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Telugu Movie Khadgam Nuvvu Nuvvu

Nuvvu Nuvvu

Nuvvu Nuvvu




 Devi Sri Prasad



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Lyrics of Nuvvu Nuvvu by Vijaykumar GandiPosted:2010-09-18 05:40:05
This song is mainly about the sensitive feelings of a girl who loves her that man very deeply. The word "Nuvvu" which is the life of the song means "You" The whole song is composed of the feel the girl has for him.

Nuvvu Nuvvu Nuvve Nuvvu
Nuvvu Nuvvu Nuvvu

Nuvvu Nuvvu Nuvve Nuvvu
Nuvvu Nuvvu Nuvvu

naalone nuvvu
(you are in me…)

naathone nuvvu
(you are with me)

naa chuttu nuvvu
(you are around me..)

nenanthaa nuvvu
(and you are all over me..)

naa pedhavipainaa nuvvu
(you are on my end of my lip...)

naa medda vompuna nuvvu
(you are on the curve of my neck's tip..)

naa gunde midha nuvvu
(you are on my heart's sole)

vollanthaa nuvvu
(and you are everywhere in my body's soul)

buggallo nuvvu moggalle nuvvu muddese nuvvuu
(in my cheeks its a fresh blossoming in)

nidharalo nuvvu podhullo nuvvu
(my sleep its a pleasant morning)

prathi nimusham nuvvuu
(every moment its only you)

naa vayasunu vedhinche vechadanam nuvvu
(you are the warmth troubling my creation)

naa manasuni laalinche challadhanam nuvvu
(you are the chillness comforting my emotion)

paite baruvanipinche pacchidanam nuvvu
(you are the rawness making my saree heave)

baitta padaalanipinche picchidanam nuvvu
(you are the craziness wanting to leave)

naa prathi yuddham nuvvu
(you are my every war,)

naa sainyam nuvvu
(you are my army)

naa priya Shatruvu nuvvu nuvvu
(you are my favourite enemy)

mettani mulle gille toli chinuke nuvvu
(you are the first rain drop which pinches me like a soft thorn)

nacche kashtam nuvvu nuvvu
(you are the incoming difficulty thats never worn.)

naa sigguni dachukone kougilive nuvvu
(you are the embrace which hides me)

naa vanni dochukune korikave nuvvu
(you are the desire which robs me)

munipantito nanu gicche neraanivi nuvvu
(you are the crime which tenderly bites me)

naa nadumunu nadipinche nesthaanivi nuvvu
(you are the friend walking with shoulder around me)

teerani daham nuvvu
(you are the unquenchable passion)

naa mooham nuvvu
(you are my unending infactuation and)

thappani sneham nuvvu nuvvu
(you are the essential emotion...)

thiyani gaayam chese anyaayam nuvvu
(you are the unlawfulness which makes a sweet wound)

ayinaa ishtam nuvvu nuvvu
(and still you are the liked one to which I hound)

maimaripisthu nuvvu
(you mesmerize and)

muripisthunte nuvvu
(you tantalize.)

ne korukune naa maro janma nuvvu
(you are the one i wish to revitalize) (myself)

kaipekkistoo nuvvu kavvisthunte nuvvu
(you seduce and tease to make me tame)

naake theliyani naa kottha peru nuvvu
(you are my new name I dont even know in this game...)

naa andham nuvvu aanandham nuvvu
(you are my beauty and my blissful help)

nenante nuvvu
(and its all you of whatever is referred to as my self)

naa pantam nuvvu
(you are my determination,)

naa sontham nuvvu
(my possesion)

naa antham nuvvu
(and you are my culmination.)

Translated by : prity prabh,
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Lyrics of Nuvvu Nuvvu by Vijaykumar GandiPosted:2010-09-18 05:40:05