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Arjun’s biography

Arjun Sarja started his film career with Kannada films, however, gained significant success as an actor in Tamil films. He later moved as a director and then as a producer in particular in Tamil. He was born in a family of kannada film personalities on August 15, 1964. His father Mr. J.C.Ramaswamy alias Shakti Prasad was a popular film actor who had acted in more than 200 films, noticeably in Kannada and Tamil. His elder brother Kishor Sarja is also a director. Arjun also acted in Telugu films, most popularly known for his movie 'Hanuman Junction' which was later remake/dubbed into other Sounth Indian languages. As a consequences of a number of successful action movies by Arjun, he is popularly known as Action King Arjun. Arjun started his career as a child artist in Kannada films. Arjun won the Filmfare Best Actor Award South on two occasions noticeably for his film Gentleman. His popular movies in Tamil include Gentleman, Otran, Giri, Jayasurya, Ezumali and Muddalvan.

Born Sreenivasa Sarja R Ashok Barjun, known as Arjun in Tamil filmworld, dreamt of becoming a police officer, he also went to the police training and was selected, but destiny had a different plan in store for him. Today he is one of the most popular stars in South India. He has acted in more than 200 Films. Arjun worked with eminent Kannada film director Rajender Singh Babu in his first film. Later, he moved to Tamil and then to Telugu films. His first Tamil film was "Nanri." His Gentleman and Mudhalvan were super hits and both were directed by Shankar.  

Top tracks of Arjun
 Na Ennanu Soluvan from Album Ayudha Pooja (Tamil)468
 Friend Forever from Album Malayalee (mal) (Malayalam)285
 Hello Miss Chellama from Album Karna (Tamil)270
 Sakalakala Doctor from Album Vasool Raja M B B S (Tamil)205
 Malaray from Album By The People (Malayalam)140
 Asthalavista from Album By The People (Malayalam)120
 Sakalakala Doctor (bit) from Album Vasool Raja M B B S (Tamil)85
 Na Ennanu Soluvan (repeat) from Album Ayudha Pooja (Tamil)83
 He Naade from Album Malayalee (mal) (Malayalam)75
 Paattonnu Paadan from Album Kilukkam Kilukilukkam (Malayalam)73
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A on Arjun:
26 Dec,2012 at 06:50 PM
Love u so much..

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