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Runa Laila

3371 Plays on Hummaa, 3 different languages
39 Tracks on Hummaa
Bengali 23
Urdu 13
Hindi 3

Runa Laila’s biography

Top tracks of Runa Laila
 Do Deewane Shaher Mein from Album Gharaonda (Hindi)3063
 Tumhen Ho Na Ho from Album Gharaonda (Hindi)1850
 Mujhe Pyar Tumse Nahin Hain from Album Gharaonda (Hindi)906
 Sadher Lau Banaila More Bairagi from Album  (Bengali)473
 Ranjish Hi Sahi from Album  (Urdu)456
 Bandhu Tin Din Tor Barite Gelam from Album  (Bengali)389
 Ganga Amar Ma, Padma Amar Ma from Album Gems From Bengal - Modern Songs (Bengali)366
 Sujan Majhi Re from Album Ishtishaner Railgadita (Bengali)355
 Majhi Tumi Majh Gange from Album  (Bengali)299
 Istishaner Railgarita from Album  (Bengali)293
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K.s.muthiah on Runa Laila:
15 Jul,2009 at 01:24 AM
what a gifted singer no words to express my feelings for her singing
Soumitra Moitra on Runa Laila:
31 Mar,2009 at 03:50 PM
Runa Laila has to her credit a number of Urdu Gazals. Unfortunately your paly list
has only one. pls. add to your collection more urdu numbers of her.Which, I believe other listeners will love to enjoy.

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