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Didar Singh Sandhu

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Didar Singh Sandhu’s biography

Didar Sandhu,  was born in July before the building of Pakistan. He started learning poitery in school days. During job Didar meet Mohd. Sadiq one of his partner. Didar's early first songs was recorded in the voice of Narander Beba and Mohd.Sadiq. But the song meri assi jhanger shanke we, shankata panda gali made his distinct identity.


Didar sung with many popular female singers . More than 40 songs were recorded with Senah Lata , 13 with Kuldeep Kaur , 4-4 with Parminder Sandhu and Baljit Balli respectively. During 1980-82 Didar Sandhu recorded up to 20 songs with Punjab di Koel Surinder Kaur. After 1982 he sung with Amar noori for a long time. As he was a good writer, the many of the Didar Sandhu's songs were sung by other singers like Mohd. Sadiq- Ranjit Kaur, Narinder Kaur-Beer Chand , Mohd. Sadiq-Sawarn Lata, Surinder Kaur-Ramesh Rangila, Sdesh Kpoor-Surinder Kaur, Promila Pammi, Ramesh Rangila , Sawarn Lata, Karnail Gill, Preeti Balla and Surinder Kaur-Sabur Hussain.

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