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Tamil Movie Pasumpon


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Adi Aathi

Artists : Chitra, P Jayachandran, Sujata Mohan
Composers : Vidyasagar
Lyricists : Vairamuthu

Adi Aathi

Artists : Swarnalatha
Composers : Vidyasagar
Lyricists : Vairamuthu

Marudhaani Vachu

Composers : Vidyasagar

Thamarai Poovukum

Artists : Sujata Mohan, Krishnachandar
Composers : Vidyasagar
Lyricists : Vairamuthu

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Comment for 'Pasumpon' by NicejunPosted:20 May,2014

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Comment for song Thamarai Poovukum of album 'Pasumpon' by T$Posted:13 Aug,2012
Sweet melody…sujatha special….
Comment for song Thamarai Poovukum of album 'Pasumpon' by ArrogantPosted:12 Jan,2012
indha naatil theendamai
dhaan innum uLLadha
Comment for song Thamarai Poovukum of album 'Pasumpon' by ArrogantPosted:11 Jan,2012
kammakuLLa oththa maram
angae pOvOm maama
kamma thaNNi vaththumpOdhu
thirumbiruvom maama
Comment for song Adi Aathi of album 'Pasumpon' by SumiPosted:06 Jan,2012
My Fav song.....Adi Aathi kannil Pattam Poochi Parakutha....
Comment for song Thamarai Poovukum of album 'Pasumpon' by VasanthPosted:05 Jan,2012
what a song !!! Too nostalgic.....Thanks Hummaa