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Lopamudra Mitra

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Lopamudra Mitra’s biography

Lopamudra Mitra, daughter of Late, Shree Pranab Mitra and Shreemati Sumita Mitra, is the most popular contemporary Bengali Singer now. She started learning music from her father in childhood. Then she learnt Rabindra Sangeet from the Gitabitan Cultural Institute. Thereafter she started taking lessons on Indian Classical Music under the tutelage of Smt. Rita Roy and later on from Shri Anon Badhuri. She also had to opportunity to learn light classical music i.e. Bhajan and Nazrulgeeti from Late Shri Sukumar Mitra, Rabindrasangeet from Shri Subhas Chowdhury, Late Subinoy Roy and Aurobindo Biswas. She had won the State Music Academy Scholarship. From her very childhood Lopamudra has been able to display a pleasant flair for singing in group theatre. She was attached with 'Class Threatre1 from the age of twelve under the able guidance of Shri Samir Chatterjee.
With this versatility Lopamudra went for experiment in Bengali modern songs and ultimately she found her platform in the songs based on poems of renowned Bengali Poets. And that was her way just to go for success. She performed all over India with her new approach and won the music-lovers' heart.
Since 1996, H. M.V., the pioneer in Audio Cassette Company in India, has released sixteen individual albums of Lopamudra's Bengali modern songs and Rabindra Sangeet. Most of those albums are very much popular among the listeners of Bengali music in India and abroad. She is also a very successful singer in Bengali films also.
She has performed all over India dna four times in U.S.A. including the NABC'99, held in San Francisco and Banga Mela 2005, held in Chicago. She also performed twice in U.K. and once in Canada and Singapore, 2006.
She won many awards for her unique dramatic style of singing, which is fashioned with the classical aid and tenor voice quality. She won the prestigious 'Bengal Film Journalist Award' on her debut playback in the film 'Sedin Chaitramas1. Her album 'Bhalobaste Balo' was honoured as the best puja album, best singer and album of the year in 2001. Her another album 'Ei Abelay1 awarded as the best puja album in 2003 by 'Ananda Bazar Patrika1. Her another album 'Jhor Hole Par!' got the 'ZEE MUSIC AWARD' in 2005.
Lopamudra believes that a 'performer becomes then successful when she and her music cannot be separated from each other'.
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