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Sadhana Sargam

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Sadhana Sargam’s biography

Sadhana Sargam is one of the top Indian playback singers.Real Name : Sadhana Ghanekar.

She has sung in many Indian languages.Even though she is one of the most gifted versatile singers who can sing any type of songs, she excels mostly melodious slow numbers. She is also a very talented classical musician. She is one of the few singers equally recognized and successful in both classical and light music fields. Many new young growing singers look up to her as their role model.  Sadhana Sargam is from a Maharashtrian Chitpavan Brahmin family. She was trained in Indian classical music by her mother, Mrs. Neelatai Ghanekar at an early age and then by Pandit Jasraj . She is famous for her live concerts especially with A.R.Rahman and for her flawless live performances.

She won several awards throughout her career including the Indian national award as the best female playback singer in 2002 for a Tamil song "Pattu Solli" from the movie Azhagi, composed by Ilayaraja.  She is the only singer from outside of South India, either male or female, to have won an Indian national award for a South Indian language song.

In 2006, Sargam was among the singers who took part in a classical concert to mark Mangeshkar's 100th birthday celebrations and earned praise from Hirudhayanath Mangeshkar for her performances in Hindustani classicals.  Sargam's contribution to devotinal music is well appreciated by many senior singers like Usha Mangeshkar. She is one of the prominent forces along with Pandit Jasraj and Jagjit Singh to keep this form of music alive.

In her early days as a singer, her voice at high octaves was thought to be similar to that of Lata Mangeshkar while her low octave voice was that of Asha Bhosle. However, as time passed Sargam developed her own distinct style. It is believed that Sadhana Sargam was unwittingly responsible for the rift between music greats Kalyanji-Anandji and Lata Mangeshkar when the duo compared Sargam with Mangeshkar.  Mangheskar thought the comparing herself with a much junior teenage singer was very unacceptable.  Regardless of the above said incident both singers have mutual respect for each other.

Her all time favorites include "Pehla Nasha" from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, "Chupke Se" from Saathiya, "Saat Samunder Paar" from Vishwatma, and "Snehidhane" from Alaipayuthey, which is also the original version of "Chupke Se" in Tamil.  Sadhana Sargam was well received in Tamil Nadu. She is very busy in the Tamil music field. Among the Bollywood singers males or females, Sargam sang the most number of songs in Tamil music field. She is more popular than Lata Mangheshkar, Asha Bhosle, Anuradha Paudwal or Alka Yagnik in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, where Tamil is spoken widely and Tamil music is listened to.

Composers Ilayaraja and A. R. Rahman use her voice more often in Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu songs. She also sang in an international production Warriors of Heaven and Earth under Mr. Rahman direction recently and became a global singer.  Apart from Ilayarajah and A.R.Rahman, Sargam worked with almost every composer in India.  In an interview in May, 2007 while touring in the USA, the most celebrated composer of Indian music industry, Mr.A.R.Rahman complimented that Sadhana Sargam as the only Indian singer who can surpass his imaginations and expectations when rendering songs.

Top tracks of Sadhana Sargam
 Mukundha Mukundha from Album Dasavathaaram (Tamil)11689
 Enadhuyirae from Album Bheemaa (Tamil)9431
 Manasa from Album Munna (tlg) (Telugu)7755
 Swasamae from Album Thenali (Tamil)6803
 Snehithaney from Album Alai Payuthey (Tamil)6561
 Azhagae Sugama from Album Paarthale Paravasam (Tamil)6540
 Kaalaiyil Dinamum from Album New (Tamil)5304
 Arima Arima from Album Enthiran (Tamil)4864
 Marali Mareyagi from Album Savari (Kannada)4569
 Anbae Sugama from Album Paarthale Paravasam (Tamil)4099
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Nandha Kumar on Sadhana Sargam:
31 Dec,2012 at 06:48 PM
can any one tell..
do any soul in earth has/had once such a heavenly voice of sadhanaji..
let god bless her
we all know this song was by the evergreen singer of india SADHANA SARGAM ..
PLS click the below link and do vote for her..

Govardhanakrishna R on Sadhana Sargam:
14 Oct,2012 at 05:07 PM
Melodious Voice and Songs are flowing of Water from Himalaya Mountains........
Lakshmiram on Sadhana Sargam:
20 Jul,2011 at 07:27 AM
wat a gr8 voice........!!!!!!!!!
Meera on Sadhana Sargam:
26 Mar,2009 at 05:47 AM
What a voice!! Am having no words..
Bala on Sadhana Sargam:
19 Feb,2009 at 02:19 AM
she is a great singer.....ahead many more awards....

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