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Leslie Lewis

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Leslie Lewis’s biography

Leslie Lewis is an Indian composer, perhaps best known for his work as part Colonial Cousins, a duo composed of Lewis and Hariharan.

In 2003 Lewis stated that he felt the public associated him too much with his remixes and for that reason he had begun to avoid remixes and instead concentrate on his original compositions and on his work in Colonial Cousins.

Lewis also composed the soundtrack for Apna Asman, which was his first feature-length composition.

Lewis' father P. L. Raj was a prolific film choreographer.
Top tracks of Leslie Lewis
 Paathikathal from Album Modhi Vilaiyadu (Tamil)2612
 Krishna from Album Colonial Cousins (Hindi)2458
 Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein from Album Best Of Leslie Lewis (Hindi)1892
 Kannum Kannum from Album Anniyan (Tamil)1728
 Katra Katra from Album Apna Asmaan (Hindi)1341
 Ottrai Vaarthaiyel from Album Modhi Vilaiyadu (Tamil)1086
 Sa Ni Dha Pa - Never Know The Reason from Album Colonial Cousins (Hindi)997
 Modhi Vilaiyadu from Album Modhi Vilaiyadu (Tamil)738
 Chikki Mukki from Album Modhi Vilaiyadu (Tamil)659
 Vellaikari from Album Modhi Vilaiyadu (Tamil)657
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