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Sister Sarah Navaroj - Songs

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SongAlbumPlaysRate itActions
1 Ayiram VarudaBlessing Of The Lord Jesus1039
2 Devan VarugindrarBlessing Of The Lord Jesus285
3 Sathiya VedamBlessing Of The Lord Jesus1321
4 Yesuvodu InaindhaBlessing Of The Lord Jesus500
5 Dhinam DhinamBlessing Of The Lord Jesus576
6 Devan VarugindrarBlessing Of The Lord Jesus196
7 Deva Aseervadham PerugidutheBlessing Of The Lord Jesus673
8 AzhaikkirarBlessing Of The Lord Jesus812
9 Kartharai NambiyeBlessing Of The Lord Jesus1392
10 Ennai Maravaa YesunaadhaPopular Christian Songs1617
11 Paavikku PugalidamPopular Christian Songs1350
12 Anaadhi DevanPopular Christian Songs1159
13 Deva Prasanam ThaarumePopular Christian Songs1399
14 AanandamaaiPopular Christian Songs1731
15 Siluvai Sumantha UruvamPopular Christian Songs1098