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S Narayan

10636 Plays on Hummaa, 1 languages
57 Tracks on Hummaa
Kannada 57

S Narayan’s biography

Reputed director S.Narayan is in to many facets of film making continuing his passion in the arch light.
He is a director, story writer, screenplay writer, dialogue writer, lyricist, music director, producer and actor too. He has succeeded in multifarious segments of filmmaking where he has created huge records to prove his credentials.

Top tracks of S Narayan
 Ullasada Uhoo Male from Album Cheluvina Chiiththara (Kannada)4686
 Kanaso Idu from Album Cheluvina Chiiththara (Kannada)2743
 Janumada Gelathi from Album Cheluvina Chiiththara (Kannada)1609
 Neechendaane from Album Chanda (Kannada)1200
 Nanna Cheluve from Album Chaitrada Chandrama (Kannada)939
 Yenaitho Nanagenayaitho from Album Chanda (Kannada)751
 Kuhu Kuhu Kogile from Album Chandra Chakori (Kannada)708
 Kuhu Kuhu Kogile from Album Chandra Chakori (Kannada)676
 Mandaarave from Album Chaitrada Chandrama (Kannada)463
 Iralare Cheluve from Album Cheluvina Chiiththara (Kannada)454
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