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Sertab’s biography

Sertab Erener (born December 4, 1964) is a Turkish pop star. She is one of the most successful female Turkish pop singers in her homeland, and is considered one of the divas of Turkish pop music. In Europe, she is best known for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 with her hit song Every Way That I Can, although she has had many other achievements outside Turkey

A native of Istanbul, Erener studied music in a university in the city before beginning her musical career working with Turkish pop singer Sezen Aksu.

She released her first album, Sakin Ol, in 1992, and followed it with four more Turkish-language albums over the next decade. Her album Lal was included by Sony Music in its "Soundtrack For A Century" collection.

After competing unsuccessfully in two National Eurovision Song Contest Finals (1989 and 1990) she finally won the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, representing Turkey with the song Everyway That I Can, co-written by Demir Demirkan. The song went on to top charts in countries all over Europe, including Sweden and Greece.

In the wake of her Eurovision success, Erener released her first English-language album, No Boundaries, in 2004. Her renditions of "Here I Am" and Bob Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee" were used in international movie soundtracks. "One More Cup of Coffee" was used in the soundtrack to Masked and Anonymous a semi-biopic of Bob Dylan.

In 2005, Erener released a Turkish-language album named Aşk Ölmez, promoted with songs such as "Aşk Ölmez, Biz Ölürüz" ("Love Doesn't Die, We Do") and "Satılık Kalpler Şehri" ("City of Hearts For Sale"). She also appeared on the movie soundtrack album of Fatih Akın's Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul, with a lauded rendition of Madonna's song "Music".

On October 22 2005, Erener appeared on Congratulations (Eurovision), a competition to choose the best Eurovision song of all time, performing the final verse and chorus of Everyway That I Can. The song finished ninth in a field of fifteen. At the same event Erener revealed she was to release another English language album.

On March 15 2007 Sertab released a best of album. In addition to her Eurovision winner song, "The Best of Sertab Erener" features samples from the singer's extensive repertoire with songs in Spanish, Greek and English and duets with other singers.

Erener has sung duets with Ruslana, José Carreras, Ricky Martin and Greek singer Mando. She has also worked with musicians Desmond Child, Anggun, and Belgian band Voice Male.

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