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K V Mahadevan

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K V Mahadevan’s biography

K. V. Mahadevan is a South Indian music composer.  K. V. Mahadevan, or "mAmA" as he was popularly known among his colleagues, has a special place in South Indian film music.

He started his career as a happy composer with 'Anandhan' in 1942, contributed immensely for nearly half a century, before surrendering in 1990 with 'muruganE thuNai'. During this period he scored music for about 250 Tamil films. The special features of his compositions were: giving primary importance to lyrics and composing music that is perfectly suited to lyrics; always keeping a base in the Carnatic music systems; and giving independence to singers and other assistants to freely contribute ideas for improving his compositions. Some of the famous Tamil movies for which he composed include 'Adimai Penn', 'Thiruvilayaadal', 'Vaanampadi', 'Thillaana Moganambal', 'Kandhan Karunai', 'Muthalali'. His most famous and recent composition in Telugu was in the movie directed by K.Vishwanath, Swathi Kiranam (1991).

Top tracks of K V Mahadevan
 Aarupadai Veedu from Album Kandhan Karunai (Tamil)4115
 Solla Solla from Album Kandhan Karunai (Tamil)4003
 Gangai Karai Thottam from Album Kaettathum Koduppavane (Tamil)3289
 Oru Naal Pothuma from Album Thiruvilaiyadal (Tamil)3154
 Pazham Neeyappa from Album Thiruvilaiyadal (Tamil)3043
 Thirupparan Kundraththil from Album Kandhan Karunai (Tamil)3025
 Gopiyar Konjum from Album Kaettathum Koduppavane (Tamil)2956
 Malargal Nanainthana from Album Ithayakamalam (Tamil)2442
 Paatum Naane from Album Thiruvilaiyadal (Tamil)2368
 Paarthen Siritthaen from Album Veera Abhimanyu (tml) (Tamil)2219
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