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Shayne Ward

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Shayne Ward’s biography

Was the winner of TV Talent show "X Factor" in 2005.

His debut single was Christmas Number 1 in the UK, and stayed at number one for 3 weeks. Also, it is fastest downloaded song, selling 300,000 copies on it's first day of release.

Has a twin sister Emma, who also entered the X Factor, and another 5 siblings.

Shayne won the X Factor by just over 1% of the 10 million votes cast.

His debut single "That's My Goal", sold 313,000 copies on its first day in release. This made it the 3rd fastest selling single in the UK ever behind only Elton John's tribute to Princess Diana "Candle In the Wind" and Will Young's "Evergreen," his first single after winning Pop Idol.

Won The X Factor, 2005.

Before rising to fame, Shayne worked as a shop assistant in a shoe store in Manchester.

Has a twin sister called Emma as well as an older brother and an older sister

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