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Babbu Maan

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Babbu Maan’s biography

Babbu Maan was born in village Khant Maanpur district Fatehgarh Sahib of Punjab on 18 March, 1975. He was the youngest child among two sisters Rupi and Jassi and the only son of Babu Singh Maan (Senior). Babbu Maan was very much fond of playing music since his childhood. He would see everything with the eyes of music as even to play with pans to create rhythmic sounds. He learned how to write lyrics, at college (Punjab University, Chandigarh) when he was about 16, and all those circumstances were taking him to be a super star. After that he started singing and composing music and so on. Sukhwinder is his favorite singer and he love to listen Sukhwinder. This is also known that the Babbu Maan love the houses and walls made by clay and straw (Kucche Ghar).

Babbu Maan is widely famous for his distinctive music and lyrics, at present he is one of the great Punjabi singers who has given a new trend to Bhangra Music. His sad songs are incredibly touching and urbane with the synchronized Punjabi music, as that no one else could create. Now he is entrenched Punjabi pop singer, composer, lyricist, playback singer and actor as well.

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Lovejeet Singh on Babbu Maan:
29 Oct,2012 at 09:36 AM
tusi great ho.tuhadi har gaane da sanu besabri naal intezar rehnda hai......mai tuhada ena bda fan ha k j tusi menu free ch v naukar rakhoge,ta mai apne app nu khushnaseeb samjhaga Lovejeet dulwan
Snow Rocks on Babbu Maan:
11 Nov,2009 at 02:57 AM

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