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T V Sankaranarayanan

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T V Sankaranarayanan’s biography

Ettayapuram Ramachandran Bhagavathar, an eminent musician prayed for a disciple with a rich, resonant voice to imbibe his own erudition and expertise in music and Madurai Pushpavanam Ayyar was the disciple of his choice. Madurai Mani Ayyar came next and strode the scene of Carnatic music like a colossus in the first half of this century with his unique immitable style of rendering rage, krithi and swara. T.V. Sankaranarayanan, now one of the most sought-after and widely-acclaimed vocalists, has imbibed from his mentor and uncle, Madurai Mani Ayyar his inimitable and enchanting style. Endowed with a rich and vibrant voice, he sings with great zest and verve recapturing beautiful phrases and brikas of his uncle and presenting his own to the delight of the audience. ‘Has a distinctive style with diverse performance skills, sharp phrasing and spontaneous swaraprastharas embellished with effortless prayogas.’ (G.R.).

Born at Mayiladuturai, Thanjavur district, of T.S. Vembu Ayyar, he learnt music from his uncle Madurai Mani Ayyar at the age of nine. At fifteen, he teamed up with his father, who too was a disciple of and played second to the venerable Mani Ayyar. On February 2, 1968, he made his debut with T.N. Krishnan on Violin, Vellore Ramabhadran on mridangam and Alangudi Ramachandran on ghatam and has no occasion since then to rest his voice. Every music series has to include TVS to make it complete, incidentally catering to the connoisseurs longing to hear the Mani Ayyar Bani. TVS has a glorious field ahead; and with his natural instincts to probe, search for fresh fields of musical excellence and to imbibe the best in the art and strive to satisfy the elite and the lay among the musical enthusiasts, he is bound to reach the pinnacle of glory and attain the stature of the two stalwarts of his family. He symbolises exhuberance in singing.

T.V. Sankaranarayanan is a B.Com., B.L. Though called to the Bar in 1967, music withdrew him from the bar of the Court to the bar of the melody most appropriately. He has been giving hundreds of concerts in sabhas and elsewhere in India and abroad and is one of the most persuasive salesmen of Carnatic music.

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Grace on T V Sankaranarayanan:
28 Dec,2009 at 07:36 PM
I heard of Him first from my Late Mother and then listened to a number of Times,
on All India Radio.. No words for his Rendition is very perfect in classical .. after a Long Time on hummaa I listen to many of his recordings . I thank hummaa for uploading beautiful tracks of renditions..

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