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Female, Singapore , Singapore
Last seen: 26 Sep 2009
48 Tracks played since 17 May 2009
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Hey GoooDY GaLs:FreaKIn guYs I ::: AmruthA\\\\\ frNZZZ::: Eva///// CuRRenTly:::sTuDyIn\\\\\ StAyZZ:::lIoN CiTy///// GroWnn:::CuLtUrl StaTe\\\\\ MaMA PaPA:::SecreT LuVZZ///// hoUsY:::PeRfeCtO\\\\\ ScHooL:::WeiRDoO///// ShOppIn:::CrAzY\\\\\. ShoWs:::AdicTeD///// FoOd:::uMMMm\\\\\ FrNdS:::FrEakZZZZ///// LovZZ:::DoNNe\\\\\ StuFFss:::LamEE///// EmO:::OfTeN\\\\\ NaTuRe:::aDmiRe///// GuYSS:::waSSuP\\\\\ GaLs:::hEyy///// KidZZ:::CutYYY\\\\\ StrangerS:::HeLpp///// olDieS:::trUe\\\\\ SlEeP:::24/7///// SiNg:::kOOlllL\\\\\ dANcE:::HoPP///// LooKS:::BaBee\\\\\ SeXy:::enoUGh///// OrKuT:::lOuSy\\\\\ NoW:::OnnLiNe///// laTeR:::OffLiNe\\\\\ ThaTzz:::mEEEE///// TaKe CaRe:::BABaIYE\\\\\ Happy End
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