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S V Krishna Reddy

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S V Krishna Reddy’s biography

He is a native of Konkuduru, East Godavari. He finished his Masters Degree in Commerce. He was always interested in films. He used to watch a lot of movies. And, of course, he wanted to be a part of the film industry. So he tried for it.

He started his film career with Pagadala Padava. Although he worked for it, the movie never got released. His film career had a 10-year gap after that. Then he did a small role in Kirathakudu. He did't feel comfortable doing small characters. Moreover, he was never much inclined towards acting. So, he quit acting.

His friend Achi Reddy gave him the moral support when he wanted to turn director. He was very nervous in the beginning. He provided a great deal of support. He felt very comfortable in the role of a director.

After the long gap and re-evaluation of himself and Achi Reddy, they started their own banner - Manisha Films. They released a dubbed movie Server Sundaramgari Abbayi. After two more dubbed movies, they decided to go for a direct movie. That's when Kobbari Bondam came out. 'S. V. Krishna Reddy provided the story, screenplay and music. After Kobbari Bondam, he ventured into direction with Rajendrudu Gajendrudu.

S. V. Krishna Reddy did sing in Ugadi. He has touch with classical music. However he doesn't feel that he has that great a singer in him. So it turned out to be just a one time thing. He also learned classical dance.

S. V. Krishna Reddy has directed 28 movies so far. Among them he personally likes Aahwaanam, since it discusses the 4000 year old tradition of marriage.

Nandi Award and K.V.Reddy gold medal as the best director for year 2000

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