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Jassie Gift

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Jassie Gift’s biography

His first composition is for the movie Safalam. He has directed music for a kannada film Hudugaata,Acted by GANESH(MUNGAARU MALE). He became a legend in Kerala with his song Lajjavathiye for the movie 4 the people. The dusky composer, Jassi Gift’s innovative music contributed heavily to the success of "4 the People”. The movie became the biggest blockbuster in Malayalam in 2004.  His style, perfected in church choir, has a strange resonance. Its masculine appeal is also peculiar. Though he is inhibited in style and range, he is good in his zone. Jassi Gift is a postgraduate in philosophy.
Top tracks of Jassie Gift
 Kodungalluramme from Album Sree Mahakali (songs On Kodungallur Bhagavathy) (Malayalam)2580
 Sevvanam Selaikatti from Album Mozhi (Tamil)2408
 Nakosam Nuvu from Album Magadheera (Telugu)1977
 Snehathumbi from Album December (Malayalam)1609
 Shyloo from Album Shyloo (Kannada)1349
 Rolling Titles Music from Album Magadheera (Telugu)1332
 Gaganave Baagi from Album Sanju Weds Geetha (Kannada)1195
 Oru Nooraasakal from Album Ennittum (Malayalam)1109
 Arike Ninnalum from Album China Town (Malayalam)1095
 Veyilodu Vilaiyadi from Album Veyil (Tamil)1001
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