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R Narayana Murthy

321 Plays on Hummaa, 1 languages
81 Tracks on Hummaa
Telugu 81

R Narayana Murthy’s biography

Top tracks of R Narayana Murthy
 Vandhanalu Vandhanaaluro Maa Annallara from Album Gangamma Jathara (Telugu)450
 Chettu Meeda Koilamma from Album Vegu Chukkalu (Telugu)391
 Jabbaku Tupaki from Album Vegu Chukkalu (Telugu)391
 Podduvaalu Thunnado from Album Amma Meeda Ottu (Telugu)253
 Indravalli Kondallo from Album Adavi Biddalu (Telugu)210
 Komma Chekkithe from Album Vegu Chukkalu (Telugu)170
 Naa Chittichetulu from Album Vegu Chukkalu (Telugu)169
 Amma Neeku Vandhanam from Album Amma Meeda Ottu (Telugu)157
 Thoorupudikkuna from Album Adavi Biddalu (Telugu)141
 Randiro from Album Adavi Biddalu (Telugu)94
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