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1225 Plays on Hummaa, 1 languages
69 Tracks on Hummaa
Telugu 69

Rajasree’s biography

Top tracks of Rajasree
 Ninnukori from Album Gharshana - Old (Telugu)1811
 Oka Brundavanam from Album Gharshana - Old (Telugu)1452
 Kurise Verijallule from Album Gharshana - Old (Telugu)1063
 Rojalo Letha Roja from Album Gharshana - Old (Telugu)783
 Anjali Anjali from Album Anjali (Telugu)756
 Neeve Amaraswarame from Album Gharshana - Old (Telugu)659
 Raja Rajadhi from Album Gharshana - Old (Telugu)452
 Yamunna Thatilo from Album Dalapathi (Telugu)399
 Andamaina Prema Raani from Album Premikudu (Telugu)347
 Paruvam Vanaga from Album Roja (Telugu)303
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