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Mysore Lingaraju Urs

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Grace on Mysore Lingaraju Urs: (04 Apr,2010 at 11:29 PM)

Aliya Lingaraja Urs, 1823–1874.

Grace on Mysore Lingaraju Urs: (04 Apr,2010 at 11:26 PM)
In the court of King Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, Aliya Lingaraja Urs, a native of Heggadadevanakote (in modern Mysore district) took the place as the fore most writer in Kannada and Sanskrit. His name Aliya means "son-in-law" in Kannada as he was married to two of the kings daughters. To the credit of Lingaraja Urs are over fifty works spanning such forms as literature, songs, Javalis, Yakshagana and drama. For his contributions to the fine arts, he earned the title Ubhaya Kavita Visharada (master of poetry in two languages) and Sarasa Kavi Kula Tilaka. His compositions are written with many pen names all starting with the term "linga", such as "lingaraja" and "Linganripa".[45] Famous among his Kannada writings is the well known poem Prabhavati Parinaya and the Yakshagana called Girija Kalyana in sangatya metre containing six chapters. In this work the author narrates the birth of Girija, the daughter of Himavanta, her youthful days, her penance and finally her marraige to Hindu god Shiva