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Papanasam Sivam

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Papanasam Sivam’s biography

(1890 - 1973)
He received his formal music training from Noorani Mahadeva Bhagavatar and Samba Bhagavatar. He was also highly influenced by the famous singer Konerirajapuram Vaidyanatha Iyer.He was born in Polaham, Tanjavur district, Tamilnadu.

A prolific composer, he has composed around 2,500 songs in a variety of ragas. He composed for and performed in theatrical productions, both as singer and actor. He was also a teacher at Kalakshetra, one of the most respected institutions in Madras, started by Rukmini Arundale, between 1934 and 1939. In 1935, he started composing for films, but also did a stint as an actor, when he acted in four movies. Among his compositions are many kritis and varnams. He was known as 'Tamil Tyagaraja'.
    He has composed devotional songs besides songs with social themes. He has also composed songs on National leaders.
Top tracks of Papanasam Sivam
 Kana Vendamo (live) Aruna Sayeeram from Album Aruna Sayeeram 1 (Carnatic)5797
 Kanne Enn Kanmaniyae from Album Brindavan (Carnatic)3737
 Enna Thavam (s.p.ramh) from Album Sweet Blend Of Tradition (Carnatic)3722
 Sama Gana Lolane from Album Bombay S Jayasree 2 (Carnatic)2870
 Koovi Azhaikka (jayashree) from Album Listeners Choice (Carnatic)2210
 Krishna Mugundha from Album Haridoss (Tamil)2033
 Tatvamariya from Album Dual Harmony-ranjani Gayatri (Carnatic)2020
 Devineeye Thunai from Album Devi Krithis (Carnatic)1993
 Manmatha Leelayai from Album Haridoss (Tamil)1988
 Nee Irangayenil from Album Lakshmi Kataksham (Tamil)1877
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S.balakrishnan-chenn.. on Papanasam Sivam:
22 Oct,2012 at 05:51 PM
Devine padalhal,will take u to feel the God
Jagannathan Sivaling.. on Papanasam Sivam:
17 Nov,2010 at 11:21 AM
பெண்ணை காதலிப்பவர்களை இந்த உலகம் பைத்தியம் என்கிறது....! நல்லவேளை நான் காதலிப்பது தெய்வீ ஞான வல்ல்லை....!
Jagannathan Sivaling.. on Papanasam Sivam:
17 Nov,2010 at 10:56 AM
Papathai ellam nasam seiyum Papanasam Sivan Padalgal

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