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Geetha Madhuri

636 Plays on Hummaa, 3 different languages
240 Tracks on Hummaa
Telugu 236
Tamil 1

Geetha Madhuri’s biography

Top tracks of Geetha Madhuri
 Jorsey from Album Magadheera (Telugu)2266
 Dillaku Dillaku from Album Racha (Telugu)739
 Paravaledu from Album Manasara (Telugu)359
 Chamka Chamka from Album Chirutha (Telugu)308
 Chiranjeeva from Album Badrinath (Telugu)265
 Ruler (movie Version from Album Dhammu (Telugu)260
 Dosth He Dosth from Album Ankith Pallavi And Friends (Telugu)228
 Tell Me Em Kaavalo from Album Ankith Pallavi And Friends (Telugu)179
 Ruler (cd Version) from Album Dhammu (Telugu)171
 Ambadhari (remix) from Album Badrinath (Telugu)137
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Kate on Geetha Madhuri:
08 Apr,2013 at 08:16 PM
Hello Dear!

My name is Kate,

I saw your profile and would like to get in touch with you If you're
interested in me too then please send me a message as quickly as possible.

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