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Shrinivas Khale

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Shrinivas Khale’s biography

A veteran marathi music composer.  Lata Mangeshkar narrates a few interesting incidents, ”Khale had approached me as early as 1957-‘58 to record songs for him. That time I had to decline since my hands were full. However our association began in 1968 and all the songs which I did for him have proved to be all-time hits. Like my brother Hridaynath, Khale also does not stick to the beaten track. He is innovative and his tunes are deceptively simple to hear but extremely difficult to render,” she said. The Marathi film song ‘Ya chimaanyaano parat phiraa...’ which he composed for the film Jivhala is full of twists and turns which are difficult to execute. As stated by compere Mangala Khadilkar, the song is a favourite of Sunil Gavaskar and music director Laxmikant too s would rave about it.

"Unable to find work, I was so desperate that I was set to sell my harmonium and give up music forever, but my brave wife pepped me up and prevented me from taking such a step. Had she not been with me I would not have been able to see the happiest day of my life. My Tukaram devotionals sung by Lata didi were so popular that even Mehdi Hasan and the then High Commissioner of Pakistan in India recorded their appreciation. The credit for my success goes to my gurus and my audience,” khale exclaims. 
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