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Bawa Sikander

199 Plays on Hummaa, 1 languages
8 Tracks on Hummaa

Bawa Sikander’s biography

Top tracks of Bawa Sikander
 Chandigarh from Album Heer (Punjabi)65
 Heer from Album Heer (Punjabi)55
 Teri Meri Kahton Tut Gayi from Album Heer (Punjabi)18
 Jinde from Album Heer (Punjabi)16
 Puchhda-puchhda from Album Heer (Punjabi)15
 Shahar Tere Vich from Album Heer (Punjabi)15
 Talli Ho Gya from Album Heer (Punjabi)9
 Theka from Album Heer (Punjabi)6
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