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Telugu Movie Magadheera Panchadara Bomma

Panchadara Bomma

Panchadara Bomma


 Reeta, Anooj Guruwara


 M M Kreem



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Lyrics of Panchadara Bomma by Posted:2009-10-16 16:49:09
Sweet sugar lolly doll/Panchadara Bomma Bomma

Telugu Original : Chandra Bose

Translation : Ch J Satyananda Kumar

(This is the translation of Telugu lyric 'panchadaara bomma bomma..’ written by Chandra Bose which was picturized in superhit Telugu movie ‘Magadheera’ as a lead duet. Composed by M M Keeravani, this popular song was rendered by Anooj Guruwara and Rita.)

Panchadara bomma bomma

PattukO vaddanakamma

Manchu poola komma komma


ChEtinE taakoddantE chentakE raavaddantE


Ninnu pondetandukE puttanE gumma

Nuvvu andaka potE vrudhaa ee janma

Puvvu paina cheyyestE kasiri nannu tittindE

Pasidi puvvu nuvvani pampindE

Nuvvu raaku naa ventaaye

Puvvu chuttoo mulluntaay

AntukuntE mantE vollantaa

Teegapaina cheyyeste titti nannu nettindE

Merupu teega nuvvani pampindE

Merupu venta urumantaa

Urumu venta varadantaanE

Varadalaagaa maaritE muppantaa

Varadainaa varamani bharistaanamma

Munakaina sukhamani mudEstaanamma

Gaali ninnu taakindi nEla ninnu taakindi

NEnu ninnu taakitE tappa

Gaali oopirayyindi

NEla nannu nadipindi

Yevitantaa neeloni goppaa

Velugu ninnu taakindi

Chinuku kooda taakindi

Pakshapaata menduku naapainaa

Velugu daari choopindi

Chinuku laala posindi

VaatitOna pOlika neekElaa

Avi batikinappudE tOduntaayamma

Nee chitilO tOdai nEnostaanamma

English Translation: Ch J Satyananda Kumar, Visakhapatnam

Sweet sugar lolly doll

Don’t say hold me not

Snow flowers like my gal

Don’t say touch me not

When you deny me to touch you with my hand

When you prevent me to come near oh my heart

What will I become at last

I was born to make you as my wife

If you are not in my reach, waste is this life

When I laid my hand on flower, she cursed and abused me

Describing you as a golden bloom, she sent me away from her

Don’t come after me

Thorn strewn around flowers

If you dare to touch it, twinge will creep all over your body

When I laid my hand on a creeper, she cursed and threw me out

Describing you as flash of lightning, she sent me away from her

Thunder follows lightning flash

Thunder followed by rain lash

It is perilous for you, if it turns in to a torrent

I shall deem it a boon

Even if it is a surging rain

I shall find solace in drowning

To tie the knot, oh my darling

Breeze touches you

Earth touches you

what is wrong if I touch you?

Breeze turns into breath in my life

Earth leads me in my strife

Tell me what is great in you?

Light touched you

Shower too touched you

Why is this prejudice on me?

Light shows me the way

Shower bathes me

Why to compare you with them?

Those will be with you only when you live

I shall follow you even in your pyres, my dove.

Lyrics of Panchadara Bomma by Posted:2009-10-16 16:49:09