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Malgudi Subha

4020 Plays on Hummaa, 7 different languages
154 Tracks on Hummaa

Malgudi Subha’s biography

Western Pop, Indian Folk, Light Classical, Jazz, Carnatic : An amalgamation of all these and you have the quintessence of Malgudi Shubha.

The year 1991 saw her giving her debut in the film 'Nadodi Thendral' under the baton of the erstwhile Illaiyaraja.  That year also saw her release her first private album 'Set me Free' (Magnasound) with the then unknown A.R. Rehaman (under the name of Dilip Shekar).   

1991 was also the year that the celebrated duo of Raj-Koti recognised a potential in Shubhas's voice for folk and went on to record path-breaking album entitled 'Chik Pak Chik Bam' in Telugu.  It went on to sell 8,00,000 copies and is even today considered one of the fastest moving products.  She went on to record 1,500 songs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Hindi films.   She has cut albums in the above languages the latest being 'Yennai Paaru' in Tamil featuring the popular song 'Vaal Paarey Vattey Paarey'.  The video of which went on to beome one of the 100 best videos for the year 1999 - 2000.  Her most popular song in Tamil is the song 'Thaiyya Thaiyya (Uyire)', 'Nila Pongalaayelo (Thin Maavin Kori Baththu)', 'Habibi (Chandralecha)' are some of her popular songs in Malayalam.  Very popular in India & abroad for her inimitable performances, she has travelled to Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai (A.R. Rehaman's Show) London and USA on shows. 
Top tracks of Malgudi Subha
 Mun Paniya from Album Nandhaa (Tamil)2308
 Thaiyya Thaiyya from Album Uyire (Tamil)1137
 Thaiyya Thaiyya (repeat) from Album Uyire (Tamil)871
 Door Na Ja Mujh Se from Album Sapnay (Hindi)858
 Kuch Bhi Na Socho from Album Bombay (Hindi)621
 Sambo Sambo from Album Pudhiya Mugam (Tamil)588
 All The Time I Think Of You from Album Nadodi Thenral (Tamil)479
 Aththan Varuvaha from Album Dumm Dumm Dumm (tlm) (Tamil)430
 Yedey Yedeydey from Album Sakhi (Telugu)400
 Kollegaladalli from Album Shiva (Kannada)385
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