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R P Patnaik

6151 Plays on Hummaa, 4 different languages
269 Tracks on Hummaa

R P Patnaik’s biography

Top tracks of R P Patnaik
 Ne Tholi Saariga from Album Santosham (Telugu)2048
 Kodi Kodi Minnalgal from Album Jayam (Tamil)1851
 Kavithayae Theriyuma from Album Jayam (Tamil)1686
 Kaathal Kaathal from Album Jayam (Tamil)929
 Nuvvante Naakistamani from Album Santosham (Telugu)861
 Devude Digi from Album Santosham (Telugu)660
 Bachchiko Nannali from Album Chappale (Kannada)649
 Tiya Tiyani Kalalanu from Album Shriraam (Telugu)554
 Good Morning Geleyare from Album Chappale (Kannada)436
 So Much To Say from Album Santosham (Telugu)434
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