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Rajanikanta Sen

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Rajanikanta Sen’s biography

Sen, Rajanikanta (1865-1910) poet, lyricist and singer, was born in the village of Bhangabari in
pabna. His father was Guruprasad Sen. Rajanikanta was the author of Pathachintamani, a
book of kirtan songs, and Abhay Bihar, a book of lyrical poems. He was tutored by his father in
music from early childhood. After obtaining his BA and BL (1891) degrees from Calcutta City
College, he began to practice law at Rajshahi.

Rajanikanta Sen was for some time a temporary munsif at Natore and Naogaon. He displayed
his poetic power at the early age of 15 by composing songs dedicated to the goddess Kali. He
used to sing songs that he had composed himself at the house of akshay kumar maitreya. The
monthly Utsaha used to publish his writings. Devotion and patriotism formed the primary
themes of his poems and songs, although he also composed love songs and satirical verses.
One of his songs composed during the swadeshi movement, Mayer deoya mota kapad
mathay tule nere bhai (Revere the coarse cloth spun in your motherland), became very

He wrote several books: Vani (1902), Kalyani (1905), Amrta, Abhaya, Anandamayi and
Bishram (1910), Sadbhabkusum (1913) and Shesdan (1916). Vani and Kalyani are collections
of his songs. He became well known as Kantakabi.
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