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Fuzon’s biography

Fuzön is a Pakistani rock music group comprising three members.

The name has been derived from fusion as the vocalist Shafqat Amanat Ali describes the band as a fusion of Pakistani classical music and modern rock music.

Fuzön began in 2001. Shallum Asher Xavier and Imran Momina were the founding members, who decided to put their heads together as they realised that their musical ideas and tastes were identical. They developed several tracks together, but lacked a quality vocalist.

Meanwhile, Shafqat Amanat Ali who had been singing for a few years had happened to drop into Immo's recording studio for an assignment. Shafqat's vocals so impressed the duo, that Shafqat was signed up with Shallum and Immu to form the band "Fuzon".

Shafqat had to leave the band to concentrate more on his Vocals and solo projects, Rameez Mukhtar has just joined Fuzon as the new vocalist.


Imran Momina
Imran Momina (aka "Emu") is a multi-dimensional pianist and a composer, who has been playing since the age of 13. His flair for arranging his own music and experimenting with melodies made him set up his own recording and mixing studio — and is where Fuzon's recording sessions took place. Moving on from humble beginnings, Emu now has a top of the line audio and video unit which caters to the artistic as well as commercial requirements of the country's top musicians.

Shallum Asher Xavier
Shallum is fortunate to have music running in his family. Having started to play the piano from the age of nine, he shifted tracks and began `worshipping' the guitar, by practicing for eight hours a day for three whole days. Playing for quite a few local pop acts has brought him to the limelight, and he is now getting recognition for his talent. Shallum, the guitar guru harbours the kind of passion that sets him apart from guitar gods pack. His six-string work encompasses tones in the direction of blues, rock, jazz, classical and everything in between.

Rameez Mukhtar
Rameez Mukhtar discovered the hidden vocalist within himself at a tender age of nine while singing along with the music maestro, Sohail Rana in shows entitled “Saaray Dost Hamaray” and “Sung Sung Chalein.” Since then, he had been vocalizing varied melodic scores of television serials and best-selling commercials. While thinking back upon the element responsible for kindling the singing passion in the lad, Rameez profoundly expresses the contribution of his siblings who only took singing as a hobby. However, Rameez managed to take it far under the mentorship of virtuoso Nisar Bazmi who made him learnt the intricacies and involutions of the classical music genre and helped him land as a vocalist for a band known as “Sanwal.”

Source - wikipedia

Top tracks of Fuzon
 Mora Saiyaan from Album Fuzon Saagar (Hindi)792
 Aankhon Ke Saagar from Album Fuzon Saagar (Hindi)750
 Tere Bina from Album Fuzon Saagar (Hindi)375
 Neend Na Aaye from Album Fuzon - Journey (Hindi)259
 Saagar - Guitar Mix from Album Fuzon Saagar (Hindi)177
 Akhiyaan from Album Fuzon Saagar (Hindi)175
 Ae Chaand from Album Fuzon Saagar (Hindi)165
 Mora Saiyaan (khamal) from Album Hyderabad Blues (Hindi)163
 Abhi Hum Kahaan Hain from Album Fuzon - Journey (Hindi)150
 Jhoom Jhoom from Album Fuzon Saagar (Hindi)97
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