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L R Easwari

15096 Plays on Hummaa, 4 different languages
542 Tracks on Hummaa
Tamil 460
Telugu 45
Kannada 20

L R Easwari’s biography

Born in Tamil Nadu, Eswari carved a niche for herself in the Tamil film industry, sans any formal training in classical music. Despite this, she grasped the tunes and modulated her tone to suit the song. She is perhaps one amongst the first generation playback singers who made people shake a leg with her songs.

When she went for her first voice test , T.S. Rangasami, a sound engineer, said, "How can she be a playback singer?" and asked her to "get out." Today, she is delighted to hear praise coming her way from the same person.

K.V. Mahadevan was her favourite music director and Eswari liked his intuition, ideas and discipline. If she drew inspiration from Ghantasala Mastaru , she felt the shruti of the melodious tone of Soundar Rajan to be a perfect match to her voice. "A singer like S. P. Balasubrahmanyam will never be born again. He is simply great," Eswari says. Replete with cryptic observations over modern-day playback singing, Eswari detests the way the songs are recorded today. "It is the computer that sings for the singers now," she remarks . "In the good old days, the music director used to give the notes to all the musicians in the orchestra. Now, no one has any contact with the other.They just go to the recording studio, render their lines and return," she laments.

An ardent devotee of `Ammavaru', the awe-inspiring singer released many a music album with bhajans and devotional songs. Eswari's album on Swamy Ayyappa was a hit with the devotees of the God of Sabarimala. A National award and a Nandi award are only some of the feathers in her cap.

Top tracks of L R Easwari
 Kaaathoduthaan Naan from Album Velli Vizha (Tamil)2843
 Chellatha from Album Maanikka Veenai (Tamil)2611
 Avalukkenna from Album Server Sundaram (Tamil)2553
 Nenjatthai Alli Konjam from Album Kathalikka Neramillai (Tamil)2036
 Kalasala Kalasala from Album Osthe (Tamil)1971
 Sinthu Nadayinmisai from Album Bharathiar Songs (Tamil)1867
 Inimai Niraintha from Album Ninaithale Inikkum (Tamil)1432
 Vaarai En Thozhi from Album Paasamalar (Tamil)1330
 Kannirendum Minna Minna from Album Aandavan Kattalai (Tamil)1203
 Kanni Venduma from Album Pachchai Vilakku (tml) (Tamil)1081
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Shanthi on L R Easwari:
20 Jan,2009 at 04:41 AM
great artist and my favt

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