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Dhanush’s biography

 Dhanush hails from cinema family. His father Kasthoori Raja is versatile director, who is well known for making village movies. His brother SelvaRaghavan was the one who introduced Dhanush to cinema

Dhanush family background was well supporting him to his entry to the cinema. But, Dhanush was not interested in cinema, initially he wanted to complete his school studies and wanted to enter into college. Unfortunately, he was forced to act in cinema and his entry was at the right time and he became one of the sensational heroes of Kollywood with his debut movie Thulvatho Ilamai.

His first movie paved him the way for the career and he had flying colors right form his start. The second movie for him was Kadhal Kondien which was directed again by his brother Selva Raghavan and the movie was a silver jubilee hit. This movie proved that Dhanush cold performs well in acting, dance as well as in fight sequences.

He got married at the age of 22 itself. His wife’s name is Aishwarya, the daughter of Super Star Rajini Kanth. So, he became the son - in - law of Super Star, one of the prestigious positions in Tamil Nadu.

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