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Falguni Pathak

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Falguni Pathak’s biography

Falguni Pathak is a singer and performing artist. She is based in Mumbai, but with a strong affinity towards the traditional music of the Indian state of Gujarat, she has, since her professional and private debut in 1998, developed into an artist with a large fan following across India.  

Her debut album was released in 1998, and was the first of at least a dozen bearing her name. She has also recorded numerous songs that have been featured in Bollywood movies. Most of the themes in her songs are about love. She has performed in many shows, and a number of her shows have run throughout the night, both in India and other countries. A powerful vocalist and energetic performer, backed by a band (called Ta Thaiyaa) that can number up to eighteen members, she regularly blends traditional styles with a more modern approach.

She has been popular in India as she entertains audiences for the nearly ten pious days of Indian festival, known as Navratri (Nine nights).

She performs at Goregaon, Mumbai during Navratri Festival. Her event is called Sankalp. She sings there and thousands of people dance (called garba) to her tunes. After this festival she visits to other countries, such as the USA and UAE to perform to NRIs there. She is one the most popular singers specializing in the music of the Navratri festival.
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