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Sipra Bose

1678 Plays on Hummaa, 2 different languages
42 Tracks on Hummaa

Sipra Bose’s biography

Sipra bose, an outstanding artist of rare quality is a celebrated figure in North Indian classical as well as in light classical music. Her career in music began in her early teens under the guidance of the Late Sangeetacharya Chinmoy Lahiri.

     Sipra Bose has always upheld the traditional intricacies of khayal from the renowned Lucknow gharana - a rich musical heritage that has been handed down to her from her guru in a system known as the Guru Shishya Parampara.

      Sipra specialized in learning Thumri and Ghazal under the inimitable peerless of Lucknow, the legendary Begum Akhtar from whom she developed Dadra and other light classical varieties as well. In addition, for rare traditional compositions like Chaiti, Kajri, Thumri, Dadra and Tappa, Sipra's talim continued under Naina Devi of the Benaras gharana.

     For pure classical music, Sipra received training under the guidance of Pandit Ravi Shankar, a legendary figure in the world of Indian Classical as well as world music.

     Sipra Bose's captivating voice with its' intricate delicacies, her controlled eloquence, the lyrical grace makes each performance not just memorable but truly magical. Her enunciation of Urdu, enriched by her spontaneous expression has put her in a niche amongst the most established Ghazal performers of today.

     Gobindo Bose, her husband, the noted Tabla player, has always been a source of inspiration for her. Though they seldom perform together on stage, their mutual admiration for one another, the mastery of their art has proved to be an unique combination, especially during a live performance. This recording is a fine example of such a relationship.
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