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Antara Chowdhury

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Antara Chowdhury’s biography

Antara, Salil and Sabita's elder daughter started singing from an early age. She stunned everybody when she recorded that beautiful song in the film 'Minoo' with Manna Dey....'Teri galiyo.n mei.n hum aayee'. Antara became a household name when Salil composed over 25 children's songs for her. Before Salil, childrens songs were practically unknown in Bengal besides probably some compositions by Anando Shankar Roy.These songs changed that completely and are still extremely popular. In his typical style, Salil composed some wonderful songs such as 'O maago ma' and 'Bul bul paakhi moina tiyee'. These songs, although for children, often raised questions and made sharp comments on the social injustice. Since then Antara has matured into an excellent singer, well trained in Hindusthani classical music and western music. She is also a fine pianist, a talented composer and arranger. She had to struggle hard though to shake off her original image of a singer who only sang 'Childrens songs'.

Top tracks of Antara Chowdhury
 Bulbul Pakhi Maiana from Album Chhotoder Gann Vol 1 (Bengali)2822
 Aayre Chhute Aai from Album Chhotoder Gann Vol 1 (Bengali)2559
 Ek Je Chhilo Dushtu Chhele from Album Chhotoder Gann Vol 1 (Bengali)1643
 Ek Je Chhilo Maachhi from Album Chhotoder Gann Vol 1 (Bengali)1491
 Habuchandra Raja from Album Chhotoder Gann Vol 1 (Bengali)1239
 Teri Galiyon Mein Hum Aaye from Album Minoo (Hindi)1164
 Manjhi Re from Album Swami Vivekananda (Hindi)1114
 Khukumani Go Sonaa from Album Chhotoder Gann Vol 1 (Bengali)1089
 Kaali Re Kaali Re from Album Minoo (Hindi)698
 Teri Galiyon Mein Hum Aaye from Album Hawas (Hindi)666
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Steve Hill on Antara Chowdhury:
21 Aug,2014 at 08:06 AM
La giovane guardia è anche musica jazz orologi replicas, oggetto di attenzione per Parmigiani Fleurier. Partner di fondazione 2 e "presentando sponsor" del concorso concorso per solisti pianoforte dal 2009, Parmigiani Fleurier sostiene l'undici finalisti giovani selezionati per competere a Montreux. Va ricordato che è stato ispirato il segnatempo elaborato su misura per il Montreux Jazz Festival, come ogni anno il manifesto del festival.

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