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Dr C Narayana Reddy

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Dr C Narayana Reddy’s biography

Cingireddi Narayana Reddy, a well-known Telugu poet and educational administrator, was born in a remote village of Karimnagar district, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Reddy was nominated to the Upper House of Indian Parliament in August 1997. He is deeply interested in medieval Urdu poetic traditions and more particularly in the Ghazal form. As a master in two languages, Telugu and Urdu, he has imbibed influences of Urdu poetry in his Telugu poetry.

Although a prolific writer, Dr. Reddy's poetry remains fresh. His diction is musical both in textual form and in recitation form. He doesn't use rhyme in a simple way but with associated internal rhyme in meaning and poetic metaphor. He is not particularly influenced by any of the poets who preceded him; his poetry is neither bound by the times in which it is written nor is it limited to any persuasion or style. Dr. Reddy's poetry is characterized by universal values of humanism, hope and well being of the people. He also has written thousands of songs for Telugu films. His poetic work Visvambara, which was translated into three other languages, earned him a Jnanpith award (1988).

The Library of Congress has acquired forty-five of his works. Dr. Reddy has won several state level awards and the Soviet Land Nehru award (1982). The Government of India honored him with the titles Padmashree (1977) and Padmavibhushan (1992) and Andhra University, Waltair honored him with Kala Prapurna (Honoris causa) in 1978. There have been nineteen works on him, all acquired by the Library of Congress.

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