S. would be remembered for their soft rendering for many many years

For song Ulagam Piranthathu of album: Sangamam (tml)2013-05-25 20:42:17
The greatest Play Back Singer of Tollywood Sri T.M.Sounderajan death at 91
removes the last of Trio Sri A. M.Raja , Sri P.B.Srinivas being the other 2 . The three dominated Tollywood from early 50's to mid 80's . T.M.S.Sir in particular was so versatile with any type of song & had outstanding abilities to sing in the Voice of Shivaji Ganesan or M.G.R. like in this song . His songs would continue to entertain us for many decades to come . May his soul rest in peace & our deep condolences to his family . Thank You T.M.S.Sir for your Golden rendering we would remember you eternally

For song Aththaan Ennathaan of album: Paava Mannippu2013-05-18 13:17:00
In any song there are 3 distinct parts .The Lyrics , The composition & the rendering
In almost all songs all of them blend very well & contribute to the glory of the song . In a song like this the 3 factors stand out individually , & stll raise the level of the song to an unprecedented level . Sri Kannadasn lyrics has no words to desrcibe the genius in him . With just one word " Than " he has so amazingly created the song . To give effect to those lyrics is the outstanding composition of the duo & last but not least taking to the upper most strata is Smt P.Susheela Ammas voice . I wonder whether there could be ever such 3 outstanding , brilliant , beautiful combination in the years to come .

For song Dolayaam of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-12013-05-11 13:23:06
This Krithi of Annamacharyas on Dashavathar has been sung so well that as rightly said by the one whos has translated so beautifully , the music , lyrics & MSS Ammas rendering makes our heart swing with the Goddess Lakshmi & Sri Hari

ḍōlāyāṃ cala ḍolāyāṃ harē ḍolāyām ||

Annamayya must have composed this song for Swami vari "Dolotsvam" which is the seva during which Venkateswara swamy, along with his wife(wives?) is swung on a swing. So here Ananmayya starts his first line where he says "Swing Godess Lakshmi, swing Hari". The music and lyrics makes one's heart swing along with the Lord and Lakshmi.

mīna kūrma varāha mṛgapati avatāra |
dānavārē guṇaṣaurē dharaṇīdhara maru janaka||

In the first sentence of this stanza, Annamayya begins the avataras of Vishnu, starting with Meenavatara, the Fish-form of incarnation, the Kurma-avatara,(Turtle-form), the varaha(Boar) avatara.

The second sentence in the stanza presents the adjectives that describe the various qualities of Vishnu. Dana Vari is the generous giver. This usually refers to the episode of Krishna's boon of wealth to his poor friend Kuchela. GunaSOurye means the courageous one, maru janaka is the father of the world, since He is supposed to be father of Brahma, the Creator.

vāmana rāma rāma varakṛṣṇa avatāra |
śyāmalāṅgā raṅga raṅga sāmajavarada muraharaṇa ||

"Vamana, Rama (Parushu Rama), Rama (Ayodhya's King Rama), Vara Krishna incarnator, the dark-skinned one, also called ranga, the giver of boons to the elephant, Killer of the Demon Mura..."
After narsimha avatara, Vishnu took the form of a Dwarf. He then was born as a Brahmin Parushu Rama. Then took the form of the Kshatriya Rama. He also took the form of the Yadava King, Krishna

dāruṇa buddha kaliki daśavidha avatāra |
śīrapāṇē gōsamāṇē śrī vēṅkaṭagiri kūṭanilayā ||

The Budha and the Kalki, the one with ten different incarnations, the Holder of Plough(Balrama),the Gosamane, the one whose abode is Venkatagiri Mountain"
So there is a belief that the Buddha who is considered to be Vishnu Avatar is not Gautama Budha and that He is a different Budha.

For song Raghuveera Ranadheera of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 12013-04-30 12:09:20

O Lord Raghuveera - the Valiant one in the battle! Deign to come, O Prince – son of King Dasaratha!

O Lord who rent asunder the arrogance of Parasurama – son (in the lineage) of sage Bhrigu! O Support of the celestials!

O Lord who is like Indra – enemy of mountaints - to the mountains for Ravana, Kumbha-karna and Indrajit – enemy of indra – enemy of demon Bala; O Embodiment of all moving and non-moving! O Lord found in the heart of this Thyagaraja!

For song Hari Haraputhram of album: Live At Music Academy 19902013-04-30 11:07:16
Pallavi :
I always worship Shastaa, the son of Hari and shiva.I renounce theactivities associated with mAya or illusion

The dweller in shauri giri who pleases Vishnu - the killer of Mura.The one fond of instruments like the flute, beri .The one who bestows sons.He is worshipped in Spring by crowds of people.He grants longevity.He bestows happiness to destitutes.4

Charanam :
He incarnated on the full moon day in the phAlguna month.He brings glory to the kingdoms of the Pandyas and kerala.He bears the floral arrows, sugarcane bow and and a floral staff made of kalharaa (senkazhuneer in Tamil ) flowers. He manifests in Kaliyuga.He punishes instantly.He resides in the minds of guha , who is hara’s guru.The one who has an army with chariots, elephants and horses.

For song Hari Haraputhram of album: Live At Music Academy 19902013-04-30 11:03:17
Pallavi :
I always worship Shastaa, the son of Hari and shiva.I renounce theactivities associated with mAya or illusion

The dweller in shauri giri who pleases Vishnu - the killer of Mura.The one fond of instruments like the flute, beri .The one who bestows sons.He is worshipped in Spring by crowds of people.He grants longevity.He bestows happiness to destitutes.4

Charanam :
He incarnated on the full moon day in the phAlguna month.He brings glory to the kingdoms of the Pandyas and kerala.He bears the floral arrows, sugarcane bow and and a floral staff made of kalharaa (senkazhuneer in Tamil ) flowers. He manifests in Kaliyuga.He punishes instantly.He resides in the minds of guha , who is hara’s guru.The one who has an army with chariots, elephants and horses.

For song Marivere Gathi of album: Mystic Music Of Maharajapuram Santhanam2013-04-30 10:24:02
To listen to Sri Maharajapuram singing this Aananda Bhairavi song is Paramanandam as this is on Goddess Meenakshi Who gives eternal pleasure through her blessing & Sri Santhanam's rendering is like nectar flowing so beautiful.

For song Melukovayya of album: Thyagaraja Kritis Vol 22013-04-30 09:48:08
In the kriti ‘mElukOvaiyya’ – rAga bhauLi, shri tyAgarAja awakens the Lord early in the morning.

Meaning: O Lord shri rAma! O Lord united with excellent sItA! O My Fortune! O Lord reclining on shesha! O Blessed Eminent One of the solar dynasty! O Lord of Emperors! O Moon Faced! O King of ayOdhya! O Lord of virtues! O Lord whose feet are praised by this tyAgarAja! O King! nArada and others, seeking You, are now abundantly singing (about) Your greatness; the day is about to dawn; may You wake up quickly to partake nicely fresh butter and milk!

The celestial damsels are reverentially praying much to You to (permit them to) render service to You; the excellent lamps lit by aNimA and the others, wearing gem-studded ornaments, are fading.

The Lords of multitudes of celestials and all others are waiting for worshipping You. May You wake up to nourish this Universe! Please look after us.

For song Adhi Neepai of album: Lalgudi G Jayaraman Srimathi Brahmanandam (violin Vol 3)2013-04-29 14:21:57
Through the beautiful display of Sri Lalgudi Adhi Neepai is flowing Majestically
like Yamuna River . How sweet & melodious . Death is inevitable , but when it takes away an artiste of the highest class like Sri Lalgudi .the loss is so great as to find an artiste of that class takes many many years as they are born probably once in 100 years

For song Ennaganu Rama of album: Master Piece Vol I (lalgudi G.jayaraman)2013-04-29 13:57:40
Just as Baktha Ramdas was drowned in his Bakthi for Lord Sri Rama
Sri Lalgudi each display drowns us in the nectar of carnatic music so deep & so pure. This Beautiful Panthu varali Ragam is taken to its heights through such a divine display that one can never find words for Sri Lalgudi display . What swetness & melody .Shear pleasure & nothing but that

For song Enta Muddo of album: Master Piece Vol Ii (lalgudi G.jayaraman)2013-04-29 13:03:26
Seems A Very rare Raga , But the display of Sri Lalgudi is too well known for its amazing bow technique . The softness & Shruthi Suddham makes every display of
Sri Lalgudi such a pleasure & so divine . Truly an artist with no comparison at all . As Sri Chowdiah once said , when you are comparing violonist keep aside Lalgudi
& talk about the rest . When such a stalwart says one can easily know the class of an artist like Sri Lalgudi

For song Tyagarajaya of album: Master Piece Vol I (lalgudi G Jayaraman)2013-04-29 12:27:58
Thanking the member for Lyrics & meaning input . All the beautiful Lyrics & meaning
have been brought out so beautifully by this very divine display by Sri Lagudi
& Begada which is such a pleasant raga reaches a very high level thanks to the soft & masterly bowing of Sri Lalgudi . So wonderful to hear

For song Sri Saraswathi of album: Lalgudi -ganamrutham- K Mani And Vinaykram2013-04-29 11:23:34
The Artiste bestowed with Total Goddess Saraswathi Kataksham Playing on Goddess Saraswathi is probably the sweetest thing to happen .When you have a display of softness like from the Bow of Sri Lalgudi the divine experience is so wonderful

For song Sarasa Samadhana - Kapi Narayani of album: Legends- Lalgudi -violin - Vol.42013-04-29 11:14:06
sarasa sAma dAna. rAgA: kApinArAyaNi. dEshAdi tALA.

P: sarasa sAma dAna bhEda daNDa catura sATi dEva mevarE brOvavE

A: parama sAmbhava grEsa ruNDagucu balku rAvaNuDu teliyalEka pOtE

C: hitavu mATalentO bAgA balkitivi satamu gAnayOdhya niTTu naNTivi

nata sahOdarunE rAju cEsi rAka hatamu jEsitivi tyAgarAjanuta

Meaning: In the kriti ‘sarasa sAma dAna’ – rAga kApinArAyaNi, shri tyAgarAja extols the Lord about the way He dealt with rAvaNa. O Clever One praised by this tyAgarAja who adopted nicely the four-fold actions of rAja dharma – conciliation, gift or bribe, creation of dissension and punishment, in dealing with rAvaNa! It’s indeed a pity that rAvaNa who prides himself to be the most eminent of devotees of the great Lord shiva, could not realise this! You conveyed to him a lot of beneficial words; You offered even ayOdhyA for ever; You made vibhISaNa, who supplicated before You, as King of laGkA; as rAvaNa did not mend his ways even after that, You ultimately slayed him. Which God is equal to You? deign to protect me.

For song Seer Sirakkum Meni (ins) of album: Lalgudi Ramani And Venkatraman - Vio2013-04-29 10:50:59
I entirely agree with Sri Ramachandran & with Lalgudi Sir also no more the pure
form of carnatic music & the perfection artiste achieved with hours of practice is also slowly disappearing . & to have the combination & harmony is almost
next to impossible . We have to please ourselves listening to album of this type to get the total satisfaction . So beautiful & pleasing to hear

For song Varnam - Arunodhayame of album: Nadaloludai - Lalgudi G. Jayaraman2013-04-29 10:45:01
Lalgudi Sir Display captivates you so much as truly there is magic in his display Not only it is so beautiful but so pure & one can never find the Shruthi slipping at all . As Perfection has been Sri Lalgudi's forte from day one to his last day

For song Mokshamu of album: Ragamalika Swaram -lalgudi Jayaraman2013-04-28 14:32:10

What A Beautiful Composition of Saint Thyagaraja brought out with all its beauty
through the melodious display of Sri Lalgudi. It seems that this composition was created for Sri Lalgudi alone . Such is the display

mOkSamu galadA. rAgA: sAramati.

P: mOkSamu galadA bhuvilO jIvanmuktulu gAni vAralaku

A: sAkSAtkAra nI sadbhakti sangIta jnAna vihInulaku

C: prANanAla sam-yOgamu valla praNava nAdamu sapta svaramulai bAraga

vINA vAdana lOluDau shivamanO vidha merugaru tyAgarAja vinuta


Is salvation possible in this earth for those who are not realised souls?
For those who are ignorant of music and devotion that enables them to see you, is salvation possible?
Object of Tyagaraja’s worship, for those who do not understand the inner thoughts of Shiva who ever delights in playing the vINa, which unites the life force (jIvAtma) with the divine light (paramAtma) thereby dividing the OmkAra into seven notes, is salvation possible?

For song Karpagame of album: Ragamalika Swaram -lalgudi Jayaraman2013-04-28 14:15:22
Ragam: Madhyamavathi
Papanasam Sivan

karpakamE (karunai) kaDaikkaN pArAi

shirparai yOgiyar sidhhargaL jnaAniyar
tiruvudai adiyavar karudum varam udavum tirumagaLum kalaimagaLum paravu tirumayilaik-

sattu cidhAnandam adAi sakala uyirkkuyirai avaL nI
tattuvamasyAdi mahA vAkkiya tatpara vastuvum nI
sattuva guNamoDu bhakti sheibavar bhava tApamum pApamum ara immaiyil vara
santAna saubhAgya sampattoDu marumaiyil niradhishaya inbamum tarum

Oh karpagAmbikA (“karpagamE”) of the holy town of mylApUr please look
at me from the corner of your eyes .
The knowledgeable souls , mystics and ascetics who exist in a
state of conscious bliss pray to you.
You are the one who grants the boons desired by your
devotees including the above souls. You are karpagAmbikA of the holy
town of Mylapur ,Praised by Lakshmi & sarasvati
Oh karpagAmbikA, you are the one who has become the essence of the concept
of existence , thought , and happiness the very life-force
of all living beings
You are the meaning/interpretation of grand
pronouncements like 'that thou art/are and others
Oh devi, you not only cause the destruction of worldly miseries
and sins that beset the lives of people who show their devotion to
you with excellent moral character in this birth
… and bless them ) with the good fortune of progeny along
with wealth …
…but you also grant them unsurpassed bliss in their
next birth as well.

For song Dhurmarga of album: Violin Trio2013-04-28 12:42:34
So Beautiful is Sri Lalgudi Display , However beautiful the composition may be
ultimately it is the display by the artist that gives the final conclusion about the beauty / sweetness of the song . Here Sri Lalgudis magical touch gives you this extreme sweetness

durmArga carAdhamulanu dora nIvana jAlarA. rAgA: ranjani. tALA: rUpaka

P: durmArga carAdhamulanu dora nIvana jAlarA

A: dharmAtmaka dhana dhAnya daivamu nIvai uNDaga

C: paluku boTini sabhalOna patita mAvanavula kOsagu khalula

neccaTa bogaDa shrIkara tyAgarAja vinuta


I cannot bring myself around to flatter wicked and base men as “you are the


O Embodiment of righteousness! Knowing that you are the Dispenser of all

wealth and grains, symbolizing food, (I cannot bring myself ….)

O Lord, worshipped by Tyagaraja, who never praises those base ones who

insult Sarasvati -- Goddess of Learning -- by dedicating their literacy

works in the court of unworthy men! Bestower of wealth! I cannot bring


For song Vandeham of album: Mystical Strings2013-04-28 12:29:57
vandEham - hamsadhwani

P vandEham jagadvallabham durlabham mandara dharam gurum mAdhavam bhoo dhavam ||

I bow to Madhava the lord of the universe. It is difficult to get his grace. He bore Mandara mountain. He is mighty. His consort is Bhudevi.

C 1 naraharim muraharam nArAyaNam param
harimachyutam ghana vihanga vAham
purushOttamam param punDAreekAksham
karuNAbharaNam kalayAmi SaraNam ||

I bow to Narahari the destroyer of demon Mura. He is Narayana the transcendental. He is Achyuta with Garutmanta as vehicle. He is the Supreme. His eyes are lotus-like. Mercy is his ornament. I seek refuge in him.

C 2 nandani nandanam nandaka gadA dharam
indirA nAdha maravinda nAbham
indu ravi lOchanam hita dAsa varadam mu
kundam yadukulam gOpa gOvindam ||

I bow to the son of Nanda whose mace is Nandaka. He is Indira's consort. He has lotus on his navel. The Sun and the Moon are like his eyes. He is benevolent to devotees. He is Mukunda the bestower of salvation. He is Govinda. He is Gopala of Yadu clan.

C 3 rAma nAmam yajNa rakshaNam lakshaNam
vAmanam kAminam vAsudEvam
SrimadAvAsinam Sri vEnkaTESwaram
SyAmalam kOmalam SAnta murtim ||

I bow to Srirama the protector of Yajnas. He is perfect. He is Vasudeva. I bow to Venkatesa whose complexion is blue. He is delicate. He is icon of serenity.

For song Nidhichala of album: Majestic Melodies2013-04-28 12:03:06
Kalyani is such a beautiful Ragam & when Played by an artist like Sri Lalgudi
it becomes more beautiful . The complete essence of the song seems flowing while bowing

nidhicAla sukhamA. rAgA: kalyANi. cApu tALA.

P: nidhicAla sukhamA rAmuni sannidhi sEva sukhamA nijamuga balku manasA

A: dadhi navanIta kSiramulu ruciyO dAsharathi dhyAna bhajana sudhArasamu ruciyO

C: dama shamanamau gangA snAnamu sukhamA kardama durviSaya kUpa snAnamu sukhamA

mamata bandhana yuta nara stuti sukhamA surapati tyAgarAja nutuni kIrtana sukhamA

Meaning: Oh, Mind ! Be honest in making it clear, whether acquisition of material wealth or an
opportunity to be of service to Lord Sri Rama, is more conducive and satisfying ! Milk,
butter and curd on the one side and ambrosia of meditation and worship of Sri Rama on
the other - Which one is a better choice ? Controlling one's senses as good as a dip in
the serene Ganges or enjoyment of worldly pleasures comparable to bathing in a well
having mire and dirt - which is better ? Would it not be a better alternative to sing the
glory of the kindly Lord, as is done by wise ones like Thyagaraja, than engaging in the
flattery of mortals swollen with insolence and deception ?

For song Nannu Palimpa of album: Violin Trio2013-04-28 11:46:04
Can there be any thing more Mohanam for the listeners Than this Mohanam
krithi by Lalgudi Sir . What display ,So very melodious & the music is truly so divine

nanu pAlimpa. rAgA: mOhana. Adi tALA.

P: nanu pAlimpa naDaci vaccitivO nA prANanAtha

A: vanaja nayana mOmunu jUcuTa jIvanamani nenaruna mannsu marmamu telisi

C: surapati nIla maNinibha tanuvutO nuramuna mutyapu sarula cayamutO

karamuna shara kOdaNDa kAntitO dharani tanayatO tyAgarArcita

Meaning: O Compassionate Lord! Have you trekked all the way to grace me? Lord of my life! The sole aim of my life is to be by your side, glancing at your charming face and seeking your gracious understanding; this intense longing of mine; have you trekked? O Lotus eye! How wonderfully you have presented yourself! With a frame lustrous with the blue radiance of a gem, with dusters of pearl garlands sporting on your bosom, the resplendent Kodanda bow adorning your hand with Sita devi; have you trekked?
vanaja nayana mOmunu jUcuTa jIvanamani nenaru naa manasu marmamu telisi - lotus eyed face seeing my life consider my mind secret knowing (Knowing that the purpose of my whole life is to be looking at your face with lotus eyes)

For song Ragam Tanam of album: Ragam Tanam Pallavi (lalugudi G.jayaraman&m.s.goplalkrishnan)2013-04-28 11:10:31
All the comments by esteemed members point out to one thing definitely . This memorable display by Sri Lalgudi is so soft , beautiful Gaanamrutham that it is more like hearing it in a celestial place than on this earh . As the music flowing from the beautiful Violin through the astounding divine like display is just inexplicable ,but surely even a layman can get drowned into this sagara of music , Such stunning
divine display is the display of Lalgudi . It makes me feel that for listeners to know How the Saints , Thyagaraja , Mutthuswamy Dhikshithar , Shyama Sastri composed & enjoyed singing it in front of various deities & Goddess , God created Sri Lalgudi so that we the listeners could enjoy it in the same way .

For song Ragam Tanam of album: Ragam Tanam Pallavi (lalugudi G.jayaraman&m.s.goplalkrishnan)2013-04-27 14:20:49
SaiKrishnan is correct there have been no Jugalbandhi between these 2 great artist & it is just Fabulous display by Sri Lalgudi only & What Practice must have gone into this , bowing display . The Violin is so superbly handled that it seems Lord Shanmuga is playing Shanmuga Priya . Truly gripping & very melodious

For song Ragam Tanam Pallavi of album: Master Piece Vol Iii (lalgudi G.jayaraman&srimathi Brahmanandam2013-04-25 14:18:21
When ones listens to Sri Jayaraman & Smt Brahmanandam , The music is so
wonderful that one just gets drowned into it . What a scintillating display of this Ragam Tanam Pallavi that it is impossible to come out from this mesmerising effect of such sweet & superlative music . Oh what a paradise one is taken to by this great display by this great Brother & Great Sister . The Ragas one after the other seems pouring from the Heaven to this music.

For song Sujana Jeevana of album: Master Piece Vol Iii (lalgudi G.jayaraman&srimathi Brahmanandam2013-04-25 13:15:46
What A beautiful Krithi in the Raga Khamas & the beauty is enhanced by the Divine rendering By Sri Jayaraman & Smt Brahmanandam .


P O Lord rAma – the very life (jIvana) of virtuous people (sujana)! O Lord rAma – one who is adorned (bhUSaNa) with virtues (suguNa)!

A O Lord worshipped (arcita) by Lord ziva – to whom serpents (bhujaga) are ornaments (bhUSaNa) (bhUSaNArcita)! O Protector (avana) of the wise (budha) people (jana)!
O Lord worshipped (vandita) by brahmA (Atmaja) (janAvanAtmaja)! O Lord who is wish tree (candana) (literally most excellent) for those dependent (zrita)! O Lord who comes in the lineage of ikSvAku (daza turaGga)! Please protect (ava) me (mAM) (mAmava);
O Lord rAma – the very life of virtuous people! O Lord rAma – one who is adorned with virtues!

C O Beautiful (cAru) Eyed (nEtra)! O Lord who has lakSmI (zrI) as Consort (kaLatra)! O Lord whose body (gAtra) is delightful (ramya) to lakSmI (zrI)!
O Lord with a history (su-caritra) of being the One whose name (nAma) carries across (tAraka) the Ocean of Worldy Existence! O Son (putra) of King dazaratha!
O Moon – Lord (adhipa) of stars (tAraka) – Faced (Anana) (tArakadhipAnana)! O Protector (pAlaka) of dharma!
O Lord raghuvara! O Blemishless (nirmala)! O Lord well-praised (sannuta) by this tyAgarAja! Please carry me across (tAraya) the Ocean of Worldly Existence;
O Lord rAma – the very life of virtuous people! O Lord rAma – one who is adorned with virtues!

For song Meenakshi Memubham - Purvikalyani of album: Legends- Lalgudi -violin - Vol.42013-04-25 12:30:45
Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman. All through his career right from the age of 12 till his very
last day Apr 22nd -2013 practiced 18 hrs a day for perfection , innovation within
the boundaries of Shashthriya Carnatic music , to not only enhance the music but also to present to the common man the best possible music through his genius in bowing technique . When you hear this Poorvi Kalyani on Goddess Meenakshi
the presentation is probably in the exact form that Sri Muthuswamy Dhikshithar visualised . Sri Lalgudi is not with us today but his contribution would last
as long as there is carnatic music, because it is so deep & so pure

For song Varnam (lalgudi Jayaraman) of album: Collectors Choice Lalgudi G Jayaraman2013-04-25 09:55:52
What a superlative , smooth & beautiful & sutle variation , makes it so memorable
& That is Lalgudi Sir Genius skill

For song Nadaloludai Lalgudi G Jayaraman Kalyanavasantham of album: Lalgudi G.jayaraman2013-04-24 15:50:38
I first Head this song in 1973 in AIR Chennai Station played by Sri Lalgudi
& for 40 years this has been such a favourite song of mine for the simple reason
that this beautiful Kalyana Vasantham Ragam has been brought out by Sri Lalgudis magical playing in such a sweet way It just merges you with the song There are 3 aspects of any song its composition , the raga & how these 2 are brought out by the artist . If you go through the Lyrics like a sloka you can see many beautiful divine aspect described , if you hear it in Kalyana Vasantham Ragam with ragam your further love for the song is enhanced , when some one like Sri Lalgudi plays you are just floored as the lyrics & Raga not only seems more sweet but the mesmerising effect is so much. TodaySri Lalgudi has merged with Divine
but the Divine music of his like this would continue to enchant us for many many years. No doubt they said music is eternal probably they heard Sri Lalgudi play this I suppose

For song Adamodi Chaurkesi Lalgudi G Jayaraman of album: Lalgudi G.jayaraman2013-04-24 14:27:31
Adamodi in Charukesi to me is one of the most beautiful creation of Saint Thyagaraja , It has such a magic effect on you . That instantly you become one with the song . & when M.S.S.Amma sings it or Sri Lalgudi plays it the effect becomes more sweet to the ears , heart mind& soul as you can realise what a perfect rendering it must be for you to get so captivated . That is what I feel listening to this mesmerising display of Sri Lalgudi Sir who has brought out the songnot just as a Saint Thyagaraja composition or as a carnatic music but in a much more captivating manner not only for the puritan or stalwarts but also for those who can enjoy good music

For song Mohana Kalyani Lalgudi G Jayaraman of album: Lalgudi G.jayaraman2013-04-24 14:11:00
If A song is in Mohanam How do you recognise it . Simple thumb rule just listen to Sri Lalgudi playing it in the violin & within milli seconds you would know it is Mohanam so Mohanam is Sri Lalgudis skill over this Instrument which itself is Mohanam . Just superb, superlative & just drowns you in the real nectar of music

For song Ragamalika Swaram Lalgudi Jayaraman of album: Lalgudi G.jayaraman2013-04-24 13:43:10
Yes the Instrument Sri Lalgudi played is now for the museum , but the thousands of divine music created through his genius touch over the strings would continue to reverberate music filled with nectar for many many centuries . the greatness of Raga Malika is the total capture of so many Ragas & the way the ragas blend one after the other & particularly when an Artiste like Sri Lagudi plays such Raga malikas the blend seems that more sweet & takes listeners to a paradise , a genius who for over 70 years from the Tender age of 12 till the very end put his heart & soul into creativity within the boundaries of pure shastriya carnatic music has made this Sri Lagudi Bani not only unique but shear pleasure for which I just have no words to describe but I do have the ear to enjoy it to the total fulfillment of joy to the heart mind & soul

For song Ganamoorthey (ins) of album: Lalgudi G.jayaraman2013-04-24 13:32:18
When God created Saint Thyagaraja to compose the song He decided to create
Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman to play the song so beautifully in this beautiful Violin Instrument. Members input on the song , with Thyagarajas composition & Sri Lalgudis memorable bowing leaves you spell bound . Sri Lalgudi who attained Lords feet on 22nd April would be remembered for another 22 Centuries through his superlative & mostly divine rendition ,literally making the violin to talk . An outstanding artiste who gave us so much of pleasure ecstacy , thrill, sweetness & joy through his soft touch would remain in the hearts of music lovers for ever . Our deep condolences to his family for this loss, but such artiste never disappear is my firm belief

For song Enna Thavam (ins) of album: Lalgudi G.jayaraman2013-04-24 13:20:43
Sri Lalgudi in an Interview during the celebration of Sri Papnasa Sivam Centenary
Celebration said that Sri Papnasam Sivan told him that after hearing Sri Lalgudi play he felt he had created it just for Lalgudi How wonderfully Sri Jayaraman has brought out every aspect of the Lyrics . Likie Yashodha cradled Balakrishna to sleep Sri Lalgudi is cradling the Instrument to give such touching,telling effects by his genius touch . Too superlative & too Beautiful indeed . What a pleasure

For song Sloka (followed By Pibare Ramarasam) of album: M S Subbulakshmi 12013-04-19 13:02:54
What A composition & What a Divine rendering By the Divine Soul M.S.S. Ammaa
A million thanks to the member for the lyrics of both the Viruttam & the main song . On this Auspicious day of Rama Navami as I hear this , gives the feeling
standing before Lord Rama The soft manner in which it has been rendered adds immensely to the Divine atmoshpere prevailing around us . Very difficult to express in words the magical effect of the composition & rendering . Truly divine in all aspects

For song Udalukku Uyirkaaval of album: Manappandhal2013-04-15 13:20:52
Stunning Lyrics bringing out the philosophy of life at every stage of Life . How true
without many factors that guide us life would be empty & meaningless .How well P.B.Srinivas Sir has brought out these great philosphize of life through such melodious singing . The song & the fact P.B.Srinivas Sir is no longer with us makes you shed few tears

For song Paarththu Paarththu of album: Manappandhal2013-04-15 13:10:16
To day When we all Salute P.B.Srinivas Sir who left his mortal soul yesterday
The Tribute of Sri Viswanathan Sir that PBS singing lifted the composition of a music director to a higher level is so appropriate . P.B.S. Sir Range & melody enriched Tamil Film Music & to which we would be eternally remembering him

For song Imbam Pongum Vennila of album: Veerapandiya Kattabomman2013-04-15 12:48:04
G.Ramanathan Was one of the most outstanding music director of Tamil Films . All his music Direction like Ambikapathi , Uttamaputhiran were super duper hits , Each songs even today is such a pleasure to listen . As Rightly said by the member among many dialogue & devotional songs in this film , This song was truly a memorable song from every angle & our thoughts today are with P.B.Srinivas Sir when we listen to this melodious song

For song Nianippathellam of album: Nenjil Orr Aalayam2013-04-15 12:20:04
One of the greatest Philosophical song in Tamil Film . Outsatnding Lyrics , Music & superlative rendering by P.B.Srinivas Sir . What Lyrics
Mudindha Kahai Thodarvadhu Illai Iraivan Aettinilae
Thodarndha Kadhai mudivadhillai Manidhan Vittinile
Just Superb philosophy that happens every day in every Human LIfe

For song Kadal Enbathu of album: Pathakannikkai2013-04-15 12:12:11
Though in Western Style music , The Lyrics & superlative rendering really makes it so enjoyable to listen . It only goes to show that composers had the ability to turn anything to Gold as they were committed to melodious music

For song Poojaikku Vantha of album: Pathakannikkai2013-04-15 12:08:04
Music has no age/ generation , Good Melodious song with meaningful Lyrics
& rendering is what makes a song a super hit / flop. The only difference was
in earlier years Carnatic or Hindustani music influenced the Music Directors to compose music & time limit was not fixed & melody was given utmost importance
& great Music Directors like , G.Ramanathan Sir , Sudarshan Sir , Mahadhevan Sir , Viswanathan RamaMurthy Sir & Sri Raja Sir as well were able to produce one gem after another . Even today music Directors are there as Good as the Past but Theme of films & time restriction due to Prohibitive cost has diluted melody & songs are short lived unlike this song which is 50 years old & which has the wonderful comment it is mesmerising . Very true indeed

For song Manithan Enbavan of album: Sumaithangi2013-04-15 11:29:31
The simple Meaning of this song is That Man one day may become divine . Today
P.B.Srinivas Sir who has sung this song with such telling effect has mingled with Divine leaving behind Golden treasure songs for us to listen & enjoy

For song Kannaale Pesi Pesi of album: Adutha Veettu Penn2013-04-15 11:17:08
It is no Doubt that Music composition plays a big role in the success of both songs & Film . However here we have a superlative P.B.Srinivas Sir through Shear gift of voice has lifted this song to the highest possible pedestal by such a superb voice control. Truly such artist remains in our heart forever though they may have left their mortal soul

For song Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham of album: Paava Mannippu2013-04-15 11:01:22
One of the Greatest singer, a wonderful human being &such a beautiful melodious voice was Sri P.B.Srinivaswho reached the Lotus Feet of The Lord on the Auspicious Day Of Tamil New Year 14th April 2013 ..His Voice , His Diction , His rendering made him popular with the Music Director , Actor & last but not least with the listeners. Age takes away the Physical Frame , but technology would give the pleasure of listening to this great voice for many 100 years more . Our Deep conolences to his family & May His soul rest in eternal peace . Sir we are so greatful to you for giving us immense pleasure through your melodious voice we would always miss you & remember you

For song Sri Kaantimathim (hemavathi) of album: M S S - Guru Guha Vani - Vol. 22013-04-12 10:00:25
Thanking the members a lot for their wonderful input . Each of the composition of Sri Muthuswamy Dhikshithar on Goddess really Puts you in Front of the Goddess such is the power of Sri Dhikshithar's composition . When MSS Amma sings with such devotion & bringing the beauty of each word by Rendering & diction the pleasure of listening can never be described but surely felt as if surrounded by a divine power

For song More To Giridhara Gopala of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna Vol-22013-04-07 09:50:36
This was probably the last song That MSS Ammaa sang in Door Darshan in August
1997 recovering from a Viral Fever . Soon afterwards within a few months the death of her husband Sri Sadhashivam brought a total end to Ammas 70 years of singing . Whenever Amma sang such songs her eyes was fixed as if she was seeing Lord Krishna . Later as an advice to youngsters she said to sing songs fully understanding the meaning & singing as if they were singing before the real God . This Amma followed all through her career & her devotion , Bakthi & diction can be felt by the listeners in each one of the song she has rendered

For song Sabhapathikku of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-22013-04-03 10:56:41
Yes Sri Chithan , This is not Meerabhai , It is indeed in Tamil ,Sri Gopalakrishna Bharathi to whom the credit should go for this great lyrics was a Tamil Poet & he lived in the same period as Saint Thyagaraja

For song Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai of album: Seema2013-03-29 14:16:07
What a creation By SJ & Superlative rendering by Mannada . Such soft , & touching music . I have no idea what is the situation in the film , But surely makes you emotional that such beautiful music is no longer created . Such creations are eternal & would remain as touching even after another 50 years

For song Laga Chunari Men Daag of album: Dil Hi To Hai2013-03-29 14:00:34
The Qawali expert Roshanji has created this wonderful classical Number
Mannada was used by Roshanji to create some of the most outstanding songs . This is one such example of that . How sweetly & beautifully Mannada has done full justice to this beautiful creation / composition of Roshanji.An all time great song

For song Chalat Musafir of album: Teesri Kasam2013-03-29 13:27:29
The rich tribute for such a lovely song should first go to Shanker - Jaikishan & next to Mannada . What a beautiful composition typical rural music & Mannada has truly sung it so superbly . For listeners If it is played during a Baraath one can enjoy dancing such is the music

For song Tim Tim Taron Ke Deep Jale of album: Mausi2013-03-17 13:41:20
What Music , Vasanth Desai very melodious composition , along with superlative
rendering by Talatji & lataji is a shear exotic pleasure to listeners .

For song Jahan Main Jati Hoon of album: Chori Chori2013-03-15 14:05:13
What a composition . SJ magic wand . If one sees all RK films music is definitely
the highlight of the film . All music was by SJ till Sathyam Shivam Sundaram & RK sat with SJ for every song & the end result is truly superlative . Just love this song

For song Nain Mile Chain Kahan of album: Basant Bahar2013-03-15 14:00:43
It is very very true one of the best musical Album is Basanth Bahar . Shanker - Jaikishan more popularly know for their new trend in Hindi Film music ,tuned all the songs based on Hindustani Classical ragas , Each song is so beautiful that even after many years ( it is 58 years since the film was released ) it is such apleasure & joy to hear . Hats off to Shanker - Jaikishan . You would be eternally remembered by music lovers for many many more 50 years

For song Chham Chham Chhumak Chhumak of album: Ujala2013-03-15 13:52:49
The combination of Lataji - Manna Dey under Shankar - Jaikishan band of music
produced many wonderful duets & this too under that category is so beautiful . Music is electrifying

For song Dharti Kahe Pukaar Ke of album: Do Bigha Zamin2013-03-15 13:48:44
Superlative music is the true highlight of this song . Then Mannada rich voice
lifts this song to a very high level . Lataji soft rendition is the icing in the cake . All in all very very enjoyable listening pleasure

For song Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo of album: Mera Naam Joker2013-03-15 13:40:27
What a beautiful Philosophical song , Pahala Bachpan , Doosra Jawani , Teesra
Budapan . Uske Baad , maa Nahi , Baap Nahi , Beta Nahi , Mai Nahi , Thu Nahi
superlative reality of life brought through this beautiful presentation . Hats off to every one associated with this song

For song Chhupa Lo Yun Dil Men of album: Mamta2013-03-14 13:23:05
What a superlative 4 some combination of Hemanda ,Lataji , Roshanji & Majroohji
which has created this superlative song . Such melodious music intoxicates you so much creating an emotional feeling when you think of such great artist who created these for our eternal hearing pleasure . Roshanji music is like flowing honey & hemanda Golden sublime voice so mesmerising

For song Hey Govinda of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 22013-03-12 13:19:21
Can anything be more divine ,more beautiful , more sweet , more enchanting than
Lord Krishna , & such beautiful Lyrics & such a divine , superlative rendering by MSS Amma makes you feel that Lord Krishna was not only present when Ammaa was singing he is among our midst as well . Just cannot describe the joy of
listening .

For song Siva Siva Siva Ena of album: New Generation Series (balaji Shankar)2013-03-10 12:32:27
What a superlative rendering , Alapana was just out of the world . The violin support
too is wonderful . Balaji Shakar has truly a divine voice . I do hope God would bless
him to reach the pinnacle of glory

For song Shiva Gayathri of album: Shiva Gayathri Manthram2013-03-10 11:40:07
On This Divine day of Maha ShivaRathri it is a great Blessing Of Lord Shiva
to listen to this wonderful recitation of Sri Prakash . His voice & diction is truly
outstanding . May Lord Shiva Bless Prakash & Family with health & Happiness
Million thanks to hummaa for uploading such Divine Albums

For song Anna Poorne (jayashree) of album: Popular Devi Krithis2013-03-08 12:43:41
This Beautiful Krithi on Goddess Annapoorne , By the Divine composer
Sri Muthuswamy Dhikshithar has been rendered so beautifully by the silken voice of Smt Bombay Jayshree , enhancing the hearing pleasure & gives us the feeling of the Goddess presence before us , Shear beauty is the song & rendering

For song Tum Pukar Lo Tumhara Intezar Hai of album: Khamoshi2013-03-03 12:03:37
The member is absolutely right Just cannot find words to express a deep feeling of
pleasure in listening to such a melting voice & composition & what apt & beautiful orchestra . Especially when Hemanda hums hmmmmmmmmmmmmm is just out of the world . Shear heavenly pleasure

For song Ya Dil Ki Suno Duniyawalo of album: Anupama2013-03-03 11:58:11
What a melodious voice & music . Just melts you . Among many music Directors
who has sung few songs , Hemanda was easily the best as he started as a singer before turning into a music director . & that probably made his music composition so sweet & such a pleasure to hear

For song Aao Bachcho Tumhen Dikhayeh of album: Jagriti2013-03-03 11:40:18
The beauty of this song is totally in the Lyrics . How beautifully Indian History is explained to the Children for them to know not only the rich heritage of India
but to know that the peaceful life they lead today is due to the sacrifices made by many over many centuries . Also in the form of a song rather than a print out the impact on the young mind would be more powerful . All in all beautiful film ,song & music

For song Hum Laye Hain Toofan Se of album: Jagriti2013-03-03 11:13:13
Jagruthi has truly wonderful patriotic song each melting you with great pradeep Lyrics & just outstanding music by Hemanda . To me this song by Rafi Saab is the most memorable ,Truly what a superlative human being Rafi Saab was . He has sung the song with such patriotism & the way he has rendered the closing lines , it would require how many centuries I do not know to get such a singer & such a true child of God like Rafi Saab

For song Honthon Mein Aisi Baat of album: Jewel Thief2013-01-18 14:32:58
It would be interesting to know That all aspect of the film was completed other
than this song shooting . It was postponed by nearly 6 months as Drums from
Nort East that Burmanda wanted was not available . Burmanda who was a great perfectionist refused to compromise . Finally the drums arrived & the song recorded . That was the involment & dedication of such great music directors like Burmanda & thanks to them we are enjoying such superlative music as this song

For song Kalaiyae En Vaazhkkayin of album: Meenda Sorgam2013-01-11 14:15:01
One of the most beautiful duets in Tamil Films , What a composition & superlative rendering by Sri Raja & Smt Susheela . This song was picturised at the beautiful location of Lal Bagh in Bangalore

For song Dinamanivamsa of album: Dr M L Vasaznthakumari2013-01-08 12:36:50
This Song is in the raga Hari Kambhoji . A perfect rendering by the unmatched M.L.V. Ammaa who was one of the the Trimurthi with D.K.Pattammal Ammaa & M.S.Subbulakshmi Amma . These 3 not only established the power of Lady Artiste in Carnatic music but by their individual Bani took Carnatic music to Himalayan heights & sent a Bench mark for the artiste to follow

For song Yedayyagathi of album: Great Masters Revathi Dr M L Vasanthakumari (ii)2013-01-08 12:07:16
This beautiful song is in the raga Chal Nattai & such superb rendering by
M.L.V. Amma

For song Saranam of album: Kshetranjali2013-01-08 10:55:20
Raga Mukhari & Sree Valsan rendering Gives us the pleasure as if Standing
in front of the deity at Sabarimalai . Just too good is this rendering , What a gifted artist Sree Menon His , May God grant him long life with many years of rich voice for the hearing pleasure of Millions

For song Saranga Nayane of album: Kshetranjali2013-01-08 10:45:14
Truly what a beautiful Raga & equally Beautiful & Brilliant Presentation . No words of Gratitude would be enough for Hummaa to upload such a superlative Album of this superlative artist . Simply outstanding

For song Neelavarana of album: Kshetranjali2013-01-08 10:38:15
Thank you members for all the input which makes the hearing pleasure
of this truly gifted artist to a very high level . Sweet rendering on Sweet BalaGopala

For song Palayamam of album: Kshetranjali2013-01-08 10:32:08
Wonderful rendition by Sri Menon & superb accompanying artiste , What a pleasure
to listen . Excellent voice & in the best tradition of carnatic music

For song Kangalin Vaarthaigal of album: Kalathur Kannamma2013-01-06 14:48:23
Sri R.Sudarshan , The Asthana Music Director Of AVM was a great pet of Sri Meyappa Chettiyar , Sri sudarshan music all the way was melody at its very best
One can feel the vibration listening to such melodies . How greatful we are to all these giants who are no longer with us but thier input is eternal which gives us so much of pleasure even after listening to them many times these 50 years speaks in total the quality of their music

For song Singaara Velane of album: Konjum Salangai2013-01-06 14:40:47
Thank you Julius sir for the wonderful input . This song was recorded in 1961 when technology in Audio was still at its infant stage ,Still the Genius & involve ment of one & all made impossible possible . What melody & picturisation was just superb . These songs are truly bench marks for many songs that followed

For song Vaazha Ninaitthaal Vaazhalaam of album: Bale Pandiya2013-01-06 14:35:08
For the Diffident , Depressed & frustrated listening to such philosophical song would show them that life is not that bad & there are many ways to live it beautifully . The Lyrics of this song is truly the highlight , Ofcourse the music & rendering by the King & Queen of Tollywood also adds a wonderful effect

For song Gangaikarai Thottam of album: Vanambadi2013-01-06 14:25:09
Sri K.V.Mahadevan Music Like Naushadji of Hindi Films was Based on Carnatic ragas & that gave so much of Beauty to his composition & to match this was this Gifted singer Smt. P.Susheela , that gives the total beautiful effect to the song which is such a pleasure to hear . Such song can never disappear from ones mind

For song Poo Pola Poo Pola of album: Naanum Oru Penn2013-01-06 14:09:26
What Lyrics , What Melody , What music , Just fantastic If one takes the superlative rendering by Sri T.M.S & Smt P.S. one can easily judge the value of this duet . Music was casually introduced into Film music , Thanks to the great music Directors , Genius like Kannadasn sir & Great rendering by many stalwarts has made music an integral part of the Film

For song Thaye Yashoda of album: Madurai Mani Iyer Vol 22013-01-06 12:09:53
Apart form Sri Madurai Mani Iyers scintillating rendering , The Viloin ( seems
by the stringing it is MysoreSri T. Chowdiah ) & Mridangam ( It seems Sri Palghat Mani Iyer ) takes the listeners pleasure level to what could be the maximum . Absolutely stunning is the song . Many Many thanks to hummaa for providing such Nostalgic treat to its listeners . Can any thing be more beautiful ?

For song Dikku Theriyathakattil of album: G N Balasubramaniam Vol 12013-01-06 11:28:33
What A beautiful Bharathiyar Krithi , Once Gandhiji said he would Rather hear
MSS. Amma speak Hari Thum Haro than others singing it. I suppose that is so true
to this song as No one has sung it as beautifully & in the bani specialised by Sri G.N. B . What a pleasure to hear this song can never be expressed by words

For song Chediyaya Valvinaigal And Srinivasa Thiruvenkatamudaiyaai of album: M S Subhalakshmi (tamil) - Suprabhatam2013-01-05 11:13:57
Kulasekara Aghwar Pasuram is the Virutham of this song

Sediyaga Valvinaigal Thirkkum Thirumale

Nediyane , Venkadava , Ninn Koyilin Vasal

Adiyarum Vanavarum, Arambaiyarum ,

KIdandhu Iyangum Padiyayk Kidandhu

Un Pavalavay Kanbene

For song Sree Rangapura Vihara of album: Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham2013-01-05 11:00:23
This is the Beautiful Virutham to this song
srIranga mangaLa nidhim karuNAnivAsam
srIvEnkaTAdri shikharAlaya kALamEgham |
srIhastishaila shikharOjvala pArijAtam
srIsham namAmi shirasA yadushaila dIpam ||

Maening , I pray To Lord Ranganatha , Lord Srinivasa , Lord Varadarajan & Lord Samapath Kumaran with Folded Hands & Meditate uopon them

For song Devi Sree Mahaalakshmi of album: Bhaagyada Lakshmee Baaramma2013-01-02 11:00:41
This Beautiful composition rendered splendidly by Smt Sheela is in a very rare
raga Called HariNarayani

For song Shankaracharyam of album: Live At Russia Vol 22012-12-31 14:09:38
Dear Sri Hari Haran , In this Live at Russia , M. S. S. Ammaa was accompanied by
Smt , Vijaya Rajendran & Smt Gowri Raam Narayanan , Please see the You Tube the Live concert . Here you can see Smt Vijaya Rajendran to the Left of MSS Amma with the Tampura in an orange Saree Hence their names are indicated & rightly so

For song Bagayanayya of album: Golden Collections2012-12-31 13:58:35
Dear Sri Rajaram , Each Guru teach their disciple these songs . The Diction & Shruti
is the most important . Then comes individual Bhaani or style . In an audio recording such expression as in live concert may not be felt .Yes You are right that by certain ways the rendering could be lifted up to give the true meaning of the song . All in all a pleasing rendering by Smt Aruna Sayeeram

For song Dasaratha Rama of album: Bhadrachala Ramdass Krithis2012-12-31 13:48:13
Profuse thanks to members for Meaning & Ragam Input which enhances the pleasure of listening very much this wonnderful Baktha Ramada Krithi by Smt Aruna Sayeeram

For song Varugalaamo of album: Best Of Nithyasree Mahadevan2012-12-31 12:58:16
Thank you so much members for input on Raga & on Nanadanar Charithram
these inputs increase the pleasure of hearing this sweet rendering by Nithya Shree

For song Thadakam Ondru of album: Best Of Nithyasree Mahadevan2012-12-31 12:49:28
Oh such a beautiful rendering , What a pleasure to hear this Gopalakrishna
Bharathiyar song through Nithya Shree ,

For song Pitham Theliya of album: Best Of Nithyasree Mahadevan2012-12-31 12:44:18
Dear Venkatram Shrinivas , What you have said is 100 percent true , You are only
expressing your joy Listening to such wonderful rendition & you are again correct as she is not only the Grand daughter of Smt DKP one of the giants who graced so many concerts for the benefits & pleasure of Millions but also the Grand daughter of the greatest exponent of Mridangam Sri Palghat Mani Iyer where the mridangam spoke . However it is important that Just not going by G.Parents Glory , Nithya sree has developed her own sweet bani & is rendering it as beautifully as the many Stalwarts before her . Hence Sri Venkatram Shrinivas please go ahead & give your comments without any reservation

For song Durga Devi of album: Best Of Nithyasree Mahadevan2012-12-31 12:07:33
What A song , what a beautiful Raga , On Goddess Devi & just superb rendering
By Nithyasree , The rendering of swaras at that speed makes you totally bound listening to this superlative Krithi

For song Ayyae Metthakadinam of album: Best Of Nithyasree Mahadevan2012-12-31 12:00:24
Really the song , the way Nithyasree has rendered & what she has passed through makes you so emotional . May God give this wonderful singer all the Guide & support she needs at this hour

For song Panjamuga Hanumath Prabhavam of album: Slokas2012-12-25 14:25:06
Wonderful Explanation of Pancha Muga Hanumanth Prabhavam

For song Aanandham Thavazhnthidum of album: Varam Tharum Sri Anjaneya2012-12-25 13:29:39
I entirely agree with Sri Manohar Kumar , it is the combination of Sri Unni Menon
Divine voice & Lord Anjaneyas blessing , Touching Lyrics & very very beautiful & pleasing indeed

For song Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jeya Ram (chanting) of album: Sri Ramar Anjaneyar Pamalai2012-12-25 13:12:31
So Beautiful Sri Ram Jaaya Ram, Sri Ram Jaya Ram Sri Ram Jaya Jaya Ram
One can hear it the whole day

For song Anjanai Maintha of album: Sri Ramar Anjaneyar Pamalai2012-12-25 12:40:42
Beatiful description of Temples dedicated to Lord Anjaneya , Thankful to member
for details on Suchindram Temple

For song Nadia Porul Kaikudum of album: Sri Ramar Anjaneyar Pamalai2012-12-25 12:22:48
What a beautiful description of the Entire Ramayanam in such a way it gives us so
much of divine pleasure hearing it

For song Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam of album: Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam (sundarakandam)2012-12-25 11:20:32
On this Hanumanth Jayanthi day million thanks to hummaa as this is one of the rarest among rare Albums . Sundra Kandam one can easily say it as Hanuman Kandam as from start to end are the wonderful exploits of Lord Anjaneya . Who else can narrate it so beautifully other than the greatest Discourse Giant Sri Anantha Rama Dhikshithar . The way of presentation , his total mastery over all aspects of subjects he took attracted 1000's of devotees to his recital which would last for 30 days to 40 days . There have been many before & many after but to me Sri Dhikshithar has a place that cannot be contested .

For song Raat Bhar Ka Hai Mehman Andhera of album: Sone Ki Chidiya2012-12-24 23:32:37
One of the most beautiful song .What a rendering by Rafi Saab , So sad to think
we cannot even dream of such songs today . Superlative composition by Nayyarji

For song Tumse Kahoon Ek Baat of album: Dastak (1970)2012-12-24 15:51:22
KIndly Read the article in the Lyrics page it would show what a genius of a music
director was Madanji , What a Divine singer Rafi Saab was & last but not least the Genius pen work of Majrooh Saab , Truly a superlative write up for all music lovers

For song Yeh Jhuke Jhuke Naina of album: Bharosa2012-12-24 13:18:02
If one notices intently one can see the manner in which Rafi Saab has sung this song .He has totally involved himself as the actor in the Film & has rendered it with so much of joy & enthusiasm . So enjoyable listening to it . Hats off to Rajendra Krishanji & Ravi Saab for this wonderful treat

For song Is Bhari Duniya Mein of album: Bharosa2012-12-24 13:13:54
Honestly I do not know whether any one else other than Rafi Saab could have sung this song , so soft & at the same time so beautiful . Brilliant pen work by Rajendra Krishan & such superb composition by Ravi Saab . Truly amazing song

For song Kya Ajab Saaz Hai Shehnai of album: Shehnai2012-12-24 13:02:10
The first Live programme I attended of Rafi Saab was in 1965 April . Rafi Saab sang this song that day . One of the Amazing factor about Rafi saab rendering the song I noticed was be it for an High octave , Oh Dhuniya ke Rakhwale or a full throw song Like Japan Love in Tokyo or this soft song , there would be no change in the face expression & to me I was astounded by hardly any opening of the mouth rendering all these songs . To this day I have not figured out from where that divine voice is coming from . Truly what a person, what a voice & what style of rendering

For song Insaaf Ka Mandir Hai Yeh of album: Amar2012-12-24 11:41:15
Dear Sri Ramaswamy you are 100 percent right, Those days the world was
not corrupted as communication was only the barest minimum . Exposure was only through Cinema , AIR & Radio Ceylon . All music directors were true Ustad of Hindustani Music . As one of the members has given a wonderful input as this song is in Rag Bhairav , The music matched the theme of the Film . And God blessed us all with GReat Music writers , composers & Divine personalities like Rafi Saab . That is the reason Three non-Hindus devoted to their profession produced so many songs on Hindu Deities , What a Beautiful Bharath it was . Truly we miss those quality of Life & culture very much today . Thank you Sir for your nice input

For song Aalayamanyin of album: Paalum Pazhamum2012-12-22 14:59:52
Paalum Pazhamum is one of the finest Album as far as songs is concerned . Each one of them so superb

For song Aayega Aanewala of album: Mahal2012-12-21 13:41:54
What Lataji said was that most of the time the producer did not pay them immediately , but as she derived immense pleasure singing these songs it was not taken as a big issue , later on the singer association decided that they would ask for immediate payment . Thank you for the information

For song Kanakasaila of album: Kanakasaila - M S Subbulakshmi2012-12-21 10:12:30
kanaka Saila vihAriNi -punnaga varALi - Adi

P kanaka Saila vihAriNi Sri kamakOTi bAlE suSeelE ||

Oh daughter of the holy Kamakoti,you move gracefully on the 'Meru'mountain.Your character is perfect.

AP vanaja bhava hari nutE dEvi himagirijE lalitE satatam
vinatam mAm paripAlaya Sankara vanitE sati mahAtripura sundari ||

Oh daughter of Himagiri,Oh Lalita,you are adored by Brahma,Siva and Hari. You are the most pious Tripura Sundari.

C 1 SyAmalAmbike bhavAmbudhi taraNe SyAma krishNa paripAlini jananee
kAmitArtha phala dAyikE kAmAkshi sakala lOka sAkshi ||

Oh Mother Syamala,you enable us cross the ocean of problems.You are the protecting mother of Syamakrishna.You fulfill our desires. Oh Kamakshi,You are the sole witness of the universe.

For song Chura Liya Hai Tumne of album: Yaadon Ki Baaraat2012-12-20 13:32:12
Although the tune for this song was lifted from the English song If this is Tuesday
it must be Belgium , Stiil it is a very Beautiful song . Rafi Saab - Ashaaji Combination is just Superb .Specially the way Rafi Saab begins Saaja unga Loot kar is just superb

For song Pyare Darshan Di Jo - Bhajans of album: M.s.subbulakshmi - Main Nahin Makhan Kha2012-12-20 12:24:20
The Hindi Meera was released in Delhi in1947 and such songs instantly took MSS Amma Straight into the hearts of North of Vindhyas listeners to make her National celebrity overnight . So Beautiful are the songs from Hindi Meera as were her Tamil Meera songs

For song Giridhar Gopala of album: Meera2012-12-20 12:14:17
Can there be a sweeter song & a sweeter rendering . Each of the 15 songs of Meera are as if rendered in Deva Loka . Such beautiful Lyrics , Sri S.V. Venkatraman Composition & what can one say about Amma's rendering .It is like hearing it from Heaven is all I can say. The pleasure to the ear , heart , mind & soul can never be described by words it can only be felt

For song Bhavayami Gopalabalam of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna Vol-22012-12-20 12:07:02
The member Statement that MSS Amma Lives here in this song is 100 percent true
North Indian Pandits who heard MSS Ammaa sing this Yaman Kalyan song basically a Hindustani Raga with so much of Bhava & such Divinity as if Balagopala
was present Before her gave a standing ovation at the end of the song during a concert in Delhi. What a tribute to a once in a few centuries artist whose perfection, presentation & devotion remains unmatched . Was she Not an Avatar of Goddess Saraswathi ?

For song Aandaalin Thiruppavai - 2 of album: Aandaalin Thiruppavai (meerakrishnaa)2012-12-16 10:53:42
Really no words of thanks would be enough for Hummaa for uploading such precious
Album , Smt Meera Krishnan singing is such a divine pleasure to the ears , mind , heart & soul .

For song Aandaalin Thiruppavai - 1 of album: Aandaalin Thiruppavai (meerakrishnaa)2012-12-16 10:14:07
What a divine rendering & truly the rendering by Smt Meera krishnan takes you
straight to Srivilliputhur the abode of Goddess Andal , A million thanks to Hummaa for uploading this very very pleasurable hearing

For song O Mehbooba of album: Sangam2012-12-14 13:39:26
Yeh Mera Patra padkar & This song to me are my real favourite of Sangam
as Not only it is great SJ music but the way Rafi Saab & Mukeshji has sung brings out all the beauty & makes you so happy listening to such numbers . Just too good

For song Sajanwa Bairi Ho Gayi Hamar of album: Teesri Kasam2012-12-14 13:34:46
I fully agree with the Beautiful way Sri Harshit Jain has summarised Mukeshji's voice
It totally conveys the sad , broken heart thoughts running inside him . That is composition , that is singing & that is the ultimate joy to the listeners as he is totally involved into it

For song Hamne Tujhko Pyar Kiya Hai of album: Dulha Dulhan2012-12-14 13:28:47
One of the very beautiful factor was , that every music director realising that
Mukeshji had a rich voice used it to produce so many beautiful songs & Mukeshji's response was just amazing as this song which just freezes you to the beauty of the KA composition & Mukeshji Aawaz

For song Bhooli Huyi Yadon of album: Sanjog2012-12-14 13:22:08
One cannot say whether we can forget many aspects / event in ones life . One thing is certain that Singers like MUkeshji can never be erased from our mind . It would disappear only with us as the depth with which each song has been sung by Mukeshji really touches your heart soul & mind .Though it makes you highly emotional it however does enrich you at the Way the song has been composed & sung

For song O Jaane Waale Ho Sake To Laut of album: Mukesh Greatest Hits - 82012-12-14 13:12:14
I had gone to the Theatre in 1963 summer to watch Bandini . On 3 successive days there was power cut & we were given passes for the next day . It was only on the 4th day we could see the complete film . Every day those 4 days I had the opportunity to listen to this song . It has not only stayed permanently in my mind but also it is one of my top favourite song . Mukeshji singing really makes you emotional as not only he was such a wonderful soul but really put his heart & soul into each song with a telling effect on the listeners . Burmanda music one cannot say any thing it was purity at its best , Songs like these I suppose is what makes you going in life as the mind is highly enriched

For song Vathapi Ganapathim of album: M S S - Manimandapam Concert-vol.12012-12-11 19:20:26
The Meaning of this Beautiful Krithi

I ) worship Ganapati of Vatapi the elephant headed god who grants us boons.

|| ) All the bhoota ganas worship his feet. He bears the world which is composed
of the five elements (eart, water, light, air, space). He is beyond desire and attachment.
He is venerated by yogis. He is the root cause of the universe and he obliterates all obstacles.

III ) He is worshipped by the renowned Sage Agastya who was born in a water pitcher.
He dwells in the center of the triangle meditated upon in yoga.
He is adored by Vishnu.'He is worshipped in "Mooladharakshetram
(yogic symbol worshipped in a special method).
He is the soul of four "transcendental mantras" and he is
the embodiment of "Om Kara".
His trunk is crooked, and he is adorned with crescent moon on his head.
He holds a sugar cane with his left hand. He holds a noose and also fruits.
He is unblemished and is the embodiment of the elements of nature.
Siva and Guru Guha are delighted to see him.
He is heramba" adored by Hamsadhavani ragam. (sound of anklets).

For song Sri Maha Ganapati of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 12012-12-11 14:46:13
I unable to understand . Nothing wrong has been said by the member except
appreciating MSS Amma rendering style which is totally unique .After all comments column itself is to express in a dignified way be it on the raga , or on the rendering or on the sweetness of lyrics or the support of supporting artist . There is no harm in appreciating & expressing whoever the artist may be

For song Devi Brova of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 12012-12-11 13:43:13
This Beautiful Song rendered so Divinely by MSS Amma is in the raga Chinthamani

For song Petra Thai Thanai (viruttam) of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 22012-12-11 12:41:39
Truly what A wonderful Viruttam to this great song The Meaning of the song
has been brought out so well & so beautifully my MSS Amma rendering that it is next to impossible to control the tears as each word has such an impact that the Lord can never dissappear either from our sight or mind

petra thai thanai maka maranthaalum
Even if a child forgets its mother
pillayai perum thaai maranthaalum
Even if the noble mother forgets the child
utra thegathai uyir maranthaalum
Even if the soul forgets the body
uyirai meviya udal maranthaalum
Even if the body forgets the transient soul
katra nenjagam kalai maranthaalum
Even if the learned heart forgets the arts and sciences
kankal indru imaipathu maranthaalum
Even if the eyes forget to blink
natravar thavar ullirunthongum namachivaayathai naan maravene
that which resides and oozes out of the good men who have done great penances - "namashivaaya" - that I wont forget

For song Bhare Panduranga of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 12012-12-11 12:28:55
What a beautiful composition & absolutely divine rendering by MSS Ammaa
The way she closes the song with Narayana repeated in different ways took her to Lord Narayanas abode this day 8 years back .Amma showed how a song could be rendered which kept all the basics of the song but she infused so much of Bhava into the song that it attracted millions to her music be it concerts or through records . She has reached the lotus feet of the Lord but would remain in the hearts of music lover as Sri Kanchi Perival ChandraShekara Swamiji said as long as The Sun & Moon continues to shine

For song Saroja Dhala Netri (part-1) of album: Compositions Of Shyama Sastri - Vocal -2012-12-11 11:36:15
MSS Amma Concert at The UN in Oct 1966 would be a bench mark for it was in this tour that US citizens & NRI got the real insight into Carnatic Music . Now it is so wonderul to see so much talents among Indian children & significant Americans learning Nadhaswaram , & other instruments & many promising vocal rendering as well . Whose talents are recognised by institution like the Music Academy
What a Song , What Rendering & what a beautiful way of reaching the peak in
The Alapana . Absolutely superlative rendering this great Sri Shyama Shastri Krithi .Thanks to members for raga & percussion artist details

For song Yaro Ivar Yaro of album: Popular Melodies Of M.s. Subbulakshmi2012-12-11 10:30:15
This Beautiful Song rendered superbly by MSS Amma is in the Raga Bhairavi

For song Ka Va Va (madurai Mani Iyer) of album: Madurai Mani Iyer Vol 22012-12-08 13:18:23
This Beautiful Composistion By Sri PapaNasam Sivan is in the Raga Varali.
Sri Madurai Mani rendering really makes us feel in Front of the Lord at Palani
so Beautiful is his style of presentation

For song Ek Haseen Sham Ko Dil Mera Kho Gaya of album: Dulhan Ek Raat Ki2012-12-07 15:47:01
What a superlative Lyrics , composition & Rafi Saab rendering . It seems that Rafi saab had fully studied Madanji's mind when he composed this song & sung exactly the way Madanji wanted it . Madanji too knew That it was Rafi Saab alone who could do justice to such outstanding most beautiful composition one can ever hear

For song Chandrodhayam of album: Chandrodhayam2012-12-06 13:08:40
Yes Mr Rajagopalan, I am also missing Sri Julius rich comments . I am as surprised
as you are . All in all such a sweet song

For song Senthamizh Thaenmozhiyal of album: Maalaiyitta Mangal2012-12-06 13:04:53
T.R.Mahalingam Sir Like Sri Thyagaraja Baghavathar took music to the highest level
not only by their superb rendering but also the highest pitch a human voice could reach . Truly you are just lost when you listen to these singers admiring the amazing gift of God namely the voice

For song Amuthai Pozhiyum of album: Thangamalai Rahasyam2012-12-06 12:59:56
Julius Sir, Smt P.Susheela was just not the melody Queen of the south But of Mera Bharath Mahan . All her songs were rendered so beautifully that just no one can claim to be her competitor at all She maintained perfect balance of voice & Shruthi be it the higher octave or lower . Truly she would remain the greatest as far as light music or Film music is concerned

For song Varuven Naan Unathu of album: Mallika2012-12-06 12:50:20
Truly what a superb composition ( you are 100 percent right Mr Rajagopalan that Sri Papa was indeed closely associated with AIR trichy for a long time ) by sri Papa
Marudakasi Sir Lyrics & what melody in the rendering by Sri A.M.Raja & P.Susheela Madam . I am missing the rich comments of Sri Julius for this song . All in all a song which is still so sweet to hear even after 50 years . That is music

For song Chinnanchiru Kiliye of album: Mahakavi Bharathiyar Manadhil Nirkum Paadalgal (vol 3)2012-12-06 12:12:25
Alli Anaithidave I do not know whether to have this sweet child in this lap & hear it sing this song . Both Mahakavi Bharthiyar & Sri R.Sudarshan to whom the credit should go for composing this tune for the first time would surely bless this child . May God Bless & Guide the child to greater heights Like M.L.V.Ammaa whose rendering is truly a Bench mark

For song Thillana of album: Master Piece Vol Iii (maharajapuram Santhanam)2012-12-06 11:30:17
Can any thing me more pleasing to the mind , than listening to this thillana rendered
By Sri Santhanam . Absolutely mesmerising . Members alone can insert Raga as there are so many ardent carnatic fans in Hummaa . People in musical sites have technical skills to upload song . Like Sri Rama Krishnan who has so kindly indicated this as the beautiful Basanth Bahar , others too can insert the ragas of the song they listen or insert anecdotes or meaning that would be highly helpful to all listeners

For song Zara Si Aahat Hoti Hai of album: Haqeeqat2012-11-30 15:04:36
Can Anything be sweeter , than A Lataji - Madanji combination song , Truly one gets
mesmerised , pleasure at its height , a tinge of sadness no longer such great music exists & profuse thanks to Technology particularly Thomas Alva Edison who invented the Gramophone & last but not least to Hummaa for uploading such everlasting beauties that we are able to listen to it exactly half a century later

For song Jis Din Se Maine Tumko Dekha of album: Parwana2012-11-26 16:19:59
What a composition & what a rendering by Rafi Saab - Ashaji . I just cannot find words to express my joy . Just hear those soft back ground music which has enhanced the effect to a very very high level . All in all outstanding in every way .

For song Sara Mora Khajra Churaya of album: Do Dil2012-11-26 16:11:29
Hemanda composition is such a pleasure to hear as he is truly such an outstanding
singer / composer .Small Orchestra but outstanding end result is Hemanda . Thanks to my friend / sister I am hearing this song after close to 45-50 years & makes me feel so happy

For song Chaman Ke Phool Bhi Tujhko of album: Shikari2012-11-26 15:53:10
Dear Sister , The singers are Rafi Saab & Lata Mangeshkar . I do not remember
any duet by Rafi Saab with Usha Mangeshkar. G.S Kohli composed songs in very few Films , But each one of his composition like this song was a real gem . Hindi Film music at its very best

For song Chup Gaye Sare Nazare of album: Do Raaste2012-11-26 15:22:21
What a beautiful composition & superlative & splendid rendering by the King
& The queen . No words can describe the enjoyment listening to this song

For song Bekhudi Mein Sanam of album: Hasina Maan Jayegi2012-11-26 14:58:51
What a pleasant & so beautiful a song . Rafi Sab & Lataji have sung it in a manner That makes you totally glued while listening to it . Superlative , Kalyanji - Anandji composition . A real joy to hear

For song Jhoole Mein Pawan Ki Aai Bahar of album: Baiju Bawra2012-11-26 14:41:21
Dear Friend , Every word you have said about Jambhavans of Yesterday vs Pathetic
of today is 100 percent correct . Those days Lyricist , Singers & musician spent
enormous amount of time as they were deep into each of the Many thousand songs that were created . Also Classical Hindustani Raga were used
as one member has kindly given the input as Raga Pilu for this song . Basic Indian based instruments like , Sitar , Sarangi , Tabla were used . All these combination took the song to such a great height that it remained there forever & we still cherish it today nearly 50-60 years after it was created . Modern approach of track recording , recording vocal one day & orchestra another day , mixing ,heavy rentals for recording studios as Acoustics , Recording equipment are all running into
millions of rupees , This results songs completed in few hrs compared to days
weeks taken to create songs like this . That is the reason for the state of music today . Hear it & forget it in 60 days & not remembering it for 60 years

For song Tere Bin Soone Nain Humare of album: Meri Surat Teri Ankhen2012-11-26 14:20:50
Dear Sister , The Female voice is not Sumanji it is Lata Mangeshkar as this song
was very much before Lataji - Rafi Saab break up & Sumanji paired Rafi Sab during 1963-67 Break up period

For song Aapne Yaad Dilaya To of album: Aarti2012-11-26 13:59:46
Dear Nikhil in one way you are 100 percent right , that this song brings us the wonderful memories of those days . College those days had no co-education
The chance for romance was Zero , But the one thing I remember is my mother repeats it even today that spending time on studies compared to spending time listening to these songs would have taken me to a very high level. No regrets as hearing such songs as this has given us so much of pleasure in the days there was no other entertainment other than Binaca Geethmala & Key wound Gramaphone is some thing I cherish as the best pleasure of life , what Lyrics , Composition & singing which would be unmatched even after many centuries & to me These are as precious as Indian or British History

For song Yaad Na Jaye Beete Dinon Ki of album: Dil Ek Mandir2012-11-24 09:29:33
One can never forget this song as it was played on the morning of 1st August
1980 in memory of Rafi saab . Tears just gushed out like a flood . Rafi Saab , The music of that era , S.J's adapatability to compose any type of music , Shailendra , Hasrat Jaipuri , brilliant work would be remembered as long as music is alive

For song Yeh Mera Prem Patra of album: Sangam2012-11-23 14:14:23
I am still Rubbing my eyes as on a holiday at Ooty in the summer of 1962
I saw the picturisation of the song in the Botanical Gardens & listening to it
50 years later indicates how fast time flies but memory & the beauty of the song in all aspects remains eternal . Rafi Saab his deep involvement in rendering the song & giving effects so naturally even without the music director instruction helped in the songs of Rafi Saab reaching to an unprecedented high level . What a song

For song Kanna Karumainira Kanna of album: Naanum Oru Penn2012-11-23 13:20:06
What a composition , What a song . P.Susheela truly so outstanding that there is no comparison .She is the best Female singer in India . Her voice at any octave is so steady & so beautiful . Songs like this & singing with such effect really lifted the Film success to a very high level . What can one say about Sri Kannadasan Lyrics .Just one in a million are blessed with such gift to pen down one beauty after the other for 1000's of songs . the pleasure listening to such songs can never be described by words . Listening to it for a life time would give the pleasure every time one listens to it

For song Kabhi Na Kabhi Kahin Na Kahin of album: Sharabi2012-11-16 13:21:12
What a beautiful soft & yet a powerful presentation by Rafi Saab . Rajendra Krishnan beautiful Lyrics Kisi Na Mer Dhil Na Dhekha Na Dhil Ka Paigam Suna
Mujko Bas Awara Samjha Jisne Mera Nam Suna truly relects the agony of many individuals in this life Who have to fight their way out . Madanji composition is an eternal joy

For song Karvaan Guzar Gaya of album: Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal2012-11-16 13:16:05
Rafi Saab - Roshanji combined for very few Films due to Roshanji early death
in 1967. Every song of this great combination are more precious than any gem
in this world . Neeraj Lyrics takes this song as high as the Octave capacity of Rafi Saab . What a beautiful & wonderul song .

For song Jo Wada Kiya Woh Nibhana Padega of album: Taj Mahal2012-11-02 13:36:46
Dear Julius you are 100 percent right , No longer such songs are there , REcording studios have become too expensive & a song has to be through in a few hrs . These songs were rehearsed & practiced & LakshmiKanth ,at the inaugration of Rafi Academy said Rafi sab would insist on rehearsal take & only then go for the actual take such was the dedication of every one . One really has to salute the Lyricist, Singers , Orchestra ,& Music Directors for sweating out & giving us outstanding , melodious & eternal joy songs like this Which was pure Gold

For song Jara Samne To Aa O Chhaliye of album: Janam Janam Ke Phere2012-11-02 13:27:13
In 1957 This was the Top Song in Binaca Geet Mala . What a song , composition , & Bharath Vyas beautiful Lyrics . As I remember this beautiful song I remember my Dear Friend Arun Sogani our dear Hummaa Member who left us a few weeks back , A great lover of Golden era Hindi songs & a wonderful singer himself & above all such a loving Kind hearted , affectionate person whom you meet once in a decade I suppose . May his soul rest in peace

For song Sri Durga Pancharathna Stothram of album: Sri Durga Stothrams2012-10-20 12:12:17
They Dyana Yogaanu Gatha_apashyan
Thwaameva Devi swagunyre nikuddaam
Thwameva Sakthi Parameshwarasya
Mam pahi sarveshwari Moksha datri. || 1 ||

Devaatma sakthihi sruthivakya gita
maharshilokasya pura prasanna
Guhaa param vyoma satha prathista
Mam pahi sarveshwari Moksha datri. || 2 ||

Paraasyasakthihi vividhaiva shruyasay
Swethaashwa vaakyodhitha devi durge
Swaabhaaviki gyana palakriyaate
Mam pahi sarveshwari Moksha datri. || 3 ||

Devatma Shabdena shivatma bhoothaa
Yathkoorma vayayouvya vacho vivrithya
Thwam paasha vichhedhakari prasiddha
Mam pahi sarveshwari Moksha datri. || 4 ||

Thwam brahmma puchhaa vividha mayuri
Brahmma prathishttaasi upathishta gita
Gyna swarupaat_mathaya kilanaam
Mam pahi sarveshwari moksha datri. || 5 ||

For song Himagiri Thanaye of album: Himagiri Thanaye Devi Krithis (classical Vol-7)2012-10-18 11:15:17
This I think is truly a record ( 108 comments for this song ) speaks about the composer , Sri Sankaran Namboodri & how popular the song is . Truly amazing
the uniform praise for Sri Namboodris rendering . I have no knowledge about the intricacy of Music Theory as I have had no basic lessons But having heard all the stalwarts . All one can say Music is best enjoyed through the Lyrics its meaning ,Sruthi & diction & style of presentation without sacrificing the basics of carnatic music as visualised by the great saints . The more the deep we go the more we become critical , controversies & so on . Music should always remain as a tonic to the ears , mind & soul

For song Kamalambam Bhajare (second Avaranam) of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-10-16 10:46:38
kamalAmbAM bhajarE rE mAnasa (AvaraNa 2)

rAga: kalyANi pallavi

kamalAmbAM bhajarE rE mAnasa
kalpita mAyA kAryam tyajarE

kamalAvANI sEvita pArshvAm
kambujaya grIvAM nata dEvAM

kamalApura sadanAM mRdu gadanAM
kamanIya radanAM kamala vadanAM

sarvAshA paripUraka cakra svAminIM parama shiva kAminIM
dUrvAsArccita gupta yOginIM duhkha dhvamsinIM hamsinIM
nirvANa nija sukha pradAyinIM nityakalyANIM kAtyAyanIM
sharvANIM madhupa vijaya vENIM sad guruguha jananIM niraHnjanIM
garvita bhaNDAsura bhaHnjanIM kAmAkarSaNyAdi raHnjanIM
nirvishESa caitanya rUpiNIM urvI tatvAdi svarUpiNIM


Oh mind, worship goddess Kamalamba, and cast aside attachment to this illusory world.

She is attended on by Lakshmi and Sarasvati. The beauty of Her neck surpasses that of the conch. She is worshiped by the celestials and resides at Kamalapura. She speaks softly and has beautiful teeth. She possesses a lotus-like face.

She is the presiding deity of Sarvasha Paripuraka Chakra and is the beloved of Paramashiva. She is the mystic Yogini, worshiped by the sage Durvasa. She annihilates miseries. She is Hamsini, the supreme one in the company of great sages. She is the bestower of true bliss through salvation. She is the ever-auspicious one. She is also known as Katyayani and Sharvani. Her dark tresses exceed the dark hue of a swarm of bees. She is the mother of noble Guruguha and is blemishless. She destroyed the arrogant Bhandasura. She delights Shaktis such as Kamakarshani. She is the attributeless supreme spirit and is the form of the world.

For song Kamalamba Samrakshatu (first Avaranam) of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-10-16 10:34:23
Smt Rajeswari rendering is what is an acid test to caranatic musician namely rendering Sri Dhikshithars Navavarna Krithis is truly wonderful . The Anandam of Ananda Bhairavi can be felt through this great composition . What A Blessed & divine soul Sri Dhikshithar should be to create such a masterpiece for our listening . Hearing such Krithis you feel the fulfillment of birth this janma

For song Pyar Diwana Hota Hai of album: Kati Patang2012-10-13 21:29:30
What Joy these songs give you . I recently read an article about Kishoreda
A reader of that article wrote That he travels a lot in NewZealand & whenever
he travels he plays Kishoreda music as that keeps him fresh for the
entire journey & he had mentioned many songs this being one of them . I totally agree with him . Time changes & sad such songs are gone forever

For song Roop Tera Mastana of album: Aradhana2012-10-13 21:02:38
I recently heard in a show in memory of Rajesh Khanna that this was the only song
in the entire career of Rajeshji that was shot in one take . Remarkable indeed
This film Turned the table for Rajeshji , Kishoreda & Rahul ji who replaced ailing S.D. Burmanda for the next 15 years

For song Woh Sham Kuchh Ajeeb Thi of album: Khamoshi2012-10-13 20:55:04
What A song .Truly a masterpiece . Kishoreda has really sung it exceptionally well & what to say for Hemanda composition so simple yet very very sweet to the point of making your eyes moist . Even if you hear it repeatedly the whole day it would still be as haunting as you heard it the first time . That is music , That is Voice & that is rendering . These artist are no longer with us but their composition & rendering would be eternal

For song Sri Padmanabha Suprabhatam of album: Mysore B S Raju Iyengar2012-10-11 09:32:22
Lord Padmanabha at Trivandrum is probably 4 times as big as Lord Ranganatha
at Srirangam . What a beautiful Shesha Sayee pose of the Lord & one really
is so blessed to be at this great Temple & to see the Lord in such a beautiful & Majestic form . This Suprabatham is as beautiful as the Lord

For song Paarthasaarathi (revival) of album: Mysore B S Raju Iyengar2012-10-11 09:26:24
How true the meaning of the song, just surrendering to Lord Parthasarathy at
Triplicane Chennai , is all that is required to get all his blessings . The Lord really towers in all Majesty &Seerkaghi Sir rich voice has brought out all the beauty of this Supreme Lord Krishna

For song Aaye Giridhara of album: Radha Madhavan2012-10-09 13:01:06
Trained By Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman . Smt Jayashree rendering is both very soft ,
very sweet like Lord Krishna & above all like her Guru she brings out the beauty
of the raga & lyrics in a manner that is so divine . What a pleasure to listen

For song Chethimandharam Thulasi of album: Kannanam Unni Vol I2012-10-09 11:54:02
In Guruvayur if one is in front of the Temple door by 2am ( The Temple opens at 3am )
one can listen to this song . One gets the same feeling listening to this wonderful
presentation by Smt Chithra . A Hundred thanks to the member for the Lyrics

For song Sri Krishnam of album: Kshetranjali2012-10-09 09:59:28
I 100 percent appreciate the input of Sri Chithan Sir & agree to what he has written .
Sri Muthuswami Dhikshithar composition is sweetness at its very best & The way Sri Valsan Menon has rendered it makes you feel nothing else is needed in life other than sweetness such as this song . Truly superlative rendering & one
should ignore all other aspect & just sit & be glued to this divine experience . If One wants to see God this song & rendering is one of the ways of its materialising

For song Maaye (tharangini) of album: M S S - Guru Guha Vani - Vol. 22012-10-06 11:24:00
ma¯ye tvam˙ ya¯hima¯m˙ ba¯dhitum˙ ka¯ hi
dhya¯ye dhyeye tvamehimudam˙ dehima¯m˙ pa¯hi
g¯aye geye y¯ahi k¯ahi ehi dehi p¯ahi
up¯aye peye sarasak¯aye rasak¯aye sak¯aye aye

samud¯aye guruguho daye sudh¯a tara˙ngin. i antara˙ngin. i

For song Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil of album: Bees Saal Baad2012-10-06 10:21:53
Lataji while taking to the Jawans through Vividh Bharathi in 1966 said that she
was laid down with fever for many days and after recovery this was her first song What a voice even after all the after effects of fever . I understand Hemanda
directed the speaker to some glazed tiles to create the echo effect . All in all a superlative song , composition & rendering & shakeelji ever lasting magic

For song Pavan Diwani Na Mane of album: Dr. Vidya2012-10-05 13:44:26
How sad such great composers LIke Burmanda are no longer with us . What a composition & Lataji rendering so beautiful . These songs are eternal beauty
which can one hear many times & still would love it to hear it more number of times

For song Na Koi Umang Hai.... of album: Kati Patang2012-10-05 13:39:00
These type of songs can buck you up when you are low as the sweet composition
& Lataji sweet rendering would give you a lot of comfort . If you are High in spirits
& listening to it as I am today it still makes you so happy listening to this gem of a song . I have not seen this film or song sequence & cannot comment as to how one would feel watching it . However listening to such songs is eternal pleasure

For song Ban Ke Panchhi Gaaye Pyar Ka Tarana of album: Anari2012-10-05 13:11:22
I wonder Why people always call such songs as old Gem A gem always remains
beautiful Not old or new May be Too many such gems are not made today . Shankar - Jaikishan right from Barsaat their first film till the very end composed catchy tunes which remains as wonderful to hear today as it was over Fifty years back

For song Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha Kuchh Bhi Nahin of album: Anupama2012-09-28 20:51:19
The melody of the song is enriched so much due to the factor That Hemanda
music was melody at its very best . Hardly any instrument & with the soft sweet touch of Lataji makes it a pleasure for which there are just no words . Oh How I wish 50's & 60's return .& with site like Hummaa we just would not have needed anything else . Thank you Hummaa for giving us such a treat through these great uploading

For song Jhoom Jhoom Dhalti Raat of album: Kohraa2012-09-28 13:44:58
This is such an Haunting song that captivates you like anything & whenever this
song was played on Vividh Bharathi in their Chaaya Geeth 10pm to 10 -30pm
I would immerse myself into the Transistor radio . Truly it is a very memorable song & one of the best of Lataji & an amazing composition by Hemanda . I shed few tears when I hear it today that such melody has disappeared from the face of this earth

For song O Beqarar Dil of album: Kohraa2012-09-28 13:36:49
Hemanda was one of the music director whose every single composition is such a pleasure to hear . His music was very simple but very very beautiful to the ears
This song what pleasure it gives & lataji at her very best

For song Haye Re Woh Din Kyon Na Aaye of album: Anuradha2012-09-28 13:31:32
What can a combination of a beautiful singer , great musician & a superlative poet
can bring out is this song . It is too good & Lataji at her very best

For song Allah Tero Naam Ishwar Tero Naam of album: Hum Dono2012-09-28 13:24:57
o Saare Jag Ke Rakhawaale nirbal Ko Bal Denewaale balawaanon Ko De De gyaaan
What a Lyric & the real prayers by us is to pray for the weak , the poor , the ill so that they too could be happy like us & Dear God De De Gyan for us to think of others & help others

For song Man Mohana Bade Jhoothe of album: Seema2012-09-28 13:05:11
Lataji in an interview said that Nutan was among the very best in song
sequence . Quoting this particular song she said that this being a classical number Nutan acted so beautifully that one could see the twisting of her neck nerves at some places as if she was actually singing the song

For song Jo Tum Torho Piya of album: Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje2012-09-28 12:42:09
This song is very much in the film where Neela ( Sandhya ) sings this Bajan in a Mantap & hearing this Giridhar ( Gopi Krishna ) Jumps into the river swims across reaches the mantap as the song reaches the crescendo . It is almost towards the end of the film

For song Nannu Vidichi Kadalakura of album: Veenai Jayanthi Kumaresh Vol - 12012-09-26 12:18:16
If one likes to know what is Reethi Gowla Raga like one must listen to Nannu Vidichi & Jayanthi Kumaresh . How so beautifully is the Raga played with a superb handling of the Instrument May Goddess Saraswathi Bless Jayanthi With a long life so as to continue to captivate we listeners with her divine music

For song Sidhi Vinayakam of album: Veenai Jayanthi Kumaresh Vol - 12012-09-26 11:46:49
Smt Jayanthi Kumaresh Playing is so melodious . She applies the right pressure
for it to be both audible & very very pleasing . The Natham of both her instrument
& her playing makes it such a joy to listen to . I realise how sweet Shanmuga priya can be through her playing . This is truly carnatic music at its very best

For song Thillana (m L Vasantha Kumari) of album: Great Masters Revathi Dr M L Vasanthakumari2012-09-26 11:31:58
What a wonderful rendition . It is like hearing a trio , Her Guru G.N.Balsubramanian , & the composer Sri Lalgudi . Great support from the Violin , Mridanga & Kanjra .

For song Ganesh Atharvashirsha of album: Shree Gajanana2012-09-26 09:12:03
One gets the feeling of sitting at a Homam & listening to 100's of scholars chanting it
Very divine feeling . Member posting Lyrics & meaning is deeply appreciated as It enhances the divine pleasure to a greater degree

For song Gamganapthiye of album: Sivatheertham2012-09-26 09:07:10
Sri Madhu Balakrishnan has such a similar voice to Sri Jesudas . Very beautiful song & superlative composition & Madhuji rendering truly divine . One Can visualise Lord Ganesha hearing this song . All in all a Devotinal song that is such a blessing to hear

For song Parathpara of album: Lalgudi Jayaraman (live At Shanmukanandh)2012-09-25 10:55:30
This beautiful Composition is in the raga Vachaspathi & what a melody to the ears
In many interview Sri Lalgudi has said that it seemed to him That most of
Sri Papanasam Sivan creation was created just for his playing . I feel how true it is listening to this song

For song Nadaloludai of album: Nadaloludai - Lalgudi G. Jayaraman2012-09-25 10:41:38
Oh I really do not know whether I love the song more or the Amazing Bowing
of Sri Lalgudi . It transports you to an heavenly abode . What a pleasure to the ear , Mind & soul . One can hear it the whole day .

For song Sarasaksha of album: Parathpara2012-09-25 10:01:31
Watch this beautiful Pantuvarali Krithi in the divine voice of MSS Amma Live

For song Guni Jano Bhakt Jano of album: Aansoo Aur Muskan2012-09-20 13:59:56
Kishore Da went through very difficult times Due to Income tax problem . This song
Qamarji has so beautifully penned it Giving us an insight to all the artiste & the films in which they were popular . He also ends the song with the message how no one can escape the Income tax Net . Kalyanji - Anand ji music starting with a Bajan type composition ends hillariously . I had watched this song with Kishore da
Live on stage & what a stage artiste he was . That memory can never be erased from my mind

For song Beqarar Karke Hamen Yun Na Jaiye of album: Bees Saal Baad2012-09-20 13:49:39
Hemanda as a music director kept things very simple by using minimum
orchestra & stressed more on melody . Also he was gifted with a rich soft voice . All his songs whether he has sung or lataji or other artiste are such a great pleasure to the ear & to hear . This one is among the very Best in Bollywood films

For song Ankhon Mein Qayamat Ke Kajal of album: Kismet2012-09-20 13:39:20
Recently I read that due to some communication gap during Sawan Ki Ghata
recording The great Rafi Saab - O.P. Nayyarji association drew to a close ( an incident that O.P.Ji never forgave himself till the end ) . This brought Mahendra Kapoor to O.P.ji fold . And Mahendrajis great vocal chord & Op.ji brilliant music gave listeners as much pleasure as Rafi Saab - O.P.Ji numbers

For song Jap Jap Jap Jap Re of album: Sharada2012-09-20 13:26:08
Mukeshji with his first few songs in his career sounded a lot like the
Legendary K.L.Saigal . Hence most of his songs including the great title
song of Awara had this soft melancholy type of rendering . C.Ramachandra was a barrier breaker Music Director who could compose Anarakali songs as well as songs like this . This is truly a very very rare Mukeshji rendering But the great singer has risen to this Ramachandra challenge & has given listeners such an entertaining song

For song Choon Choon Karti Aai Chidiya of album: Ab Dilli Door Nahin2012-09-20 13:10:51
What a pleasing Hasratji Lyrics & Rafi saab has so beautifullly sung that every child listening to it even today although the song was created more than 5 decades back would enjoy it as well as we all enjoyed it through the wonderful & only source Binaca Geeth Mala . One could realise the feeling running inside the Great Ameen Sayani The anchor for Binaca Geetmala . & Datta Ramji music makes you so happy listening to this great number

For song Teri Pyari Pyari Soorat Ko of album: Sasural2012-09-20 12:58:46
This song released in 1960 has some significance . After quite a while Rafi Saab was singing under the Baton of SJ duo . After this song for the next 11 years Rafi Saab SJ Duo combined at an average of 4 songs per year minimum . It also started Rafi Saab Peak decade in his career & last but not least Rajendar Kumar became Jubilee Kumar for quite a number of years thanks to Rafi Saab singing all his songs

For song Lakhon Hain Nigahon Mein of album: Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon2012-09-20 12:52:41
The way Rafi Saab Pronounces Honto me Gulabh Hai Ankhon me Sharabh Hai
expresses it all . O.P.Saab is just too brilliant & with Majrooh saab Lyriics makes the song truly intoxicating

For song Kya Miliye Aise Logon Se of album: Izzat2012-09-20 12:45:13
Truly this song lifts you from any situation to one of Joy & exuberance . Fantastic
Composition , Great Sahirji Lyrics & Rafi Saab Rendering is too superb

For song Hecharikaga Rara of album: Utsava Sampradaya Kritis2012-09-16 15:01:34
Smt Geetha Raja has rendered it so beautifully & at a pace which makes it
so enjoyable to hear . The words comes out so clearly that it enhances the pleasure of hearing & also has a great voice for carnatic music . All in all wonderful presentation

For song Nam Japan of album: Live At Russia Vol 12012-09-16 13:58:32
What Sri Chithan Sir has said is 100 percent true . To escape from a small mistake a lie is uttered & from there many more lies have to be uttered to cover up that . Look at Visionaries Like Sant Khalas who even in those days when life was so simple has visualised what is happening in the world today . Ammaa has rendered it
in Moscow when she was nearing 70 to what high octave she reaches so easily is a tribute to her divinity combined with rigorous practice & rehearsal . Oh how beautiful it is to hear

For song Tolliyunu of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-22012-09-16 12:41:24
In this song, Annamaiah visualizes Krishna as the divine child, lying on
a banyan leaf and floating on ocean. He says that Venkatesa is none other than Krishna.

P tolli yunu marrAku toTTelane yoogegana
chellu baDi noogeeni Sree ranga SiSuvu ||

Long ago child Sri Ranga floated on the ocean, lying on a banyan leaf (Vatapatra Sayee).

C1 kaliki kAvEri taragala bAhu latalanE
talaga kiTu ranga madhyapu toTTelan
palu mAru danu noochi pADagA noogeeni
chilu pAla nelavi tO Sree ranga SiSuvu ||

Beautiful waves of the river Kaveri are like delicate arms, constantly swinging the banyan
leaf like a cradle. The child Sri Ranga is pretty with his lips smeared with sweet milk.
He is comforted by swing and song.

C3 vEdamule chErulai velayanga sEshuDE
pAdu konu toTTelai paraga gAnu
Sree dEvi tO gooDi Sree vEnkaTESuDai
sEda dEreDi vADe Sree ranga SiSuvu ||

The Vedas are his garlands. Adi Sesha is his swing. Sri Venkatesa is relaxing with his
consort Sridevi. That child Sri Ranga is Venkatesa himself.

For song Okaparikokapari of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-22012-09-16 11:53:50
This is a part of an LP record & also in a Annamacharya Album & hence the elaborateKaraharpriya Alapana was not possible . Whereas MSS Amma rendering Chakani Raja or Pakkala Nilapadi has the elaborate Alapana , Neraval & swaras as they are all close to 30 mnts . Thanking the member for giving the valuable information that Sri Dhikshithar has not composed in Karhara Priya , But he has composed in a closely related raga Harapriya

For song Narayananu Nama of album: Hari Bola2012-09-16 11:06:23
What a beautiful rendering by the Divine soul MSS Amma . Truly the way
it is rendered captivates you & transports you to the abode of Lord Narayana

For song Dhawaithamu Sukhama of album: Brova Baramma Vol - 12012-09-15 10:18:18
Yes I agree with the member that it is an eternal dilemma to arrive at the
right answer . Each saint Be it Sri Adhi Shankracharya , Sri Ramanujam
& Sri Madhwacharya were Incarnation saints & gave their philosophy so that it covered the entire aspect of a humans career in this earth. Many a time people who visit Thirumala have to wait hrs to get darshan or others say
some one took me inside the temple but when I looked around he disappeared. All these aspects are covered by both as an Individual aspect of patience to wait for the Lords Darshan as well as the Lords blessing . I suppose ultimately it is the essence which has to be drawn from these philosophies for leading a peaceful & a meaningful life rather than going too deep into it which may only leave bitterness without gaining anything real

For song Endaro Mahaanubhaavulu of album: Pancharathna Krithis On Keyboard2012-09-12 08:48:28
This is really A Masterpiece by Janani . To me It is like Lalgudi G . Jayaraman Sir
playing on the Violin such control & truly it is so divine to the ears . Each swara
when you listen to them it is like Listening to the Musical giants rendering it at Thiruvayyar During Aaraadhana Festival

For song Aavesamantha of album: Aalapana2012-09-08 14:55:45
What a wonderful music & SPB Sir rendering is superb . Really it is so
enjoyable to hear

For song Narayana of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 12012-09-05 10:56:56

O God Narayana, make me to chant (smaraNeya) the sweet essence (sArAmRuta)
of your (ninna) name (nAmada) on my toungue (nAligege barali)

Whether I am in hardship (kaShTadallirali) or in excellent position (utkRuShTadallirali) or in the state of senseless (eShTadarU matigeTTirali)
let me chant the eight letter (aShTAkShara) sacred word (mahAmaMtrava) of Krishna Krishna, the learned people (shiShTaru) are saying (pELuva)

Let me place (oLagirisi) your (ninna) thousand (sAsira) names (nAmava)
always (saMtata) in my heart (aMtaraMgada) Hari Purandaravittala,
make me think (ciMtiso hAMge) of you at the last moments (aMtya kAladali)

For song Muruga Muruga of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 22012-09-05 10:08:03
Meaning of This wonderful Composition in Saveri sung so beautifully by Ammaa gives you the Presence of Lord Muruga before your eyes

Even as I utter (“enrAl”) the words 'murugA, murugA' will your (“unran”) heart (“uLLam”) not melt
(“urugAdO”)? And, even as I welcome you and request your presence (“varuvAi varuvAi enrAl”), will
you not come (“vArAyO”) to me with pleasure/delight/care (“parivODu”)?
Even if perchance (“orukAl”) I have been negligent (“kuRai SeidAlum”) in my duties toward you, Oh
Lord who has conquered his senses (“kandA”), who showers (“tandiDum”) grace (“aruLE”) endlessly,
isn't is enough if I (“nAn”) were to merely think (“ninaindAlum”) of your (“un”) feet (“pAdam”) and
call out your name day (“pagalum”) and night (“allum”) to be saved?
Oh handsome (“azhagA”) embodiment (“vaDivam koNDa”) of love (“anbE”)! My Lord did you (“nI”)
despise (“veruttAyO”) me for the innumerable sins/mistakes (“pizhiagaL”) that I (“nAn”) may have
unknowingly (“ariyAdu”) committed (“Seida”) and become irritated/angry (“sinandAyO”) with me? Oh
Lord (“dEvanE”) of lords (“dEvAdi”), residing (“vAzhum”) in the mighty (“mA”) town (“nagar”) of
tiruccendUr (“sendil”), I humbly request that you patiently tolerate (“poruttE”) my (“en”)
inadequacies/deficiencies (“kuraiyellAm”) and shower your grace (“aruL SeivAi”) on me, for I am but
a small and destitute individual (“SiriyEn”)!

For song O Ranga Sayee of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 22012-09-05 10:00:13
Here is the Beatiful Viruttam to this Gem of a song
& Meaning to this wonderful Viruttam

Ranganathashtaka - Shankaracharya
Sa chithra sayi, bhujagendra sayi,
Nandanga sayi , kamalanka sayi,
Ksheerabdhi sayi , vata pathra sayi,
Sri Ranga sayi , ramatham mano mey.

Let my mind revel in Him
As the one who sleeps in the city of Sri Ranga,
Who sleeps pretty as a picture,
Who sleeps on the king of serpents,
Who sleeps on the lap of Nanda,
Who sleeps on the lap of Lakshmi,
Who sleeps on the ocean of milk,
And who sleeps on the banyan leaf.

For song Manamohanaanga of album: Sakunthalai2012-08-31 13:04:04
Two Carnatic Stalwarts Played the role of Dushyanth & Sakuntalai & one can see the effect of this beautiful song . A masterpiece that would last for ever

For song Ellam Inbamayam of album: Manamagal2012-08-31 13:00:30
Another beautiful creation by Sri Sudarshan . M.L.V. For Padmini & P. Leela for
Lalitha . The Swaras has lifted this song to such a level ,& as rightly pointed
out one of the most outstanding duets of all time

For song Chinnanchirukiliye of album: Manamagal2012-08-31 12:53:36
One of the real beauty of this song is that the tune for this song was first composed
by Sri Sudarshan & 60 years Later Carnatic musician sing this highly popular song
only in this tune . M.L.V. Ammaa singing for Padmini is truly outstanding & inputs , By M.S.S. Amma, M.L.V.Amma, D.K.Pattammal Amma & Smt Radha - Jayalakshmi has enhanced such songs to a level which can only be dreamt today

For song Mohana Punnagai of album: Vanangamudi2012-08-31 12:35:58
Thank you Jeevagan for the wonderful input , Yes Music directors of those times new exactly , The octave capabilities of singers & TMS Sir & P.Susheela Amma fitted the creativity of these Brilliant music directors & hence were able to churn out one Golden hit after another & this songs is a wonderful example of Ramanathans Sir Brilliance & the beauty of a voice of Sri TMS & Smt P.S.

For song Vasantha Mullai Pole of album: Sarangadhara2012-08-31 12:05:55
One of the top music Directors of that time was Sri , G.Ramanathan & Sri Sudarshan
What a composition so pleasing to the ears & T.M.S.Sir rendering is just
superb . Another aspect was with just basic Instruments like , violin , Harmonium , Sitar Veena , Tabla & Mridangam were used extensively & The orchestra has definitely added the beauty to this song .

For song Palinchu Kamakshi of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-12012-08-31 11:08:38
Meaning :
Protect me Oh sacred Kamakshi. Oh Mother, you are destroyer of sins.
When I have been imploring you always in so many ways,
why are you not responding? Please dispel my distress expeditiously.
You are known for showering happiness on the righteous men who always meditated upon you in their inner hearts. You fructify the desires of their heart and secured fame. You are the embodiment of compassion who saved this world with motherly love. I am your child. Please shower your love.
This sacred idol with indescribable effulgence and with inspiring glory is the embodiment of all virtues. Can such a sight be found anywhere else in this Universe? I don’t know what rituals I performed to be blessed with the sight of your lotus feet. Oh Mother, listen to my prayer.
Your feet are glittering when the emperors are bowing with their gem studded crowns. I crave to remain in your presence. You bestow boons to all. Oh Queen, you have a shining face.Syama Krishna worships you.
You are the supreme godess of Kancheepuram. Your eyes resemble the petals of a lotus. You are Universal. You are pleasant. You are the Supreme energy. The Meru mountain is your abode. I always worship you sincerely. You are the mother of the Universe. Please redeem us from our sins and bestow your boons.

For song Ninnu Vina of album: Ninnu Vina (ritigowla) - M.s. Subbulakshmi2012-08-31 10:14:02
– Apart from you is there anything else for me in this world? Oh untainted one, oh mother of the universe, Oh Mridani, Bhavani ,Amba

Oh Queen of Shiva who wears the snakes, Parvati, Oh mother of the universe,Amba, please don’t ignore me, please listen to my pleas

I am not a scholar please kindly grant me a boon my mother so that all my sins are removed and please rule me mother.

Being caught in this purposeless ocean of samsaara, I got tired, please come to remove my sadness.

Oh mother in my heart I trusted that your my goal, please rule your devotee shyama Krishna.

For song Uyyalaloga of album: Thyagaraja Kritis Vol 22012-08-30 10:41:51
This is a great composition , of Thyagraja , beautiful Neelambari raga , still
the real beauty to the ears is the rendering & the style of rendering ,Sri Santhanam one of the best exponent of the last century has rendered it exactly the way Lord Thyagaraja had visualised . The effect given to this Neelambari Raga in a soft & a measured manner is truly breath taking & so sweet to the ears , pleasant to the mind & gives so much of peace & pleasure to the listener

For song Hazaar Rahen Mud Ke Dekhin of album: Thodi Si Bewafai2012-08-24 14:43:17
Khayyam is a silent but truly a gem of a music Director . why he had very few films is still a mystery to me .Each composition is like a Diamond so beautiful so melodious . This song truly is among the greats of bollywood music . Guljarjis Lyrics & Orchestra adds immensely to the beauty of this song along with such soft rendering by Kishore da & Lataji which also prooves the immense talent of Kishore da

For song Itna To Yaad Hai Mujhe of album: Mehboob Ki Mehndi2012-08-24 14:25:02
One of the most memorable duets of Rafi Saab - Lataji , The Music of LP
& Bakshijis Lyrics is just superb . One can very well understand the 15 continuous hits of Rajeshji as his film has such beautiful , outstanding & catchy songs that has remained so popular till today

For song Zindagi Ke Safar Mein of album: Aap Ki Kasam2012-08-24 14:05:58
One really gets emotional on hearing this song . Not only Rajeshji is no longer with us
but the scene in this film is so moving . Whatever the difference that may exist
to see the downfall of a person is the most pathetic site .

For song Hum Dono Do Premi of album: Ajnabee2012-08-24 14:00:47
Beautiful song , Beautiful Music , Beautiful Rendering by Kishoreda & Lataji .
Of course Anand Bakshijis Lyric always the highlight. The great support of Orchestra Gives you a feeling of a Pleasant Train Ride in a mountainous region . Just my imagination I have not seen the Film

For song Aate Jate Khoobsurat Awara of album: Zindagi Ka Safar - Rajesh Khanna2012-08-24 13:44:20
This song is from the Film Anurodh & music is by Lakshmi Kanth - Pyarelal
Pyarelal quoted in an interview "Rajesh Khanna had great interest in music and a terrific sense of melody too.

For song Akele Hain Chale Aao of album: Zindagi Ka Safar - Rajesh Khanna2012-08-24 13:37:29
This is one of the earliest song on Rajeshji in the Film Raaj . Music by Kalyanji - Anandji. What a rendering by Rafi Saab . The High octave he reaches , reaches it so easily . I have seen many live programme of Rafi saab & the way he reaches the high octave would have no strain on his face no significant lip movement & still the song pitch would go higher & higher what an artist , with what blessing he should have been born & what a blessing that Thomas Alva Edison invention of Gramophone is enabling us to still listen to this Divine voice which disappeared from this earth 32 years back

For song Achha To Hum Chalte Hain of album: Aan Milo Sajna2012-08-24 13:00:57
One of the wonderful thing about this song is Anand Bakshiji Lyrics . It is the lyrics
that has inspired the music & ofcourse Kishore ji & lata ji Have sung so well
to make this song a super duper hit

For song Tum Bin Jeevan Kaisa Jeevan of album: Bawarchi2012-08-24 12:21:26
What music , what rendering , Just superlative & fantastic , It is a great tragedy that
Mannada for all his rich talents & excellent classical back ground was not used
extensively even after Rafi Saab death . His rendering is so beautiful &it is a
real treat listening to this great singer

For song Ninnu Vina of album: Ninnu Vina (ritigowla) - M.s. Subbulakshmi2012-08-03 11:29:09
Reethi Gowla is such a Beautiful Raga , & in that Sri Shyama Shasthri composition
is so divine & MSS Ammaa singing it takes us to the Feet of the Supreme Goddess

ninnuvinA maRigaladA (amba) gati lOkamulO
niranjani nikhilajanani mRDAni bhavAni amba

pannagabhUSaNuni rANi pArvati janani amba
parAku sEyaka rAdu vinu shrI bRhadamba vinumu

C1: pAmarunammA dayacEsi varamIyammA mAyammA pApamella parihariHnci birAna brOcuTaku
C2: sAramulEni bhava jaladhi tagulu kOni cAla vEsAritini nA vicAramu dIrccuTaku
C3: nA madilO amba nIvE gatiyani nammiti
shyAmakRSNanutA satatamu pAlanamu sEyuTakunu

For song Apni To Har Aah Ek Toofan Hai of album: Kala Bazar2012-08-01 21:20:54
Koya Koya Chand in the same film Rendered by Rafi Saab is full of exuberance as That is an outdoor shooting .Here Rafi Saab has totally modulated voice to render the song inside the train . What an artiste a one in thousand years artiste

For song Taarif Karoon Kya Uski of album: Kashmir Ki Kali2012-08-01 20:54:56
Recently I watched a clipping of Shammiji speaking about his association with Rafi Saab & he spoke about this song. He discussed with Rafi saab of giving different twist to Tarif Karoon Kya Uski in the closing lines of the song . Rafi Saab fully endorsed it & said definitely he would render it the way Shammiji required . O.P. Nayyar saab who heard it was furious that Shammiji & Rafi Saab was by passing his composition. Rafi Saab immediately told Nayyar Saab . What is your problem . Shammiji is going to act I am going to sing . You record it the way Shammiji requires if in the end it does not come out well you can always clip it . Nayyar saab hesitantly agreed to it & after seeing the clipping & Rafi Saab rendering fully endorsed the added value of the song

For song Subhanallah Haseen Chehra of album: Kashmir Ki Kali2012-08-01 20:46:49
Be it Shankar- JaiKishan or O.P. Nayyar giving music in Films with Shammi Kapoor Knew Very well the type of composition to give & Rafi Saab who knew Shammiji too well matched the composition with his divine golden throat & went one step further to enhance those songs which have made them immortal & this song is a song of Rafi Saab Jaadoo

For song Main Bambai Ka Babu of album: Naya Daur2012-08-01 20:18:16
During the inaugration of Rafi Music Academy . Jeetendra spoke about the amazing talent of Rafi Saab to render the song as close to the artis voice . This song on Johnny Walker proves Jeetenderjis observation & in the same platform Lakshmikantji too emphasised this great factor of Rafi Saab

For song Waqt Se Din Aur Raat of album: Waqt2012-08-01 19:59:53
This was the only song of Rafi Saab in this film & what a rendering bringing out the pain . Splendid Raviji composition

For song Aayega Aayega Ek Chhail Chhabila of album: Mehrban2012-08-01 19:56:45
What a wonderful song .Rafi saab has so beautifully modulated his voice
to that of a child & also brought out both the innocence & happiness . Superlative Raviji music . One feel like dancing with a group of children

For song Teri Jawani Tapta Mahina of album: Amaanat2012-08-01 19:48:38
What a wonderful song . Raviji Music , Sahirjis poetry & superlative
rendering by the one & only Rafi Saab . Here one must praise the orchestra sky high The orchestra has really boosted this song to a very high level

For song Yeh Ansoo Mere Dil Ki Zuban Hai of album: Hamrahi2012-08-01 15:21:13
Remembering Rafi Saab on his 32nd Death Anniversary
I would like to quote Shankarji (of shankar-jaikishen) :
“Rafi Miya was of course the best. There was some jaadoo in his voice that appealed to both the
ganwar and the sophisticate. Some of his songs like Yeh aasoon mere dil ki zuban hai, touch
people even today.More important, he was a great person…a sharif man. If you told him you
couldn’t pay him immediately, he’d refuse to take it even later when you offered him the money.
Sometimes, a song would make him so happy, he would refuse to take the payment for singing it.
The pleasure he got out of singing them was his reimbursement.
He donated to charitable causes very generously and never spoke ill of anyone.No praise is enough for Rafimiya…there can never be a man like him.
Jab tak duniya mein sound exist karega, Rafi Sahab ko koi naheen bhool sakta
My heartfelt tribute to this man of God.

For song Is Rang Badalti Duniya Mein of album: Raj Kumar2012-08-01 14:43:37
One gets a strange feeling listening to this song of Rafi Saab for Shammi Kapoor
However what a superb rendering . The voice modualtion is truly great & superb

For song Man Re Tu Kahe Na Dheer Dhare of album: Chitralekha2012-08-01 12:10:47
In 1985 when vote was taken for top songs composed & sung in Bollywood
films , this song was No. 1 . It is a tribute to divine rendering , divine composition
& what a poetry by Sahirji.I think for many centuries this song would not loose its No. 1 spot

For song Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki of album: Dulari2012-08-01 10:40:27
Rafi Saab was a total perfectionist, a benchmark that can never be matched. To prove this statement, I would like to cite the anecdote as told by Naushad Saab himself a few years before his death. Naushad Saab recorded the song Suhani Raat Dhal chuki Na Jane Tum Kab Aaoge for the movie DULARI which you can enjoy every night even today. Next day after the original recording Rafi Saab came to Naushad’s home and said that he thought about this song whole night and felt that he did not do full justice to his composition although Naushad was fully satisfied. He wept like a child requesting Naushad to record again and Naushad could not believe the dedication of this singer. Naushad recorded the song again and Rafi was satisfied.

For song Hue Ham Jinke Liye Barbad of album: Deedar2012-08-01 10:32:25
This was the film that really brought Rafi Saab to the Lime Light . Though Rafi Sab was just 24 yrs what a Matured voice & no doubt on why Naushad Saab Never looked back the next 25 years on any other singer for his composition .

For song Man Tarpat Hari Darsan Ko Aaj of album: Baiju Bawra2012-08-01 10:11:57
Recently I read an article , where a Nepalese Rafi Saab Fan was so moved by this song that he travelled all the way to Bombay ( as it was called when Baiju Bawra was released ) to touch the feet of Rafi Saab , take his blessing & got back to Nepal . It only shows the Greatness of this Hindu Bajan which is the result of the contribution by 3 of the greatest in Musical field, Shakeel Saab , Naushad Saab &
last but not least Rafi Saab

For song Yehi Armaan Lekar Aaj Apne Ghar Se of album: Shabab2012-08-01 09:55:16
This beautiful composition is in Rag Tilang . Naushad Saab 90 percent composition
is based on Classical Ragas . He found his ideal student Rafi Saab to render it
as Rafi Saab control over Sur is total . What a beautiful song

For song Shri Kamalamba Jayathi - (nineth Avaranam) of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-07-27 14:14:31
Kamalamba Jayathi Amba

By Muthu Swami Deekshithar

Navvarana Keerthanai - IX

Raga Aahiri

Thala Roopakam


Sri Kamalamba jayathi, Amba, Sri Kamalamba jayathi,
Jagadamba Sri Kamalamba Jayathi,
Srungara rasa kadambha madahamba Sri Kamalamba jayathi,
Chid bimba prathi Bimbendu bimba Sri Kamalamba Jayathi
Sri pura bindhu madhyastha Chinthamani mandirastha,
Shivaakara manja sthitha Shiva Kameshwarangastha.
Victory to Kamalamba, to mother, Victory to Kamalamba,


Sookaraana nadhyarchitha maha tripura Sundari,
Rajarajeswarim Sri karsa sarvananda maya,
Chakra vasinim suvasinim chinthayeham,
Divakara sithakirana pavakadhi vikasa karaya,
Bheekara thapa thrayadhi bhedhana dhureena tharaya,
Paka ripu pramukhadhi prarthida sukalebhara,
Prakatya paraa parayaa palitho dayakaraya.


Sri mathre namasthe chinmathre sevithara mahhareesa vidhathre,
Vamadhi Shakthi poojitha para devathaya sakalam jatham,
Kamadhi dwadasarupasitha kadhi hadhi sadhi,
Manthra roopinya, premaspada shiva guru guha jananyam,
Preethiyuktha machitham vilayathu brahma maya prakasini,
Nama roopa vimarsini, kama kala pradarshini, samarasya nidhirsini.



Let the mother of universe Kamalamba be victorious,
Let the Kadamba flower full of love, let my mother and let Kamalamba be victorious,
Let the divine image reflected in our mind and let Kamalamba be victorious,
Let her who is in the temple in the middle of Sri Chakra who is a wish fulfilling gem
Let her who is the throne of Lord Shiva and let her who is part of Shiva's body be victorious.


She who is the great beauty of the three towns who is worshipped by Vaarahi and others,
She who is queen of queens who lives in the Sarvananda maya chakra,
She who is sweet scented is being meditated by me.
She who is the cause of the growth of Sun, Moon and Fire,
She who is without comparison an expert in removing three types of pains,
She who appeared in a pretty form as a result of prayers of Indra and others,
She who is by nature is more divine than divine, protects me out of her mercy.


I salute the mother, who is a divine mother,
Who blesses her devotees with greatness?
Who is being worshipped by every thing that is born?
As a divine Goddess using Vama (left) and other methods,
Who is being worshipped by god of love and others using twelve methods,
Who is the form of mantras staring with ka, ha and sa,
Who loves Lord Shiva and is the mother of Guru Guha.
Let my mind along with love be on you who shines with the light of Brahman,
She who is known by several names and several forms,
She who exhibits the art of love and proves perfect identity of self.

For song Shri Kamalambike Avava - (eigth Avaranam) of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-07-27 14:06:17
Kamalambike Avava Shive

By Muthu Swami Dekshithar

Raga Ghanta

Thala aadhi

Navavarana Keerthanai - VIII


Sri Kamalambike avava shive kara dhrutha shuka saaririke


Loka palini, Kapalini, Soolini, Loka Janani,
Bhaga malini, Sakrudh alokya maam sarva sidhi,
Pradhayike Tripurambike, Balambike


Santhaptha hema sannibha dehe, sada akhandaika rasa pravahe,
Santhapa hara trikona gehe, Sa kameshwari Shakthi samoohe,
Santhatham mukthi ghanta mani goshaya maana kavata dware,
Anantha Guru Guha vidhithe, Karanguli nakhodaya,
Vishnu dasa avathare antha karane kshukarmuka,
Shabdhaadhi Pancha than maathra vishikha athyantha raga pasa,
Dweshangusa dara kare, Athi Rahasya yogini pare.



Protect and protect me Oh Goddess Kamalambike,
Who is consort of Shiva and holds a parrot in her hands.


She who looks after people, she who wears skull garland,
She who holds the trident, she who is the mother of the world,
She who wears Lord Shiva, Who grants good occult powers,
By a look to her devotees, she who is the mother of Tripura,
She who is the goddess Bala.


She whose body is like the molten gold,
She who is the eternal flow of bliss,
She who lives in a triangle and removes sorrow,
She who accompanied by Kameshwari and others,
Is the calling bell at the gate of salvation,
She who is well known to Adisesha and Subrahmanya,
She from whose nails in hands the ten incarnations of Vishnu originated,
She who holds the bow, five arrows, the noose and the goad,
Symbolizing the mind, five senses, attachment and repulsion,
She who is the most secret yogini.

For song Shri Kamalambikayam - (seventh Avaranam) of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-07-27 13:56:17
Kamalambikayam Bhakthim Karomi
By Muthu Swami Deekshithar

Navavarana Keerthanai - VII

Raga Sahana
Thala Triputa


Sri Kamalambikayam bhakthim karomi
Sritha kalpa vaikaayaam Chandikayam Jagad Ambikayam.


Raka chandra vadanayam, Rajeeva nayanayaam,
Pakarinutha charanayam, Akasadhi kiranayam,
Hreemkara vipina harinyam, Hreemkara su sareerinyam,
Hreemkara tharu manjayam, Hreemkareswaryam gowryam.


Sareera thraya vilakshana sukha thara swathmanu bhoginyam,
Virinchi Hareesana Hari haya vedhitha Rahasya yoginyam,
Paradhi Vag devatha roopa vasinyadhi vibhaginyam,
Charathmaka, sarva roga hara, Niramaya Raja yoginyam,
Kara dhrutha Veenaa vadhinyam, Kamala nagara vinodhinyaam,
Sura nara muni jana modhinyam Guru Guha vara prassdhinyam.



I show devotion to Kamalambika,
Who is the wish giving tree to her devotees,
Who is the killer of Chanda and mother of universe.


She who has a full moon like face, she who has lotus like eyes,
She whose feet is worshipped by Indra, She who radiates from the sky,
She who is a deer in the forest of Hreem, She whose divine form is Hreem,
She who is the flower of the tree of Hreem, She who is Goddess of Hreem,
She who is Gowri, the fair goddess.


She who enjoys her the bliss of her own self
Transcending the gross, subtle and causal bodies,
She who is the secret Yogini known only to,
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Hayagreeva,
She who is of the divine form of Goddess of speech
Differentiated as the Shakthis like Vasini,
She who is the remover of all infectious diseases,
Through the practice of faultless Raja Yoga,
She who plays the Veena that she holds in her hand,
She who enjoys being in the town of the lotus,
She who makes devas, men and sages happy,
She who grants boons to Guru Guha.

For song Kamalambikayah - (sixth Avaranam) of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-07-27 13:46:29
Kamalambikayasthava Bhakthoham

By Muthu Swami Deekshithar

Navavarana Keerthanai - VI

Raga Punnagavarali

Thala Roopakam

Kamalambikayasthava Bhakthoham
Shankarya Srikarya Sangeetha Rasikaya sri

Suma sarekshu kodanda pasangusa panya,
Adhi madhura tharavaanya sarvanyaa kalyaanya,
Ramaneeya punnaga varalee vijitha venya sri

Dasa kalathmaka Vahni swaroopa Prakasanthardasaara,
Sarva raksha kara Chakreswaryaa tridasadhinutha,
Kacha varga dwaya maya sarvagnaadhi dasa sakthi sametha,
Malinee chakraeswarya tridasa vimsad varna,
Garbhini kundalinyaa dasa mudhraa samaaradhitha koulinya,
Dasaradhadhi nutha Guru Guha Janaka Shiva Bhodhinyaa,
Dasa karana vruthi mareechini Garbha yoginyaa sri.


I am your devotee Oh Kamalambika,
Who is Lord Shiva and Goddess Pravathi,
A connoisseur of music.

Holding flower arrows, sugarcane, the noose and the goad,
Who is extremely sweet by nature,
Who is consort of Shiva and doer of good,
Whose braid beats the pretty bees swarming round the Punnaga tree.
Who is worshipped by Dasararatha and others
Who teaches about Shiva the father of Guru Guha,
Who is hidden like a mirage by the ten senses and organs.

She is with ten crescents and of the form of fire shining within itself,
Is the sarva rakshakara chakra which has ten inner triangles,
She is worshipped by thirty gods in the Malini chakra,
Which has ten shakthis like Sarvagna who belong to ka and cha group of letters,
Which has Kundalini made up of fifty letters of the alphabet,
Which has goddess Koulini worshipped by ten Mudhras.

For song Shri Kamalambayah - (fifth Avaranam) of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-07-27 13:34:06
Muthu Swami Deekshithar

Navavarana Keerthanai - V
Raga Bhairavi

Thala Jhampa


Sri Kamalambhaya param nahi re re chitha,
Kshithyadhi shivantha Thathwa swaroopinya


Sri kanda, Vishnu, Virinchadhi janayithrya,
Shivathmaka viswa karthrya, kaarayithrya,
Srikara bahir dasaara chakra sthithya,
Sevitha Bhairavi, Bhargavi, Bharathya


Nada maya sookshma roopa sarva sidhi pradhaadhi dasa shakthyaradhitha moorthe,
Srothradhi dasa karanathmaka kula koulikadhi bahi vidhopasitha keerthe,
Abhedha nithya shuddha budha muktha sachidaananda maya paramaadhvaitha sphoorthe,
Aadhi madhyantha rahithaa prameya guru guha modhitha sarvarth sadhaka poorthe,
Mooladhi nava dhaara vyavrutha dasadwha nibhedhagna-,
Yogi brunda samrakshanya, anaadhi maayaa vidhyaa-,
Karyaa karana vinodha karana patu thara kadaksha veekshanya.



Oh mind, there is nothing greater than Kamalambha,
Who is the personification the principles from the earth to Lord Shiva.


She who is the mother of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma,
She who is the creator and cause of the world whose soul is Shiva,
She who resides in the outer wheel with ten triangles,
She who is served by Bhairavi, Bhargavi and Bharathi*
* Parvathi, Lakshmi and Saraswathi


She who is worshiped by ten shakthis like Sarva Sidhi pradha,
Who is micro form of the all pervading sound,
Who is well known for being worshipped in Koula and Kula systems,
Which is identical the ten sensations like hearing,
Who manifests herself as the indivisible permanent purity and
The divinity beyond the knowledge of the principle of non duality,
Who does not have beginning middle and end and is beyond knowledge,
Who is liked and appreciated by Guru Guha and manifests in Sarvartha sadhaka chakra,
Who takes care of the yoginis who reside in the nine different centers like Mooladhara,
And are conversant as to how to pierce them with knowledge of ten sounds,
And who with her glance is able dispel the perennial illusion and takes
Joy in being the reason for cause and effect of every thing.

For song Kamalambikayai - (fourth Avaranam) of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-07-27 13:23:30
Meaning of this wonderful Kambhoji Navavarna Krithi is


Salutations and salutations to Kamalambika,
Who is attired in gold and who chews betel with camphor.


She who is the sister of the consort of Lakshmi,
She who is the goddess of passion, she who cannot be defeated,
She who is the daughter of Himalayas, She who is worshipped by sound Hreem,
She who lives in the city of lotus, she who destroys crowd of bad people,
She who wears pretty gem necklace, she who is antidote to the ills of Kali age.


She who has lotus like feet granting all types of luck,
She who is in fourth circle along with Shakthis like Samkshobhana,
She who rules over all the known fourteen worlds,
She who is well known as the heart of the school of Guru Guha,
She whose colour is without flaws,
She who is without leaf, she who is green with leaves,
She who holds bow and arrow in her hands,
She who is in the Chakra of fourteen triangles,
She whose hair wins over the blue clouds, she who is the complete divinity.

For song Shri Kamalambikaya (third Avaranam) - Chakra : Sarva Samkshobhana of album: S Rajeswari - Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis2012-07-27 13:14:33
Meaning of this wonderful Shankrabharanam Nava Varna Krithi , The divine
composition of Sri Dhikshithar & so wonderfully rendered by Smt Rajeswari

I am being glanced by Kamalambika,
And am the everlasting joys and complete divinity.


She who is worshipped by Indra and other devas,
She who is contemplated by Lord Brahma, who is in charge of five different acts,
Whose efficient feet are capable of destroying sorrows,
Who is capable of making the dumb recite literature,
Who is capable of victory over red lotus in prettiness,
And who is the three syllabled Guru Guha.


She who is embodied as Ananga kusuma* and other Shakthis,
She who is in the red coloured Samkshobana chakra,
She who is the consort of Shankara, who is the lord of billions of universes,
She being in the eight fold division is more secret than previous ones,
She who is in the eight petal lotus and is worshipped by God of love,
She who holds bow and arrow in her hands and is the ocean of nectar of mercy.
* Shakthi known as the flower of god of love.

For song Ettanai Kodi Inbam of album: Bharathi Songs2012-04-29 13:02:54
Raga Dhanyasi


Yethanai kodi inbam vaithay
Iraiva, Iraiva, Iraiva


1. Chithudan Achithinai inaithai-Angu
Cherum iym bhothathu viyanula chamaithay
Athanani ulagamum varna kalanchiya.
Maka pala pala nal azhagugal Chamithay

2. Mukthi yendru oru nilai chamythay - Angu,
Muzhudinayum unarum unaruv amaithai,
Bhakthi yendru oru nilai vaguthai,
Parama, Parama, Parama

English translation


How many billions of pleasures, have you made,
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God


1. You joined the divine with the non divine,
And mixed the five elements and made this world,
And that word is a treasure of colours,
Which you made with several pretty, pretty things.

2. You made a stage called salvation and there,
Made the ability to know all things to be known,
You made a stage called devotion,
Oh primeval God, Oh primeval God, Oh primeval God.

For song Oli Padaitha Kanninai of album: Popular Melodies Of M.s. Subbulakshmi2012-04-29 12:12:29
Oli padaitha kanninai vaa vaa vaa
urudhi konda nenjinaai vaa vaa vaa

kali padaitha mozhinaai vaa vaa vaa
karunai konda tholinaai vaa vaa vaa

thelivu petra madhiyinaai vaa vaa vaa
sirumai kandu ponguvaai vaa vaa vaa

elimai kandirangu vaa vaa vaa vaa
yeru pol nadaiyinaai vaa vaa vaa

ilaya bharadhathinaai vaa vaa vaa
edirila balathinaai vaa vaa vaa

oli izhandha naatile nindredrum
udhaya nyayiroppave vaa vaa vaa

kalai izhandha naatile un pole
thalai sirakka vandhanai vaa vaa vaa

vilayum manmbu yavayum kathan pOl
vizhi illa vilakkuor vaa vaa vaa

For song Nanati Baduku of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-12012-04-28 12:18:51
Whether you see or not, salvation is the ultimate. ||
C Birth and death are true.
The life in between is drama.
This world is illusion and the ultimate is liberation. ||
C Eating food, wearing clothes is routine.
Ultimate consequences of good and bad deeds will accompany you.
After crossing that stage only, there is liberation. ||
C No one can be cut off from his sin or virtue.
All the time it is illusion.
Sri Venkatesa rules from above.
It is a long way to attain salvation. ||

For song Jane Kaise Sapnon Mein Kho Gayi of album: Anuradha2012-04-26 12:48:46
These songs from Anuradha under the Baton of the Legendary Pt Ravi Shankar
are real Gems . Composition , Lyrics & Lataji's rendering are real treasures for centuries to come

For song Jyoti Kalash Chhalke of album: Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan2012-04-26 12:44:47
Can anything be more sweeter than this wonderful song , Poem of
Narendra Sharma , Sri Padke composition & last but not least what a rendering
by Lataji . All in all a superb & a superlative song

For song Aayega Aanewala of album: Mahal2012-04-26 12:31:59
In a interview Lataji said that when the song Aayega was released Kamini which was the name of Madhubala on the screen appeared as the singer on the record . Lataji & other singers got together to request HMV to include their names in the record & from Barsat onwards the name of the singer was introduced in the record

For song Tarari Tarari of album: Dastan2012-04-26 11:51:57
Seeing the members comment that one is taken to the infant stage of our
life how 100 percent true it is . Thanks to Hummaa uploading all these great nostalgic songs we grew up listening through 78 RPM record in HMV Key generated Changeable Needle gramaphone these songs & the pleasure we had can never be described . Thank you so much Hummaa for reliving those golden moments

For song Yadu Vamsa of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna Vol-22012-04-26 10:59:11
A : yaduvamSa tilakana vESavidEne madirAkShi murali nAdavidEne

AP : muraLIgAnavidEne taralApAngavadEne smarasambhramAnanda smaraNe idEne

koLanalUdute namma manadi pavvaLisidda
nalavolavellava keraLisi kuNisi
pulakAMkuragaLanAgisi meyya mareyisis
nalivI gAyana mAyeyoLaguTTadEne ||

ASegaLeShTO nirAsegaLinneShTO
rOSha dOSha prEmOtsAhaMgaLeShTO
SAsira suLigALi bIsi nammedeyanu
ghAsigoLise chennakESavanolivanE||

For song Hari Mai To Lakh Yatan of album: Hari Bola2012-04-26 10:46:38
hari mei to laakh yatan kar haari

mahalan dhoonda, giriban dhoonda,
dhoondi duniya saari, hari mei to laakh yatan kar haari.

gokul kunj gali mein dhoond, dhoonda vrindavan mein,
daal daal se, phool paath se jaa poocha kunjan mein
veethi ki sab kahe harina , abki kahe banwari,
hari mei to

koi kahe sri ram hai kya? ya gauri kaali maiya
mai kahu nahi gopal hain woh ek ban mein charaave gaiyya
umapati parameshwara nahin, na narayan bhaya haari
meera ka hridaya vihaari, meera ka hridaya vihaari
ang pitambar more mukut, sir maala gale sihaave
bahuroopi bade roop dhare, jis naam bulavo aave*2
meera kahe ab laaj rakho prabhu aavo murali dhaari
meera kahe ab laaj rakho prabhu aavo aavo murali dhaari,
aavo murali dhaari.

For song Patittoddharini Gange of album: Hari Bola2012-04-26 10:33:52
What A Song in its composition , Rendering by the Divine soul MSS Ammaa ,
Thankful to Member for Lyrics Input . What a wonderful Meaning indeed
God We are eternally Greatful to you for giving us Joy to feel your presence through these Holy Rivers

Oh Mother Ganga saviour of the Fallen soul you drape our earth with green foliage
by the breaking waves at your bank ,so many cities attained holiness , kissing
pair of your feet ' Oh Mother ,So many Men & Women receivet peity just by bathing in your holy water .My Obeisance to my Mother Flowing in this Great Country of ours for Million Years . Quenching our thirst for ages & Drenching our
Bareen Heart & Mind With your Kindness With your Beauty , with the inspiration of
holy song of Narada & Bemused Madhava , you flow like a stream overflowing compassion ,From the Vessel of Brahma your water poured on the dense locks of hair of Lord Shiva .It Seemed enlightenment finally arrived like a Dawn from Heaven into the Darkness of Earth upon descending in the Foot of Himalaya you flowed Down Hill to converge to the Ocean . When we leave behind the Earthly comfort of our insignificant Life in our Final sleep , May your unfailing Grace drench my ear with your soothing water , May you shower the eternal oblivious unconsciousness in my eyes , May you wrap my fearful Heart with Peace , May you drape my body with your Divine Nectar , You My Mother , You Are Janabhi, You are Suradhuni , You are Baghirathi , You bring Heavenly music to my Ear Oh Mothe Ganga Saviour Of The Fallen Soul

For song Nenjukku Neethi of album: Mahakavi Bharathiyar Manadhil Nirkum Paadalgal (vol 2)2012-04-26 09:39:45

1: nenjukku nItiyum tOLukku vALum niRainda shuDarmaNIp-pUN
panjukku nEr pala tunbangaLAM ivaL pArvaikku nERperundI
vanjanaiyinri paghaiyinri shUdinri vaiyaga mAnadarellAm
tanjamenrE uraippIr avaL pEr shakti Om shakti Om shakti Om

2: nalladum tIyadum sheidiDum shakti nalattai namakkizhaippAL
alladu ningum enrE ulagEzhum aRaindiDuvAi murashE
shollat-taghunda poruLanru kAN ingu shollumavar tamaiyE
allal keDut-tamarark-kiNaiyAkkiDum Om shakti Om shakti Om

3: nambuvadE vazhi yenra maRaitannai nAminru nambiviTTOm
kumbiT-TennEramum shakti enrAlunaik-kumbiDuvEn manamE
ambukkum tIkkum viDattukkum nOvukkum accamilAdapaDi
umbarkkum-imbarkkum vAzhvu tarumpadam Om shakti Om shakti Om

4: ponnaip-pozhindiDu minnai vaLarttiDu pOTri yunak-kishaindOm
annai parAshakti enruraittOm taLaiyattanaiyum kaLaindOm
shonna paDikku naDandiDuvAi manamE tozhil vErillai kAN
innu madE yuraippOm shakti Om shakti Om shakti Om

5: veLLai malarmishai vEdak-karupporuLAga viLangiDuvAi
teLLU kalaittamizh vANi ninakkoru viNNappam sheidiDuvEn
eLLattanaip-pozhudum payaninri irAdenran nAvinilE
veLLamenapp-pozhivAi shakti vEl shakti vEl shakti vEL

For song Vasudeva of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna Vol-22012-04-26 09:21:54
vAsudEva kamalAsana vandita. rAgA: cenjuruTi. Adi tALA.

1: vAsudEva kamalAsana vandita shESa shayana rAdA dAsuni nammiti mOsamu jEsitE dOSamu nIkErA
2: mandaradhara mucukunda varada sankrandana mrdu caraNA brndAraka munibrnda vandita sundara mrdu caraNA
3: geTTivADavani paTTidi nI ceyi paTTiviDuvarAdu vaTTimAyalO nanu talikincate eTTuvanE proddu
4: sharaNu sharaNu bhU ramaNa dayAnidhE karuNajUDa rAdA I dharaNilOna karipuramuna velasina narahari dayarAdA

For song Hariharaputram of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-12012-04-25 12:48:24
hariharaputraṃ śāstāraṃ sadā bhajē(a)haṃ
māyā kāryaṃ tyajēham

mura harādi 1mōhita śauri giri vihāraṃ
muraḷī bhērī vādyādi priya-karaṃ
(madhyama kāla sāhityam)
prārthita putra pradaṃ vasanta nata bṛndaṃ
dīrghāyuḥpradaṃ dīna jana 3phala pradam

phālguna māsa paurṇimāvatāraṃ
pāṇḍya kēraḷādi dēśa prabhā-karaṃ
puṣpa śarēkṣu kārmuka dharaṃ
phulla kalhāra daṇḍa dhara karaṃ
(madhyama kāla sāhityam)
kali yuga pratyakṣaṃ garvita dakṣa śikṣaṃ
vara guru guhāntaraṅgaṃ ratha gaja turaṅgam

Pallavi :
I always worship Shastaa, the son of Hari and shiva.I renounce theactivities associated with mAya or illusion

The dweller in shauri giri who pleases Vishnu - the killer of Mura.The one fond of instruments like the flute, beri .The one who bestows sons.He is worshipped in Spring by crowds of people.He grants longevity.He bestows happiness to destitutes.4

Charanam :
He incarnated on the full moon day in the phAlguna month.He brings glory to the kingdoms of the Pandyas and kerala.He bears the floral arrows, sugarcane bow and and a floral staff made of kalharaa (senkazhuneer in Tamil ) flowers. He manifests in Kaliyuga.He punishes instantly.He resides in the minds of guha , who is hara’s guru.The one who has an army with chariots, elephants and horses.

For song Kurai Onrum Illai (ragamalika) of album: Hari Bola2012-04-25 11:48:12
The composer of this song is Kadaya Nallur Venkatraman & not Annamacharya
Though this song is a Part Of Balaji Pancharathna Volume & is in Vol 2
among Annamacharya Krithis . The entire credit of composing the Five volumes of Balaji Pancha Rathna Mala goes to the quiet& humble Sri Kadayanallur Venkat Raman Whose wonderful composition sung so so wonderfully by MSS Ammaa
has given us precious Gems to Enjoy . Sri Kadaya Nallur Venkataraman along with MSS Ammaa would be remembered as long as Music exists

For song Bantu Reeti of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna Vol-12012-04-25 11:36:27
This beautiful Krithi is in the raga Hamsanandam & so beautifully rendered by MSS
Amma . Thanking the member for the Lyrics

Meaning :

In this beautiful Bantureethi Kolu Carnatic song, Sri Thyagaraja swamy pleads with Lord Ram to give him the post of a guard for Rama. The symbolic meaning is that he always wants to be in his presence always (Sri Rama's Sannidhi).

In the Anupallavi, Sri Thyagaraja Swamy says that, the guard’s post should be such that he is empowered to destroy all the demons which are Arishadvargas (Arishad Vargas are the six passion of mind, they are Kama - lust, craze, desire; Krodha - anger, hatred; Lobha - greed, miserliness, narrow minded; Moha - delusory emotional attachment; Mada or Ahankara - pride, stubborn mindedness; and Matsarya - envy, jealousy, show or vanity, and pride) and since the guard is empowered to do so, he needs such a guard's post.

In the Caranam, Thyagaraja says he should be blessed with the emblem of Ramabhakti, given a sword called Rama Naama (the name of Rama) to perform his guard's job.

For song Bhogindra Sayinam of album: M. S. S Bhogindra Sayinam- Vocal2012-04-25 11:31:09
When this song was recorded only 78 RPM Gramaphone record
( 3 mnts max time limit ) existed , hence only 3 out of 4 stanzasa could be sung
I am not sure whether this later on came out as an LP record where there
was no time restriction

For song Gopanandana of album: Live At Music Academy Performance Of 12 Sangita-kalanidhis Vol 12012-04-25 11:15:54
This beautiful Krithi is in the Raga Bhusavali
Reference Composition of Swati Thirunal
Meaning :
Oh! The son of NANDAGOPA! You are worshipped by INDRA. Oh! MARAMANA- the Lord of goddess LAKSHMI! Please protect me.
Your glory is sung by the sages. You bestow salvation from the misery of the cycle of birth & death. You shine gloriously with an iridescent golden crown. You are PADMANABHA who vanquished the demon MADHU. May you be victorious!
You destroyed the miseries of ARJUNA. Your gait is like an elephant. The celestials find refuge at your beautiful feet. Yours is the glorious exploit of allaying the fear of GAJENDRA. You are clad in golden hued silk. Your forehead is adorned with KASTURI TILAKA; Your feet are massaged by the son of wind god. You are the ocean of justice, the distinguished son of YADU clan, destroyer of the misery of birth, you are with a form resembling dark rain bearing clouds.
You disperse sins like the wind disperses the cloud, Oh compassionate one! You are perceptible through the VEDA-s, your eyes resemble the petals of the lotus blooming in the autumn, your form surpasses the beauty of Cupid, you sport a beatific smile, you protect the cowherds, oh the light of the moon dynasty! You are adorned with the beautiful feathers of the peacock, and you enchant the devotees, who have shed their egos, please protect me.
Please protect me oh lord of the universe! You, whose face resemble the lotus, and have GARUDA for mount. You are worshipped by BRAHMA, have a forehead like the crescent moon, with shining dark tresses which resemble dark clouds, you annihilate the cruel and formidable demons. You recline on the ocean of milk, wearing KAUSTUBHA garland, which adds to your beauty. Please protect me oh lord! Who reside in SESHAPURA.

For song Janani Ninnuvina of album: M S S - Nada Suda Rasa - Vol.12012-04-25 10:39:59
The Meaning of this Great krithi which has been rendered with so much of Bakthi
By Ammaa . The krithis beauty is enhanced by Radha Vishwanathan singing
at a slightly higher octave

Mother of the three worlds! Save You,
To whom would I turn to?

You caused Love's heart to flutter,
Hear my plea; save me,- come hither.

Who else is my savior in the world?
Who lends an ear to my pain unfurled?
Do I wear You thin?
But, this is the moment!
Grant without delay!
O lotus eyed graceful Goddess!
Save me this day!
As You bestow limitless pleasure;
My faith's upon You in full measure.

O Benevolence, cease mulling!
Save this single soul, can You not?
Pity me who swerves not!
Even the Trinity's at Your feet, hailing.

Ocean of compassion! Rush to me!
With Your grace, save me!
Child of the Mountain King,
Out of Your limitless mercy,
May I atone for each travesty.

Lotus eyed Mother of the boy fierce!
You grant all our desires!
Cleanser of great sins of the ages!
Adored of the Four and all the sages!
O Mother! My sole refuge!

For song Tsallare of album: M S S - Concert Album - Vol 22012-04-25 10:29:59
Yes it is the Wonderful Thillana of Sri Swathi Thirunal sung so wonderfully by MSS Amma
gItta dhumiku takadhIm. rAgA: dhanAshrI. Adi tALA. Composer: Svati Tirunal.

P: gItta dhumiku takadhIm krtatatOm nAcarahi gOri tAdhittai tai tattai tirataka
A: bAja pAyala kahum jhanana jhanana bAja pAyalakahun jhaNana jhanana jhanana nanana tOm jhaNana jhanana jhanana nanana tOm jhaNana jhanana jhanana nanana
C1: tAna gAvE takata tai ta tai taitta taitta tana tadhAm dhImna kiTa taka dhI
dhImna kiTa taka dhIm dhImna kiTa takadhIm hata tOm hata tOm hata
2: padumanAbha tumhAri lIlA-kyA kahUm mai sAvarO
tApa sankaTa caaraNaya yAyO sOha mArO tumaharO
tadhim tadhIm dhirana udanita tAni tAni tadhIm tadhim dhiranA nA dhittOm tata kata tari
tattAra tara tAni dhIm alari kalari takata dhatAra tataka mAm tAni tanika tAm tAmta
dhIm dhIm dhIm tanana alari tAm tAmta takatari alari tOm tOm tOm takanaka tani udari

For song Tora Tiyaga Rada of album: M S S - Concert Album - Vol 12012-04-25 10:24:10

tera tIyaga rAdA lOni tirupati venkaTaramaNa matsaramunu


parama puruSa dharmAdi mOkSamula pAra dOlu cunnadi nAlOni

caraNam 1

caraNam 3

vAguramani teliyaka mrga gaNamulu vacci tagulu rIti nunnadi
vEgamE nI matamu anusarincina tyAgarAjanuta mada matsaramanu

The event that inspired Thyagraja to compose this great krithi sung so Beautifully
by MSS Ammaa

An invitation from his far-flung disciples and admirers took Thyagaraja on a pilgrimage which extended upto Tirupati. When he reached the Tirupati temple to have the darshan of Lord Venkateswara, the drawn curtain at the sanctum sanctorum moved him to composer the song Terateeyaga raga (Gowlibanthu) in which he moans "Oh Tirupati Venkataraman! Could you not remove the screen, the screen of anger, arrogance and jealousy, which, taking a firm stand within me, keeps me out of the reach of Dharma and other Purusharthas including Moksha? It effectively hides from vision, the immaculate light of the lamp, Jnana. By the existence of this screen, my mind gets caught by evil, just as ignorant beasts are got into the Hunter’s net. I have been following you faithfully, I pray promptly; remove the screen". Promptly the screen was removed and he had a good darshan of the Lord.

For song Brochevarevarura of album: M S S - Nada Suda Rasa - Vol. 12012-04-25 10:04:34
The original Version of this Krithi rendered by MSS Amma was on 2 sides
of HMV 78 RPM Gramaphone record . It Had violin by the Legendary
Mysore Chowdiah & the rendering was also at a slightly higher speed . All in
all a truly beautiful Vasudhevacharya's Krithi that is popular to this day though
it is over 60 years since it came in the form of a record

For song Viribhoni (varnam) of album: M S S - Bhogindra Sayinam - Vocal2012-04-25 09:42:59
One can easily play this Varnam in Violin at this speed , But rendering it in vocal
though this is the basic lesson for carnatic singers is a very tough task indeed .
Shear sadhana & the way of presentation for the common man to hear & enjoy
there are very very few as the Way Ammaa Presented it . This song is a truly
wonderful example that would glue any one to enjoy & derive maximum pleasure

For song Mamava Pattabhirama of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna Vol-12012-04-25 09:20:46
Sri Dhikshithar Krithis's beauty has just no comparison . However if one
follows his krithis it can be seen how difficult it is to sing them Years of
Sadhana is required & the beauty of Amma's voice & presentation matches this great Krithi on Lord Rama
Meaning :
Protect me Rama who is victorious and who is crowned as king! Possessing the name that was worshipped by Hanuman!

Possessor of feet that are as soft as tender leaves! Bearer of the bow called Kodanda! Dark complexioned figure! Lotus eyed! Perfect one! Descendant in the clan of Raghu! Rama , who is benevolent!

Surrounded by Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna, carrying fly whisks and umbrellas! Worshipped by Vibhishana, Sugriva and other prominent beings! Blessed by sages such as Atri, Vashishta and others! Son of Dasaratha! Seated in a gem bedecked throne under a bejeweled canopy, along with Sita! Of noble bearing! Purest of the pure! Friend of Subrahmanya! Moon to the ocean like clan of the Sun! Protector of the earth! Rama!

For song Hai Isi Mein Pyar Ki of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna Vol-12012-04-21 13:19:37
The greatness of a music director can be studied by the way he stresses on
every aspect of the song . Mala Sinha on whom all the great numbers of
Anpad was composed said that for every song Madanji discussed in detail
with her about her role & that was one of the important aspect of Madanjis
composition . No doubt on such sweet & melodious composition song after song

For song Tum Aaj Mere Sang Hans Lo of album: Aashiq2012-04-03 15:18:36
Kindly watch Live this Lively song in eternal memory of Raaj Saab & Mukesh Saab

For song Mehtab Tera Chehra of album: Aashiq2012-04-03 15:01:00
Remembering Mukeshji a lot . His voice which had a lot of K.L.Saigal in it & thus
was ideally suited for some great songs apart from the fact he was the voice for RajKapoor's till the very end .Particularly Shankar - JaiKishan used him with a telling effect , as they were not only the only Music directors for RK Films from 1948 -to 1968 but also due to the fact that RajKapoor saab had a wonderful ear for music they got Mukesh saab to give some truly great numbers . This film had many wonderful songs like this by Mukesh

For song Mann Mora Banwra of album: Raagini2012-04-03 14:39:55
This is one of the three songs that Rafi Saab sang for Kishore Saab , The other
2 being Ajab Hai Dastan from Sharaarath & Apni Aadat hai from Pyar Deewana . The reason for Rafi Saab singing was Kishore Saab was tried initially & he expressed his inability to get the desired results for the song

For song Main Bengali Chokra of album: Raagini2012-04-03 14:32:11
As in real Life so too in picture was Kishore Saab A Bengali & Padmini
though from Kerala grew up in Madras ( now Chennai ) . Hence it was an apt & wonderful picturisation , Lyrics , great composition & brilliant rendering by the ideally suited singers Kishore Saab & Aashaaji . A million thanks to Hummaa for uploading the song a highly popular song but strangely not many sites have it . We would be eternally greatful to Hummaa for this wonderful treat

For song Kal Raat Zindagi Se Mulaqat Ho Gayi of album: Palki2012-04-03 13:31:10
Rafi Saab alone could have rendered such an intricate composition which is a Hindustani Classical Raga Malika . What a composition by Naushad Saab who must have been inspired by the fact that the rendering was by Rafi Saab . Shakeel Saab too would be remembere eternally as The Tridev gave audience pleasure for over
18 years

For song Na Aadmi Ka Koi Bharosa of album: Aadmi2012-04-03 13:23:33
Naushaad Saab who Realised the immense talent of Rafi Saab used these
small poetry at the begining of the song like this song in many film . So Beautiful
this song is in all aspects & Rafi Saab singing is so melodious & haunting that Rafi Saab can never be away from his fans hearts even for a second is my honest opinion

For song Madhuban Mein Radhika Nache Re of album: Kohinoor2012-04-03 13:09:11
An incident took place after the song was composed recorded & presented to the Producer / Director for shooting . This song was
not accepted as The Producer felt it was too classical for audience approval & wanted the song to be re - composed .
Naushaad Saab totally broke down as so much of effort including almost a year training to Dili Saab for Sitar learning had gone into
the song . Naushad Saab informed Rafi Saab & Rafi Saab Immediately rushed to the Producer & pleaded him to retain the song &
said he would not take a single pie if the audience did not accept the song . It is history now to what extent this song contributed to
the success of Kohinoor & when the Director / Producer rushed to Rafi Saab house for payment after the release of the Film ,
Rafi saab refused the payment & said Audience acceptance is more than the fees for the song . What a song , composition ,
rendering & picturisation . Such song are once in a 1000 years song like Rafi Saab voice

For song Ehimudam of album: Narayana Teertha Tharangam2012-04-03 11:43:04
What a joy listening to this song , on the Divine BalakRishna . Malladi Brothers
Presentation is so beautiful that it would make any atmosphere filled with joy listening to this superlative song . Sri Narayana Theerthar to what extent was immersed in his love for the Lord can easily be visualised listening to this great treat

For song Brova Baramma of album: Brova Baramma Vol - 12012-04-03 11:24:32
What Talent , What a Gifted Voice & What a Wonderful style of Presentation This great Brothers Have . Bahudhari Raga is Beautiful, Brovabaramma Lyris is very beautiful & Malladi Brothers singing is too Beautiful . What a pleasure to hear them

For song Nanoru Vilaiyaatu ( Malladi Brother) of album: Brova Baramma Vol - 22012-04-03 10:44:21

Raagam: Navarasa KannaDa
Composer: Paapanasam Sivan


NAnoru viLaiyATTu bommaiyA jagannAyakiyE umaiyE undanukku


nAnilattil pala piravi eduttu tiNDADinadu pOdAdA undhnukku


aruLamudaip-paruga ammA ammA-venraluruvadaik-kETpadAnandamA
oru pughalinri un tiruvaDi aDaindEnE tiruvuLLam irangAdA undanukku


Am I toy figure (doll) for you Oh, Queen of the Universe, Oh, Uma?


Is it not enough for you that I have suffered, having taken several births on this earth?


Is it joyous for you to hear my cries of , oh mother in order to drink the nectar of your grace?

With no other refuge, I reach your gracious feet, would your heart take pity on me?

For song Mohanarama of album: Classical Greats2012-03-17 13:46:02
One of the greatest artist of Last century & with Chowdiah & Palghat Mani Iyer
Gave such music that it would ring in our years as long as we live . His rendition
style was yet another attraction factor . He put in so much into a song that it got lifted to Himalayan heights . His accompanying artiste too raised their level & the final result was sheer bliss . What rendition of this great Mohanam Athi Manoharam

For song Siva Siva Siva of album: Sambho Mahadeva Vol Ii2012-03-17 12:47:58
This rendition is by Madurai Somasundaram & The composer & Lyrics is indeed
By Saint Thyagaraja . Hummaa to correct

For song Manasa Sancharare (s.p.ramh) of album: Captivating Classics2012-03-17 12:06:46
As Beautiful as His Gurus ( Lalgudi Jayramans violin ) is the voice of
Sri S.P. Ramh He sings so well within his capacity & the pronounciation is so clear that one need not have lyrics to follow .All in all wonderful song & a wonderful artiste to render it

For song Sri Valli Devasenapathe of album: Captivating Classics2012-03-17 11:58:17
Meaning :
P: shrI vallI dEva sEnApatE = (To) the Lord of valli and dEvasEna
su+bramaNyA = The most eminent among brahman
namOstutE = prostrations be to You

A: dEvathA sArva bhauma = Who is the sovereign among the celestials
jaya jaya = victory victory
dvishaD-bhuja = 12-armed
kArtikEyA mEyA= being brought up equally by the krittikA nurse-maids

C: mAmava sadA shivakumArA = Protect me, O son of Shiva
vimAnI krta citra mayUrA = Who has a magnificent peacock as his steed
shrta kAmita phala dAyaka = Who fulfilles the prayers of the destitute
hatashUra = Who won over the asura warrirors
karuNA jaladhara = Whose compassion is comparable to an ocean
jagadAdhAra = Who supports this world

For song Enna Thavam (s.p.ramh) of album: Sweet Blend Of Tradition2012-03-17 11:46:27

What penance you did Yashodha?

To make the omnipresent parabrahmam call you Mother?

The one who created fourteen lokhas

hugged, cuddled, fed from you and heard your lullabies!

Even Brahma and Indra were jealous

to see you have the opp to tie the lord to a pounding stone so as to make him beg for your forgiveness!

Sanakaadhi rishi’s with all hardships and toiling attained the purity
that you got easily by being his mother!

For song Ksherabdi Kannike of album: Purandaradasar Krithis - Maharajapuram Santhanam2012-03-16 11:08:35
It is amazing that Sri Purandara Dasar who resided in Shimoga had travelled as far as
Thirumala , Kanchipuram , Sri Mooshnam which are atleast 500 kms away
from his native place & at a time when even routes to these places were not known
This is truly a great composition in all aspects

Meaning of this great Ragamalika
O mahalakSmi, the daughter of kSirAbhdi (tiruppArkaDaL), whom are you going become a wife of?

Will you marry SRI rAmAchandra mUrti who built the bridge (with the help of the monkeys)?
Will you marry SRI ananta padmanAbhan, the PARAMATMA, residing in tiruvanantapuram?
Will you marry SRI janArdhanA, who has the "primodial lotus" (residing in varkaLA near tiruvanantapuram)?
Will you marry SRI ranganAtA who resides in SRIrangam (near tirucchirApaLLi, tamizh nADu) and SRIrangapaTNam (near maisUrU, karNATakA)?

Will you marry our dear SRI chennakESavan of bELUra?

The first two wordscould be refering to mElkOtE SRI cheluva mUrti aka SRI cheluvanArAyaNasvAmi aka SRI sampathkumAran.

Will you marry SRI kRSNan of uDupi?

Will you marry SRI pANDurangan of paNDarIpuram?
O lotus eyed dame, tell us if will you marry SRI badarinArAyaNa from badrinAth?

There is an ancient temple near anantapura (andrapradESam) with a deity with the SRI mAdhavarAyan. It could refer to him too. puruSOttam here could refer to puruSOtta perumAL of dEvaprayag aka kanDam ennum kaDinagar. This temple is on the way to badrinAth and has 10 pAsurams from tirumangaiyAzhvAr.

Will you marry tirukacchi SRI varadarAjan, whom devEndran prays to? (archana means to pray with flowers or tulasi leaves)
Will you marrySRImuSNam SRI AdivarahAn, whom the asurAs prostrate before?
Will you marry SRI ranganAyaka, who lies eternally on the AdiSESa bed?

Will you marry tirumAlirumsOlai SRI azhagan aka SRI azhagirISan?

Will you marry sArangapANi, from kumbakONam aka tirukkuDandai, the one who protects SaraNagatAs (prapannAs)?

Will you marry SRI SRInivAsan, who gives us various boons?
Will you marry rAjagOpAlan of mannArguDi (aka champakAraNyam) who destroyed the clan of kuru (kauravAs)?
Will you marry SRI purandaraviTTala, who remains same (unchanged with respect to dESa, kalA and vastu)?

For song Aaja Re Aa of album: Love In Tokyo2012-03-10 12:08:43
What A song , Truly intoxicating , On this sad day Of Joy Saab's death One can visualise his superb performance in this film & along with the Golden voice of Rafi Saab , great picturisation & fabulous makes it truly a memorable song . A rich tribute to Joy Mukherjee Saab & Rafi Saab

For song Main Pyar Ka Rahi Hoon of album: Ek Musafir Ek Hasina2012-03-10 11:22:39
As I listen to this song Memory goes back 50 years seeing the great pair of Sadhana & Joy Mukherjee Saab. A great Flamboyant star of the Sixties it was so sad to see in the paper today the passing away of another Golden era Star . Joy saab With Rafi Saab voice would be eternally remembered . Our deep condolences to his Family . Thank you Joy Saab for all the wonderful, joyful entertainment you gave us . May your soul rest in peace

For song Sobillu Saptaswara of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 12012-03-08 12:45:24
This wonderful rendering by MSS Ammaa is in the Raga Jagan Mohini
O Mind (“manasa”)! Praise (“Bhajimpave”) the divine forms (“sundarula”) of the seven (“sapta”) musical notes (“svara”).
Which glow (“yandu”) in the navel (“naabhi”), heart (“hrut”), neck (“kanta”), tongue (“rasana”) and nose (“naasaadhula”) of the human body.
Which shine in the four Vedas (“Dhara Rig Samaadulalo”) and in the sublime Gayathri Mantra as its essence (“Hrudayamuna”). Which sparkle (“shubha”) in the hearts (“maanasamuna”) of the celestials (“sura”), of worthy Bhusuras and of Tyagaraja.

For song Ikanaina of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 22012-03-08 12:18:38
Hearing this song , I would like to quote Sri T.M.Krishna Which would summarise
MSS Amma's Rendering
T.M.Krishna writes
Ikanainanaa a small krithi in a obscure raga called Pushpalathika. What can you do with this krithi? A very small krithi and a raga which hardly has any scope? Well if M.S.Subbalakshmi was with us today and singing you would have heard the answer from her. Her nereval at the line Akalanka Neeve took all of us to dizzy heights.

For song Silar Sirippaar of album: Paava Mannippu2012-03-04 16:10:42
Pava Mannipu , Paasa Malar , Paalum Paghamum , Parthal Pasi Thirum & Padithal
Mattum Podhuma had many things in common , Outstanding film , Outstanding music,story , picturisation , & last but not least superlative music by MSV Sir & What a divine gifted Golden voice of P.Susheela Ammaa & T.M.Sounder Rajan Sir at
their peak . These would remain eternal . Music at its very best .One had to just close their eyes & you are transported to a divine world

For song Jo Achyuthananda Jo Jo Mukunda of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-52012-02-11 11:59:56
In this lullaby, Mother Yasoda sings about the pranks of her beloved little Krishna.

P jO atchyutAnanda jO jO mukundA
rAve paramAnanda rAma gOvindA ||

jo Achyutananda, jo jo Mukunda. Come, supreme happiness, come Rama Govinda. ||

C nandu ninTanu chEri nayamu meeranga
chandra vadanulu neeku sEva chEyanga
andamuga vArinDla ADu chundanga
mandalaku donga mAmuddu ranga ||

You reached Nanda's house for good. Beautiful women are serving you. Your play in their house is lovely. Some call you a thief. You are our dear Ranga. ||

C angajuni kanna mAyanna iTu rArA
bangAru ginne lO pAlu pOsErA
donga neevani satulu bonku chunnArA
mungiTa ADarA mOhanAkArA ||

You are the father of Manmadha, come here. Here is milk in a golden bowl. All the maidens are lying that you are a thief. Come and play in my yard, my fascinating boy. ||

C anguga tALLa pAka annamayya chAlA
sringAra rachanagA cheppe nee jOlA
sangati sakala sampadala nee vELa
mangaLamu tiru paTla madana gOpAla ||

Talla paka Annamaiah tells this beautiful lullaby. This will yield all prosperity. Good wishes to you, oh Madana Gopala. ||

For song NAMARAMAYANA of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-32012-02-09 09:31:59
The composer of this great Nama Ramayanam is Sri Lakshmanachar
Reference :

For song Babul Ki Duayen Leti Ja of album: Neel Kamal2012-02-04 15:52:00
Rafi Saab actually broke down in tears during the recording of “Babul Ki Duwayein Leti Ja” (Neel Kamal) since one of his own daughters had just married and left the house a few days before. He voluntered to re-record the song to MD Ravi’s liking, but Ravi Saab said ” you have brought out the genuine feelings of a father seeing his daughter leaving the house after her marriage…there will be no change..the song will stay as is”.

For song Vinayaka Vigna Vinasaka of album: Sathya Sai Sangithanjali2012-01-19 12:10:00
This song was released under the Album Sathya Sai Sangithanjali in 1996
When Ammaa turned 80 years . Probably this was the last Album in Ammas
Golden career . This beautiful song is as sweet as any other thousands rendered by Amma even at this age

For song Sadhinchene of album: Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis2012-01-13 10:12:34
This is the Third of The Pancha Rathna Krithis & is in the Ragam Aarabhi
Sri Balamurali Krishna a True exponent of Thyagaraja Krithis has really sung outstandingly the Pancha Rathna Krithis & this is no exception so
perfect in all aspects

For song Duduku Gala of album: Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis2012-01-13 09:59:40
This is the second of The Pancha Rathna Krithis & is in the Ragam Gaula
Smt Vedavalli a wonderful Traditional Artiste has sung it very well & so pleasant to hear

For song Jagadanandakaraka of album: Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis2012-01-13 09:51:26
This is the first of The Pancha Rathna Krithis & is in the Ragam Nattai
Artiste would have assembled in Thiruvayyar today & singing the Pancha Rathna Krithis in Front of Sri Thyagaraja Samadhi

For song Sakala Graha Bala of album: Songs Of Purandaradasa2011-12-29 13:35:17
Splendid Voice & enjoyment listening to the song is totally fulfilled thanks
to the contribution by the members in the form of meaning . Yes Prayers to the Allmighty is the ultimate , All the ill effects can be warded off if we have our total trust on the creator . Afterall we are just puppets in this earth

For song Ragithandeero of album: Purandharadasar Krithis2011-12-29 13:17:48
What a beautiful Composition & splendid rendering by Sudha Raghunadhan
Thanks to all who have contributed the meaning . Really what philosophy
& what a Karunya Nadha was Sri Purandara Dasar & how blessed the Family should be . All in all a very great song The enjoyment listening to is greatly enhanced by the meaning posted

For song Paraku Madade of album: Carnatic Vocal (purandaradasa Songs) Vol 22011-12-29 12:47:33
This beautiful song sung by one of the greatest artiste of Carnatic Music , Smt M.L.VasanthaKumari Ammaa is in the raga Saveri

For song Kandudhanyanaadey of album: Sri Purandhara2011-12-28 11:22:50
A beautiful Sri Purandara Dasar Krithi is taken to the height of beauty by such sweet & soft renedring by Subhashree & Charumathi . So soothening to the ears . One totally gets drowned into this great song

For song Ini Oru Kanam of album: Brindavan2011-12-28 10:38:56
Such a great soft voice of Bombay Jayshree is ideally suited for this song
to prostrate before Yadhukulanadha & pour your heart . Splendid rendering & such soul touching Lyrics

For song Kanaiththilang of album: Thiruppavai2011-12-28 09:30:43
Young buffalo yearns for calf, mumbles;
Milk dribbles from udder and home a mire wet;
Thou, sister of a fair and wealthy, with a snow hail
Over the head, as we clench thy entrance
We pray Him the Delight of our mind,
He by His wrath had let
The monarch of Lanka South trounced;
Shalt arise now the very least
What a grand sleep thou acquiesce
Residents all aware and muse,
Open thy mouth! Listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Katrukkaravai of album: Thiruppavai2011-12-27 09:41:41
Thou, daughter of a cowherd, who
Sans a single guilt, milks many a milk-cow
Daunts arrogance, preempt stuns at its precincts;
Thy girdle seems a serpent in pit;
Wild jungle peacock, start!
All neighbour mates have arrived now
Entered thy courtyard in grace
And sing the name of cloud colour'd yet
Creeper gold! Unperturb'd and mute
Drowsest thou; what for, our pet?
Beloved bride, listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Seethamma of album: Trinity - Hyderabad Brothers2011-12-26 10:39:12
This beautiful krithi so wonderfully rendered by Hyd Brothers is in the
Raga Vasantha

For song Notru Chuvarkkam of album: Thiruppavai2011-12-26 10:12:46
You lady would fast until enter Heaven;
If one wouldn't open entry, should she not speak?
Adorn'd fragrant basil crown, Narayana virtuous
Bestows the desire on our prayer;
Of yore consigned Kumbakarna to death.
Has that demon, lost in contest peak,
Handed the grand sleep over unto thee?
Lazy to the core
Thou shalt precious decor
Trimmed and dressed, open the door;
Listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Toomani Maadaththu of album: Thiruppavai2011-12-25 09:57:17
This beautiful Pasuram is in the Raga Hameer Kalyani Wonderfully sung by the group

For song Aaj Udta Hua Ek Panchhi of album: Gehra Daag2011-12-24 20:08:27
Like a Happy Bird flying . The music of Ravi Saab & Rafi saab rendering would bring cheers to any one whatever the painful situation they may be .Very very beautiful Such a joy to hear it

For song Zindagi Kya Hai Gham Ka Dariya of album: Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya2011-12-24 19:57:58
What a rendering at an octave beyond the reach of anyone else . That too
the high octave is there for such a long period & the Golden voice renders it so wonderfully . Truly a divine soul is Rafi saab

For song Na Jhatko Zulf Se Pani of album: Shehnai2011-12-24 19:53:05
Great Composition , Lyrics & brilliant rendering by Rafi Saab . What a song just too good & superb

For song Door Rah Kar Na Karo Baat of album: Amaanat2011-12-24 19:44:58
On His Birthday today, How we all wish that the word of the songs come true Dhoor Raha Kar ( Heavens ) Karibh Aaajawo (come nearer to your Fans )

For song Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye To of album: Pyaasa2011-12-24 19:38:28
If one has seen the film one can enjoy Rafi saab's voice & modulation ten times more .His voice has so wonderfully brought out The pain in Gurudutt's mind ,Superb Lyrics & Burmanda's composition truly outstanding . This song was so popular in Binaca geeth mala of Radio Ceylon in 1956

For song Tu Kahan Ye Bata of album: Tere Ghar Ke Samne2011-12-24 19:18:58
It is so sad to think that every one associated with this song have left their mortal soul . Their creation would remain for many hundred years . The mischievous Devanand Roaming in the street at Night with his typical style in this song would stay on for ever in his fans mind . All in all a great song

For song Dekhi Zamane Ki Yaari of album: Kaagaz Ke Phool2011-12-24 18:57:33
What a song .It is totally Rafi Saab rendering all the way that has taken this song
to a totally different platform . It is so sad that there is just no one to render such soulful rendering.One can see Rafi Saab getting into the mould of Gurudutt & singing . Exceptional voice & rendering

For song Khoya Khoya Chand Khula Aasman of album: Kala Bazar2011-12-24 18:47:19
The trio Burmanda - Devanand & Rafi Sab combined in many films .This was the first film of the Trio & what composition & Rafi Saab 's rendering brought out each & every movement of GregoryPeck of Bollywood

For song Sar Jo Tera Chakraye of album: Pyaasa2011-12-24 18:42:34
This was the earliest film which began the wonderful association between
Burmanda & Rafi Saab & all were superlative songs . In this particular song for Jhonny walker Rafi Saab has so wonderfully brought out the situation in the film ,Burmanda's composition is truly splendid

For song Tumse Kahoon Ek Baat of album: Dastak (1970)2011-12-24 12:13:18
What a composition & what rendering By Rafi Saab . This song has been definitely created outside this earth by 2 divine personalities The very fact that both died so young only shows they were 2 extraordinary human beings . One is totally engrossed only in this song & surroundings just does not exist . Very Very beautiful . What 3 great creators each a Giant , Madan Saab , Rafi Saab & majrooh saab . Songs like this have disappeared for ever .

For song Happy Birthday To You of album: Door Ki Awaz2011-12-24 11:17:16
We remember this great singer who would have been 87 today ( 24-12-1924)

For song Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye Happy Birthday To You of album: Farz2011-12-24 11:05:39
Happy Birthday to Rafi Saab , truly more than an outstanding divine gifted singer , He was the greatest divine gift of an Human being , God gave this gift to show the people how to remain , humble, simple , pleasant & charitable inspite of wearing a Golden crown as probably the greatest & the only singer whose golden throated voice , an octave only a divine gifted child can reach & a treasurewhich to me is a greater treasure than any monetary or immovable properties .The pleasure of listening to Rafi Saaab is the ultimate pleasure in life . Thank you God for this great gift

For song Kisi Ki Yaad Men Duniya Ko of album: Jahan Ara2011-12-24 10:35:29
What a great Gazal by Madanji & just cannot find words . Rafi Saab is
like as if he had sung all through his life Gazals . Add to The Golden Throat voice ,it takes the listeners far far away from this universe .

For song O Duniya Ke Rakhwale of album: Baiju Bawra2011-12-24 09:38:54
In an Interview Naushad Saab Said that a convict going to the gallows was asked what his last wish was & he said he wanted to listen to Oh Dhuniya Ke Rakhwale as there is a stanza Oh Jeevan Apna Vapas lele Jeevan Dhene wale . Nausha also added that after rehearsing the song for 10 days & recording it Rafi Saab voice was totally gone for a fortnight .There was also a rumour that he was spitting blood ,such is the greatness of this song , The type of song we may never hear in many many years

For song Keezhvaanam of album: Thiruppavai2011-12-24 09:29:33
Orient sky is pale; the buffalo
Before gives milk plods to graze the field, Lo!
Girls go abreast in gang and the remnant
Are told to await to have thee;
We call at thee astand; girl zealot!
If we pray, procure the desire our vow
By reaching the Divine among Divine and sing
Him who had split snout of the devil
Kill'd wrestlers and quell'd;
He shall hearken our welfare and spell;
Arise, listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Keechu Keechendrengum of album: Thiruppavai2011-12-23 08:50:17
Can't thou listen to the kingcrow mingled all around?
The clatter--’Keesu Keesu’, a medley
Gurgling noise of curd by churndash
Hands moving see-saw, to alter,
Of Ayar women with tresses fragrant and
Coins clanking in their necklace seedy;
Thou devilish lass, our chief, conceive;
As we sing Narayana moorthy Kesava
Shouldst thou lie-along well orient'd?
Lay open thou radiant
Listen and consider our damsel.

For song Pullum Silambina Kaan of album: Thiruppavai - 12011-12-22 09:26:48
Behold! Birds clanged; whitish conch
At the abode of eagle's king is blaring;
Won't thou listen? Lassie arise!
Poison, He sucked from devil' s breast
Kicked deftly the treacherous cart, to a shatter
On the serpent alighted in ocean had set sleeping;
Kept this seed in mind, monks and yogis
Arise gently and Hari they mumble;
This chant pierces the mind as a rumble;
Awakens and enthuses like a roar to assemble
Listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Maayanai of album: Thiruppavai2011-12-21 09:30:35
The elusive son of blooming North Mathura;
Riverman de facto of grand Yamuna pure;
Appear'd in Ayar tribe a glow lamp and
Brought sanctity to mother's womb;
If we reach pure, shower fine flower and
Worship Him, Damodara the Lure;
With song in lips, mind engross'd,
The sins committed deliberate or inadvertent
In the past, present and future entire
Shall be burnt a refuse in bonfire;
Prithee, listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Maayanai Mannu of album: Thiruppavai - 12011-12-21 09:28:31
The elusive son of blooming North Mathura;
Riverman de facto of grand Yamuna pure;
Appear'd in Ayar tribe a glow lamp and
Brought sanctity to mother's womb;
If we reach pure, shower fine flower and
Worship Him, Damodara the Lure;
With song in lips, mind engross'd,
The sins committed deliberate or inadvertent
In the past, present and future entire
Shall be burnt a refuse in bonfire;
Prithee, listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Mudi Ondri - of album: Sangeetha Kalanidhi M.s.subbulakshmi -22011-12-20 10:53:20
muDi onRi mUvulagangaLum ANDu-un
aDiyERkaruL enRu avan pin toDarnda
paDiyil guNattup parada nambikku anRu
aDi nilai IndAnaip pADip paRa!
ayOttiyar kOmAnaip pADip paRa!

kALiyan poygai kalangap pAyndiTTu-avan
nIL muDi aindilum ninRu naDam Seidu
mILa avanukku aruL Seida vittagan
tOL vali vIramE pADip paRa!
tU maNi vaNNanaip pADip paRa!

mAyac cagaDam udaittu marudu iRuttu
AyargaLODu pOi AniRai kAttu-aNi
vEyin kuzhal Udi vittaganAi ninRa
AyargaL ETRinaip pADip paRA!
AniRai mEittAnaip pADipaRA!

kArAr kaDalai aDaittiTTu ilangai pukku
OrAdAn pon muDi onbadODu onRaiyum
nErA avan tambikkE nIL arasu INda
ArA amudanaip pADip paRa!
ayOddiyar vEndanaip pADip paRA!

For song Ninuvina Namadendu of album: M S Subbulalakshmi Specials2011-12-20 10:02:36

This great Thyagaraja Krithi is a favourite for instrumental artist as the high octave & the twist in krithis is easily played . MSS Ammaa by shear gift of voice , endless practice & perfection in the art of presentation has turned her divine voice into an instrument rendering it so superbly & wonderfully . That one would never get tired of listening to it even after many many times . Such is the Krithi , & rendering

For song Bhajo Re Bhaiya of album: M.s.subbulakshmi - Main Nahin Makhan Khayo2011-12-20 09:48:37

Sthayi: Bhajo re Bhaiya Ram Govind Hari ..........

Anthra 1: Jap thap saadan kachu nahi laagat ....2....

Karachat nahi ghatri ....2....

Bhajo re Bhaiya......

Anthra 2: Santhat sampat sukh ke kaaran ....2....

Jaso bhool pari ....2....

Bhajo re Bhaiya.....

Anthra 3: Kahat kabira ja mukh ram nahin ....2....

Wah mukh dhool bhari ....2....

Bhajo re Bhaiya......

For song Aazhi Mazhai Kanna of album: Thiruppavai2011-12-20 09:36:11
Oh! Rain! Gracious alike ocean, pupil of my eye;
Thou shalt never flout this attitude
Enter sea, emerge replete, ascend a mass dark in space;
Colour a la form of Lord Eternal, Let lightning flash
Thunder shoot as wheel and dextrogyral
In the hands of Padmanabha, His arms a fortitude;
Brook no delay, force a cloud burst;
Pour down as would darts from Sarnga lash
To facilitate life on earth bright;
And the Margali bath to our delight;
Listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Azhimazhai Kanna of album: Thiruppavai - 12011-12-20 09:32:17
Oh! Rain! Gracious alike ocean, pupil of my eye;
Thou shalt never flout this attitude
Enter sea, emerge replete, ascend a mass dark in space;
Colour a la form of Lord Eternal, Let lightning flash
Thunder shoot as wheel and dextrogyral
In the hands of Padmanabha, His arms a fortitude;
Brook no delay, force a cloud burst;
Pour down as would darts from Sarnga lash
To facilitate life on earth bright;
And the Margali bath to our delight;
Listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Ongi Ulagalantha of album: Thiruppavai - 12011-12-19 09:46:39
Should we sing the name of the magnanimous
Outgrown and meted the world and assent
To bathe for deity, rain it shall, pour country over
Thrice monthly with no despair;
Shall facilitate tall growth of fine paddy crop.
Carp to jump amidst like aquabatic feat,
Spotted bee to perch on lily fair and
Donor cows to stand still, with udders thick,
Allow milking to fill vessels copious;
To ordain never vanishing wealth bounteous;
Listen and consider our damsel.

For song Vaiyathu Vazhveergal of album: Thiruppavai - 12011-12-18 10:44:02

Meaning of this 2 nd Pasuram

You who enjoy life on earth, listen!
The rituals for deity go through we duteous;
Chant the foot of the Supremo who had
Reposed in stealth on the ocean milky;
Bathe we early; relish not ghee or milk
Nor would kemp, nor adorn with flower beauteous;
Grace not with eyeliner; nor bid deeds forbidden;
Nor go around ear kiss tale or malicious gossip
Help the worthy and poor utmost by gift or alms toss'd
With mind pleasant, study the chores engross'd;
Listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Margazhi Thingal of album: Thiruppavai - 12011-12-17 09:42:08
These beautiful Hymns of Goddess Andal have been so wonderfully sung by MLV Amma . The 78 RPM Columbia records were first released in 1960
& till today it is as popular as it was 50 years back that is the charisma of Smt M.L.Vasanthakumari's presentation

It's Margali month, moon replete and the day is proper
We shall bathe, girls of Ayarpadi prosperous
Will you move out? You wealthy adorn'd fine jewels;
Narayana, son of relentless Nandagopala,
Whose job wielding a sharp spike ever alert and
The lion cub of Yasoda with eye gracious
And the lad with dark complexion, handsome eye
And face sunny bright pleasant as moon
Sure shall grant us the desire soon
To the esteem of this earth as a boon;
Oblige, involve, listen and consider, our damsel.

For song Entamatramu of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-22011-12-10 10:49:07

The original Version of this song starts of with a Virutam . In a nutshell
the meaning of the Virutam is that it is believed that Lord Shiva & Lord Venkateswara are together in the abode of Thirumala Hills Blessing & gracing the Pilgrims

thAzh sadaiyum nILmudiyum * oNmazhuvum chakkaramum *
sUzharavum ponnANum thOnRumAl ** - sUzhum
thiraNdaruvi pAyum * thirumalai mEl endhaikku *
iraNduruvum onRAy isaindhu

entamAtramu - rAgamAlika
In this song Annamaiah tells that the grace of God depends on how well a person thinks of him irrespective of the various ways of worship.

P enta mAtramuna evvaru talachina anta mAtramE neevu
antarAntamu lenchi chooDa pinDantE nippaTi yannaTlu || Oh Venkatapati,your presence and grace depend upon how well a person thinks about you.When I observe sincerely,it is just like the size and quality of a pan-cake depending on the batter.

C 1 koluturu mimu vaishNavulu koorimitO vishNuDani
palukuduru mimu vEdAntulu para brahmambanuchu
talaturu mimu Saivulu tagina bhaktulanu SivuDanuchu
alari pogaDuduru kApAliku lAdi bhairavuDanuchu || The Vaishnavas worship you with reverence as Vishnu.
The Vedic philosophers tell that you are the Supreme Conscience.
The Saivas believe that you are Siva and the Kapalikas praise
You as Adibhairava.
C 2 sari nennuduru SAktEyulu Sakti roopu neevanuchu
dariSanamulu mimu nAnA vibhulanu talapula koladulu bhajinturu
sirula mimu nE alpabuddhi talachina vAriki alpambouduvu
garimala mimu nE ghanamani dalachina ghana buddhlaku ghanuDavu|| The Sakteyas consider you as the manifestation of the supreme power Sakti. People chant your praise in a number of ways.Ignorant people assume
that you are insignificant.The wise recognise your infinite greatness.
C 3 nee valana koratE lEdu mari neeru koladi tAmeravu
Avala bhAgiradhi dari bAvula A jalamE oorinayaTlu
Sree venkaTapati neevaitE mamu chEkoni vunna daivamani
eevalanE nee SaraNanedanu idiyE paratatvamu nAku. || You are like the vast water pool to spread the lotus flowers.
It is only the water of Bhagiradhi river that seeps into the wells by her side.
Oh Sri Venkatapati,you are our protector.
I surrender at your feet.It is transcendental bliss for me.

For song Koluvudee Bhakthin Kondala of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-52011-12-10 10:21:51

koluvuDee bhakti koladi - kEdAra gowLa

In this song Annamaiah advises us to worship Lord of the seven hills in all devotion.He says that Lord Venkateswara is primeval,engrosses in Sama Vedam,hates none,loves the pious and is beyond our comprehension.
P koluvuDee bhakti koladi kOnETi
nilayuni Sri nidhi yaina vAni || Worship the Lord of the hills in all devotion. He is the repository of wealth dwelling near the(pushkarini)tank.

C 1 Adi dEvuni abhavuni sAma
vEda nAda vinoduni nera
vAdi jitapriyuni nirmala tatva
vAdula jeevanamaina vAni Worship the primeval Lord,the birthless one,the Lord that revels in the musical sound of Sama Vedam,the skillfull one, the one who conquered hatred and the one who is the way of life for the pious natured.
C 2 dEvadEvudaina divyuni sarva
bhAvAteeta swabhAvuni
Sri venkaTagiri dEvudaina para
dEvuni bhudEva tatparuni || Worship the divine and Supreme Lord whose nature is beyond anybody's comprehension,the Lord of Venkata mountain,the transcendental God and the Lord of the Earth.

For song Parama Purusha of album: 50 Glorious Classical Years2011-12-10 09:54:25
What a Beautiful & Divine rendering By MSS Ammaa this Shanmuga Priya
Krithi & How beautiful this krithis is can be understood by the composition of this song

parama purusha nirupamAna - shanmukhapriya
In this song Annamaiah describes the divine appearence and the glory of Lord Venkatesa.

P parama purusha nirupamAna SaraNu SaraNu rE
indirA nija mandirA|| Oh supreme lord,You are unparalleled. I surrender to you. Your heart is Lakshmi's abode.

C 1 kamala nAbha kamala nayana
kamala charaNa rE
amita sura muni nAtha yoodhapa nAyaka varadAyaka || Your navel is lotus like.You are lotus eyed. You are the Lord of multitudes of Devatas and sages. You are the care taker of the cows. You are the bestower of boons.
C 2 chatura mooriti chatura bAhu Sankha chakra dhara
atiSaya Sri venkaTAdhipa anjana kruti ranjana || You are absolute. You are four armed wielding conch and discus. Oh Lord of the Venkata hill,you are marvellous. You are praised by Anjaneya.

For song Deva Devam Bhaje of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-12011-12-10 09:44:57
DEva dEvam bhajE- hindOLam
In this sanskrit song Annamayya describes Sri Rama as the greatest king,as the destroyer of demons and as the savior of the righteous.

P dEva dEvam bhajE divya prabhAvam
rAvaNAsura vairi raNa pungavam|| Worship the Lord of all Gods.He is glorious. He is the enemy of the demon king Ravana. He is valiant.

C 1 rAja vara SEkharam ravi kula sudhAkaram
AjAnubAhum neelAbhra kAyam
rAjAri kOdanDa rAja deekshA gurum
rAjeeva lOchanam rAmachandram || He is the most eminent king.He is the moon of the Sun dynasty. He is very handsome with perfect body.He is blue. He wields the bow of Parasurama the enemy of Kshatriya clan. His eyes resemle a lotus.
C 3 pankajAsana vinuta parama nArAyaNam
SankarArjita janaka chApa daLanam
lankA vinAsanam lAlita vibheeshaNam
venkaTESam sAdhu vibhudha vinutam || He is adored by Brahma seated on lotus. He is the supreme Narayana.He lifted the invincible bow of Janaka which was obtained from Siva. He conqured Lanka and comfoted Vibheeshana. He is Venkatesa who is worshipped by sages and learned

For song Cheri Yasodaku Sisuvu of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-12011-12-10 09:36:27
chEri yaSOdaku - mOhana
Annamaiah praises Yasoda's child Krishna in this song, saying that even the most depressed persons become happy by his influence. He adds that those who surrender to him would be liberated.

P chEri yaSodaku SiSu vitaDu
dhAruNi brahma ku tandriyu nitaDu || This boy is Yasoda's child.
He is the father of Brahma. ||
C solasi choochinanu soorya chandrulanu
lali veda jalleDu lakshaNuDu
nilichina niluvuna nikhila dEvatala
kaliginchu surala gani vO itaDu || He is unique with briliance of the sun and the moon.
He invigorates the tired ones.
He is the creator of all devatas.
He is the gold mine for devatas. ||
C mungiTa bolasina moHana mAtmala
ponginchE ghana purushuDu
sangati mAvanTi SaraNAgatulaku
sangamu Sree vEnkatAdhipuDu itaDu || He is the great person before you and he overwhelms all.
Sri Venkatesa is the confluence of soul and supersoul for those who surrender to him.

For song Marali Marali Jayamangalamu of album: Lakshmi Kataksham2011-12-09 12:04:44
MSsubbulakshmi's renderation of annamacharya keertana Marali marali jaya mangaLamu Soridi nichchalunu Subha mangaLamu || Again and again wish you victory and auspiciousness.|| C 1 kamaLA ramanuniki kamalAkshunakunu mamatala jaya jaya mangaLamu amara jananikini amara vandyunaku sumuhoortamutO Subha mangaLamu || Affectionate wishes to beautiful Lakshmi and her consort Venkatesa for their success. Best wishes at the most auspicious time to divine mother and Lord who is worshipped by Devatas. || C 2 jaladhi kanyakaku jaladhi Sayikini malayuchunu Subha mangaLamu kalimi kAntaku Akaliki vibhunikini suLuvula Arati Subha mangaLamu || Most auspicious wishes to the daughter of oceans and her Lord that reclines on ocean. Most propitious wishes to the prosperous lady Lakshmi and her Lord. || C 3 Chittaju talliki Sri vEnkaTa patiki Mattillina jaya mangaLamu Ittala nattala iruvura kougiTi Jottula ratulaku Subha mangaLamu || Auspicious wishes to Lakshmi, the mother of Manmatha and Sri Venktapati. Wish perpetual auspiciousness to the divine consorts blushing in the embrace of Sri Venkatapati. ||

For song Meenakshi Pancharatnam of album: Pooja Phalam2011-12-09 11:43:44
What a divine rendering , Gives you the feeling of our physical presence before the deity at Meenakshi Temple & Enjoying the Divine Darshan of Goddess Meenakshi

Udyath bhanu sahasra koti sadrusam, Keyura harojjwalam,
Bimboshtim smitha danthapankthi ruchiram, peetambaralankrutham,
Vishnu brahma surendra sevitha patham, Thathwa swaroopam shivam,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham, karunya vara nithim. 1

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who shines like billions of rising suns,
Who wears a shining crown,
Who has reddish lips like the Bimba fruits,
Who has shining rows of sparkling teeth,
Who decorates herself with reddish silk,
Whose feet is worshipped by Vishnu, Brahma and Indra,
Who is the consort Of Lord Shiva,
And who is the personification of sacred truth.

Mukthahara lasath kireeda ruchiram, poornendu vakthra prabham,
Sinchannupura kinkini manidaram, padmaprabha basuram,
Sarvabeeshta bala pradham giri sutham, vani rama sevitham,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham, karunya vara nithim. 2

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who shines in a crown decorated by garland of pearls,
Whose face shines similar to the full moon,
Who wears tinkling anklets full of gems,
Who shines like a fully opened lotus,
Who blesses her devotees with all their wishes,
Who is the daughter of the mountain,
And who is served by Goddess Saraswathi and Lakshmi.

Sri vidhyam shiva vama bhaga nilayam, hreenkara mantrojwalam,
Sri chakrangitha bindu Madhya vasathim, Srimath sabha nayakeem,
Srimath shanmuga vignaraja jananim, sriman jagan mohinim,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham, karunya vara nithim. 3

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who is the sacred knowledge of Sri Vidhya,
Who dwells in the left side of Lord Shiva,
Who shines with the sacred sound “Hreem”,
Who is in the central dot of the holy design of Sri Chakra,
Who is the lady presiding over the court of Lord Shiva,
Who is the mother of Lord Subramnya and Ganesa,
And who is the enchanter of the universe.

Srimath Sundara nayakim, bhaya haram, jnana pradham Nirmalam,
Syamabham kalasanarchitha padam,narayanasyaanujam,
Veena venu mrudanga vadhya rasikam, nana vidham ambikam,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham, karunya vara nithim. 4

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who is the consort of Lord Sundaresa,
Who removes fears,
Who grants knowledge,
Who is purest of the pure,
Who is black in colour,
Whose feel are worshipped by lotus flowers,
Who is the sister of Lord Narayana,
Who enjoys music from Veena, drum and flute,
And who is the goddess of varied aspects.

Nana yogi muneendra hrudsu vasatheem, nanartha sidhi pradham,
Nana pushpavirajithangri yugalam, narayanen architham,
Nada brahma mayim parath para tharam, nanartha thathwathmikam,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham, karunya vara nithim. 5

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who stays in the hearts of different yogis and saints,
Who grants different wealth and occult powers,
Whose feet shine with various flowers,
Who is worshipped by Lord Narayana,
Who is the all pervasive sound of the holy spirit,
Who is greater than the great,
And who is the meaning of various philosophies.

For song Durga Pancharatham of album: Pooja Phalam2011-12-09 11:31:55
What a great composition by Sri Kanch Perival. And so divinely rendered
by MSS Amma .Beautiful is too small a word to a truly Divine composition & rendering

Salutations to Durga
te dyanayoganugata apashayan
Those adopting meditation (Dhyana) and contemplation (yoga) saw,
You as the only divine Goddess hidden in her own qualities
And you are the only power behind the great God of universe,
And so please protect me, oh goddess of all and oh giver of salvation.
devatma shaktihi sruti vakya geeta
You are the self power of the divine , sung about by the Vedas,
Delighted in front of great saints propitiating you ,
Who have established yourselves in their hearts as Truth,
And so please protect me, oh goddess of all and oh giver of salvation.
parasya shaktihi vividhaiva suryaese
You are His Shakthi called Para, which is spoken in different ways,
You are the one who is being celebrated by Swethavatara* Upanishad,
You are by your nature , the power force in all actions and wisdom,
And so please protect me , oh goddess of all and oh giver of salvation.

devatma shabedena shivatma Bhuta
Formed by Self-power of sound of Siva’s aatma
You are declared by sacred texts as the sound of Anahatha**,
Which exists in Kurma and Vayavya*** as Shakthi
You are known as one cutting off worldly attachments (or the rope that drags you to
And so please protect me, oh goddess of all and oh giver of salvation.

twam brahma puccha vividha mayuri
Hey Mayuri*, you are praised as the route to Brahmam,
You are the form of Brahamam established by the Bhagwad Gita too,
You are the wisdom personified, enact the sport of creation
And so please protect me, oh goddess of all and oh giver of salvation.

For song Mohanarama of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 12011-12-08 12:34:26

Members Have provided us exhaustive explanation of this great Saint Thyagaraja Krithi . A song in whichever raga or composition it may be really becomes beautiful & captivating to hear in the way it is rendered .
As it is both a tribute & respect to the composer & to the millions who listen to it . Sri Santhanam's wonderful rendition of Mohana Rama in The Raga Mohanam is a real mohanam to the ears . What a rendition . Everything disappears from the listeners other than the sweet ringing melody

For song Saramegani of album: Master Piece Vol I (maharajapuram Santhanam)2011-12-08 12:09:20

Very Rightly said , This song is truly Amazing in every respect .Starting from The composition , to Pantuvarali Raga , Sri Santhanam rendering & accompanying artiste are just superb & take the song to a zenith level

For song Hari Haraputhram of album: Live At Music Academy 19902011-12-08 11:31:47
hariharaputraṃ śāstāraṃ sadā bhajē(a)haṃ
māyā kāryaṃ tyajēham
hari hara putraṃ śāstāraṃ sadā bhajē(a)haṃ
māyā kāryaṃ tyajēham

mura harādi 1mōhita śauri giri vihāraṃ
muraḷī bhērī vādyādi priya-karaṃ
prārthita putra pradaṃ vasanta nata bṛndaṃ
2dīrghāyuḥpradaṃ dīna jana 3phala pradam
mura hara-ādi mōhita śauri giri vihāraṃ
muraḷī bhērī vādya-ādi priya-karaṃ
prārthita putra pradaṃ vasanta nata bṛndaṃ
dīrghāyuḥpradaṃ dīna jana phala pradam

For song Sri Chakraraja of album: Bho Shambo2011-12-08 10:08:28
Meaning of this beautiful RagaMalika Made more beautiful by Sri Santhanam's
Golden voice . Really What a composition on Goddess Devi

pallavi (sencuruTTi)
SrI cakra rAja simhAsanESwari SrI lalitAmbikE bhuvanESwari

Oh mistress (ISvarI) of the universe (bhuvana), the dEvI (ISvarI) who occupies the courtly (rAja) throne (simhAsanam) in the middle of the SrI cakra, dEvi lalitA (lalitAmbikayE)! My salutations!

anupallavi (sencuruTTi)
Agama vEda kalAmaya rUpiNi akhila carAcara janani nArAyaNi
The graceful (kalAmaya) embodiment (rUpiNI) of the essence of all the Agamas (a set of sacred works that lay down the tenets of Saiva, SAkta and vaishNava beliefs) and the vEdas, Oh nArAyaNI! You are the mother (jananI) of all living beings (mobile – cara, as well as stationary – acara: cara+acara = carAcara) in this world (akhilam). Adorned with snakes (nAga) as bracelets (kaNkaNa), you are the delighter (manOharI) of the cosmic dancer, naTarAja. Oh rAjarAjESvarI (the consort of the king of kings – Siva), you are the mistress (ISvarI) of knowledge (gAna(m)) and skill (vidyA). My Salutations!

caraNam 1 (punnAgavarALi)
palavidamAy unnai ADavum pADavum

Please grant me (taruvAi) the mental stability/insight (oru nilai) to subdue (ura) my ego (ak(g)am) and see (kANavum) you (unnai) everywhere (muzhudum) in this world (ulaga(m)), and in the process, give me the ability/opportunity to sing (pADavum) and dance (ADavum) your (unnai) praises, and to honor (pada malar SUDavum – to decorate the flower-like feet of) your devotees (anbar) that sing (pADi) and celebrate (koNDADum) you! My Salutations!

caraNam 2 (nAdanAmakkriyA)
uzhanRu tirinda ennai uttamanAkki vaittAy

Oh ever (nitya = daily) auspicious one (kalyANI)! Wife of bhava/Siva (bhavAnI – same as SivAnI)! dEvi who resides in a lotus (padmESvarI)! When I was wandering (tirinda) aimlessly, and suffering (uzhandu/uzhanRu) endlessly, it was you that destroyed (nInga c(S)eidAi) the tyranny (koDumaiyai) of the fruits of the (bad) deeds (Uzh) from my previous (mun) births that were haunting/following (toDarnda) me like (ena) a shadow (nizhal). In the process, you have made (Akki vaittAi) me (ennai) into a superior person of sterling worth (uttaman) and put me in the company of (uDan onRiDa kUTTi vaittAi) of exalted/superior human beings (uyariya periOrgaL). My Salutations!

caraNam 3 sindhu bhairavi
tunbap puDattiliTTut tUyavanAkki vaittAy

By subjecting me to an ordeal by fire (by placing (iTTu) me in a hollow vessel (puTattil) of sorrow/misery/hardship (tunbam)), you made (Akki vaittAi) me blemishless/pure (tUyavan), and removed (nIkki) the web/veil of illusion (mAyayai) that was fogging my intellect/following me (toDarnda) not just in this birth, but in many previous (mun) ones as well, and you finally gave me/blessed me with (tandAi) the ability to realize the purpose (payanai) of my birth (piranda)[1]. You fed (pugaTTi) me your love, just as a mother would nurse her child, and made (SeidAi) me realize (kANa) the many acts (ADalai) and mysterious deeds of yours (undan). Oh dEvi/mistress (ISvarI) of the entire universe (akhilAnDa), you alone (nIyE) are my succor/refuge (aDaikkalam) in this world! My Salutations!

For song Jeevan Ke Safar Mein Rahi Revival of album: Munimji2011-12-07 10:56:32
One of the most popular songs of the fifties . Devanand resembled Mr Gregory Peck a lot in this movie . Kishoreji rendering & Burmanda music just outstanding

For song Dasavataram-gita Govindam of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-32011-12-07 09:48:22
This is the Invocation of this wonderful song

shri gopala vilasini valayasadratnadimugdhakriiti
shri radha-pati pada-padma bhajanananda-bdhimagno’nisham ||
loke satkaviraja-raja iti yah khyato dayambhonidhih
tam vande jayadeva sadgurumaham padmavati-vallabham

For song Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hain of album: Guide2011-12-06 14:57:46
No one is required to give comments on this songs as compared to 3000 for other songs of Guide This song has been played to this date 11 , 140 times . Such an Immortal song . Rafi Saab along with Dev Saab would be remembered eternally as long as music is alive

For song Din Dhal Jaye Haye of album: Guide2011-12-06 14:46:45
In a recent interview to a TV station .Sri P.B.Srinivas said that no one in the Industry can ever sing like Rafi Saab . Referring to this song he said the way he says Dhin Dal Jaye Hai is so beautiful , that no one else can ever reach that level . A great tribute from a great singer to the greatest singer

For song Khwab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat of album: Teen Devian2011-12-06 13:49:27
What Music & Kishoreji is just superb . The Trios Devanand , Raj Kapoor & Dilip Kumar had some of the most outstanding songs picturised on them
Burmanda's music is truly a gem

For song Sau Saal Pahle of album: Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai2011-12-05 12:05:55
Muje Thumse Pyar Hai , Aaaj bhi Hai , Aur Kal Bhi Rahegha . These words
convey our love & tributes to Both Rafi Saab & Dev Saab . Ofcourse who can forget the great Shankar - Jaikishan

For song Dheere Dheere Chal Chand of album: Love Marriage2011-12-05 11:45:31
A masterpiece of music , Singing & composition . The accordion has really lifted the song to a very great height . Lataji & Rafi Saab have so beautifully blended in this great song

For song Dekhne Mein Bhola Hai of album: Bombai Ka Babu2011-12-05 11:30:04
DevSaab May be no more physically present ,but who can forget his acting
in Films like this where matching the song his dancing was so wonderful to watch

For song Yeh Raat Yeh Chand of album: Jaal2011-12-05 10:19:33
Paying my humble tribute to The Great Dev Saab , the ageless hero ,producer who never looked his age till the 70's. Probably the most
handsome hero of Bollywood . 100 percents of the song picturised
on him were all great hits .Thanks to Sachinda & Pancham DevSaab Had both Rafi Saab & Kishore Saab singing for him ,& each one of them a real Gem. May his soul rest in peace & our Deep condolences to his family . Thank you DevSaab for all the wonderul acting through your wonderful films .We shall remember you for ever

For song Namo Namo Raghukula Nayaka(sanskrit) of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-52011-12-03 11:50:13
namO namO raghukula
In this song Annamacharya prays to Lord Rama narrating his great deeds of punishing the wicked and protecting the pious.

P Salutations to the hero of the Raghu dynasty who is bowed to by Devatas.Salutations to Rama who is worshipped by Parvati and Parameswara.

C 1 He is the protector of Dharma. He is the heroic son of Dasaradha. He is the destroyer of the demoness Tataki that lived in the sky. He dispelled Ahalya's curse. He is the annihilator of the demons' race. He is the protector of Viswamitra's Yagnam (vedic sacrifice) Salutations to Him.
C 2 He lifted Siva"s bow and became the lord of Sita. He is the enemy of Khara and Dooshana. He dispelled the pride of Vali and protected Sugriva the king of monkeys.He built the bridge across the sea. He was along with his brother Lakshmana.
C 3 He earned eternal fame by destroying Ravana and blessing Vibhishana.He lives in Saketapuram and is unparallelled.He dwells in all splendour at the abode of the lotus eyed Sri Venkatapati. Salutatios to Him.

For song Dinudanenu Devuduvu Nivu of album: Devi Stothra Maala2011-12-03 11:42:33
deenuDa nEnu-neelAmbari
P deenuDa nEnu dEvuDavu neevu nee nija mahimE nerapuTa gAka || I am suffering in misery. You are the God. Let your powers assuage my miseries. ||
C 1 mati janana meruga maraNamberuganu itavuga ninu nika nerigEnA kshiti puTTinchina Sripativi neevE tati nApai daya talatuvu gAka || I have no knowledge of my birth or death. How can I comprehend your disposition? You are the creator of the earth. You will show mercy at the right time. ||
C 2 talacha pApamani talacha puNyamani talapuna ika ninu talachEnA alari nAlo antaryAmivai kalusha meDayu nanu gAtuvu gAka || When I am not aware of sin or piety, will I think of your glory? You are in my conscience. Hope you�ll drive away my evils and protect me. ||
C 3 taDavanA hEyamu taDavanA malinamu taDayaka nee mElu taDavEnA viDuvaleni Sree vEnkata vibhuDava kaDadAka nikagAtuvu gAka || I repeatedly commit the most abhorable and dirty acts. But I am not inclined to do benevolent acts. I can not leave my Lord Venkatesa. You protect me till the end. ||

For song Kamalaambike (todi) of album: M S S - Guru Guha Vani - Vol. 22011-12-02 10:47:54
Profuse thanks to the member for the Meaning of this very beautiful
navavarna Krithi . Todi is such a majestic & a very beautiful Raga .
Singing the navavarna Krithis is an acid test for carnatic singers & MSS Amma with a supremely gifted voice has sung this so wonderfully one feels The Presence of Goddess Kamalambha enshrined in Thiruvarur

For song Meenakshi Memudam of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-22011-12-02 09:47:05
On Deepavali day,in the year 1835, Dikshithar performed puja as usual and asked his students to sing the song "Meenakshi Me Mudam" in the raga Gamakakriya.

As his students sang the lines "Meena lochani pasa mochani" he raised his hands and saying "Sive Pahi" left his mortal coil
M.S.S. Amma Has paid Tributes to Sri Dhikshithar & Her Madurai Goddess Meenakshi by singing as if both the Goddess & Sri Dhikshithar were present . Both a soulful & a beautiful rendering .Oh it is as if listening to a divine voice from the sky

For song O Dodi Vandenkanna of album: A Rare Classic Collection2011-12-01 10:41:27
This beautiful song is so captivating , one feels like rendering as the lyrics goes , one crore times to Visualise The Beautiful Moorthy of Lord Krishna
Unni Krishnan Has sung so sweetly from the bottom of his heart

Meaning of 'ododi vandhen kanna' in dharmavathi raagam composed by Ambujam krishna:

Realizing (aRindu) the relationship/bond/connection (uRavu) between (uLLa) you (unakkum) and me (enakkum) , I have come (vandEn) running (ODOdi) to you, Oh krishNa (kaNNA)!

After observing (Seidu) countless (kOTAnukOTi - literally 'many crores') austerities (tavam), hailing (azhaittu) you as (enRu) gOvindA, (I have come running) to/near (iDai) brindAvan (brindAvanattu) in order to see (kANA) you (unai)!

The faces (mugam) of the gOpis (gOpiyargaL) uniting with/meeting (kUDUm) you as they behold (kANavE) your charming, flute-playing (kuzhal-Udum) grace/beauty (ezhil), display conflicting emotions : they drop their eyes, overcome by shyness (nANavE) even as their faces (mugam), desirous of (vizhaiyunra) love (kAdal), seek (nADavE) you! And watching this, you get a kick out of this, and a small, mischievous smile (muruval) plays at the corners (Oram) of your lips (idazh), causing a fleeting (ODavE) dimple (Suzhittu) on your cheeks. As you, the Lord (nAthan) of the world (jagat) create (pADa) music (iSai), and the woman/women (nangai) intone (pODa) the jatis, and as (ena) all (ellAm) time (kAlakAlam) forms the Sruti and rhythm (layamum) to this music, we see the essence (poruL) of the vEdas unite (onRi) and reside (uRaindiDavE) within you (onnil). Therefore, my Lord, filled (koNDu) with love (kAdal) for you that has arisen from supreme wisdom/knowledge/understanding (bodham migu) of your greatness, (I have come running to you) to lay it at (tanil) your divine/golden (pon) feet (aDi).

For song Thirupparkadalil of album: Manasa Sancharare2011-11-29 10:36:10
It is so wonderful to have the Lyrics of this great song .The avatar of the Lord ,has been so beautifully captured in the Lyrics . As wonderful was the voice oj Sri K.J.Yesudas in Swami Iyappan Film is the Nadham of Sri Kunnakudi

For song Bairan Neend Na Aaye of album: Chacha Zindabad2011-11-24 12:09:50
Madanji must have really drunk the ocean of Gazals & mastered the Hindustani Music to create magic after magic of a composition . This song represents that extraordinary talent of this great Music Director &his composition brought the very best of Latajis talents .I just cannot describe the beauty of this song

For song Woh Bhooli Dastan Lo Phir Yaad of album: Sanjog2011-11-24 12:02:58
Listening to such songs make me wonder whether at all such Music Directors existed . So sweet the composition is & sweeter is Lataji Rendering that cannot imagine such songs really exists . What a pleasure
listening which is so soothening to the ears & soul as well

For song Lag Ja Gale Se Phir of album: Woh Kaun Thi ?2011-11-24 11:44:31
This song should have won the Filmfare award as According to Madanji himself it was one of his best composition in the year 1965. But Chaoonga from Dosti & LP won the award . A heart broken Madanji was consoled by Lataji . Really what a song .Superb , splendid & scintillating , composition & rendering .

For song Rasm E Ulfat Ko Nibhaye of album: Dil Ki Rahen2011-11-24 11:38:09
The splendid chemistry between Lataji - Madanji can be easily recognised
in these songs . What composition, background score & Lataji at her very best .I am not at all surprised that the member has joined hummaa to hear & capture the song .

For song Ettanai Kodi Inbam of album: Bharathi Songs2011-11-20 12:36:17
What a patriotic song of This great Mahakavi Bharathiyar . And really
Tear flows listening to this song words & sung with such devotion
by MSS Amma . As the member has put it is sheer bliss listening

For song Yaarai Nambi of album: Enga Oor Raja (tml)2011-11-20 11:02:06
Thennai Natta Ilaneer ( if you plant a cocunut tree you get tender cocunut water ) Pillaiya pettha Kaneer ( if you bring up a son he gets you tears as water ) . Truly Sri Kannadasan was a born poet .He literally dominated tamil Films for over 25 years ( with a few lyricist chipping in here & there ) & in Hundreds of films with at least a min. of 7 songs each his power of the pen could be seen in each song as each one had the wonderful philosophy of this vast earth . Great song , great music & excellent rendering By Sri . T.M.S.

For song Mujhe Dekhkar Aap Ka Muskurana of album: Ek Musafir Ek Hasina2011-05-14 08:38:59
Oh no words at all to describe Rafi Saab rendering . I think Rafi saab must have gone to the depth of the Ocean called Muje Dhekkar & sung from the floor of that Ocean . Nayyar Saab Music takes you to unknown height , Must have been inspired to give such a lovely number by the fact Rafi Saab is rendering it

For song Main Pyar Ka Rahi Hoon of album: Ek Musafir Ek Hasina2011-05-14 08:33:53
I wonder where has such song like this disappeared today . What melody , Composition & truly splendid rendering By Rafi Saab - Aashaaji. Those days ie 1961 when this film was released one had only Radio Ceylon to provide us with such great songs . Today I am so happy these can be listened to any number of times thanks to site like Hummaa & technology

For song Bahut Shukriya Badi Meherbani of album: Ek Musafir Ek Hasina2011-05-14 08:24:23
What an intoxicating Number . Rafi Saab voice sounds like one from Heaven & equally brilliantly matched by Ashaji .O.P. Nayyar music is just too good

For song Aap Yun Hi Agar Humse Milte Rahe of album: Ek Musafir Ek Hasina2011-05-14 08:21:20
What A film Ek Musafir Ek Hasina was . Such a big musical Hit . Song after
song with Op.Nayyar Baton along with The greatest Pair of Duets Rafi - Asha makes listening to these songs so lovely & so wonderful . Each song was brilliantly enacted by Sadhana & Joy Mukherjee

For song Santhana Gopalakrishnam of album: Master Piece Vol I (t N Seshagopalan) 19862011-05-14 06:11:32
This Beautiful Sri Dhikshithar Krithi is in The Raaga Khamas
Listening to this beautiful Krithi takes you to many beautiful Temples on
Santhana Gopala. One such famous 974 Ad Temple is in Trpunithura near Cochin
Poonithura is a village located in the district of Ernakulam in Kerala, India. It features one of the popular temples in Ernakulam and it has historical links to the tripunithura veliya ambalam (great temple).

As per the mythology it is referred in Mahabaratha as the place where Arjuna build this temple for lord Krishna in the Chapter of Santhana Gopala. It is believed that this happened here and later on the temple was moved to Tripunithura. The temple here is called Poonithura Kottaram Sree Krishna Swami Temple.The annual 'Ashtamirohini' festival is celebrated with much fanfare by the local residents

For song Tumsa Nahin Dekha of album: Tumsa Nahin Dekha2011-05-08 06:46:39
This is a typical Horse driven coach song picturisation , a very popular mode of transport in the North belt during the 50's & 60's . Splendid composition & my word what a rendering , so soft & yet so powerful in attracting one and all to this lovely captivating song

For song Dekho Kasam Se of album: Tumsa Nahin Dekha2011-05-08 06:28:52
What a music composition , Simply superb . Instruments used along with
Rafi Saab - Aaashaji combination makes it so wonderful to hear

For song Aaye Hai Door Se Milne Huzoor Se of album: Tumsa Nahin Dekha2011-05-08 06:26:01
Released in 1958 , The songs even today captivates you so much , thanks to the
brilliant work of O.P.Nayyarji , Rafi Saab & Aashaji . A real Golden era music

For song Ganga Meri Maa Ka Naam of album: Tumse Achha Kaun Hai2011-05-08 06:09:35
What a wonderful contribution by the great Trio , Rafi Saab , S-J & Rajender Kishan This song must be taught in every school to induct patriotism in every Child . How wonderfully all the States speciality has been brought into the song is a factor to be admired & appreciated a lot

For song Aajkal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche of album: Brahmachari2011-05-08 06:02:34
I agree with the member ,Hearing this songs makes one so joyful . Splendid
music & both Rafi Saab & Sumanji have truly lifted the song to a very great height

For song Dil Ke Jharokhe Mein of album: Brahmachari2011-05-08 05:53:58
In a moving tribute to Rafi Saab with tears flowing down , Shammiji said that he was present at every recording of Rafi Saab for his song , to ensure that he did justice to the picturisation of the song matching the Golden throated voice of Rafi Saab . However for this particular song he was away in Poona to meet his Guru when it was being recorded & still Rafi Saab who knew what was the requirement of the song has rendered it in a manner that left Shammiji stunned admiring the greatness of Rafi Saab , Such was the special equation between the volatile actor & the great Rafi Saab

For song Chakke Men Chakka Chakke Pe Gaadi of album: Brahmachari2011-05-08 05:43:35
A great Film in every respect , Shammiji acting , S-J music & truly magical
rendering by Rafi Saab

For song Kahan Chal Diye Idhar To Aao of album: Jhuk Gaya Aasman2011-05-08 05:27:20
Hearing this song , I feel putting this question to Rafi Saab ? 31 years is almost
over since the saadest day to the musical lovers . The moment you hear songs like this one , immediately there is a consolation that Rafi Saab is with us only

For song Unse Mili Nazar Ke Mere Hosh Ud Gai of album: Jhuk Gaya Aasman2011-05-08 05:20:58
What a start to the song .Simply superb . Superlative S-J.Music . Matching
their talents is Lataji's rendering . All in all a truly scintillating music & song

For song Mannaanalum of album: Jhuk Gaya Aasman2011-04-22 08:51:19
A true Baktha would surely get these wishes fulfilled in one of his birth , Like the great Keshavan Elephant at Guruvayur . Superb Lyrics & splendily rendered by a great Lord Murugan Bakthan the great stalwart TMS

For song Patli Kamar Hai of album: Barsaat2011-04-22 08:13:59
From Deedar where Mukeshji voice had a lot of resemblance to K.L.Saigal to this fast number showed the great talents of Mukeshji & S- J pair wonderfully exploiting it

For song Chhod Gaye Balam Mujhe of album: Barsaat2011-04-22 07:43:16
This was the film That started Mukeshji singing for Raj Kapoor in 1949
& the wonderful combination continued till 1970 release of Mera Nam Joker
A Duet that has remained Popular all these 60 years & above . No tribute is enough for the great Shankar JaiKishan duo whose Music as described by
Lataji in an interview to BBC . ' Jaise Shankar - Jaikishan ne Music Banaayaa
aur koi Nahi Banaayaa

For song Thirupathi Malaivaazhum of album: Thirumalai Thenkumari2011-04-14 08:44:49
What a wonderful gifted devotional music voice . This song is on the Great Lord at Thirumala , still it becomes more wonderful to listen in the voice of Dr Seergaghi

For song Marainthirunthu Paarkum of album: Thillaanaa Mohanambaal2011-04-14 08:38:11
The picturisation , the Lyrics so wonderfully chosen , the composition
& last but not least The superb stability of P.Susheela's voice at such a high octave is truly commendable

For song Thazhayaam Poomudichi of album: Bagappirivinai2011-04-14 08:18:10
Listening to this song one can visualize an early morning scenery in a village with the fields being ploughed by bullocks. Wonderful song & what a superb composition By the great pair VR

For song Kannan Oru of album: Bhadrakali2011-04-14 08:08:02
Truly This song is so beautiful . Released in 1976 it had Rani Chandra
in the lead role . Unfortunately in a tragic Air crash at the end of 1976 Rani Chandra was one of the unfortunate victim .

For song Unnazhagai of album: Utthama Putthiran2011-04-14 08:01:04
These were early films for P.Susheela . However this song with a very fast beat , has been rendered superbly . Particularly the closing of this song is electrifying . Such a sweet & a melodious song

For song Kaatthiruppan Kamalakannan of album: Utthama Putthiran2011-04-14 07:58:25
Though Hummaa has only 2 songs in this film , like Ambikapthi & Ali Baba
All songs in this film were wonderful & so melodious.G.Ramanathan scores were truly outstanding .

For song Maasila Unmai of album: Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum2011-04-14 07:45:40
Released in 1956 inGeva Colour , This film apart from the wonderful story
had some of the best songs in the Golden Era of Tamil Film . One could easily say , the creative talented artiste Bhanumathi was at her peak in this period & her songs in this film were & still a super hit .. This particular song with Raja is such a superb song

For song Vanathin Meethu of album: Popular Melodies Of M.s. Subbulakshmi2011-04-14 06:53:11

vAnattin mIdu mayilADak kaNDEn I saw a peacock dancing in the sky
mayilkuyil AccudaDi - akkacci The peacock turned into a koel (cuckoo) - dear sister
mayilkuyil AccudaDi The peacock turned into a koel.

tuLLalai viTTut toDa#nginEn manRADum I left my mischiefs (useless jumping around) and
vaLLalaik kaNDEnaDi - akkacci saw the benefactor who dances in the Cosmic Hall - dear sister
vaLLalaik kaNDEnaDi I saw the benefactor.

sAdi samayac sazhakkaiviT TEnaruT I discarded the evils of caste and religion and
cOdiyaik kaNDEnaDi - akkacci saw the Blessed Light - dear sister
cOdiyaik kaNDEnaDi I saw the Blessed Light

poyyai ozhittup puRappaTTEn manRADum I destroyed lies and started off
aiyaraik kaNDEnaDi - akkacci I saw the Devine One who dances at the Cosmic Hall - dear sister
aiyaraik kaNDEnaDi I saw the Devine One

For song Nee Irangayenil of album: Lakshmi Kataksham2011-04-14 06:42:45
Amba Nee Irangai 1
Amba, where can I take refuge, if you won't have mercy on me?
aren't you the one that resides in His heart?
thaayirangavidil 2
can the child have a life if not for the mercy of the mother?
Aren't you the mother of the entire world/creation?
paarkadalil udhitha 3
You are a pearl from the grand ocean.
You, the possessor of all wealth, won't you also look at me a little, even form the corner of your eyes. (that is won't you give me a lil' something of what you have, the ocean of all wealth that you are!)
kadaikan parvaai 4
which means, if I can have a little attention even from the corner of your eyes, it would be enough to save me from all my troubles
naarkaviyum pozhiyum 5

All the saints, sages, and the devas sing your praise
amba and look for refuge in your mercy

For song Chakkani Raja Margamu of album: Mathangi Sathyamoorthy Classical (vol-1)2011-04-12 09:28:03
It is True that Chakani Raja would always be associated with Sri KaraiKuruchi
Arunachalam or the great Madurai Mani Iyer Whose Kantiki neraval always rings in the ears , Still Mathaghi a wonderful Traditional artist from the
Chembai School has rendered truly so well , It mesmerises you as any other
popular version . Tribute to Thyagaraja & KaraharaPriya which takes the song to a very very high level . One of the most popular & beautiful song . Violinist display also is so soft & yet so melodious as well .Thanks to hummaa for this space for Smt Mathangi truly a rich voice & essentially in true carnatic music tradition it has been rendered

For song Endaro Mahanu Bhavulu of album: Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis2011-04-12 09:10:15
ALL Pancharathna Krithis are truly so beautiful . However this Last
Pancharathan Krithi in Sri Raga is so mesmerising

In this gem of a poem, Thyagaraja, described the greatness of the devotees through the ages. He pays his salutations to the great men who live in all the ages, A yogi attains and enjoys paramananda by reaching the stage of samadhi when in the course of sahasra chakra the power of kundalam and maheswara are joined together from where at flood of nectar is released. In the soundarya Lahiri , Shankara Bhagwat Sahesrarey praises ambal as “Padma Sahahasi, Padya Vihase”. True devotees are persons who have attained this stage.
Rama is handsome like mannada, He has a majestic walk, and we should see him clearly. Those who are engaged in Samagana should do Rama's bhajan through music based on ragam, bhava and laya, The poet says that devotion means to surrender you lotus like mind at his feet,
We should understand that paramatma lives in all the living things and therefore we should live with love and friendship. We should understand the meaning and greatness of the religion after careful study and praise the glory of Rama with a peaceful mind There will be many men, Who knowing the greatness of Shri Rama, have understood that religion without bhakti is meaningless. There will be any devotees who fall into the above category who by means of true bhakti are able to derive boundless joy by meditation on him.
I bow to all these great men and my salutation are to the immortal men who through bhakti are totally devoted to Rama and who are close Thayagaraja. My salutations to his dear followers and worshippers

For song Sadhinchene of album: Live At Music Academy Performance Of 12 Sangita-kalanidhis Vol 12011-04-12 08:55:26
This excellent Thyagaraja PanchaRathna Krithi is in the Raga Aarabhi
Sri Balamurali's Musical Knowledge & research is too well know to all music lovers . Particularly his rendering of PanchaRathna Krithis stands out
This pancharathna krithi has been well set on the easiest of ragas, Arabhi. This Krithi has been carved out in a language full of liberty, teasing tone, metaphor and simile without having a surfeit of adjectives – all the while arresting the attention of the singers. Thyagaraja swamigal, in this krithi, appeared to be telling the greatness of the lord in a lucid manner most enthusiastically. The style adopted in this krithi is very sweet in comparison to the other four kirthanas. Oh Lord you are an opportunist, You deceived your parents Devaki , Vasudeva as also the gopikas who surrendered to you, You mischievously smile when Yashoda innocently folded you with love at the thought that she too would be disappointed on being separated from him, You falsified the aforesaid words of Sruti and Smruti. You have somehow not come to me despite the fact that I was overjoyed in keeping your memory always in my heart, You preached patience, tolerance in the face of adversity freedom from anger, satsang etc; and coolly accepted my pujas, You give bhakti and peace, Despite all this you have steadfastly not come closer to me to the end, Thus this kirthana, a gem amongst the

For song Nagumomu of album: M S S - Nada Suda Rasa - Vol.12011-04-12 08:24:01
This exceptional song rendered so wonderfully by MSS Amma is in the raga
O Rama! Supreme among Raghus ! Missing your charming smile-lit face I languish here. Knowing my mental plight, cant you come and protect me ?
O One who holds Govardhana hill! Members of your retinue who have the duty of reminding you of your daily engagements cannot fail in their duty.
Does not Garuda execute your commands expeditiously ? Could he have excused himself saying that he was staying far from the earth in Vaikunta, your heavenly abode ? Exalted Lord! Ruler of the Universe! Whom else can I appeal to ? Please shun disregard. I cant bear it. Take me into your fold.

For song Daasarathe of album: Nadamrutham2011-04-12 07:11:39
What a moving rendering By Ammaa this wonderful Thyagaraja Krithi
The thodi alapana is so wonderful .One can say without any reservation
the perfect rendering possible . Along with members input of meaning
once is taken far away into a paradise as the song is rendered . Excellent Violin support as well

For song Rama Nannu Brovara of album: Thyagaraja Krithis - Varios Artistes - V2011-04-12 06:47:18
O LOKABHIRAMA! (“the protector of the world”) Wont you come (“raa”) and protect (“brova”) me ? You are acclaimed as the Benefactor of the entire Creation from the tiny ant (“Chimalo”) to the Trinity (“Bhramhalo Sivakesavadulalo”).
Charmer of mankind(“prema mira melaguchunte”)! You fascinate and lure us (“Biruduvahinchina”).

Have you at any time found me seeking money(“meppulakai”) from any quarter whatsoever, to lead an indolent, artifical life of pomp and luxury? Have I been roaming about bloated with haughtiness and indulging in sinister, unscrupulous acts(“tappu panulu”)? O SITARAMA worshipped by TYAGARAJA!

For song Bhavayami of album: Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham2011-04-12 05:22:09

I meditate on Rama of Raghu's clan,
Who is a garden of humility and good qualities.


Happily distributing his shining,
Side long glances on his devotees.


1. Ornament of the clan of the Sun God,
Who protected the fire sacrifice of Viswamithra,
Who killed Asuras like Subahu in the forest,
Who purified the sage's wife Ahalya,
Who broke the divine bow of Shiva,
Became the husband of the daughter of Janaka,
Destroyed the pride of the angry Parasurama,
And reached back the town of Ayodhya.

2. Leaving out the coronation, due to the promise, Rama
Who was like love God went to forest,
Along with Sita and Lakshmana with peace and equanimity,
Went to the home of Guha and gave his gem studded slippers,
To Bharatha when he met him at Chithrakoota,

3. He went to the greatly spread out forest of Dandakaranya,
Killed Viradha, was presented Vishnu's bow and arrows by the great Agasthya,
Was worshipped by the superior Jatayu, lived in Panchavati,
And killed Khara and others who came there,
As per the words of the fierce Soorpanaka.

4. Killer of the cruel Maricha who took the form of a golden deer,
Ravana disregarding the advice of good people stole Sita,
The sinless one searching for her reached Pampa and met,
Anjaneya, and reached an understanding with Sugreeva,
The son of the Sun who is the jewel in the sky and killed Vali.

5. Rama gave his gem studded ring with shine of hundred suns,
To the son of wind God when he was with Sugreeva,
And when he came back saw the spotless brooch of Sita,
From the auspicious one and met Vibeeshana in the sea shore.

6. He then constructed a bridge, killed endless number of Rakhasas,
Then killed the very brave and mighty ten headed one,
And accompanied by Sita purified by fire reached Ayodhya,
And crowned himself as protector of the Universe and Padmanabha.

For song Kandavartham Manamurukkum of album: Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham2011-03-27 07:41:06
What a wonderful song in the superb voice of Dr Seerkaghi Govindarajan
Splendid music & composition . All in all truly divine

For song Gati Neevani of album: Collectors Choice Lalgudi G Jayaraman2011-03-18 08:01:06
This beautiful composition is in the Raga Todi . Superlative Stringing
by the Renowned Brother- Sister combination

For song Chandiran Oliyil of album: Geetham2011-03-18 07:31:06
The song is truly beautiful in its words & UnniKrishnan rendering

For song Gurulekayatuvanti of album: Sampradaya Pancaratna Kritis2011-03-18 06:39:39
Truly splendid rendering by Sri P.S.Narayanaswami .Really very nice & pleasant
to hear .Members meaning input also adds beauty while listening

For song Annapoorna Shtakam of album: M S S - Concert Album - Vol 22011-03-18 05:25:09

Nithyaananda kari,Varaa abhya karee,
Soundarya rathnaakaree,
Nirddhotahakila ghora pavaanakaree,
Prathyaksha Maheswaree,
Praaleyachala vamsa pavavakaree,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree.

Īśvari, 2 who ever bestoweth happiness,
Granting gifts and dispelling fear.
O mine of gems of beauty,
Who washeth away all sin,
Who giveth purity to Thy devotees,
Who purifieth the mountain range,
Which is undestroyed even at the time of dissolution,
Presiding Deity of Kāśī,
Maheśvarī in every truth,
O vessel of mercy! grant me aid.


Naana rathna vichitra bhooshana karee,
Mukthaa haara vilamba maana vilasa,
Dwakshoja kumbaan dharee,
Kasmeera garu vasithaa ruchi karee,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

O Thou who hast clothed Thyself in cloth of gold,
Decked with ornaments made of many and varied gems,
Whose breasts rounded like a water jar,
Are resplendent with their necklace of pearls,
Whose beauty is enhanced by the fragrance of the Kashmir aloe.
O Devī! who presidest over the city of Kāśī,
O Mother Annapūrṇā Iśvarī,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Yogaanandakaree ripu kshyakaree,
Dharman artha nishtaakaree,
Chandrarkaanala bhasa maana laharee,
Trilokya rakshaa karee,
Sarvaiswarya samastha vaanchithakaree,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

O giver of the bliss of Yoga,
Destructress of enemies,
Inspirer of devotion to dharma and artha,
Who art lustrous as the light waves of sun, moon, and fire,
Protectress of the three worlds
Giver of all dominion and all desires,
Presiding Devī over the city of Kāśī,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Kailaasaachala kandharaa laya karee,
Gowree , umaa sankaree,
Kaumaree nigamartha gochara karee,
Omkara beejaksharee,
Moksha dwaara kavata patana karee,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

Thou who maketh Thy dwelling in the cave of Mount Kailāsa,
Who art Gaurī, Umā, and Śankarī, Kaumārī,
Who giveth us power to understand the meaning of Nigama,
Thou art the letters of the bīja Om ,
Opener of the panels of the door of liberation,
Presiding Devī over the City of Kāśī,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Drusyaa drusya vibhootha vahana karee,
Brhmaanda bhando dharee,
Leelaa nataka suthra kelana karee,
Vijnana deeptham guree,
Sree viswesa mana prasaadhana karee,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

Thou supporteth all beings visible and invisible,
Whose belly is the vessel which contains the universe.
Thou discloseth the subject of the drama of Thy own play,
And art the fount of the light of wisdom,
Pleasing the mind of the Lord of the universe,
Presiding Devī over the City of Kāśī,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Urvee sarva janeswaree bhagawathee,
Maatha krupaa sagaree,
Venee neela samaana kunthala dharee,
Ananda dhaneswaree,
Sarvanandakaree bhayaa shubhakaree,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

Īśvarī of all men on earth,
The waves of Thy blue-black hair look (beautiful) like plaits.
Īśvarī who ever giveth food,
Bestower of happiness to all, who advanceth all people,
Presiding Devī over the City of Kāśī,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Aadhi kshaantha samastha varna nikaree,
Shabho tribhaava karee,
Kasmeeraa tripureswaree trilaharee,
Nithyaamakuree sarvaree,
Kamaa kamksha karee janodhaya karee,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

Thou givest all instruction onwards from the time of initiation,
And art the cause of the threefold manifestation of Śambhu.
Scented with the Kashmir aloe, Thou art the Īśvarī of the three regions.
Thou art triple waved,
And the night of dissolution.
Thou art the cause of all lasting things,
And fulfiller of the desires of those who desire.
It is Thou who maketh the greatness of peoples.
Presiding Devī over the City of Kāśī,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Devee sarva vichitra rathna rachithaa,
Dakshayanee sundaree,
Vama swadu payodhara priyakaree,
Sownhagya maaheswaree,
Bhakthaabhishtakaree, sadaa shubhakaree,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

Thou, Devī, art adorned with all various kinds of gems,
Daughter of Dakṣa,
Beautiful, pleasing the world
With the sweet milk of Thy left breast.
Thou art Maheśvarī, for Thou givest prosperity to all,
For Thou givest welfare,
And fulfillest the desires of your devotees.
Presiding Devī over the City of Benares,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Chandrakaanala koti koti sadrusaa,
Chandramsu bhimbaan dharee,
Chandrakaagni samaana kunthala dharee
Chandrarka varneshwaree,
Maala pustaka pasasangusa dharee,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

Thou art She who shinest with the brilliance of millions of suns, moons, and fires.
Whose earrings are brilliant as the sun, moon, and fire,
Who art the cause of the colour of both sun and moon,
Who holdeth a rosary, a book, a noose, and a goad.
Presiding Devī over the City of Benares,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Kshatrathraanakaree, mahaa bhayakaree,
Mthaa krupaa sagaree,
Sakshaan mokshakaree sadaa shiva karee,
Visweshwaree sridharee,
Daksha krundha karee niraa mayakaree,
Kasi puraadheeswaree,
Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee,
Mathaa Annapurneswaree

Protectress of Kṣatriyas,
Great dispeller of all fear,
Mother, who art an ocean of mercy,
In very truth the ever auspicious giver of salvation,
The cause of the beauty of Viśveśvara,
It was Thou who made Dakṣa to weep.
Remover of all ills,
Presiding Devī over the City of Benares,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid!


Annapurne sadaa purne,
Sankara praana vallabhe,
Jnana vairagya sidhyartham,
Bikshaa dehee cha parvathy.
Mathaa cha Parvathy Devi,
Pithaas cha Maheswara
Bandhawa Shiva Bhakatamscha,
Swadesho Bhuvana Trayam.

O Annapūrṇā! who art ever full (of bounty),
Who art dear to the life of Śankara,
O Pārvatī, give me aid!
My mother is Devī Pārvati,
My father is Deva Maheśvara,
My friends and relatives are those who are devoted to Śiva,
And the three regions are my fatherland.

For song Kanakadharashtavam of album: Pooja Sankalpam2011-03-18 05:12:44
angam hareh pulakabhooshaNa maashrayantee
|| 1||

May the sidelong glance of Sri Lakshmi, the one who has in Her

all affluence, attracted to Srihari like a honeybee to a Tamala tree

in full bloom, give me auspiciousness.

mugdhaa muhurvidadhatee vadane muraareh
|| 2||

Sri Mahalaksmi’s glance is the most pleasant. Like a female honeybee

that goes again and again to the beloved lotus, Her glances shift again

and again to Murari, Srimannaarayana’s face with love and coy shyness.

They appear like a garland. May the glances of the virgin of the Ocean

of Milk (Goddess Lakshmi) bless me with affluence!

aameelitaaksha madhigamya mudaa mukundam
|| 3||

May Her glance in which She has kept for ever the beautifully drooping

eyes of Her lord, Sree Mahavishnu, the glance that makes Love God,

Manmadha blossom without a wink, bless me with all riches and wealth.

baahvantarE murajitah shrita kaustubhE yaa
|| 4||

May those sidelong glances serving Srihari with utmost devotion shining

effulgently like emerald garlands bless me with all kinds of auspiciousness

and prosperity.

kaalaambudaali lalitorasi kaitabhaarE
|| 5||

Sri Mahavishunu’s bosom is extremely beautiful like a row of

black clouds. Goddess Lakshmi on His bosom shines like a glorious

lightning. May the glance of that Universal Mother, Bhrigu"s

daughter, give me all joy and all prosperity.

praaptam padam prathamatah khalu yatprabhaavaat
h || 6||

Manmadha owes his first position under Srihari to the kind

glances of Sree Mahalakshmi on him. May Her glance from

Her half open, soft and tired glance come to me.

vishvaamarEndra padaveebhrama daanadaksham
|| 7||

May the goddess Indira’s glance, comparable to the effulgence

of the glorious black lotuses, that blesses all divine worlds and gives

joy to Srihari, stay for a moment on me.

ishTaa vishishTamatayOpi ya yayaa dayaadraa
|| 8||

May the glance that could enable devout and good men get

high positions like that of Indra, the glance with the glory of the

light in the lotus, give me the strength and fullness that I pray for.

dadyaad dayaanupavanO draviNaambudhaaraam
|| 9||

May the wind of Goddess Lakshmi’s glance, which dispels the

cloud of the heat of evil deeds for long, as a favourable one, cause

a cloud rain on this wretched little bird, Chataka, and rain prosperity.

geerdEvateti garuDadhvajasundareeti

|| 10||

To the Mother of all Learning, the consort of GaruDadhwaja, Vishnu,

to Sakambhari, the consort of Shiva, who plays Her part in the play of

Creation, Sustenance and Destruction, to the Supreme Preceptor of all the

three worlds, to Mother, my devout salutations.

shrutyai namOstu shubhakarma phalaprasootyai
|| 11||

My salutations to the auspicious fruit yielding form of Sriti, Veda.

My salutations to the form of the extremely pleasant and joyous Ratiroopa.

Salutations to the form of Shakti on the hundred petalled lotus. Salutations

to the form of PushTi, the consort of Purushottama, the best of Beings.

namOstu naaleeka nibhaananaayai
i || 12||

Salutations to Sree Mahalaksmi, the lotus-faced, the milk-ocean born,

the sister of Moon and Nectar and the consort of Sri Mahavishnu.

namOstu hemaambujapeeThikaayai
i || 13||

Salutations again and again to the Mother whose dais and seat is

the lotus, sovereign of the earth, the darling of Kodandapani,

the Great Bow-bearer, Sri Mahavishnu.

namoOstu devyai bhrigunandanaayai
|| 14||

Salutations again and again to Bhrugu’s daughter, the Devi

on Sri Mahavishnu’s bosom, the one having residence in the

Lotus and the consort of Damodara, Sri Mahavishnu..

namOstu kaantyai kamalekshaNaayai
|| 15||

Salutations to the form of effulgence, the lotus-eyed, the form of

all affluence, the Mother of the Universe worshipped by deities and

the consort of Nandagopabala, Sri Krishna.

sampatkaraaNi sakalEndriya nandanaani
|| 16||

Mother! Salutations to You who bestow affluence, make all

senses joyous, give empires strength. They are ever ready to uproot

all evil. May those salutations make me fulfilled day and night.

yatkaTaaksha samupaasanaavidhih
|| 17||

I pray with all my heart and soul the Mother whose single glance

could bless the devotee with all affluence and prosperity by a

mere sidelong glance. Salutations to Her with my manas (hear-mind-intellect), body and action.

sarasijanayanE sarojahastE
|| 18||

Mother! Your eyes are like lotuses. The lotus in Your hand is splendid.

You shine in white robes, sandal anointed, and garland decked.

My heart knows You thus. Grace me with Your blessing!

digghastibhih kanakakumbha mukhaavasrishTa
. || 19||

Elephants of the eight directions (diks) shower the waters of the

river Mandakini with golden vessels on the Mother. I worship the

Mother of the worlds, the consort of the Lord of the Universe and the daughter of the Ocean of Milk.

kamalE kamalaaksha vallabhE
. || 20||

The beloved of Kamalaksha (Sri Mahavishnu)! O Kamalaadevi! Cast a sidelong glance with your moist, merciful eye at me, the topmost among the most impecunious, with your grace. Truly I deserve to be the object of your compassion.

stuvanti yE stutibhi ramoobhi ranwaham
. || 21||

Those who with these praises sing the gory of the Goddess

Lakshmi would acquire great qualities and get great prosperity

and be blessed with noble hearts that would earn the praise of the wise and the good.

For song Aanchal Men Saja Lena of album: Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon2011-03-17 09:24:59
What a Composition , & what a Divine voice of Rafi Saab , The beauty of the
the composition ,is Nayyar Saab using Rafi Saab's Immense talents has stared at the lowest octave & Taken it so high , still Rafi Saabs voice bends & blends so smoothly . So wonderful to hear . Nayyarji May not be alive
But has secured a permanent place in the heart of all music lovers through mind blowing composition like this

For song Radha Sametha Krishna of album: G N Balasubramaniam Vol 12011-03-15 09:27:41

Oh Lord Krishna who is with Radha


Oh Son of Nanda, of stealer of butter,
Oh Govinda of Brindavan, Oh killer of Mura


Oh stealer of the mind of Gopis,
Oh God who lived in Gokula,
Oh Lord who shines with the music on his flute,
Oh God who shines like billions of God of love.

For song Mayammayanine of album: Meenakshi Navaratnamalika Vol Ii2011-03-15 09:10:12
This beautiful Shyamasashthri Krithi in the Raga Dhanyasi is Meena Lochana
& not Maya Maya Nine

Protect me Meenakshi,
And why this hesitation, Oh mother,
To protect this oppressed one.


Goddess who enjoys music who has no equals in this world,
In music oh our Goddess.


1. Are you not my mother, please hear my requests,
Oh queen of the God who decorates himself with snakes,
In this world who else is there, golden idol.

2. Moon faced one, grant me boons,
After appearing before me and
Show mercy on me,
Goddess With jasmine like teeth,
Who is the daughter of Himalayas,
Who is forever a lass and the greatest Goddess.

3. Your gait is like an elephant,
Please do not make delay
And come Oh sister of black Krishna,
Who wears the crescent on her cloud like tresses.

For song Hari Dasulu (santhanagopalan) of album: Thyagaraja Hrudayam2011-03-14 07:56:42
This sweet composition of Sri Thyagaraja is in the Raga Yamuna Kalyani
Rendered excellently by Sri Santhana Gopalan

For song Sambho Mahadeva of album: Carnatic Vocal S.sowmya2011-03-14 06:15:01
This Beautiful composition of Sri Thyagaraja is in the Raga Kamavardhini

ShambhO! MahAdEva! Shankara! Beloved by Girija! Protector of those who reahced out to Your Feet! With lotus like eyes! I plead for the devotion to Your lotus feet. Height of mercy! Holding deer in hand! Hara! Wearing the Ganges and moon! Residing in the heart of Tyagaraja! One with the Feet dipped in the gemful crowns of divines! Lord of Kovur! SundarEsha! Lord of the Mount! Ultimate Supreme! Remover of birth!

For song Nadaloludai of album: A Tribute To Chittibabu - Veena - Vol. 12011-03-13 06:41:22
A beautiful Composition on the beautiful Veena By the great Chiti Babu .
The Veena would literally speak under his deft touch . It was such a pleasure to be at his concert as the air was filled with truly divine sound . Great artiste appear once in 25 years & leave a mark for hundreds of year . Such was Sri Chitti Babu

For song Ramanatham of album: Classical Moods - Sanjay Subramaniam2011-03-13 06:10:47
Sri Dhikshithar's divinely composition on the Great Kshethram & equally splendid
rendering by Sanjay Subramaniam .Last but not least members great contribution by way of meaning , lyrics & explanation , truly makes the listening a pleasure that just cannot be described .Many Many thanks to hummaa to upload such great great songs

For song Lakshmi Ashtotharam of album: Pooja Phalam2011-03-11 04:20:38

01 Prakruti Nature 02 Vikruti Multi Faced Nature 03 Vidya Wisdom 04 Sarvabhootahitaprada One Who Grants Universal Pleasures 05 Shraddha One Who Is Worshipped 06 Vibhuti Goddess Of Wealth 07 Surabhi The Celestial Goddess 08 Paramatmika The Omnipresent Goddess 09 Vachi One Who Has Nectar Like Speech 10 Padmalaya One Who Resides On The Lotus 11 Padma Lotus 12 Shuchi Goddess Of Purity 13 Swaha Auspicious 14 Swadha One Who Dispels Inauspiciousness 15 Sudha Goddess Of Nectar 16 Dhanya Personification Of Gratitude 17 Hiranmayi One Who Has Golden Appearance 18 Lakshmi Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity 19 Nityapushta One Who Gains Strenght Day After Day 20 Vibha One Who Is Radiant Faced 21 Aditi One Who Has Radiance Like The Sun 22 Deetya One Who Answers Prayers 23 Deepta Flame Like 24 Vasudha Goddess Of Earth 25 Vasudharini Protector Of Earth 26 Kamala Lotus 27 Kantha Consort Of Lord Vishnu 28 Kamakshi Attractive Eyed Goddess 29 Kamalasambhava One Who Emerges From The Lotus 30 Anugrahaprada One Who Grants Good Wishes 31 Buddhi Goddess Of Wisdom 32 Anagha Sinless Or Pure Goddess 33 Harivallabhi Consort Of Lord Vishnu 34 Ashoka One Who Dispels Sorrows 35 Amrutha Goddess Of Nectar 36 Deepa Radiant Faced 37 Lokashokavinashini One Who Removes Worldly Troubles 38 Dharmanilaya One Who Establishes Eternal Law 39 Karuna Compassionate Goddess 40 Lokamatri Universal Mother 41 Padmapriya Lover Of Lotus 42 Padmahasta One Who Has Lotus Like Hands 43 Padmakshya One Who Has Lotus Like Eyes 44 Padmasundari Beautiful Like The Lotus 45 Padmodbhava One Who Emerges From The Lotus 46 Padmamukhi Lotus Faced Goddess 47 Padmanabhapriya Beloved Of Padmanabha - Lord Vishnu 48 Ramaa Pleaser Of Lord Vishnu 49 Padmamaladhara One Who Wears The Lotus Garland 50 Devi Goddess 51 Padmini Like The Lotus 52 Padmagandhini One Who Has Fragnance Like The Lotus 53 Punyagandha The Divine Perfumed Goddess 54 Suprasanna Compassionate Goddess 55 Prasadabhimukhi One Who Grants Boons And Wishes 56 Prabha Goddess With The Radiance Like The Sun 57 Chandravadana Moon Faced Goddess 58 Chanda Calm Like The Moon 59 Chandrasahodari Sister Of The Moon 60 Chaturbhuja Four Armed Goddess 61 Chandrarupa Beautiful Like The Moon 62 Indira Radiant Like The Sun 63 Indusheetala Pure Like The Moon 64 Ahladajanani Goddess Who Bestows Happiness 65 Pushti Goddess Of Health 66 Shiva Auspicious Goddess 67 Shivakari Embodiment Of Auspiciousness 68 Satya Truth 69 Vimala Pure 70 Vishwajanani Universal Mother 71 Pushti Possessor Of Wealth 72 Daridriyanashini Remover Of Poverty 73 Preeta Pushkarini Goddess Who Has Pleasing Eyes 74 Shanta Peaceful Goddess 75 Shuklamalambara One Who Wears White Clothing 76 Bhaskari Dazzling Like The Sun 77 Bilvanilaya One Who Lives Under The Bilva Tree 78 Vararoha Goddess Who Bestows Wishes And Boons 79 Yashaswini Goddess Of Fame And Fortune 80 Vasundhara Daughter Of Mother Earth 81 Udaranga One Who Has A Beautiful Body 82 Harini One Who Is Deer Like 83 Hemamalini One Who Possesses Golden Garlands 84 Dhanadhanyaki One Who Bestows Wealth 85 Siddhi Protector 86 Straina Soumya Showering Goodness On Women 87 Shubhaprada One Who Grants Auspicious Things 88 Nrupaveshvagathananda One Who Lives In Palaces 89 Varalakshmi Granter Of Prosperity 90 Vasuprada Bestower Of Wealth 91 Shubha Auspicious Goddess 92 Hiranyapraka Admist Gold 93 Samudratanaya Daughter Of The Ocean 94 Jaya Goddess Of Victory 95 Mangala Most Auspicious 96 Devi Diety Or Goddess 97 Vishnuvakshah One Who Resides In Lord Vishnu's Chest 98 Vishnupatni Consort Of Lord Vishnu 99 Prasannakshi Lively Eyed 100 Narayana Samashrita One Who Seeks Refuge In Lord Narayana 101 Daridriya Dhwamsini One Who Eliminates Poverty 102 Devlakshmi Goddess 103 Sarvapadravanivarini One Who Dispels Unhappiness 104 Navadurga All Nine Forms Of Durga 105 Mahakali A Form Of Goddess Kali 106 Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika Goddess In The Form Of Brahma Vishnu Shiva 107 Trikalagyanasampanna One Is Aware Of Past, Present And Future 108 Bhuvaneshwaryai Supreme Goddess Or Diety

For song Vinaraada Naa Manavi of album: Vinaraada Naa Manavi - Priya Sisters2011-03-10 05:54:19
Ragam: Devagandhari
Talam: Deshadi
Composer: Tyagaraja

Vinaradha Naa Manavi

Kanakaanga Kaavetiranga Srikaanta Kaantalella Kaaminchi Pilichite

Bhaagadeya Vai-Bhogaranga Sri Tyaagaraajanuta! Tarunlu Pilachite

Meaning: (From TK Govinda Rao’s Book)
Cant you(“raada”) listen (“vina”) to my (“naa”) appeal (“manavi”) ?
O Golden (“kanaka”) hued (“anga”)! Kaveri Ranga! Lord (“kaantha”) of Lakshmi (“sri”)! All (“lella”) damsels (“kaanta”) overcome by their love (“kaaminchi”) for you are inviting (“pilichite”) you.
Our greatest fortune (“bhagadeya”)! O Ranga of festivities (“vaibhoga”)! When youthful damsels (“tarunlu”) call (“pilichite”) you, cant you listen to my appeal (“nuta”)?

For song Phir Miloge Kabhi of album: Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi2011-03-10 05:23:05
What a superlative voice modulation . Opjis Music & Rafi Saab& Ashaji rendering give such a wonderful feeling & totally immerses you into an eternal world full of Nectar

For song Are Yaar Meri Tum Bhi Ho Ghazab of album: Teen Devian2011-02-25 05:30:08
This film is a wonderful musical gem .Burmanda music truly superb . Some time you do miss out on the poor Lyricist . Majrooh Saab lyrics also contributed to the great impact of these songs .Burmanda was also unique in the sense every singer found his talents fully exploited by Burmanda

For song Paripahim of album: Mathangi Sathymoorthy Classical Vol 22011-02-18 07:28:37
What an Alapana of the beautiful Kalyani Raga . No words are enough to express what is in the mind to this presentation.All I can say is the richness of carnatic music can be truly felt by the raga & the rendering .A heart enriching experience indeed

For song Alaipayuthe of album: Mathangi Sathymoorthy Classical Vol 22011-02-18 07:12:40
Really the rendering is so wonderful & such a delight to hear from the
rich voice of Smt Mathangi . She maintains the tempo at the perfect level while giving a wonderful effect to the Lyrics & raga

For song Devi Brova of album: Live At Music Academy Performance Of 12 Sangita-kalanidhis Vol 12011-02-18 07:04:30
The story behind Devi Brova creation by Shyama Shastri goes like this
Once, Kesavayya, a great musician from Bobbili, challenged the Thanjavur court musicians in handling intricate talas. Before facing him,. Shyama Shastri went to the temple, meditated and sang "Devi brova samayamide' meaning "Devi ! now it is the time for you to protect me". With confidence, went to the court and defeated the challenger.

For song Raksha Pettare of album: Mathangi Sathymoorthy Classical Vol 22011-02-16 07:27:10
Truly a superlative presentation of Bhairavi . One can truly enjoy the beauty
of Bhairavi in Smt Mathangi's Alapana

For song Swamynatha of album: Mathangi Sathyamoorthy Classical (vol-1)2011-02-16 06:58:19
The main feature of Mathangi Sathyamoorthy's is that she strictly follows the traditional style of carnatic music, ( following Sri Chembai Vaidhyanadha Baghavathar tradition ) at the same time she is an innovator as well. The most important factor that anyone would notice is her mastery over laya which is very much evident in her swara prastharas.

For song Sobhilloo of album: Mathangi Sathyamoorthy Classical (vol-1)2011-02-16 06:37:02
Sri Venu is absolutely correct, Surely Srimathi Mathangi Sathyamoorthy attracts you by her wonderful gifted voice & presentation to become intstantaneously her fan . The swara presentation is so beautifull & controlled

For song Bantureethi of album: Mathangi Sathyamoorthy Classical (vol-1)2011-02-16 04:34:03
Truly a superb rendition . Has not only an ideal Carnatic music voice, but also
modulation & perfect traditional presentation makes it so sweet to hear .Rich Tributes to the artiste .

For song Chandi Ka Badan Sone Ki Nazar of album: Taj Mahal2011-02-15 07:32:14
Roshanji was a King in Qwali composition & with traditional
Instruments like Harmonium & Tabla it is such a pleasure to listen to this memorable number . Roshanji's early demise in 1967 robbed Hindi film of a truly Superlative , Simple & Sweet Music director

For song Zurm E Ulfut Pe Hamen Log of album: Taj Mahal2011-02-15 07:26:18
What a sweet song from such a sweet Lataji Voice under the ever
sweet composer Roshanji

For song Ae Mohabbat Zindabad of album: Mughal-e-azam (remastered)2011-02-12 05:49:32
This was the only song recorded in Rafi Saab voice in this film . Naushadji
has given his pet son Rafi Saab such a song that the impact is truly magical as Rafi saab unwinds himself to a mountainous height

For song Kabhi Khud Pe Kabhi Halat Pe Rona of album: Hum Dono Rangeen2011-02-12 05:43:28
What Music , What melody & My word really melts you the rendering of
Rafi Saab .I wonder whether we would ever get a divine singer like Rafi Saab

For song Abhi Na Jaao Chhod Kar of album: Hum Dono Rangeen2011-02-12 05:38:57
It is almost impossible to give any comments to this all time great duet
in Hindi Film .Superb music & splendid rendering by Rafi Saab & Aashaji not to forget the impact of Sahirjis beautiful lyrics . All in all a truly great & melodious song

For song Main Zindagi Ka Sath Nibhata Chala of album: Hum Dono Rangeen2011-02-12 05:35:15
Song after , song in this film is truly outstanding. There was also like in this
song the trade mark tune in almost every song

For song Teri Aankhon Ke Siva Duniya Men of album: Chirag2011-02-09 06:08:41
Rafi Saab - Madan Mohan - Majrooh is like the joy of scaling Mt Everest .
A superlative combination in Lyrics, composition &no words for Rafi Saab .What a rendering . Truly the ultimate treat to the ears

For song Tum Jo Hamare Meet Na Hote of album: Aashiq2011-02-05 07:08:00
A very touching & a memorable song . Mukeshji , S-J. & Shailendar
have given some of the very best songs & this one is among those splendid creations

For song O Shama Mujhe Phoonk De of album: Aashiq2011-02-05 06:52:03
Superb duet by Lataji - Mukesh . A great hit in 1962 Binaca Geeth Mala
Every Wednesday one was glued to Radio Ceylon ( now Sri Lanka ) to listen to this great S-J.Composition . Thanks to Hummaa for giving us the full version

For song Ab Kya Misaal Doon of album: Aarti2011-02-05 06:15:53
Roshanji was truly a composer who produced such sweet songs in Film
after film . It seems ( more imaginary ) that Rafi Saab rendering Roshanji
composition seems like he his singing pouring out his very best such is the effect of this song

For song Aapne Yaad Dilaya To of album: Aarti2011-02-05 06:04:02
True to the meaning of the song . As we remember this great duet
The eternal in our hearts Rafi Saab & one of the most sweet composers
Roshanji we remember for ever & ever . Such wonderful Lyrics , composition & supreme rendering by Rafi Saab - Lataji makes this among the top duets by this gifted pair of singers

For song Aap Ke Haseen Rukh Pe of album: Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi2011-02-05 05:51:18
Rafi Saab is truly melting while rendering this song .Really one is transported to an eternal bliss. O.P. Nayyar's music is truly magical . It is a song flowing like a wave & sweet as a natural spring

For song Koi Kahde Kahde of album: Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi2011-02-05 05:40:17
A Large Part of Asha's rapid rise in the Hini Film industry was largely due to
O.P.Nayyar's splendid exploitation of her versatility. This song is a great example of Ashaji-O.P.Nayyar Chemistry .Truly a beautiful song

For song Amba Maadura (pallavi) of album: M S S - Nada Suda Rasa - Vol.32011-02-04 06:11:15
This wonderful Presentation By MSS Amma is in the Raga Bhairavi

For song Sansar Se Bhage Phirte Ho of album: Chitralekha2011-01-29 05:29:19
The Music of Roshan & Lataji rendering what can one say ? In this song the
lyrics of Sahir Ludhianvi is absolutely wonderful & every word is such a wonderful philosophy of life . Truly superb poetry by the great giant

For song Sakhi Re Mera Man Uljhe Tan Dole of album: Chitralekha2011-01-29 05:25:31
Apt comment by the member ' Meeta Bhol Madhur Awaz' This comment
reminds me of Lataji's Programme in BBC where she referring to Roshanji's music says his composition is like flowing Honey

For song Ae Ri Jane Na Doongi of album: Chitralekha2011-01-29 05:20:43
Each one of the songs in this film is a real gem & so delightful to hear.Roshanji's music is always such a pleasure to hear. In this film his work is beyond all description . Lataji has sung so beautifully

For song Ksheera Sagara (chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar) of album: Chitralekha2011-01-25 05:44:38
The amazing stability of the voice at such high octave was the Hall Mark
of Chembai's wonderful musical Career . A great Devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan was Sri Chembai Vaidhyanadha Baghavathar

For song Samarasabhavana of album: G N Balasubramaniam Vol 12011-01-25 05:34:31
This song is in the Raga Hindolam ,

For song Jayathi Jayathi of album: G N Balasubramaniam Vol 12011-01-25 05:22:53
This song was recorded in the fifties when just 78RPM gramaphone record
was the only playing possibilities of songs . Each side had just 3 mnts available , That is the reason why the total composition has not been sung . By the time Extended playing & Long playing record was introduced GNB was no more having died in 1965 May 1st . GNB with his rich voice was a trend setter in many ways & so beautifully rendered is this song

For song Sadhinchene of album: G N Balasubramaniam Vol 12011-01-25 04:34:05
Meaning of this beautiful PanchaRathna Krithi

Oh mind, I have achieved


Having proved false the teachings,

Of the good path, he himself taught,

He stood firm on his stand.

Swara Sahithyam

He changed his stand as per the occasion

1. As if he was trying to bring bad name to Vasudeva and Devaki

2, The president of the stage, He who produced the good Ganga,

And he is the one who follows the musical tradition.

3. He who makes fun of the Gopis,

Without fulfilling their wishes.

4. He who ever attracts the ladies and makes them worship him,

As if he is the ultimate divine God and is the Hari who,

Is the smiling baby which is fondled and kissed by Yasoda

5.He is a great lover of his devotees, the ocean of virtues,

The ever sinless one , the destroyer of problems of Kali age.

And while I kept on seeing him in the lotus of my heart.

6.Oh Hari, Oh Ramachandra, Oh Lord of Raghu clan,

Oh Soft spoken one , One who sleeps on Adhi sesha,

Oh brother of all women not related to him,

Oh unborn God, One who rides on horses,

Oh God who is praised by king of kings,

Oh God who is having healthy limbs,

Oh God who has eyes like lotus petals,

Instead of protecting me who seeks him,

7.Oh Lord Venkatesa, Oh God who shines by himself,

Oh greatest one , Oh God who resides in the heart of good people,

Oh God who wears golden silks , Oh God who shines in his ear rings,

Oh Hari , Thyagaraja extols you as the king among men and as Ramachandra.


1.He speaks words suitable to each occasion,

He has told how a good devotee should behave,

And accepted my worship done in a proper manner

And told me never to be afraid

2.He told me not to bother about people not interested,
He asked me to tolerate everything , even if I am in distress,

For he is the one who grants pleasure of Samadhi,

To Thyagaraja, without coming near him.

For song Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon of album: Son Of India2011-01-23 06:31:39
This song in the early days of Door Darshan Introduction to India in the
early seventies would alway be played during Republic Day & Independence Day . Jai Hind

For song Zindagi Aaj Mere Naam Se of album: Son Of India2011-01-23 06:26:47
What a composition & what a rendering . Really one forgets everything & gets totally immersed into the song .Rafi Saab voice is just not human voice It is far Far Beyond that

For song Dil Todne Wale Tujhe Dil of album: Son Of India2011-01-23 06:22:34
Kohinoor , Son Of India & Leader Had some of the most outstanding Duets from Lataji & Rafi Saab under the baton of the Great Naushadji . This is truly so beautiful & really melts you

For song O Gaadiwale of album: Mother India2011-01-23 06:13:08
This film had a lot of Rural Back ground setting & this song typifies the
extensive use of Bullock Drawn carts to transport . Beautiful Naushadji composition . Rafi Saab has been beautifully used to give a lift to the song

For song O Mere Lal Aaja of album: Mother India2011-01-23 06:07:48
Truly a very beautiful song . A very emotional film was Mother India .Songs
were truly a phenomenal composition by Naushadji like this one & Lataji
so sweet & splendid

For song Na Toofan Se Khelo of album: Uran Khatola2011-01-23 05:52:05
The music in this film & Baiju Bawra almost matches . Ofcourse the 3 Giants
Rafi Saab , Naushad &Shakeel Badayuni no doubt are the links . More than that the composition of Naushadji & Rafi Saab rendering have been truly outstanding &this song reminds me a lot of Thu Ganga Ki Mauj me from Baiju Bawra

For song Thunga Theera Virajam - Live of album: Samarpanam -carnatic Classical - M S S -12011-01-16 05:50:45
MSS Amma singing on Sri Raghavendra is most apt as the purity
of Amma's soul , her bakthi , her rendition from deep inside signifies this very beautiful Bajan which was rendered at Pitsburgh Venkateswara Temple in 1977

For song Tere Bin Soone Nain Humare of album: Meri Surat Teri Ankhen2011-01-12 06:23:10
What can one say as no word would be enough to describe it . Really melts you under the magical effect of Rafi Saab , Lataji , Burmanda & Shailendarji .One of the most superb classical song in Film music

For song Nache Man Mora Magan of album: Meri Surat Teri Ankhen2011-01-12 06:15:25
Really this song tempts you to take up dancing ( Traditional ) such is the effect of brilliant music & outstanding rendering by the one & only Rafi Saab

For song Babu Samjho Ishare of album: Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi2011-01-12 06:04:23
Could be the only Film in which the three Ganguly Brothers Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar &Anoop Kumar acted together & this song in a car was wonderfully picturised & all cinematography tricks was very well used & Burmanda brilliantly matched the music for it .

For song Main Sitaron Ka Tarana of album: Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi2011-01-12 05:57:38
One could say that the main significance of this song is that it took forward the romance of Kishore & Madhubala on screen to real life partners

For song Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si of album: Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi2011-01-12 05:54:23
The beauty of this song was that it was totally picturised in an Automobile Garage & hence Burmanda has used the noice of Rubber horns ,& other Garage tools to give the desired effect & Kishoreji too has
matched the setting with a beautiful Madhubala in the back ground

For song Haal Kaisa Hai Janab Ka of album: Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi2011-01-12 05:44:24
It was Burmanda who brought out the hidden versatality of Ashaji to the front . This song along with a highly talented Kishoreji was the start of many more memorable duets By Kishore Asha . Truly such a magical & a captivating song

For song Chand Phir Nikla Magar Tum Na Aaye of album: Paying Guest2011-01-12 05:39:49
Under the beautiful Moonlight the shining & radiant face of Nutan with Lataji singing & Burmanda music makes this song as one of the masterpiece of Golden era Hindi Films . Superlative picturisation

For song Nigahe Mastana of album: Paying Guest2011-01-12 05:36:11
These songs were such a hit ,that one would be glued to Binaca Geethmala on Wednesday as Radio Ceylon as it was called then was the main source to listen to Film songs till Vividh Bharathi became popular in Mid sixties

For song Mana Janab Ne Pukara Nahin of album: Paying Guest2011-01-12 05:30:11
A 1956 Film , What songs , what singing still glues you after 5 decades
Fantastic music by Burmanda

For song Hay Hay Yeh Nigahen of album: Paying Guest2011-01-12 05:26:40
Kishore Kumar a higly talented artist in all the field of Film ,was brought to the fore front of singing through Burmanda & this film had some superlative song of Kishoreji .Again , Kishore , Devanand & Burmanda was a splendid fornula for a fillm popularity

For song Duniya Na Bhaye Re of album: Basant Bahar2011-01-10 07:42:47
Melody , Lyrics , Composition & divine rendering by Rafi Saab truly melts you
What a song & the picturisation of Bharath Bhooshan & Nirupa Roy brings tears such is the effect of this truly masterpiece classical No.

For song Na Bole Na Bole Re of album: Azad2011-01-10 07:24:00
C.Ramachandra was a real genius in creating some outsatnding , traditional
& quite unique composition at a time when music was following a set pattern
This is truly one such song & every aspect of Lataji has been extracted to make it so melodious

For song Ek Chatur Naar Karke Sringar of album: Padosan2011-01-09 08:42:58
Truly Mannada's singing is too good , But Kishoreji with his abundant talents , Splendid placed lyrics , R.D.Burman;'s fantastic composing to a very complicated picturisation truly makes this song so enjoyable

For song O Dilbar Janiye of album: Hasina Maan Jayegi2011-01-09 08:35:18
Any one down depressed ,if they hear this song would spring up
immediately & forget everything & get drowned in the song . Superb music By the highly talented Kalyanji-Anandji & what can say about Rafi Saab singing .My God simply fantastic

For song Mama O Mama of album: Parvarish2011-01-09 08:24:15
Mannada's classical Talent & Rafi Saab adapting to any kind of song really makes this one enjoy it so much .This song is on Mehmood & Raj Kapoor

For song Phool Gendva Na Maro of album: Dooj Ka Chand2011-01-09 08:18:25
Roshan & S.D.Burman exploited to the full extent MannaDa's classical talent & this song is a typical of that Mannada's talent & with Harmonium & Tabla , the song is so wonderful & pleasing to hear

For song Ajhun Na Aye Balamwa (revival) of album: Re Man Sur Mein Ga2011-01-09 08:11:34
This song is from the 1964 movie Sanj Aur Savera & music by Shankar -Jaikishan . Truly a very memorable classical number & so beautifully rendered by Rafi- Suman

For song Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar (revival) of album: Cafe Bollywood - Tbd - 12011-01-09 07:53:38
Jaidev music is so sweet & with the voice of King Rafi Saab & the versatile
AshaBhonsle makes this song as one of the all time popular and truly a very memorable
song . One of the earliest Sadhana Films

For song Diwana Hua Badal....(revival) of album: Cafe Bollywood - Tbd - 12011-01-09 07:42:11
One of the outstanding features of this song is that it is such a soft & melodious number for Shammiji unlike other numbers where one would know that this is indeed a Shammiji song . OPN-Mohd Rafi- Asha - S.H.Bihari is truly a wonderful bonanza for listeners

For song Thahriye Hosh Mein Aa Loon (revival) of album: Cafe Bollywood - Tbd - 12011-01-09 07:38:01
Khayyam a very popular music director had only few opportunities in the Golden era of Hindi Music 1950-1975 , but all composition like this number was very well composed , that they are truly melting songs .Truly memorable

For song Yeh Mere Prem Patra of album: Bombay Talkies R K Films Vol 32011-01-09 07:33:17
There are many Films in which Rafi Saab has sung just one song & invariably
they are the most beautiful song one is this song from Sangam & another from Mughale Azam ( Zindabad ) which only speaks about the out of the world voice ,tonal quality of this great singer

For song Siva Siva of album: Meeting Sounds Of T.v.gopalakrishnan2011-01-01 07:58:54
I have heard a lot of Jesudas Live concerts & seen the excellent skills
of T.V.GopalaKrishnan as an exponent of Mridangam . In this beautiful
Krithi / Raga he has brought out his skill as a very pleasing vocalist . Really very well & beautifully rendered .

For song Girija Kalyana of album: Shri Naga Shakti2010-12-24 07:42:50
May be it sounds like Thu hai mere Prem Devtha from Hinid Film Kalapana

For song Bhavaayami Gopalabalam of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-22010-12-24 06:22:34

What a rendition .Absolutely beyond this earth is the voice of MSS Amma .Tears simply flow listening to it .In a discussion it was told many North Indian Musical stalwarts were floored by this stunning Hindustani Yaman kalyan Raag listening to MSS Amma , that there was such a long applause at the end of the song . What greater tribute can be than this . Such is the perfectiion of this Supreme Divine Artist

For song Meri Kahani Bhoolne Wale of album: Deedar2010-09-21 14:49:02
This song was recoded in 1948 when Rafi Saab was just establishing himself
One cannot believe that it is a raw 24 yr old youth singing for the now established Dilip Kumar & the way Rafi Saab sings Lo Aaaj Kinare Par Ankhen must have given Naushadji the clue for the Baiju Bawra song 'Oh Dhuniya Ke Rakh Wale

For song Illenikkaaru of album: Sreerama Paadam (sreerama Stuthis)2010-09-21 14:27:21
The greatness about these songs from Kerala is that the deep culture of the
region & India is always given a priority . Such a beautiful song & so melodious . Really penetrates you

For song Hari Naam Dhun of album: Jai Jai Narayan Narayan Hari Hari (hari Naam Dhun)2010-09-19 14:37:29
Very Very beautiful The bajan has the double effect of Lataji's sweet voice
& the vibration from the Lyrics & thanks to members input the splendid
composition of Kalyanji -Anandji . All in all A bajan a must for everyones library.

For song Jangal Mein More Nacha of album: Madhumati2010-09-16 15:14:22
No one else could have given the drunken effect other than the
Tea totaller Genius Rafi Saab . The picturisation of this song was on Johnny Walker

For song Ghadi Ghadi Mera Dil Dhadke of album: Madhumati2010-09-16 15:11:10
One of the beauty of this Film songs were, that most of them were shot in
mountainous terrain & Salil Saab a Genius that he was has tuned them on folk songs of this mountainous region

For song Tu Ganga Ki Mauj of album: Baiju Bawra2010-09-16 14:36:11
57 years after the release of the film , Baiju Bawra Songs still rates
among the best in The Golden Era , Naushad music & his Using Rafi Saab,s Range was at its best in this film. This song & picturisation is so beautiful

For song Ganesa Pancharatnam of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-32010-09-11 06:00:10
May Lord Ganesha on this auspicious day of Ganesh Chathurthi Bless Hummaa Members & their Family with Health & Happiness .Such a song
on the Divine Lord in the divine voice of MSS Ammaa on this auspicious day is like the direct blessing of Lord Vinayaka on us

For song Ganesa Pancharatnam of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-32010-09-11 05:55:38
Ganesha Pancharatnam Stotram Meaning

I salute that remover of obstacles,
Who has modakas in his hand
Who always bestows salvation
Who wears a part of moon on his head
Who protects this world which is varied,
Who is the leader of those who cannot be lead,
Who is the cause of destruction of asuras,
And who destroys all things which are not good.


I bow before that great Lord permanently,
Who creates fear in the enemies of his devotees,
Who sparkles like the just risen Sun,
Who is saluted by Gods and Asuras
Who destroys obstacles of his devotees,
Who is the God of all devas,
Who is the God of all wealth,
Who is the God of all elephants,
And who is the leader of the army of Lord Shiva.


I bow to that Ganapati who shines like the Sun,
Who bestows peace to all the worlds,
Who removed the Gajamukhasura from this world,
Who has a very big paunch,
Who has an elephant-face which blesses,
And who is the one who shows kindness
Who is tolerant
Who is full of blessing,
And who showers great fame,
To those who salute Him.


I salute the very ancient elephant-god
Who destroys the wants of the have nots,
Who has been worshipped since ancient times,
Who is the eldest son of the lord who destroyed cities,
Who eats away the pride of the enemies of the gods,
Who is awesome at the time of final deluge,
Who wears serpents like Dananjaya as ornaments,
And who is fierce like the elephant in rut.


I always meditate only on that God with single tusk,,
Who is ever lustrous tusk is very pretty,
Who is the son of Lord who killed the god of death,
Who has a form beyond ones imagination,
Who is endless,
Who tears asunder all obstacles,
And who dwells forever in the heart of Yogis ,
Like the season of spring.

For song Sri Maha Ganapathi of album: Parathpara2010-09-11 05:40:01
This is the opening song of the Carneige Hall Concert. . Each one of the
songs in this Album are a real gem , from a Real diamond in both , music
& as a human MSS Amma

For song Ponnondru Kandaen of album: Padithaal Mattum Pothuma (tml)2010-09-05 05:47:20
This song by 2 of the most wonderful artist TMS & PBS on Shivaji & Balaji
is an ever green duet & such a wonderful picturisation as well . Still so nice to listen after nearly 5 decades

For song Chediyaya Valvinaigal And Srinivasa Thiruvenkatamudaiyaai of album: M S Subhalakshmi (tamil) - Suprabhatam2010-09-05 05:25:53
This song is in the raga Hamsanandi The Lyrics are by Sri Papanasam Sivan

Oh, Lord, one who wipes out the sins left over (from life), oh extensive (omnipresent) one, May I (Let me) watch your coral mouth, while being the steps at the entrance of your temple, traversed by (your) devotees, celestial gods and celestial goddesses,

Oh, Srinivasa (Dwelling place of Lakshmi), lord of auscpicious Venkatam, Victory to you, Oh Govinda (friend of cows), Oh, mukunda (liberator), Oh Endless One.

You earned the fame as the refuge of the meek, where have you seen one more meek than me?

Oh, lord of the seven hills, one who is praised by the whole universe, Illusory one,

Oh, husband of AlarmElmangai

Oh, lord of the Universe, wielder of the wheel and the conch

I seek the refuge of your feet, free me from fear!

For song Deiva Tamizh Naattinele of album: Kaatrinile Varum Geetham2010-09-05 05:12:32
Such a beautiful Patriotic song from such a beautiful full throated voice of
Ammaa & who else could have done full justice to this great lyrics from Sri Kalki on the great poet Bharathiyar other than Ammaa ?

For song Vandaadum Cholai of album: Kaatrinile Varum Geetham2010-09-05 05:02:45
This song is in the raga HariKambhoji

For song Vandaadum Cholai of album: Kaatrinile Varum Geetham2010-09-05 05:02:08
Pallavi: In an orchard in which the bees roam around, I saw him and was captivated by him, Oh my friend!

Anupallavi: He has the complexion of the cloud. Isn’t he the darling child that Gokulam was fortunate to have?

Caranam: He came looking for me in my world despite the pain experienced by his gentle lotus feet. He, mAdavan, the son of the city of Mathura (on the banks of the river Jamuna) - isn’t he the inscrutable one who enunciates the scriptures?

For song Thavamum Pallithathamma of album: Kaatrinile Varum Geetham2010-09-05 04:55:51
This song is a set of a series of songs on the Freedom struggle . Sri Kalki Krishnamurthi a renowned journalist had written historical novels & penned many songs particularly most of them in MSS Amma acted Tamil Meera

For song Maalai Pozhuthinile of album: Kaatrinile Varum Geetham2010-09-05 04:52:02
This is a beautiful Dance number song & MSS Amma has sung this song
during the dance recital of Radha in the early fifties . Radha Vishwanathan
had accompanied Ammaa in many concerts

For song Swami Rara of album: Rainbow2010-09-02 15:30:00
The artist has just given time to comment on her speed & clear diction
very very beautiful indeed to hear

For song Enberumanin Dasavatharam of album: Emberumaanae2010-09-02 15:21:35
I am not sure as the member has suggested that listening to this would take
us to heaven But it is definite listening to this makes one feel in a temple or a place of religious activity like in a Homa Kunda

For song Nahi Punyachi Mojani of album: Sarvatmaka Sarveshwara2010-09-02 15:08:45
Very nice song & thanks to member's kindness in inserting the
meaning really makes one enjoy the song so much . Also it is such a wonderful lesson to every individual how to live in this earth happily & in a relaxed way
Thanking the Lord for all his kindness showered on us

For song Meri Aawaz Suno of album: Naunihal2010-09-02 14:56:27
Mohd Rafi was the ruling King from 1949-1980 & Madan Mohan the most
outstanding music director of the Golden era . The combination of these 2 giants brought out such great numbers with effect on a common man , to the soul & the mind as well. The opening words Meri Awaz suno is an apt word for one to melt listening to Each & every number of Rafi Saab , Really an outstanding ,lyrics, composition & singing no parallel whatsoever

For song Mitter Pyare Noon of album: Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai2010-09-02 14:42:56
Really a very beautiful song & made more beautiful by the King's magical
divine voice .What rendering , really listening this gives the feeling of the voice not from earth but descending from far far above us

For song Santhana Gopala of album: A Vintage Collection2010-09-01 17:23:17
What to say of this song ? Sri Dhikshithar must have had Baby Krishna on his lap while composing as it has such a mesmerising effect & Sri Santhanam's rendering is probably exactly the way Sri Dhikshithar wanted it to be So sweet & brings continuous tears listening to this song .

For song Pag Ghunghru Bandh Meera Nachi Re of album: Meera2010-09-01 17:05:26
This song follows a sequence where Meera is poisoned for her neglect
of the duties of a Queen The moment she drinks the poison all the images of Lord Krishna shows the absorption of poison . Meera Thanks the Lord
for his consuming the poison & showing mercy on her & saving her through this song

For song Mere To Giridhar Gopal of album: Meera2010-09-01 16:53:34
If one had seen MSS Amma sing this song through a video clipping
one can observe that Amma is totally immersed as if the Lord is standing
before her , such is her involvement with any song or concert

For song Diwana Hua Badal of album: Kashmir Ki Kali2010-06-30 14:20:45
This film was released in 1964 & 46 years later it still captivates you . What a combination , Rafi Saab , Asha Bhonsle , O.P. Nayyar & Bihari . No doubt that
Rafi Saab's highest number of duets were with Aashaji & O.P. Nayyar played a Big role in that

For song Sri Rangapura of album: Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham2010-04-26 10:39:34
This song was realeased for the first time along with Venkateshwara Suprabatham & Bhavayami in 1963 by HMV as LP record for the first time .Dhikshithars beautiful Krithi has been not only sung so wonderfully by
MSS Amma , & very special effects to the song has been added by the wonderful virutham as well
Sriranga mangala nidhim karuna nivasam
Sri Venkatadri shikaralaya kalamegam
Sri Hasthisaila sikarojwala parijatham
Srisannamami sirasa Yadhusaila deepam

For song Theerada Vilayattu Pillai of album: Live In Singapore Vol 22010-04-26 06:53:30
Pallavi: Incorrigible playful boy, Kannan (Krishna). A terrible annoyance to all the girls on the road.

Anupallavi: He brought a fruit to eat. But while I was eating it, he tapped and stole it. Oh how she begged! And he bit deeply into it, putting all his mouth over it, and returned it to her.

CaraNam 1: I brought a beautiful flower. Before he made me cry, he said he'd put the flower in my hair if I closed my eyes. But while I could not see, he placed the flower in another's hair!

CaraNam 2: He pulls the girls' braids from behind. Before you can turn your head around, he runs away and hides. And on brand new beautiful saris he throws mud and dirties them!

CaraNam 3: Krishna brings his flute, and his music is like overflowing nectar. And we stand, as if in a trance, almost fainting, listening with our eyes closed and mouths open.

CaraNam 4: In an open mouth, Krishna would put a few large red ants; have you ever seen such mischief,the many ways in which he teases us?

CaraNam 5: Kannan would ask us to come out and play, and pay no heed to our housework; he would play to his heart's content with other youngsters, and then complain against us at home!

For song Ponnai Virumbum of album: Aalayamani2010-04-23 08:02:48
This song signifies the times when lyrics , composition , singer & location
have contributed so much which have made these songs immortal

For song Thaye Yashoda of album: Madurai Mani Iyer Vol 22010-04-23 07:09:45
This song describes the mischief of young Lord Krishna, as the gopis describe to his mother Yashoda, wife of King Nandagopa (the father of young Sri krishna). The young krishna who is the Supreme Lord, is also the darling of the gOpees and pet of the masses of brindhavan and/ or gOkulam, the vrajpuri, [the village aayarpadi in tamil language]. The gopis together say: Oh Mother Yashoda, listen to the antics of your Gopalakrishnan who created the Universe with his Maya (illusion).

pallavi: Oh mother yasodha! Please listen to the mischievous plays and tricks that your son, this krishna plays on us, who is born in your vraj kulam.
This is the first address to the judge. The case is made out first highlighting the damage it has created not only to the direct recipients, the gopees, or the directly affected, but the entire clan [aayar kulam- vrajpuri vaasis] connected with krishna the defendant. Also added, is the kulam is not ours, but, "oh, yasOdha, oh mother, oh Judge! it is yours" thus including the judge herself with the complainants. Now a "close feeling" is induced while addressing the judge as "oh mother".

anupallavi: Oh young lady, please hear, I have not seen such a mischievous boy equal to your son krishna in this world. Oh, what an extent of nuisance from him.
Since Mother yasOdha [and Judge] is also a young lady, and, whenever a woman is addressed "oh, you! Young woman" irrespective of her age, she feels more proud even though it is direct flattery. This psychology is also used while addressing the judge by calling her "thaiyalE" meaning- "oh dear young lady". Next is "Please hear. I have not seen another boy like your son in this world". Yes. It is true that there is no one equal to my krishna in this world. That is a fact. How can this young gOpi could find an equal to my krishna. This fact is put very nicely by an exclamation, even though it is in the nature of a naughty comment to the judge.

caraNam 1: Wearing thick anklets (shilambu) on his feet (kaal), bangles (vaLai) on his hands (kai), pearl (muttu) necklackes (maalai-gaL) swaying (ashaiya), he came (vandaan) outside. With his hands and feet moving, blue Krishna danced (narttanam). Thinking he was a boy (baalan), I leapt (taavi) to embrace him (anaittEn). Your son isn't a boy at all, who does this great mischief. He came (vandaan) out on the street (vaasal) with jingling sounds of the anklets (shilambu) on his feet (kaal), bangles (valai) wriggling and making noise in the wrists (kai - hand), the pearl (muttu) necklaces (maalaigaL) just swaying (ashaiya) on the chest. His hands and legs followed a rythmic pattern and this beautiful Krishna danced (narttanam aaDinaan) in the street. Seeing such a beautiful young boy (or child? - baalan) I leapt (taavi) to embrace him (aNaittEn). But to the one who embraced him, me (yennai), like a husband (maalai iTTavan - one who garlanded) he planted a kiss (muttam) on my lips (vaayil)! Yashoda, your son (un magan) is no boy - who plays all these tricks. I feel ashamed in front of others for this kind of embarrassment he gave me. I feel very bad, when many people hear this, what they will think about me, for what he did without my consent.

caraNam 2: (Complaint by the second gopi) Oh Judge! The other day some two guests visited our place, in this aaippadi. These guests were our honoured ones. They, after taking food, were in sound sleep on the pyol in front verandah of our house. KaNNan [or krishnan] came that side and saw them sleeping. At that time kaNNan finished eating some quantity of butter and had balance butter in his hands. He applied all the balance butter in the mouths of the sleeping guests and quickly vanished from that place. When we found the butter missing in the containers in the house, we went in search of the person who stole the butter. But unfortunately our honoured guests were caught. They felt ashamed because they did not steal. We also know they will not do such an act. Actually kaNNan ate the butter. But the guests were blamed for having stolen the butter since butter was in their mouths as a result of KaNNan's act. Oh what a mischief? Our king Nandhagopa did what kind of penance to have such a mischievous child. On this, what we can do except to complaint to you or appeal to you?

caraNam 3: Gopi no 3 says "Oh mother yasOdha! My daughter- in- law joined our family to enjoy and have a happy married life, thus making a meaningful life. This girl was going to river yamuna. Krishna saw her going and without giving way for any trace of doubt, led her to some place and spent lot of time with her. She could not resist his calling, because of the hypnotic power of krishna's lotus eyes. She just obeyed those powerful eyes and followed him. Both came back at the dead of night. Then he told me "Oh mother, I am your son, without any talking or creating obstruction, please give me butter of sufficient quantity". I also obliged. All people of brindhaavan - this aaippaadi, who have young daughters to be married, have fear about krishna after this incident. Please, Oh Judge! Tell me what we can do against this krishna?

See the usage of words- pankayak kaNNaal mayakki- hypnotises using the lotus eyes - his kataaksham - from those powerful eyes- is thrown on that girl, a lucky girl indeed. Can we have that bhaagyam, Oh krishna, of your direct kataaksham!

caraNam 4: Gopi no 4 says "In the cradle my child was sleeping. Krishna came that side and pinched heavily my child. The child, due to pain, cried a lot. As a reward for this mischievous act, he stole and ate lot of butter from my house. After a while, he saw the young calf tied to the post in the cowshed in my house. That calf was let loose by kaNNan and it went away. Then he tied that rope [used in tying the calf] round his neck. He went near the milching cow and started making noise "ammaa" "ammaa" as though he was the calf of our cow. That cow also thought he was the calf and started milking. He drank the milk like a calf [in the same way how a calf will drink milk from the cow] (ootturaanadi is the word used here by Sri OVS swamy). Oh! what an amount of trouble with this krishna. Please, Oh judge! Punish him adequately so that he will not repeat such acts."

caraNam 5: One day krishna came to me, started circling me as though he wants a favour from me. He asked the route to auntie's house. I told him to the extent, I could make the communication clear. Then also he hesitated. Afterwards he asked the route to go to riverbank. That also I told him to the best of my ability. Next he asked me very cleverly one thing which made me shy. He asked me a kiss and made a big noise for that. See yasOdha, you have given him that many leniency. He is not to be blamed. You have brought up the child so badly.

caraNam 6: Krishna asked for butter. I gave it. He asked for some more. Again I gave it to him. Repeatedly he asked for more and I continued to give it to him without much resistance. He ate all the butter, and then started asking, with a wink in the eyes, for the hand of my daughter in marriage. He started dancing, so nicely, then that I was awestruck. Suddenly he kicked some dust into my eyes and ran away with my daughter. Another day he came to me and started playing flute. I enjoyed his music but he started teasing me for that. Oh! krishna is a nuisance to all girls in the aaippaadi. It will be a crore of good deeds, oh yasOdha! if you punish this krishna. Oh! what a mischievous child this krishna is!

caraNam 7: Day before yesterday, he came near me like a close relative of mine and started playing in several new ways. Then he started teasing me by catching my "pallu" the edge of my sari. "Give a ball of butter otherwise I will neither leave you nor this", said krishna. That vaasudevan is this person standing here. Oh! YasOdha! Since he is a young child, I pulled him near me and took him on my lap. I also enjoyed his beautiful face, as though he is my own son- at that moment he showed all the three worlds. Oh! What a sight! Oh! Krishna and yasodha! Hey, you are blessed.

For song Aada Modi Galade of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-22010-04-23 07:02:10
One of the wonderful aspect of MSS Amma rendering was that within a
few seconds of starting the alapana one could come to know the raga .This
song is a perfect example of it . The song has been so beautifully rendered that with meaning of the so song so kindly uploaded by the member it makes it so enjoyable to listen to it

For song Sada Saranga Nayane of album: Pooja Phalam2010-04-23 06:36:43
The beauty of this song lies in the swaras & when rendered by such a divine artist like MSS Amma it enriches the song to a very high level as the perfect rendering makes it such a pleasure to hear it

For song O Ranga Sayee of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 22010-04-23 06:09:28
This wonderful song on Lord Ranganatha at Srirangam Was sung by MSS Amma on the Day The Maha Gopuram Samprokshanam took place in
1984.Amma through various concerts was one of the contributors for the
construction of the Gopuram . So beautifully rendered this real classic
composition of the great Thyagraja on Bhooloka Vaikuntanadhan The Virutham adds beauty to this masterpiece

For song Annapurnashtakam of album: Devi Stothra Maala2010-04-23 04:42:30
MSS Ammaa divine rendering of this great sloka is a reminder that every
morsel of food we take is due to the supreme blessing of Goddess
.Annapoorneshwari. The rendering rendered with so much of devotion by Amma really makes the eyes moist . Profuse thanks to hummaa to upload the full version

For song Eka Dhantham of album: Mandolin U.srinivas Play Illaiyarajas Classics2010-04-21 15:46:02
Superlative composition of Sri Dhikshithar in the Raga Bilahari & scintillating
handling by Srinivas . All in all such a joy & a pleasure to enjoy this wonderful Krithi

For song Kurai Ondrum Illai (rajajis Composition In Tamil) of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-22009-04-13 19:48:58
KURAI ONDRUM ILLAI I have no complaints, my Lord None Lord of Wisdom Kannan! Though you stand Where I cannot see You, My light, my very eyes, Protector of all beings, I know You sustain me O Lord of the pure Venkata hill! You meet my hunger, my thirst My hope, my prayer You keep me from harm, I need nothing else Father of the Seven Hills, Govinda! Govinda! You stand veiled by a screen Which only the learned can part For they are wise Which I am not But no, no complaints have I. You stand as the crown of Venkata Giver of Boons Immutable God Father to these hills I have no complaints Govinda! Govinda! In this Kaliyuga You have entered the sanctum You have come to stay at Tirumala Where, though I see you not, I have no complaints. Keshava! When Mahalakshmi is there with You To stay on Your chest, Why should I have any complaints? I have no complaints, none at all Kannan I have no complaints, no complaints Govinda Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! Govinda

For song Chhoo Lene Do Nazuk Honthon Ko of album: Kaajal2009-04-11 22:55:32
A voice that descends from heaven to give joy to mother earth such is Rafi Saabs Golden throat with a rendering from a Golden heart

For song Ninnuvina of album: M S S - Nada Suda Rasa - Vol.12009-03-14 21:27:34
This is a typical song normally played in violin or other popular instruments like Mandolin & Saxaphone . MSS Amma through her dexterity has brought out the same effect through her divine voice.

For song Srinivasa Thiruvengada of album: Chinnanchiru Killiye2009-02-16 22:33:41
The lyrics for this beautiful song on Lord Srinivasa The presiding deity at Thirumala hills is by Papanasam Sivan & not Bharathiyar & it is in the Raga Hamsanandi

For song Sri Vathapi Ganapathi of album: Prabhavam2009-02-11 23:18:41
This composition is by Muthuswami Dhikshithar & not Papanasam Sivan Hummaa please correct this Composer: Muttuswaamee Dikshitar Language: Sanskrit

For song Mahishasura Mardhini of album: Mahishasura Mardhini2009-02-11 23:11:07
Brings back excellent memories of the 60's When Sri Sengalipuram Antharama Dhikshithar use to recite during his discourse on Mahabaratha & Ramayanam.Those Cocunut oven Pandal days where 1000 would be assembled to listen to his engrossing discourse , A sudden downpour would put the gathering to inconveniance . Immediately Dhikshithar would recite this & the rain would stop as if his message was heard by Lord Varuna , No one has renedered this great piece with that devotional feeling as Dhikshithar

For song Ab Tumhare Hawale Vatan Sathiyon of album: Haqeeqat2009-01-29 23:46:01
What can one say about the song ,Rafi saabs patriotic voice ,Madanjis nationalism & KaifiAzmis tribute to our great warriors.This song must constantly remind us about our soldiers only goal of protecting the country & not their family. Govt should give more to these warriors family than awards like Padmashree which has no meaning in comparison to such bravery acts .My salute to all these brave warriors

For song Thavadasoham of album: Masterpieces Of Tyagaraja2009-01-17 22:32:43
tava dAsOham tava dAsOham tava dAsOham dAsharathE caraNam 1 vara mrdu bhASa virahita dOSa naravara vESa dAsharathE caraNam 2 sarasija nEtra parama pavitra surapati mitra dAsharathE caraNam 3 ninnu kOritirA nirupama shUra nannElukOrA dAsharathE caraNam 4 manavini vinumA marava samayamA inakula dhanamA dAsharathE caraNam 5 ghana sama nIla muni janapAla kanakadukUla dAsharathE caraNam 6 dhara nIvaNTi deivamu lEdaNTi sharaNamu koNTi dAsharathE caraNam 7 Agama vinuta rAga virahita tyAgarAjanuta dAsharathE

For song Muripemugatige of album: Sukhanubhav Malladi Brothers2009-01-16 22:03:24
Muripemugatige - Raga Ganamurthi - Ad

For song Nanda Gopala of album: Krishna Maadhuryam2009-01-16 22:00:19
Nanda gopala - Abheri/Adi

For song Vandanadyuthi of album: Sukhanubhav Malladi Brothers2009-01-16 21:51:06
Vandanadyuthi. Raga Ganamurthi - Adi - Thyagaraja

For song Ehi Mudam Dehi Mein of album: Krishna Kirtan2009-01-09 22:37:08
very nice song full of Bakthi ,very melodious Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

For song Endaro Mahanubhavulu of album: Pancharathna Krithis (shanmukha Priya, Hari Priya)2009-01-09 22:00:12
The best of 5 PanchrathnaKrithis is EndaroMahanubhavulu.One is never tired of hearing it 100's of times. Endaro Mahanubhavulu (Raaga Sri). Captivates you as if this is your first experience to it . The words & swaras are so beautiful & also a fast number which would make any one hear it again & again.Our Pranams to Thyagarja Swami for such a treasure & to Priya Sisters for excellent rendering & to hummaa our humble tribute as well for uploading such outstanding songs

For song Etijanma (hyderabad Sisters) of album: Masterpieces Of Tyagaraja2009-01-09 21:47:14
Wonderful song .Very thankful to Grace for the great meaning which makes the song more pleasurable to hear .Members please post whatever you know about the songs you hear for the benifit of one & all

For song Baro Krishnaiya of album: M L Vasanthakumari Vol 22009-01-09 21:03:32
bArO krSnayya krSnayya bArO. rAgamAlikA. Adi tALA. P: bArO krSnayya krSnayya bArO krSnayya ninna bhaktara manEgiha A: bArO ninna mukha tOrO ninna sari bArO jagadhara shIlanE C1: andugE pada gavukAlandugEkEru gejjE dhim dhimi dhimi dhimi dhimi enuta pongoLanUdutta barayya 2: kaNkaNa karadalli ponnungura hoLeyuta kinkiNi kiNI kiNi kiNi enuta pongoLalanUdutta bArayya bArO krSnayya 3: vAsa uDupi linElayAdi kEshavanE dAsa ninna pada dAsa ninna pada dAsa ninna pada dAsa kanakanu bArayya

For song Gandhi-part1 of album: M L Vasanthakumari Vol 22009-01-08 21:05:51
Thank you Hummaa for this great serial on the greatest human being of our mother earth our Great Bapuji

For song Hechcharikaga Ra Ra of album: Thyagaraja Samarpanam Vol 12009-01-04 20:23:43
A beautiful song in The raga Edhukula Kambhodhi . KVN has done wonderful justice to this great Thyagaraj song

For song Parvati Nayakana of album: Musical Bliss2008-12-31 00:25:16
Parvati Nayakane is in the Shanmukhapriya raga

For song Chandana Charchitha (priya Sisters) of album: Serene Moments2008-12-28 21:15:01
Carnatic Songs - chandhana charchitha (ashTapadi)10 Jun 2005 ... chandana charchita (ashhTapadhi) raagam: kaamavardhani. 51 pantuvaraaLi ( kaamavardhani) mela. Aa: S R1 G3 M2 P D1 N3 S

For song Avalukkum Thamizh Endruper of album: Pancha Varna Kili2008-12-28 00:35:57
The song has been wrongly mentioned as Avallukum Thamigh Endruper To be updated

For song Ullathil Nalla Ullam of album: Karnan2008-12-26 23:39:14
It is such a popular song in the magic voice of Dr Seerkaghi Goindarajan that in music competition participants sing this song to show their talents.Memorable work by VR pair & touching Lyrics by the one & only Kannadasan Sir

For song Rama Bhakthi of album: Kesava Madhava (abhang) - Kadri Gopalnath2008-12-26 00:15:08
This song is not Ramabakthi . This is Teliyaeru Rama in the raga Dhenuka Kindly update

For song Man Re Tu Kahe Na Dheer Dhare (revival) of album: Yeh Jeevan Hai2008-12-23 22:01:39
Rafi Saabs this soulful no makes one feel as if it was rendered in front of The Supreme Lord . Such is the divinity in the voice ,Roshan Saabs splendid music & Sahirjis great Lyrics . A thousand years melody song

For song Mera To Jo Bhi Kadam (revival) of album: Lo Aa Gayi Unki Yaad2008-12-23 21:46:23
The original idea of the producers was to have Lataji sing all the nos as the picture was based on 2 boys. It was Majrooh Sultanpuri who adviced that Rafi Saab was the best choice for this emotional film .How right he was The songs were a great hit & Chahoonga won the filmfare award

For song Yaad Na Jaye Beete Dinon Ki (revival) of album: Lo Aa Gayi Unki Yaad2008-12-23 21:34:17
Dear Rafi Saab aaj 24-12 -2008 aap ki janam dhin me mai aur hazaron log aap ka yaad karthe hai

For song Rama Rama Gunaseema of album: M S S - Live At Carnegie Hall - Vol. 12008-12-23 06:38:26
A beautiful song on Rama Made more beautiful by MSS Ammas rendering It is in the raga Simhendhra Madhyamam . The entire Carneige Hall list are very well selected songs & is a pleasurable treat to all music lovers

For song Dasana Madiko - M.s.subbulakshmi of album: M S S - Manimandapam Concert-vol.22008-12-23 06:22:35
This song was sung in the last concert of MSS Amma in JUNE 1997 at the age of 81 yrs . The age shows But the vibrant voice is still there .This is a Purandara Dasa number

For song Jagajjanani of album: Devi Gaanamritham2008-12-21 21:06:12
Jaga Janani Ragam : Ratipatipriya is what Google says & this is a PapaNasam Sivan composistion . Great song that really grips you & very soothening to the mind .Priya sisters have rendered very well to give the listeners a great gift

For song Chandram Bhajamaanasa (chandra) of album: Navagraha Krithis2008-12-21 06:45:11
This song is in the beautiful Raga Asaaveri . Has been rendered very well by Sri Ramachandran a disciple of the great singer Sri G.N.Balasubramanian

For song Madhuban Mein Radhika Nache Re of album: Kohinoor2008-12-21 06:11:51
This song has a wonderful history behind it . The song closes with Sitar played by Dilip kumar like a real professional . For this picturisation he spent 1 yr learning Sitar from a stalwart . Also is the contribution of the great Bade Gulam ali khan. Rafi Sab , Naushad ji & Dilipkumar ji Have really given their heart & soul to this no & that is the reason this song is still the top favourite among millions of listeners

For song Badal Jaye Agar Mali of album: Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi2008-12-11 00:08:49
Remembering Mahendraji a lot a wonderful person. Deserved much more than what he got.He should have dominated after Rafi Saab demise in 1980.Unfortunately that never happened & great music was lost forever. Mahendraji would be rememembered for all those great National songs

For song Aawaz Deke Humen Tum Bulao of album: Professor2008-12-10 23:59:40
What a melodious song.One word really haunting . It is amazing That S.J Pair could compose Junglee title song & a totally different no like this

For song Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi of album: Chori Chori2008-12-10 23:54:16
What a song , what a composition . It is a great sadness that songs these days are not remembered as this one which is over 50 yrs old

For song Aaja Sanam Madhur Chandni Men of album: Chori Chori2008-12-10 23:49:52
The great Shankar - Jaikishan pair revolutionised hindi film music composition with great composition & great orchestra . This song is typical of that revolution. Great no

For song Dheere Dheere Machal of album: Anupama2008-12-10 23:43:25
Hemanda was a very simple man & that reflected in his simple orchestra His compositions were all beautiful & so soothening to the ears . This song with piano playing the lead part is a no that would be etched permanently in the mind of every listener

For song Kanne Veeda of album: Panchavarnakkili2008-12-09 05:47:04
When one hear such songs one wonders the reason for disappearance of such songs .With Theatres disappearing the excuse that modern generation wants such song excuse does not exist.This song would remain among the top of Susheelammas rendition

For song Sri Rangapura Vihara of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-12008-12-08 02:20:56
This song is on Lord Ranganatha at Srirangam . First Known LP released in India also contains Vekateshwara Suprabatham & Swati Thirunals Bhavayami RaghuRaamam.Amma Devotion Has captured the Bhooloka Vaikuntam Lord in all its beauty

For song Nenjam Marappathillai of album: Nenjam Marappathillai2008-12-07 23:48:04
Music directors of yesteryears had all excellent carnatic music background & were commited to give great nos . Also Film directors were involved in each creation of songs & they had music directors & artiste of such high calibre resulting in this amazing composition & rendering not to forget the one & only divine Kaviarasan Kannadasan

For song Meenakshi Memudam of album: M S S - Concert Album - Vol 12008-12-07 20:40:48
Semangudi Srinivasa Iyer in a tribute to MSS Amma said that the swetness in her voice is due to her previous janma dedication to Goddess Meenakshi in the form of pots & pots of milk & honey Abhisheka.This beautiful song on Goddess Meenakshi confirms Iyers tribute

For song Kaatriniley of album: Thamizhe Isaiyai2008-12-07 20:35:24
The song means the music coming out of the flute by Lord Krishna MSS Ammas song rendering is as sweet as the music played by the Lord. What a voice , what divinity

For song Amma Endrazhaikkadha of album: Mannan2008-12-04 06:16:20
One of the best songs in recent times. The love for the mother is captured by the lyrics,splendid music & last but not least by the remarkable voice of Yesudas who has given added love to the mother by great modulation Tributes to the architects of this great song

For song Seethapathe of album: Carnatic Vocal Sanjay Subrahmanyan2008-12-03 02:24:13
Super rendering by Sanjay.Ideal voice for this masterpiece of Thyagaraja

For song Sur Na Saje of album: Basant Bahar2008-12-02 00:53:07
Shankar Jaikishan Known more for their lively nos, showed their hidden talents in this great film were all songs are based on classical Hindustani Raga .Manna Dey one of the best exponent in this form of music has rendered one of his outstanding no

For song Tujhe Jeevan Ki Dor Se of album: Asli Naqli2008-12-01 23:41:42
A beautiful duet by the 2 greats & equally lively enjoyable music by the one & only Shankar Jaikishan . What music in the period 1960-65 simply outstanding

For song Kaa Va Vaa -(varali) of album: Millennium-carnatic Classical-vol 52008-12-01 01:19:43
A beautiful song & a great raga. Made greater by this outsatnding American. Whose rendering would match the best artiste of his time ( 1970-75 ). Carnatic music & language like tamil is very tough .My tribute to This great singer for mastering both

For song Neeyallaal of album: Maanikka Veenai2008-11-30 22:13:56
The artist is Rajesh Vaidhya on Veena & not Dr Seerkaghi Govindrajan

For song Nannu Palimpa of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam 22008-11-27 22:52:47
Mohanam",the very name of this raga is synonymous with allure and beauty.It has the capacity to woo and captivate the hearts of both the cognoscenti as well as the lay rasika. Maharajapurams rendering captures all the above . Very beautiful

For song Kuzhaloothi Manamellam of album: A Vintage Collection2008-11-27 22:17:49
M.Santhanam Has done full justice to the beautiful words of Oothakadu by soulful rendering

For song Sau Baar Janam Lenge of album: Ustadon Ke Ustad2008-11-26 07:49:02
Sau Bar Janam lelo Rafi Saab . Aaap Sada Hamara Paas Rahe. What rendering & what music Great tributes to Ravi ji & Rafi saab

For song Hari Tum Haro of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-22008-11-25 07:16:23
This is the great song,That was sent overnight to Gandhiji on his request & ironically played the whole day after Gandhijs Assasinatiom & also rendered by MSS amma at the UN In Sept 1966

For song Pullang Kuzhal Kodutha of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2008-11-25 06:01:57
TMS & MS & Kannadasn have contributed for the outstanding music in Tamil film. I would rate this as the best of the Trio , When divinity is introduced to a song it takes you close to God such is the impact of words ,rendering & music

For song Jo Baat Tujh Mein Hai of album: Taj Mahal2008-11-25 02:36:14
Jo Gana Rafi Saab Gaayaa aur koi nahi Gaayaa Yeh hai Humara Rafi Saab

For song Zindagi Bhar Nahin Bhoolegi of album: Barsaat Ki Raat2008-11-25 02:33:23
Zingagi bar aise gana ko Bhool Nahi Saktha . Kithna sundar hai Roshanji ka Bahuth sundar music

For song Sukh Ke Sab Saathi of album: Gopi2008-11-25 02:28:29
As Rafi Saab was singing this Bajan in the recording studio there must have been very big congregation of Gods outside listening to it . Such devotion & modulation .Rafi Saab please take a rebirth

For song Yaad Na Jaye Beete Dinon Ki of album: Dil Ek Mandir2008-11-25 02:22:10
Rafi Saab Aap ka yaad sada hai. What a song , reminding us of the great Hindi film music days .

For song Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyalia of album: Suvarna Sundari2008-11-25 02:14:05
Amazing song in every respect,The blending of 2 great voices,lovely Indian traditional Ragas & great music by Adi Narayan ji

For song Aapne Yaad Dilaya To of album: Aarti2008-11-25 02:10:25
Aarti like other Roshanji nos was a great musical hit & Rafi Saab & Lataji gave their best for this wonderful music director

For song Jane Kya Dhoondti Rahti Hai of album: Shola Aur Shabnam2008-11-25 02:01:53
Hum sab Rafi Saab ka doondna padega kyon ki aaj ke singer me ek bi nahi hai unke nasdiq me

For song Aese To Na Dekho of album: Teen Devian2008-11-25 01:58:08
Rafi Saab ko aisa hi Dhekna padega for the simple reason all emotions are so beautifully displayed by such beautiful silken voice

For song Tere Husn Ki Kya Tarif Karun of album: Leader2008-11-25 01:52:54
The Film failed in the box office but songs like this , Ek Shagan & Muje Dhuniya Walo made it a musical hit musical beauty

For song Do Sitaron Ka Zameen Par of album: Kohinoor2008-11-25 01:44:20
Naushad & Rafi Saab took Indian Music & Hindi film music to great heights This song forms a part of that

For song Shyam Teri Bansi Pukare of album: Geet Gata Chal2008-11-23 01:19:27
When an ariste of Rafi Saab calibre with 25,000 songs under his belt was discarded for 7 yrs 1970-77 due to stalwarts politics where does poor Suman Kalyanpur & AartiMukerjee stand . Great song indeed my tribute to the artistes & Ravindra Jain Saab for the music

For song Sabhapathikku of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-22008-11-22 20:39:08
This song is not a Meerabhai song .This is written by Sri Gopalakrishna Bharathiyar & is in the ragam abhogi & the composer is Sri KadaiNallur

For song Thaye Yasodha of album: Mystic Music Of Maharajapuram Santhanam2008-11-20 20:02:04
A great song in every aspect.Oothakadu has captured the beauty of Lord BalaKrishnas mischievous child hood , Santhanam has matched it by such sweet rendering & finally the music makes you feel you are watching all these mischief of baby Lord Krishna

For song Chinnanchirukiliye of album: Manamagal2008-11-20 19:55:19
The rendering by M.L. Vasanthakumari Amma , The music by R .Sudarshan & the beautiful words penned down by Bharathiyar makes it truly a memorable song & makes you to listen to it countless no of times

For song Aayarpadi Maligaiyil of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2008-11-20 19:51:21
My humble tributes to Sri S.P.Balasubramanian who with his vioce,dexterity & modulation has rendered it so beautifully & every word by its lyrics & rendering as Amutha has said can be best experienced by hearing it

For song Sarangan Marugane of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 22008-11-20 07:18:12
The artist is Maharajapuram Santhanam & not Veeramani .A beautiful Raagamalika in a wonderful wonderful voice of MS

For song Krishna Nee Begane Baaro of album: Krishna Nee Begane Baaro2008-11-19 07:16:48
the correct website address is

For song Jo Achutananda of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna Vol-22008-11-18 20:57:46
A beautiful lullaby rendered so well by MSS Amma That I am sure many a mother would be putting their baby to sleep by playing this

For song Kashi Viswanatha Suprabhatham of album: Suprabhathams2008-11-18 20:33:50
The scholars of Kashi go deeply into every aspect of dedication to Sri Kashi Vishwanadhan .This Suprabatham by MSS Amma was readily accepted by them ,such was the wonderful diction of MSS Amma.This was Ammas forte in her 70yrs of rendering 1927-1997

For song Hanuman Chalisa(hindi) of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-32008-11-18 20:23:36
The divine recital of MSS Amma & the music would make any one a great devotee of Hanumanji.Tulsidasji has beautifully brought out all the great qualities of Hanumanji in just these 40 lines

For song Maravene of album: Kaatrinile Varum Geetham2008-11-18 00:50:20
When God saved Meera from the administerd poison , was it because of Meeras Bakthi Or her beautiful songs ?

For song Bharatha Desamendru of album: Mahakavi Bharathiyar Manadhil Nirkum Paadalgal (vol1)2008-11-17 23:39:01
The song is sung only by MSS Amma.The poet Bharathiya has described the speciality of each state of India .Also he describes plans for future India including having a beautiful darshan of the moon .How true with Isro acheivement

For album: Kaappatruvaaye Sri Venkatesa - Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham2008-11-16 19:48:36
A very beautiful playlist . Songs have both the devotion & melody in it .Best way to start your day

with such songs

For song Vathapi Ganapathim of album: Laya Prabhavam2008-11-16 06:21:22
This song is Maha Ganapathi & not Vathapi Ganapathim

For song Mazhai Kodukkum of album: Karnan2008-11-15 05:12:52
The great phlosophys of life are brought out to compare these with Karnans life & Karnas qualities of a true friendship is beautifully brought out in this song

For song Srimannarayana of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-12008-11-14 22:39:41
This is the 1st song of the 5 volume Annamacharya album released between 1978-1980.MSS AMMA sang this song in front of Lord Venkateshwara at Thirupathi before recording.

For song Krishna Nee Begane Baaro of album: Krishna Nee Begane Baaro2008-11-14 19:23:52
This composition is by Vyaasaraya & not Purandaradasa . Great lyrics & great tributes to the artist who have sung very well.You can check for the lyrics at

For song Tu Is Tarah Se Mere Zindagi Main of album: Aap To Aise Na The2008-11-11 21:22:53
This is not Rafi Saabs voice .This could be Manhars voice the other version of the same song check you tube for Rafis version

For song Tere Bin Sajan Lage Na Jiya of album: Aarti2008-11-11 01:07:39
What a music by Roshanji.A great traditionist who used mainly Indian traditional instrument & still produced outstanding songs

For song Man Tarpat Hari Darsan Ko Aaj of album: Baiju Bawra2008-11-11 00:33:06
I wonder whether an Hindu who has specialised in all Gharanas could have sung this with so much of devotion ,You are unbeleivable Rafi Saab We would miss you as long as we are alive

For song O Duniya Ke Rakhwale of album: Baiju Bawra2008-11-11 00:26:20
I wonder whether any one can reach the octave of the closing lines of this greatest song by Rafi Saab

For song Neela Vanna Kannane of album: Mallika2008-11-10 20:41:54
A beautiful song & excellent music .P.Susheelas voice adds charm to this wonderful no

For song Ayyappa Saranam Saranamentaayyappa of album: Swamy Ayyappan2008-11-10 03:54:43
Great song with lot of devotion & music outstanding makes you feel you are among the crowd in Sabarimalai waiting for darshan

For song Rama Nannu Brovara of album: M S Subbulakshmi2008-11-08 20:38:09
This is not by MSS Amma

For song Moyyar Tadam (thiruvembavi) of album: M S Subbulakshmi2008-11-08 20:18:15
This song is by MLV & not by MSS amma

For song Sarasiruhasanapriye of album: M S Subbulakshmi2008-11-08 20:16:54
This song is not by MSS amma .I think there is a mistake in the name of artiste

For song Madhava of album: Narayana Teertha Tharangam2008-11-08 20:07:30
One of the best songs I have ever heard .Narayan Theerthar wrote very few & each was a real gem .The other being Govinda Miha Gopika.Malladi brothers have sung with a lot of devotion raising this song to a very high level

For song Kya Ajab Saaz Hai Shehnai of album: Shehnai2008-11-08 04:22:24
RafiSaabs voice is so soft like the Shehanai played by Bismillah Khan Saab

For song Eppadithan of album: Madhura Madhura2008-11-08 01:05:18
Wrong mention of the song as Aadadhu .

For song Ariyadhu Ariyadhu of album: Kandhan Karunai2008-11-05 07:42:54
what a song & what a voice.There can never be another KBS.The word pronounciation at such high octave is simply out of the world

For song Bachpan Ke Din Bhula Na Dena of album: Deedar2008-10-31 05:45:39
For a film of the late 40s,It is a great song & great music & probably the 1st attempt on horse hoof noise

For song Kshemangal Koori of album: Mangalyam2008-10-30 06:36:35
A really melodious song

For song Dhoondo Dhoondo Re Sajna of album: Ganga Jamuna2008-10-28 00:20:46
Really beautiful song

For song Khanke To Khanke Kyon Khanke of album: Vallah Kya Baat Hai2008-10-27 23:58:09
Wah Wah What a song,What Music & Rafi Saab-Ashaji make this one a truly memorable one

For song Ae Mohabbat Zindabad of album: Mughal E Azam2008-10-24 02:51:13
Rafi Saab closing lines of this song would require another Gods creation to reach the unbeleivable pitch

For song Jaag Dil E Diwana of album: Oonche Log2008-10-24 02:44:59
I wonder whether it is ever possible to treat the song with such emotion by any other great singer Other than King Rafi Saab

For song Meri Aawaz Suno of album: Naunihal2008-10-24 02:28:31
Rafi Saab voice seems from the clouds & not from any music device on earth

For song Kabhi Khud Pe Kabhi Halat Pe Rona of album: Hum Dono2008-10-22 20:56:19
Rafi Saab you are not a legend that is for human beings you are an incarnation of Allah for your innumerable fans & that fact is proved in your rendering this song

For song Kaalai Ilangathir (dts) of album: Vinayagar Murugan Songs (dts)2008-10-20 05:00:35
The song renderation proves the true Bakthi of Dr SeerKahi for Lord Muruga & Iam sure Lord Muruga must have listened while Seerkahi was rendering

For song Sri Chakraraja of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam 22008-10-16 23:14:36
If MSS AMMA Was the Female Artist of the last century,ther is no doubt that Santhanam was the male artiste.The rendering was like flow of honey

For song Chale Aaj Tum Jahan Se of album: Uran Khatola2008-10-14 06:57:52
Like the wave which turns into a high tide & calms on reachin the shore. Similar is Rafi Saabs voice in this No Wah Wah Rafi Saab

For song Kaun Hai Jo Sapnon Mein Aaya of album: Jhuk Gaya Aasman2008-10-08 23:59:37
Silver Jubilee Rajendra kumar owed a lot to Rafi Saab for his film clicking at the box office.This song is one of those full throated number by Rafi saab

For song Main Yeh Sochkar of album: Haqeeqat2008-09-30 00:56:13
The lyrics,the melodious rendering of Rafi Saab & the outstanding music of Madanji would bring tear to any eye

For song Yehi Hai Tamanna Tere Dar Ke of album: Aap Ki Parchhaiyan2008-09-30 00:51:34
Though Rafi Saab sang all his 25,00 songs with all dedication.It seems he gave special treatment to Madanjis outstanding music.Such was the chemistry between the two

For song Badi Der Bhai of album: Basant Bahar2008-09-30 00:31:53
Imagine Rafi Saab a devout Muslim singing this enchanting Bajan on Raam proving that he was the child of All Gods

For song Main Ne Shayad Tumhen Pehle Bhi of album: Barsaat Ki Raat2008-09-30 00:19:57
It is so difficult to choose the best of Rafi Saab - Roshanji combination as all of them are so good.

For song Man Re Tu Kahe Na Dheer Dhare of album: Chitralekha2008-09-30 00:15:49
Roshanji Music is so sweet & equally matching that is Rafi Saabs magical/ divine vocal chord

For song Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam of album: Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam (sundarakandam)2008-09-29 20:58:19
Sengalipuram Anathrama Dikshithar was probably the best exponent in the Upanyas field.His knowledge,voice & the method of rendering drew a full house wether it was a concert hall or a huge playground.No one has really matched him in tha last 40 years

For song Chali Gori Pee Se Milan Ko of album: Ek Hi Rasta2008-09-23 23:47:14
Hemantji composed music for very few films & all songs were a real gem & a lovely vocal chord

For song Usko Nahin Dekha Humne Kabhi of album: Daadi Maa2008-09-23 00:11:26
How true Mother,You are the sweetest creation in this world.Roshanji your music is so sweet,it conveys all the affection

For song Nigahen Milane Ko Jee Chahta Hai of album: Dil Hi To Hai2008-09-22 23:38:56
Another great Qawali by Roshanji &who could have done justice other Than the great Ashaji

For song Saiyan Jao of album: Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje2008-09-22 01:01:21
God let us get back to the fifties & hear such divinely music

For song Kaisi Yeh Mohabbat Ki Saja of album: Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje2008-09-22 00:58:30
Dont you feeling like dancing to the tune?.Wonderful poetry combined with such a fast beat makes it a very very beautiful no

For song Jo Tum Torho Piya of album: Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje2008-09-22 00:54:17
What a voice & unbeleivable tuning by the great VasantDesaiJi

For song Aaja Ab To Aaja of album: Anarkali2008-09-22 00:48:13
Another wonderful Lataji/C.Ramachandra combination.Where has music like this disappeared today?

For song Yeh Zindagi Usiki Hai of album: Anarkali2008-09-22 00:37:14
This song another outstanding rendering & music.which makes you say Wah what a song

For song Hawa Mein Udta Jaye of album: Barsaat2008-09-22 00:33:46
It is a diificult choice wether to give the credit for Barsats outstanding musical success to S.J.or Lataji.This song makes it more complicated

For song Barsaat Mein Humse Mile of album: Barsaat2008-09-22 00:16:00
This song under Raj Kapoor Banner & recorded in 1949.Took Lataji to the top.

For song Kaun Aaya Mere Man Ke Dware of album: Dekh Kabira Roya2008-09-21 22:50:45
Madanji you are outstanding not only in your creation but in bringing the best out of singers.In all your songs The Sruthi is so much in tune ,that every song of yours is a Real Gem

For song Bairan Ho Gayi Rain of album: Dekh Kabira Roya2008-09-21 22:45:50
Madanji,Roshanji & Burmanda brought out the full classical brilliance fom Mannada.&Dekh Kabir roya songs were amongst his best

For song Meri Veena Tum Bin Roye of album: Dekh Kabira Roya2008-09-21 22:37:30
What a song,in its rendering&music. This could be Latajis 1 among 10 top songs

For song Rehte The Kabhi Jinke Dil Mein Ham of album: Mamta2008-09-21 03:40:14
Another master piece by Roshanji,Who along with Madanji would stand out for giving music for the best of Lataji

For song Yeh Wadiyan Yeh Fazayen of album: Aaj Aur Kal2008-09-20 02:29:09
Ravi the music director was a great fan of Rafi Saab & directed some of the best songs of rafi Saab specially during 1960-1965.What emotion is expressed throuhg this song.Rafi Saab you are eternal

For song NAMARAMAYANA of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-32008-09-18 20:35:40
One of the finest composition & What rendering by MSS Amma.You can feel the presence of Lord Raama around you.It has been wrongly spelt as Naama Naarayana.It is Naama Raamaayanaa

For song Dil Jo Na Keh Saka of album: Bheegee Raat2008-09-18 00:31:19
Roshanji produced some of the best music in Hindi oldies,like Taj Mahal, Aarti,BarsaatKiRaath,Chithralekha, Beegi Raath,Dhil hi Tho hai.Every song in the above films are all time greats

For song Hum Pyar Mein Jalnewalon Ko of album: Jailor2008-09-18 00:07:31
Very few like Madanji Roshanji & Sali Saab used Lata best as they Knew her octave capabilities.This is another Lata-Madanji Golden no

For song Pullang Kuzhal Kodutha of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2008-02-18 23:32:25
This is probably among Kannadasan last few composition.Even after nearly 25 years in 1982-83 the year of death he could pen such an immortal gem shows he was no ordinary human but something supreme.