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A P Komala

3058 Plays on Hummaa, 3 different languages
42 Tracks on Hummaa

A P Komala’s biography

Komala aka A P Komala has given commendable hits like,

1. Rahasyam (1967) (playback singer)
2. Bhakta Raghunath (1960)
(playback singer)
3. Shantinivasam (1960) (playback singer)
4. Bhookailas (1958) (playback singer)
5. Suvarna Sundari (1957/I)
(playback singer)
6. Panduranga Mahatyam (1957)
7. Jayasimha (1955) (playback singer)
8. Todu Dongalu (1954) (playback singer)
9. Chandraharam (1954) (playback singer)
10. Pitchi Pullaiah (1953) (playback singer)
11. Raksharekha (1949) (playback singer)

She has in the veteran circle with P Susheela, S Janaki in the Playback singing circle!
Top tracks of A P Komala
 Girija Kalyanam from Album Rahasyam (Telugu)3940
 Nee Engey (pathos) from Album Mannippu (Tamil)392
 Naan Indri Yaar Varuvaar from Album Maalaiyitta Mangal (Tamil)383
 Nilavodu Vaanmugil from Album Raja Rajan (Tamil)241
 Adigo Bhadradri from Album Ramadaasu (Telugu)211
 Evarivo Echata from Album Golden Hour Ntr - Savithri (Telugu)147
 Viralonnilenkilum from Album Veluthambi Dhalava (Malayalam)115
 Madhi Uyyala Loge from Album Golden Hour Ntr - Savithri (Telugu)95
 Yevarivo Yechatanundivo from Album Ntr - Memorable Hits (Telugu)72
 Ika Raanante Raane from Album Paathala Bhairavi (Telugu)68
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