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Kunal Ganjawala

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Kunal Ganjawala’s biography

He has done schooling from St. Peter's School, Mazagaon.

He says his singing career began in school:

“ I was not even a bathroom singer. I began singing only when I was caught by my seniors as an 8th standard students in St Peters School. I was passing by them whistling a tune when a few of them caught hold of me and commanded, 'Sing a song'. I was shocked. I said I never sang in my life. They said, "Dont lie!". When he can whistle tunes so well, why can't he sing?' They caught hold of my neck saying, they would throttle me if I didn't. With great difficulty I sang Nazar ke samne (Aashiqui) and Ek din bik jayega (Dharam Karam). They spared me then but made me sing in college festivals later. ”

In 2005, he married fellow singer Gayatri Iyer.

Kunal entered the Kannada film industry in 2005 with the song Neene neene from Akash which was a huge hit and since then he has become one of the most popular Kannada film song singer.

Top tracks of Kunal Ganjawala
 Bheegey Hont from Album Murder (Hindi)6573
 Ullasada Uhoo Male from Album Cheluvina Chiiththara (Kannada)4686
 Onde Ondu Sari from Album Mungaru Male (Kannada)4510
 Kivi Maathu from Album Milana (Kannada)2707
 Masha Allah from Album Saawariya (Hindi)2312
 Janumada Gelathi from Album Cheluvina Chiiththara (Kannada)1609
 O Humdum Suniyo Re from Album The Rahman Experience - Bollywood & Beyond Vol 1 (Hindi)1241
 Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii from Album Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii (Hindi)875
 Yenaitho Nanagenayaitho from Album Chanda (Kannada)751
 Kandhon Se Milte Hain Kandhe from Album Lakshya (Hindi)691
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  • Leave a comment for Kunal Ganjawala on Kunal Ganjawala:
29 Oct,2009 at 09:38 AM
ur style of singing and voice is not copy of any other singer its a good sign and shows talent. best regards, arvind
Mini on Kunal Ganjawala:
07 Oct,2009 at 04:01 PM
hv fallen in lovewith ur voiz kunal...

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