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Shankar Mahadevan

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Shankar Mahadevan’s biography

Shankar Mahadevan- musician, songwriter, classical vocalist...but beneath the genius' exterior beats the heart of a highly evolved artist. Here exists a a man with captivating depth of thought, originality and expression that has highly motivated and inspired many people the world over. His priorities clearly in order and hes all set to storm the world music scene with his breath less vocals.  The vocal cavities resonate overtones to the point where these became audible as distinct tones and dreamscape hums.  Shankar Mahadevan is here to stay.

Shankar mahadevan is a quaified software engineer and he worked at Oracle Corporation for some time. Also was a part of the team that revolutionised teh development of fourth generation computer languages, before he decided to give that all up and become a full-time singer.He is a part of a Swedish band called Mynta, whereby he travels to perform twice a year. Also performing in the Chineese Jazz festival , he considers quite important to him.

The 31 year old singer explains that he is happy with the way his film music has done.The versatile National Award winner (he can sing in 10 different languages) says there’s no formula for being a winner. He trusts his gut instinct and never follows any particular method to be a success. Today, he is one of the busiest musicians around.
Top tracks of Shankar Mahadevan
 Desi Girl from Album Dostana (Hindi)14398
 Sajda from Album My Name Is Khan (Hindi)11428
 Uruguthe from Album Veyil (Tamil)8431
 Noor E Khuda from Album My Name Is Khan (Hindi)7322
 Kaattu Sirukki from Album Raavanan (Tamil)6434
 Endrendrum Punnagai from Album Alai Payuthey (Tamil)5251
 Breathless from Album Shankar Mahadevan - Breathless (Hindi)5187
 Azhagu Kutti Chellam from Album Sathum Podaathey (Tamil)4655
 Vedic Chants from Album Vedic Chants (Sanskrit)4305
 Ganesha Shodasha Naamaani from Album Vedic Chants (Sanskrit)4224
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I am fan of shankar
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14 Jun,2009 at 10:51 PM
hi shankar become my friend on hummaa
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15 Sep,2008 at 09:15 AM
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