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Srikanta Acharya

956 Plays on Hummaa, 1 languages
33 Tracks on Hummaa
Bengali 33

Srikanta Acharya’s biography

Top tracks of Srikanta Acharya
 Ei Hath Chhuechhe from Album Hotath Neerar Jonnyo (bng) (Bengali)297
 Diner Sheshe Ghumer Deshe from Album  (Bengali)253
 Khirer Putul (part - Ii) from Album Khirer Putul-1 (Bengali)239
 Shyama- Dance Drama from Album Prem Eshechilo (Bengali)222
 Shatabdi Baran from Album  (Bengali)143
 Jakhan Parbe Na Mor Payer Chinho from Album  (Bengali)141
 Nitya Jukto from Album Sri Ramkrishna-tv Serial (Bengali)140
 Aguner Parashmoni from Album  (Bengali)134
 Khirer Putul (part -1) from Album Khirer Putul-1 (Bengali)130
 Tomar Kachhe E Bar Maagi from Album  (Bengali)126
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Alka on Srikanta Acharya:
29 Jul,2011 at 10:51 AM
He is a favulous singer . I like his singing very much.

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