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Gana Ulaganathan

2372 Plays on Hummaa, 3 different languages
47 Tracks on Hummaa

Gana Ulaganathan’s biography

Top tracks of Gana Ulaganathan
 Jalsa from Album Chennai 600028 (Tamil)1008
 Pappa Pasarkali from Album Gaana Ullugam Vol. - 6 (Tamil)1002
 Sone Sone from Album Gaana Ullugam Vol. - 6 (Tamil)777
 Vaalameenu from Album Chitirrem Pesuthadi (Tamil)505
 Rose Mary from Album Pallikoodam (Tamil)428
 Bommi Nalla from Album Endrandrum Gana (Tamil)401
 Natchitre Bangla from Album Gaana Ullugam Vol. - 6 (Tamil)387
 Kasakkai Potta from Album Chennai Gana (Tamil)386
 Manam Polle from Album Gaana Ullugam Vol. - 6 (Tamil)349
 Yadava Theru from Album Madurai Veeran (new) (Tamil)284
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  Parthiban (Pondicherry,India)
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  Saravanan (Chennai,India)
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