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Koti’s biography

Koti is a Telugu film composer. He is also singer. He composed the music for several films in Telugu and other launguages. He is a popular music director and she an up and coming singer. He had just returned from successful shows in the US, and she was on her way to Malaysia for yet another music concert with husband Lakshman Sruthi's music troupe. He is a veteran of over 350 films (that includes the 250 films he had partnered with Raj) and she's the new talent in the musical firmament. Just one song made her a sensation not just in Tamil but in its recent Telugu version too (hear the song Manmadha Raja and you will agree). Her repertoire in Telugu include Anandamananda Maye, Donga Dongadi, Shiv Sankar, etc., M.L.Narasimham records their conversation.

Top tracks of Koti
 Nuvve Nuvve Kavalantundi from Album Nuvve Nuvve (Telugu)1735
 Adara Adara from Album Dookudu (Telugu)697
 O Urvasi Andani Rodasi from Album Veerudu (Telugu)644
 Kadile Kaalama from Album Pedarayudu (Telugu)546
 Kannulu Thelipe from Album Veerudu (Telugu)490
 Ee Kshnam Oke Oka Korika from Album Ela Cheppanu (Telugu)460
 Unnamata Cheppanivu from Album Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav (Telugu)402
 Chik Chiklet Shok Choklet from Album Rickshawodu (Telugu)361
 Naa Manusukemayindi from Album Nuvve Nuvve (Telugu)306
 Okkasari Cheppaleva from Album Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav (Telugu)286
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