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Hindi Movie Pardesi


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Na Ja Na Ja Balam

Artists : Lata Mangeshkar
Composers : Anil Biswas
Lyricists : Prem Dhawan, Sardar Jafri

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Comment for 'Pardesi' by Trade087Posted:06 Aug,2014
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vans france nominees was older than average life expectancy. That has changed dramatically with increased human vans soldes longevity. And presidents are catching on, naming ever-younger Justices.
Comment for song Na Ja Na Ja Balam of album 'Pardesi' by DeepakPosted:16 Apr,2009
wrong song is being played
Comment for 'Pardesi' by Mazhar RizviPosted:15 Dec,2008
Pardesi (1957) movie. This song is from this movie. Do you have it/
Comment for song Na Ja Na Ja Balam of album 'Pardesi' by HarishPosted:09 Feb,2008
What is this ? What name and what son..????