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Bombay Sisters

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Bombay Sisters’s biography

The sisters, Saroja and Lalita are a prominent duo, who are known for their balanced approach to concert presentation. Disciples of T K Govinda Rao, the Bombay sisters, as they're popularly known, have graced the Carnatic music stage with distinction. They are known for neat renditions of songs and competent handling of improvisations. They have a large number of cassettes and albums to their credit and have performed globally. Through their Muktambaram Trust the sisters have been promoting many young artists in a big way.

The Carnatic vocalist duo started their career in 1963, and have since been progressing steadily by giving performances in almost all the sabhas in the country, in music festivals, in All India Radio’s national programmes, in Doordarshan and other private satellite channels. Also the sisters are classified as ‘top grade’ artists by the All India Radio.' They have the distinction of having the maximum number of audio cassettes recorded for various companies on a variety of themes in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Sanskrit and Kannada. The National Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi, invited them to research and record traditional and folk marriage songs for their archives, which were later recorded in audio cassettes for the benefit of Tamil scholars and music lovers.

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Govardhanakrishna R on Bombay Sisters:
02 Mar,2013 at 06:44 PM
Grace on Bombay Sisters:
06 May,2009 at 03:57 AM
No words to any renditions of sri Bombay Sisters they are master pieces that take you to in to that ecstasy to meditate upon and be with the lord only.. I was always motivated by them since child hood.. I love their voice their rendition and all..

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