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Vishnuvardhan’s biography

Vishnuvardhan (born September 18, 1950) is a popular actor in the Indian state of Karnataka. He is the one of the most versatile, talented, stylish and popular actors in the Kannada film Industry. Be it a romantic, action, emotional, music, comedy or a family drama movie Vishuvardhan's finds himself truly involved with the character. His original name was Sampath Kumar , before director Puttanna Kanagal named him as Vishnuvardhan after a famous King VISHNUVARDHANA.

Dr (h. c.).Vishnuvardhan is married to Bharati. He has two adopted daughters, Keerthi and Chandana. Keerthi is married to Anirudh, an upcoming actor in the Kannada Film industry.His father is Raghava chaari

Three and half decades of career and a variety of popular roles in more than 195 films speak high about his calibre as an actor. Some of his all-time hits are Naagarahaavu , Hombisilu ,Sahasa Simha ,Bandhana, Naagara Hole, Muthina Haara(1990),Nishkarsha ,Yajamana,Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu & Apthamitra.He ventured into parallel cinema and acted in movies like Harakeya Kuri (based on Dr. Chandrashekar Kambar's novel with same title). It is believed that the huge fan following of him didn't want Vishnu Vardhan to deviate from his "Star Value" and "image". He continued to don the roles of macho hero and the ideal lover husband.His new movie called Namma Yejamanru is announced.Its directed by acclaimed director Nagabharana.The duo is working together after 27 years. He has now completed 197 movies. Namm Yejamaanru would be his 198th movie. Kannada Audience are eagerly waiting for Dr.Vishnuvardhan's 200th movie.

2005 Honorary Doctorate awarded by Bangalore University
5 south Indian film fare awards for best performances.
7 state awards in the best actor category.
filmfare lifetime achievement award.

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