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Punjabi Devotional Asa Di War -bhai Surjan Singh Ragi

Asa Di War -bhai Surjan Singh Ragi

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Label: Saregama
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Asa Di War

Artists : Bhai Surjan Singh Ragi
Composers : Traditional
Lyricists : Traditional

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Comment for song Asa Di War of album 'Asa Di War -bhai Surjan Singh Ragi' by Dheer SinghPosted:05 Sep,2012
xcellently sung by Giani ji.I followed his kirten when i was still in school.There is something in the voice.
Comment for 'Asa Di War -bhai Surjan Singh Ragi' by Jagdip KaurPosted:01 Jul,2011
this is how asa di vaar should be recited ----------which is not done in gurudwaras----------
Comment for 'Asa Di War -bhai Surjan Singh Ragi' by Daljeet Singh SethiPosted:09 Sep,2009
This immortal gurbani inspires masses to attain highest level of mental peace,tranquility & instant touch with almighty. This Bani keeps people spell bound & improves work performance throughout the day. I am listing asa di vaar performed by Bhai Surjan Singh Ji Ragi since my childhood and is ever refreshing. ' Be it known to all that Bhai Sahib was blind ' & sung Gurbani from his heart with the blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Even in the abscence of audience, his singing tempo remained high pitched & he always dedicated gurbani recital to Guru. D.S.Sethi - Lucknow
Comment for 'Asa Di War -bhai Surjan Singh Ragi' by RahmanPosted:05 Feb,2008
this is the best