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Anirudh Ravichandar

17,914 Plays on Hummaa, 2 different languages
7 Tracks on Hummaa

Anirudh Ravichandar’s biography

Top tracks of Anirudh Ravichandar
 Boomi Enna Suthudhe from Album Ethir Neechal (Tamil)3521
 Ethir Neechal from Album Ethir Neechal (Tamil)2373
 Velicha Poove Va from Album Ethir Neechal (Tamil)2196
 Nijamellam Maranthu Pochu from Album Ethir Neechal (Tamil)1834
 Local Boys from Album Ethir Neechal (Tamil)1633
 Un Paarvayil from Album Ethir Neechal (Tamil)226
 Sachin Tendulkar Banch Bencher from Album Back Bench (Telugu)11
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Han Sanak on Anirudh Ravichandar:
20 Aug,2014 at 02:07 PM
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Joytar on Anirudh Ravichandar:
03 Jul,2013 at 10:18 PM
Hello dear.
My name is joy, I believe we can get acquainted and hope that we could go ahead and initiate good friendship together.
Unfortunately i am new to this site and i find it very difficult to upload my pictures here but i guess i can have them forward to your email when we get to exchange emails, please acknowledge to contact me through my personal mail box directly.

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Shri Charan on Anirudh Ravichandar:
17 Jan,2013 at 07:07 PM
anirudh=sema talented
Rajesh Ramachandran on Anirudh Ravichandar:
18 Dec,2012 at 08:27 PM
"With Ethir Neechal, Anirudh proves that he’s not a one-hit or one-album wonder! "--------------

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